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We're on guard for you and your family against fraud, waste, abuse, cronyism, incompetence and more.
We look at government in King William, Richmond and D.C.
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* King William T.E.A. Party's Meetings & More

Happy 2023 as we work together to make things better at local, state and national levels.

You are cordially invited to experience the “New and Improved” King William T.E.A. Party.
Our meetings will be fast-paced and won’t last more than one hour. Get in, get it done, get home!

Our meetings begin promptly at 6:30 PM
on the 2nd and 4th Thursday Jan - Oct with Nov & Dec To be Determined. !!!


Welcome Visitor !
Are you here to learn what KWTP has EXPOSED ?

King William T.E.A. Party ( Taxed Enough Already ) has earned a well-deserved reputation as the “only conservative voice in King William.

Over our brave history of eleven years we have exposed numerous examples of both county government and school personnel either misleading or outright lying.

This has come at a serious price of official, cowardly retaliation to some of our supporters.

The most recent (and well documented) incident was exposed in the paid ad we ran in the COUNTRY COURIER's June 24th issue.

Presenting official county records for land assessment vs. actual sales, it exposed without a doubt the County Administrator's misleading public assertion that “land values have remained level.”

Why is this important? Because it showed how the scandalous Land Use Tax Exemption Program (special tax breaks for millionaire “farmers”) and shifting the tax burden to homeowners and businesses has to be covered up by promoting false information.

The ad – reproduced on our web page and Facebook – shows the rising land values from 2015 to 2019 but most recent land sales were well above assessed (and taxed) values.

But, hiding behind cover of the County Administrator's false statement, the Board of Supervisors quietly passed on the opportunity this year to rein in the sweetheart deal their millionaire supporters and benefactors have been getting for the last six years.

Conveniently by law, this tax-shifting onto the backs of regular folks can't be changed until the next round of reassessments; years from now.

Sadly, the two local area newspapers haven't found the need to report this, appearing to be content with just acting as a “stenographer” for the county's official propaganda. No balance allowed from opposing views in their “news” items on county statements and BOS proceedings.

Now, recognizing that most people get their news on social media more than never before, KWTP has launched a concerted effort to support this trend to help get the word out.

Very often, our website (thanks to webmaster Paul) is recognized as one of the best sources for real KW news and information, as is our FACEBOOK page ( thanks Fred ) with hundreds of LIKES.

Unless and until the PC censors shut this down, we will continue to investigate, validate and report what we've found.

Now, if you're still reading, you need to consider the 5/10/85% Rule. 5% of Americans are well informed, 10% somewhat informed and the remaining 85% are... shall we charitably say CLUELESS....

We urge you to be among the active and involved 5 to 10 % citizenry.

Come back regularly to our WEB and FACEBOOK pages. After all, it's your wallet their picking and your family their mocking that the millionaires and their lackeys are making fun of.


King William "TEA" Party
(Taxed Enough Already)

What Can I Say ?
If You like What we do - Your Donations will Make it Happen !!

How To Donate:
Mail A Check:
Payable To - King William Tea Party Inc
King William Tea Party Inc.
106 Cherry Hill Circle, East
Aylett, VA 23009

Come to Our Meetings and Donate There.

How are your Donations Spent?

1. The Materials that create the Yellow signs you see around the county.
2. The ads and inserts you see and get in the local Newspapers.
3. Some of our Meetings call for space to be paid for.

Not a penny of the Donations goes to a salary for any of our volunteers and officiers.
In fact they donate their materials, time and talent without protest and all for a reward
of knowing they are among the last defenders of the freedoms we were given by our Founding Fathers.

If our Tax Dollars were spent in like manner - There would be no National Debt.

King William TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party


The King William Tea Party In Person meetings


Our Next Meeting:
Date - Feb 9 at 6:00


The Feb 9 at 6:00

Main topics:
The focus for this meeting is:

New Chairman / New Direction
King William TEA party

I want to take the opportunity to introduce myself to the citizens of our beloved King William County. My name is Scott Wassenberg, a Christian husband to Michelle over 30 years, father to 10 homeschooled children, the grandfather to 13, and a self-employed member of this community since 2000. I have been the elected chairman of the local TEA Party since the Fall of 2022. We are greatly concerned with the direction our country/county is heading, hence my involvement with this honorable group of concerned citizens. We as Americans have lost our vision and sense of pride. This great nation was founded upon the Holy Scriptures and the implementation throughout the lives of its citizens. We are like a great ship that has lost its rudder….. set adrift from our mooring. John Adams, the second president of our United States stated, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” Until we accept, embrace, and return to our founding we will fail. We must be brave enough to speak the truth in love to correct the direction of our country/county. Facts not feelings will lead us.

Come and hear from our guest speaker Ken Peterson:

Ken is fast becoming a trusted advisor who cast a brave vision for Goochland County over 10 years ago and revolutionized its local government. We will be using Ken’s successful vision as outlined in his published work, “The Goochland Revolution” here in King William. It is a vision of fiscal and personal responsibility that necessitates the involvement of all in this county that are fed up with the status quo. We cannot accomplish this without your grassroots involvement. Come and be prepared to get involved to enact positive change this November 2023 election. This is a multi-year vision. We cannot do this without your help. We are your servant leaders.

Save the date! Bring a friend! Let us get er’ done!

Vet This is a “WE THE PEOPLE“ - Call to Action.

King and QUEEN Library
450 Newtown Rd
St. Stephens Church, VA 23138
Time: 6-7:30p
Date: February 9th - the 2nd Thursday

To View and Print out a Single flyer use the link below

Link: New Chairman
or Go To 23 23 New Chairman.pdf

To Print out a Dividable 4 Each Flyer page use the link below

Link: Dividable
or Go To 9 23 Meeting.pdf

Meetings of KWTP are open to all citizens
of good will. Usually held on the second
and fourth Thursdays each month.

Location -
King and Queen Branch Library
396 Newtown Road
St. Stephen's Church, VA 23148

Directions: Link - Directions
or go to

Future Meetings

Year 2023
Feb 9


The Virginia Medical Freedom Alliance Announces
Lobby Day 2023 - Stop the Shots Virginia:

Monday, January 16, 2023 at 4 pm The Bell Tower - 101 N. 9th Street - Capitol Square - Richmond, VA

Join us as we - Make Freedom and Liberty Ring!

Guest Speakers - Robert Malone, MD - Sheila M. Furey, MD - Senator Amanda Chase - Karen Reardon (No Mandates VA)
Vaccine Injured Families - Matt Strickland - Other speakers pending

We the people of Virginia stand for Freedom. Our basic right to bodily autonomy is being stripped from us by Virginia Law and policy that places our medical freedom in hands of the people who failed us during the pandemic. We will not let the government or businesses dictate shots for any person in the Commonwealth.

We are asking every man, woman and child to join us as we make history in Richmond by saying NO to any toxic shot. NO Shots for our children and NO Shots Mandated by any business or employer in the Commonwealth.

Click the Link
Virginia- Stop the Shots
or go to:


**Legislative Alert**
SB 793:

‘To See the Bill - Click the Link Below;

VAMFA members are actively monitoring bills pertaining to medical freedom and informed consent as they are proposed during the 2023 legislative session. Calls to action regarding legislation will be announced promptly via email and social media Legislative Alerts. Thank you for your involvement and advocacy; let's advance medical freedom in Virginia during this 6-week General Assembly Session!

SUPPORT SB 793 (Introduced by: Amanda F. Chase)- Prescriptions for hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin for treatment of COVID-19.

"...licensed health care providers with prescriptive authority may prescribe, administer, or dispense hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin to a patient with a clinical diagnosis of COVID-19. The bill prohibits the Board of Medicine from initiating a disciplinary action against a licensed health care provider solely for prescribing, administering, or dispensing hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin to a patient with a clinical diagnosis of COVID-19..."

Click the Link
SB 793
or go to:



Money is Ammunition in the War of Ideas
King William T.E.A. Party ( Taxed Enough Already )
Donations – Money well spent in the cause of Good Government –
If you approve of what we're doing – Your donations make it happen !
So, how are your donations spent?

1. Printed materials distributed free and all that goes into the Big Yellow Signs you see around the county (that drive the politicians and special interests wild)
2. The paid ads and big yellow inserts in our local newspapers
3. Some of our meetings call for space that we have to pay for

Not a penny of your donations will go to pay any of our group's officers and volunteers. NOBODY in KWTP gets paid. In fact, all our time, materials, vehicle miles, phone bills, and more are donated. Our only reward is knowing we are among the last line of defenders of the freedoms given by America's Founding Fathers.

If our Local, State and Federal taxes were spent in like manner – THERE WOULD BE NO NATIONAL DEBT instead of the crushing $ TWENTY TRILLION $ burden being added to every second on us, our children and grandchildren. See for yourself in real time on the National Debt Clock page

How to Donate – Mail a Check (payable to King William Tea Party)
King William Tea Party, Inc.
106 Cherry hill Circle, East
Aylett, VA 23009

King William T.E.A. (Taxed Enough Already) Party


Have Something To Say - Post A Comment - Try Our Facebook page.
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It is often said war is when the politicians tell you who your enemies are, and revolution is when you figure it out for yourself.

And right now in Virginia we are in the middle of a new Revolution, one based upon the founding ideas of our Republic and led by the people, not the political class.

The true result of the November 2019 election is not the ‘blue wave’ of power in the General Assembly as Democrats have taken the majority in both Houses, but rather best seen in the town halls, meeting rooms and gun shows where a sleeping giant for liberty has awakened.

And this is not a re-hash of the ‘Resist’ movement the political left has adopted since President Trump’s election, but rather a full scale political revolt. We are not simply playing defense against tyrannical laws, but rather going on the offense to take Virginia back.

One not led by politicians, nor talking heads, nor the establishment, nor political parties or even the media, but rather a movement unlike ever seen before in this century, a true revolution of the people.

To read more - Use Our Link
or Go To:

Gun-rights rally at Capitol Square in Richmond 1/20/20

Now, if you could participate, great. If not -- and you're a gun owner in Virginia -- at the very least send a contribution to VCDL or GOA (Gun Owners of America) in appreciation for the great job they're doing for our gun rights in general and this massive 2nd Amendment Freedom Rally in particular.
Don't be just another freeloader on freedom - Help Make it Happen.... Link - VCDL Link - GOA

* Watch this hard-hitting motivational video Governor TO DISARM Virginia from Steve Huff, Pres of the Virginia company Accuracy X, Inc. Virginia is in the fight of its life to protect the 2nd Amendment rights guaranteed to all citizens of the Commonwealth. Watch this video and share it with everyone to help us defend our rights.
Click the Link

Steve Huff
or go to:
Crowds gather at Capitol ahead of Lobby Day gun rights rally: 8 a.m. update(Fox News)
Click the Link

Fox News
or go to:

PHOTOS: Scenes from the gun-rights rally at Capitol Square in Richmond 1/20/20

Vet Vet Vet

To see more Pictures - Use Our Link
or Go To:


Vet 2019 November General - Unofficial Results
Virginia Department of Elections - Election Results - 2019 November General

To See the Election Results for Virginia Use our Links:

Election Results

or go to:

Gun-Rights Leader: Virginia ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary’ Movement Just Getting Started

By Stephen Gutowski - November 27, 2019 1:45 PM

The head of the group pushing Virginia counties to refuse to enforce unconstitutional gun laws, declaring themselves "Second Amendment sanctuaries," told the Washington Free Beacon he has seen an unprecedented groundswell of support that he expects to only grow.

When Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) president Philip Van Cleave spoke with the Free Beacon on Tuesday afternoon, 15 of Virginia's 95 counties had passed sanctuary resolutions; five more joined that night.

Van Cleave said that his group would typically garner up to a hundred people at the General Assembly for past gun bills, but that nearly a thousand showed up to support the sanctuary proposal in rural Bedford County.

To read more - Use Our Link
Second Amendment Sanctuary
or Go To:

Want to talk - Post A Comment - Try Our Facebook page.
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or go to:



The Democrats have finally joined the Tea Party. Now let's go after all those RICH FARMERS with FARM USE TAGS on their vehicles while equally hard working citizens pay thousands annually to license and insure their "work" trucks.


Wharton's Olivia Mitchell and Leora Friedberg of the University of Virginia discuss the $4.4 trillion public sector pension shortfall.

Not Enough time, Not Enough Money

Sanitation workers, firefighters, teachers and other state and local government employees have performed their duties in the public sector for decades with the understanding that their often lackluster salaries were propped up by excellent benefits, including an ironclad pension. But Moody’s Investors Service recently estimated that public pensions are underfunded by $4.4 trillion. That amount, which is equivalent to the economy of Germany, accounts for one-fifth of national debt. It’s a significant concern for public employees who were banking on a fully funded retirement to get them through their golden years.

To Listen to the podcast and read the background information - Click on Our Link


or go to:


Help Wanted Ad
King William T.E.A. Party Needs Your Help.
We are looking for Citizens who wish to Preserve The country They were born in.
The job will ask for One hour of your Time per Week.
Bring your Talents, Interests and Concerns for the Future of our Country and
the K.W. TEA Party will have a place for you.

Pay - Have the Satisfaction of knowing Your efforts will make a Difference.

How To Apply - Come to our Meetings or Contact Us by E-mail At:

Know of a Topic or Speaker?

Pass it along to Us - We will see if we can make it Happen !

We are always looking for a Program of Interest?

How To Make It Happen? - Come to our Meetings or Contact Us by E-mail At:

Who is my Legislator?

This one click website allows you to find all your State and
Federal Legislators at the same time. You will get Phone Number, Email,
Address, Party, District, Committees, Subcommittees and more.

Click the Link


or go to:



The Mindset of Our Elected Officials

1. Support the continuation of increased State funding for the K-12 Education
2.Support equal authority among all of the counties to levy & collect a tobacco tax
3.Enable counties , on the initiative and action by their governing bodies, to
establish a meals tax, without referendum, at a rate not to exceed 8 percent.

Let's invite King William taxpayers to see for themselves the mindset of our elected
officials. 16 States have experienced declining school age populations and " increased funding"
as if no consideration should be even weighed as to KW student population projections.......just
increase the funding ?

The second and third both note either a new tax or authority to raise an existing one ( meals tax).
The special wording----WITHOUT REFERENDUM--- is worth highlighting since it clearly embodies
the mentality that citizens should shut up and just sit down............"we know what's best for you"

This is a textbook example of why I have driven the issue of the G.A passing Referendum Reform here
in Virginia. The Wall St. Journal cited 2 years ago in an article discussing the various states laws
on Citizen driven referendums, and called out Virginia ,stating " Virginia's referendum laws are from
the dark ages" Perhaps this might make a interesting topic for the local newspapers who might have
some interest in exposing why the G.A drags their feet, when citizens want more control over local
taxing/spending related issues. It is not without note that they included that very specific language"
without referendum" in their letter.

These Board members continue to cite the " state mandates" that drive spending up in localities
being forced to spend money to satisfy these mandates forced upon them. Perhaps I missed it....but
do you see any mention of asking the G.A to freeze or eliminate any of these mandates they like to
whine about ? Or is it perhaps just a convenient excuse they roll out again and again when they raise
taxes ?

Bob Shannon


School Spending Will Increase This Year In Spite Of Falsehoods Promoted By Chairman Greenwood
Greenwood Called A Reduction In Debt Service Payments A Spending Cut
Greenwood Campaigned And Told Voters He Intended To Cut Spending
Greenwood Claimed - The Level Of Funding Initially Proposed By The State And Later Reduced
A "Spending Cut" To The School Budget

-------------The Facts Tell A Different Story------------------

Kw County Schools Will Spend Hundreds Of Thousands More This Year
Than Last Year------Greenwood Is Misleading Citizens, And He Knows It!
Does A School System With 4 Schools Really Need A Superintendent And
An Assistant Superintendent?
These 2 Positions Alone Account For
Almost $300,000 In Annual Salaries /Benefits !


Kw County Has An Excessive Reserve Fund Of Over Some 6.4 Million Dollars?
The .02 Reduction In The Real Estate Tax Rate Is Nothing More Than
A Loan Of Your Money To Give A Home Owner A $38 Reduction In His/Her Tax Bill
Greenwood Borrowed (From You) $38 To Give You A $38 Tax Reduction On Your Tax.

-------------Does That Make Any Sense To You?--------------

Why Does The B.O.S Keep Such A Large Reserve Balance?
To Fund Their Pet Projects And Wish List Items
This Is Why Government Spending Is Out Of Control.
The Solution
----Reduce The Reserve Fund Level Permanently.
If Citizens Allow Them To Keep This Large Balance - Just What Will They Do?

-------------Spend, Spend ,Spend !---------------------------

Supervisor Greenwood , Moskalski And Hodges Voted To Fund A New Regional
Government Economic Commission With Your Tax Dollars
This - In Spite Of Not Answering The Following Question........
What Do We Have To Show For The $200,000 Spent In The Last 10 Years
On An " Economic Consultant " Where Did That Money Go, To Whom And For Just What

------------- Specifically ? ------------

Either They Can Not Or Will Not Answer That Question---We've Tried
So Why Throw More Of Our Hard Earned Money In Another

-------------- Government Boondoggle Program -----------------

85% Of The Money Will Be Spent On Salaries /Benefits For Another
Government Entity With Nothing To Show For It, No Different Than The Last
10 Years And $200,000 Already Spent That They Refuse To Account For !


Current Items Of Interest !!


The K.W. Board of Supervisors Meetings for Public Comment are held on the 4th Monday of each month, except for November and December, when the meeting will be held on the 3rd Monday in November because of the Thanksgiving holiday and the 3rd Monday in December because of the Christmas holiday.

(unless protocol is changed).

Want Things to Turn Around - Let Them Hear
Your Opinion.


To See the Board of Supervisor Meeting Dates, Contact
information and Agendas - Click on Our Link

Meeting Dates
or go to:


King William County Public Schools Website

If you wish to be informed about our School System ?

Then use the below link to get the information
most people ask - "Why didn't someone Tell me?"

(Budget, Inclement Weather Guidelines, Quick Links,
Parent Portal, etc.)

To go to the Website - Click on Our Link


or go to:


What happens if the Affordable Care Act fails and you discover you
may have to take care of your own Medical needs?

Alternative Health Care has been a part of our country since before its founding.
Today you can find a strategy to help you deal with just about any medical problem.

Medicines from the Earth and Southwest Conference on Botanical Medicine are the gold standard
for this type of knowledge. Go to their Website, Check it Out and Then decide.

You can buy lectures or the Proceeding Lecture Notes in book form for each yearly Conference.

Use Our Link

Alternative Health Care

or Go To:


Essex Tea Party


Click on Our Link
Essex Tea Party
or go to:


Mechanicsville Tea Party
Meeting Location

Click on Our Link
Mechanicsville Tea Party
or go to:


Older Items Of Interest !!


King William Tea Party Encourages All Citizens to contact their Elected Representatives.

We have provided The Websites Below - Now it is Your Turn - Use Them

At a loss for Words to Say - Go to Our King William Letters Page.
Here - You will find over 30 letters written by people in King William. Find One you like and use it
to send a message to your Elected Representatives. This is the only way to tell them What You Think
and Want to happen.

Want to write Virginia's Governor and Share your thoughts?

Use Our Link
Virginia's Governor
or go to
To get a complete contact list for our Virginia State Government.

Use Our Link
Virginia State Government
or go to Va Leg Contact list.pdf

King William is now represented in the State Senate by Republican Richard H. Stuart and To Reach Him

Use Our Link
Senator Richard H. Stuart
Phone (804)493-8892 or use the Email address Below

King William’s State Delegate is Republican M. Keith Hodges and To Reach Him

Call 804) 698-1098 or Use Our Link
Delegate M.Keith Hodges
or go to
(Email address -

King William’s US Congressman is Republican Rob Wittman (Our 1st District) and To Reach Him

Use Our Link
Congressman Rob Wittman
or go to

Our US Senators are both Democrats:

To Reach Senator Mark Warner
call 202-224-2023 or Use Our Link Senator Mark Warner
or go to

To Reach Senator Tim Kaine
call 804-771-2221 or Use Our Link Senator Tim Kaine
or go to


* KWTP in Local Newspapers

All of our local papers have been supportive by printing our meeting announcements, news releases,
letters to the editor, and often their own reporting on our events. While such coverage should not be
taken as an endorsement of KWTP's goals and objectives, it is an important community service that keeps
citizens informed. Please make it a point to email or call to say 'thanks!'

Northern Neck Sentinel
Country Courier
Tidewater Review

Next Meeting:

Thursday Feb 9, 2023

Items to be covered are Important local, state and national issues.

KWTP's fast paced and info packed meetings are open to all citizens of good will. They begin promptly at 6:00 PM and you'll be
out by 7:45 PM.

Participation in the KING WILLIAM T.E.A. PARTY (Taxed Enough Already) are open to all citizens of good will. No signup, no dues,
no obligation. KWTP is an all-volunteer, grass-roots group of citizens who believe in honoring the US Constitution, limiting the
size and power of government at all levels, cutting spending, and reducing taxes. Find us on Facebook and

Short video clips and brief updates on local, state and national issues. Come early if possible and see another of the stirring and inspiring videos we've found. The Videos start at 6:45PM and The Meeting starts at 7:00PM - so come on in and have a seat anytime.

Welcome to the new King Willam County Virgina Tea Party Website

We want to keep the citizens of King William County informed of issues on a local, state and national level. 

The King William TEA Party is an independent political movement loosely aligned with other local, state and national TEA Parties.  We are a grass roots movement who take our name from a historical act of defiance against the King of England when Americans thought they were " Taxed Enough Already." 

We believe in a return to sound fiscal policy at the federal, state and county level. We believe in Federalism and the limits of federal power that our founders intended.

The King William Tea Party does not condone nor will it tolerate racism, sexism, or religious intolerance or bigotry in any form within the ranks of its membership or at any of its sanctioned events.  Such beliefs, attitudes, and activities are contrary to the basic rights of all humankind as outlined in the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence.

Our goal is for this site to keep you informed of political events, news, and issues that are important to you, the citizens of King William County Virginia.

Our next Meeting is on - Feb 9, 2023 6:00 PM pm 
"The Upper King William Library,
694 Sharon Road - Central Garage,
in the Sharon Office Park, mile past
King William High School.

Chairman --------- Scott Wassenberg
Vice Chairman -- Vacant
Treasurer --------- Fred Krauss
Secretary --------- Robert "Sarge" Bruce

E-mail us at:

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