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King William Tea Party Meeting Dates - 7:00 PM - 2nd and 4th Thursday Jan - Oct --- Nov & Dec To be Determined. !!!
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Our meetings begin promptly at 7 PM
on the 2nd and 4th Thursday Jan - Oct with Nov & Dec To be Determined. !!!

* King William T.E.A. Party's Meetings & More

Happy 2016 as we work together to make things better at local, state and national levels.

You are cordially invited to experience the “New and Improved” King William T.E.A. Party.
Our meetings will be fast-paced and won’t last more than one hour. Get in, get it done, get home!


---- Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year !!! ----



Election Results

Trump in victory:
‘It is time for us to come together’<

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Help Wanted Ad
King William T.E.A. Party Needs Your Help.
We are looking for Citizens who wish to Preserve The country They were born in.
The job will ask for One hour of your Time per Week.
Bring your Talents, Interests and Concerns for the Future of our Country and
the K.W. TEA Party will have a place for you.

Pay - Have the Satisfaction of knowing Your efforts will make a Difference.

How To Apply - Come to our Meetings or Contact Us by E-mail At:

Or use Our "Contact Us" Link -
Contact Us


Know of a Topic or Speaker?

Pass it along to Us - We will see if we can make it Happen !

We are always looking for a Program of Interest?

How To Make It Happen? - Come to our Meetings or Contact Us by E-mail At:


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Who is my Legislator?

This one click website allows you to find all your State and
Federal Legislators at the same time. You will get Phone Number, Email,
Address, Party, District, Committees, Subcommittees and more.

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The Mindset of Our Elected Officials

1. Support the continuation of increased State funding for the K-12 Education
2.Support equal authority among all of the counties to levy & collect a tobacco tax
3.Enable counties , on the initiative and action by their governing bodies, to
establish a meals tax, without referendum, at a rate not to exceed 8 percent.

Let's invite King William taxpayers to see for themselves the mindset of our elected
officials. 16 States have experienced declining school age populations and " increased funding"
as if no consideration should be even weighed as to KW student population projections.......just
increase the funding ?

The second and third both note either a new tax or authority to raise an existing one ( meals tax).
The special wording----WITHOUT REFERENDUM--- is worth highlighting since it clearly embodies
the mentality that citizens should shut up and just sit down............"we know what's best for you"

This is a textbook example of why I have driven the issue of the G.A passing Referendum Reform here
in Virginia. The Wall St. Journal cited 2 years ago in an article discussing the various states laws
on Citizen driven referendums, and called out Virginia ,stating " Virginia's referendum laws are from
the dark ages" Perhaps this might make a interesting topic for the local newspapers who might have
some interest in exposing why the G.A drags their feet, when citizens want more control over local
taxing/spending related issues. It is not without note that they included that very specific language"
without referendum" in their letter.

These Board members continue to cite the " state mandates" that drive spending up in localities
being forced to spend money to satisfy these mandates forced upon them. Perhaps I missed it....but
do you see any mention of asking the G.A to freeze or eliminate any of these mandates they like to
whine about ? Or is it perhaps just a convenient excuse they roll out again and again when they raise
taxes ?

Bob Shannon


School Spending Will Increase This Year In Spite Of Falsehoods Promoted By Chairman Greenwood
Greenwood Called A Reduction In Debt Service Payments A Spending Cut
Greenwood Campaigned And Told Voters He Intended To Cut Spending
Greenwood Claimed - The Level Of Funding Initially Proposed By The State And Later Reduced
A "Spending Cut" To The School Budget

-------------The Facts Tell A Different Story------------------

Kw County Schools Will Spend Hundreds Of Thousands More This Year
Than Last Year------Greenwood Is Misleading Citizens, And He Knows It!
Does A School System With 4 Schools Really Need A Superintendent And
An Assistant Superintendent?
These 2 Positions Alone Account For
Almost $300,000 In Annual Salaries /Benefits !


Kw County Has An Excessive Reserve Fund Of Some 6.4 Million Dollars?
The .02 Reduction In The Real Estate Tax Rate Is Nothing More Than
A Loan Of Your Money To Give A Home Owner A $38 Reduction In His/Her Tax Bill
Greenwood Borrowed (From You) $38 To Give You A $38 Tax Reduction On Your Tax.

-------------Does That Make Any Sense To You?--------------

Why Does The B.O.S Keep Such A Large Reserve Balance?
To Fund Their Pet Projects And Wish List Items
This Is Why Government Spending Is Out Of Control.
The Solution
----Reduce The Reserve Fund Level Permanently.
If Citizens Allow Them To Keep This Large Balance - Just What Will They Do?

-------------Spend, Spend ,Spend !---------------------------

Supervisor Greenwood , Moskalski And Hodges Voted To Fund A New Regional
Government Economic Commission With Your Tax Dollars
This - In Spite Of Not Answering The Following Question........
What Do We Have To Show For The $200,000 Spent In The Last 10 Years
On An " Economic Consultant " Where Did That Money Go, To Whom And For Just What

------------- Specifically ? ------------

Either They Can Not Or Will Not Answer That Question---We've Tried
So Why Throw More Of Our Hard Earned Money In Another

-------------- Government Boondoggle Program -----------------

85% Of The Money Will Be Spent On Salaries /Benefits For Another
Government Entity With Nothing To Show For It, No Different Than The Last
10 Years And $200,000 Already Spent That They Refuse To Account For !

Clinton Cash - Official Movie Premiere

21 New ‘Clinton Cash’ Revelations That Have Imperiled Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

11 Explosive Clinton Cash Facts Mainstream Media Confirm are Accurate

To Watch This Presentation - Click on Our Link below
or go to our "Video Page link" above.

Clinton Cash

or go to:


The Great Global Warming Swindle - Full Movie

Originally broadcasted March 8, 2007 on British Channel 4.

The film, made by British television producer Martin Durkin, presents scientists, economists,
politicians, writers, and others who dispute the scientific consensus regarding anthropogenic
global warming. The programme's publicity materials assert that man-made global warming is "a lie"
and "the biggest scam of modern times.

To Watch This Presentation - Click on Our Link below
or go to our "Video Page link" above.

Global Warming Swindle

or go to:


Current Items Of Interest !!

*************************************************************************************************** Vet

Tea Party Activists Celebrate
7th Anniversary

King William, VA, August 11th, 2016

Long time members and supporters recently
marked the 7th Anniversary of the King William
T. E. A. Party.

Founder Bob Shannon thanked the contributions
of the grass-roots political movement's activists,
some traveling from nearby counties to share in
the celebration.

"Those of you here tonight and many others in our communities, have kept this effort going for seven years,” Shannon said,
“lending your time, talents and energy to maintain the last real voice of opposition to an ever-expanding government
at every level, resisting the repeated calls from concerned citizens for restoration of our Founders' wise vision.”

“Even here in King William, we have seen how spending continues at record levels in spite of the harsh realities of economic
stagnation,” he said. “Sadly, even with Bob Ehrhart and Dave Hansen, two new fiscal conservatives elected to the Board
of Supervisors, this hasn't really changed because they're consistently blocked by the three tax and spend Democrats.”

Shannon noted that the group's efforts to expose excessive spending and special tax exemptions that put an unfair burden
on average homeowners and small businesses, has brought increased criticism from some of the very officials who should be
expected to take seriously the concerns of all citizens, “not just the ones who happen to benefit from county policies.”

Is it likely, Shannon asked, “that the increasingly shrill criticism of our efforts by some members of local government may be
driven by their desire to silence us?”

If so, he declared, “that simply isn't going to happen. It has always strengthened our resolve."

KWTP's info packed meetings are open to all citizens of good will. They begin promptly at 7 PM and you'll be out by 8. Usually
held on the second and fourth Thursdays each month at the Upper King William Library.


King William - Planning Commission Comprehensive Plan Update Public Workshops

Ever wonder why things happen and you are the last to know?

First Meeting Was - Monday June 6, 2016 5:30 - 7:45 PM

Upper King William Library
694-J Sharon Road - Central Garage
In the Sharon Office Park after
King William High School.


Read what the Tidewater Review's - Sarah Fearing's extensive article on this subject
has to say - Click the Link

T.R. Future

or go to:


ACLJ Wins Significant Victory
Against the Obama
Administration’s IRS Targeting

They just secured a major victory in federal appeals court against the Obama Administration’s IRS.
The court unequivocally agreed with the position that the IRS’s targeting of conservatives has not ended
and that the ACLJ clients – numerous conservative, Tea Party, and pro-life groups – deserve to have
their day in court.

To read more - Click on Our Link


or go to:


Country Courier Ad - May 18, 2016

Dec Meeting

Our Next Meeting is at

Dec 8 at 6:30 pm for our Annual Christmas Social

There is only one meeting in Dec .

The Dec 8 meeting will - as a attendant at each and every one of
the past Socials - I can attest - you will have some of the best
food to be found that night !

Same practice as before---everyone brings a covered entrée or desert,
everything else will be provided compliments of the group.

No Business will be conducted. Special recalling of all that we have
to be grateful for and appreciation to our Creator for giving us His
guidance and wisdom He bestowed on our efforts .

KWTP's fast paced and info packed meetings are open to all citizens of good will.
They begin at 6:30 PM and you'll be out by 8 PM.

Meeting Location For Dec 8:

Location is the Upper King
William Library, 694-J Sharon Road - Central Garage,
in the Sharon Office Park, ¼ mile past
King William High School. Park around back
because they close the front door at 8.


For more information visit and

Our Jan Meetings are:

Jan 12 at 6:30 pm and Jan 26 at 7:00 pm

There is only one public meeting in Jan.

The Jan 12 meeting will be a planning session and
not open to the public.

Location to be Determined.


The Jan 26 meeting:

Main topic is to be determined and
Vet Topics include -- More Budget Battles,
more scrutiny of what's being done -- or not
done -- by Virginia's Republican
establishment-dominated General Assembly
vs. our "esteemed" Democrat Gov and AG.

Meetings of KWTP are open to all citizens
of good will. Usually held on the second
and fourth Thursdays each month.

Location again this time is the Upper King
William Library, 694-J Sharon Road - Central Garage,
in the Sharon Office Park, ¼ mile past
King William High School. Park around back
because they close the front door at 8.


For more information visit and


Country Carrier Ad - Apr 20, 2016

Country Carrier Ad - Mar 23, 2016


Counties ------------2013-14 INCREASES ------2015 AVG. SALARIES

KING WILLIAM --------------- 8.48% ----------------- $50,261
HANOVER -------------------- -0.46 ------------------ $48,444
HENRICO -------------------- -0.33 ------------------ $50,428
NEW KENT ------------------- 4.25 ------------------ $46,415
CAROLINE ------------------- -5.37 ------------------ $48,527
KING & QUEEN ------------- 0.31 ------------------ $47,820


2009/10------2233 Students ....... 2015/16------2246 Students



The Economic Backdrop ---- Data & Statistics

Informational Chart

Still Cannot Find
Anything To Cut
in The School Budget?

Cited is What
We have Found Over the
Last 3-5 Years.
Data That We Will

To Read more - Click the Link

Economic Backdrop

or go to:

Want to voice an opinion on the King William School Board !!

Try our Survey/Petition.

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or go to:


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Full Screen


A Must Read !!

On Jan 11, 2015

The Richmond Times-Dispatch obtained local,
state and government employees’ names,
job titles and salaries using the state’s
Freedom of Information statute. As
required by law, the governments and school
systems provided information for more than
42,000 employees.

The FOI request for the fiscal year that
began July 1, 2013, and ended June 31, 2014,
is part of The Times-Dispatch’s
ongoing effort to report to you findings about
government spending and the use of taxpayer
The newspaper used the data
to create this searchable database.

The Times-Dispatch removed part-time workers
and those reported as less than $10,000 a year
before calculating the median salary of $44,056.
The names of employees who fall below that median
are not included in the online database.

To Read the Times Dispatch article and Information:
(This will put you on the last page of the King William
county information. Click on "Search Again" to view other
local county salaries)

Click on Our Link


or go to:
Click on Our Link to start a new search

New Search

or go to:


Want some Local News?

An Article posted on Feb 23 by Sarah Fearing of the Tidewater Review

gave particulars Like:

"The proposed school budget will accommodate additional positions and salary
raises due to an increase of $630,000 in state funds."

"While operating costs are expected to remain level,
school officials said schools are expected to pay a smaller debt service in the upcoming fiscal year."

Please look very closely for any mention of cost cutting and program closings.

Click on Our Link to read the Article

Local Tidewater Review Article

or go to:,0,7123594.story


Some additional interesting information Brought to you by

"Virginia Department of Education"
on Webpage - Education Workforce Data & Reports

"2014-2015 Teacher Salary Survey Results"

Click on Our Link

Teacher Salary Survey

or go to:


Data for Total Instructional Positions and Average Annual Salaries
Principals and Assistant Principals, Teachers, Instructional Positions
and Teacher Aides - Fiscal year 2014

Click on Our Link

Fiscal Year 2014

or go to:


Want to view all the reports this site has to offer?

Click on Our Link and take your Pick .

All Reports

or go to:


News Release - Mar 24, 2016

Left Picture - Bret Schardein, King William County's Director of Community Development and Right - 4th District (Manquin) Supervisor David Hansen and
3rd District (Aylett) Supervisor Stephen

“Affordable housing” project questioned at KWTP meeting.

King William, Va., 24 Mar 16. In a presentation to the King William TEA Party, Bret Schardein, King William County's
Director of Community Development, detailed the permit review process for King William Manor and King William Place, a
proposed high-density, multi-level housing project near the Central Crossing intersection of Route 360 and 30.

Packett Developers/Mark-Dana Corporation seeks to build up to 208 rental apartments and 20 town homes to provide “affordable
housing” for low to moderate income individuals, families, and seniors, raising concerns from some over how this might impact
the quality of life in the area, home values, traffic congestion, as well as strain on county schools, social services and law enforcement.

“There are four main areas of the review,” Schardein said, “traffic, utilities, demand, and property values.”

While explaining each of these, he fielded questions and comments from the attendees, including 3rd District (Aylett) Supervisor Stephen
Greenwood and 4th District (Manquin) Supervisor David Hansen.

Among concerns voiced by Hansen were the initial plan characterizing the county as “blighted,” and problematic changes that
are likely to be required as a result of the developer applying for government assistance or other financing. These include VHDA (
Virginia Housing Development Authority) for financing through their senior and workforce tax credit affordable housing programs.

Greenwood pointed out that the developer's original plans, presented to the Board of Supervisors back in August 2015 and recently
approved on a 3 to 2 vote, will have to go back through the entire process of public comment and official review if there are notable

This will give King William's citizens – particularly those previously unaware of this project – the opportunity to weigh
in pro or con.

Documentation of the developer's original PowerPoint presentation as well as additional information is available on KWTP's website

KWTP's info packed meetings are open to all citizens of good will. They begin promptly at 7 PM and you'll be out by 8. Usually held on
the second and fourth Thursdays each month at the Upper King William Library. “If we can't even bring taxes and spending under
control in King William, there's no hope for America.” More information at

********** End **********

The Next Two K.W. Board of Supervisors Meeting for
Public Comment are Nov 21 and Dec 19, 2016.
(unless protocol is changed).

Want Things to Turn Around - Let Them Hear
Your Opinion.


To See the Board of Supervisor Meeting Dates, Contact
information and Agendas - Click on Our Link

Meeting Dates
or go to:

A Contest For Teachers and Students

Founder and President of One Generation Away, Tim Donner has
announced an essay contest for both students and teachers on
the topic of limited and enumerated powers ($5,000 Grand Prize
for the winning student plus airfare and hotel accommodations
for two in Washington, D.C.) A total of $15,000 in prizes for
the successful entrants.

For more Information and Particulars - Click on Our Link:
or go to:

King William County Public Schools Website

If you wish to be informed about our School System ?

Then use the below link to get the information
most people ask - "Why didn't someone Tell me?"

(Budget, Inclement Weather Guidelines, Quick Links,
Parent Portal, etc.)

To go to the Website - Click on Our Link


or go to:


Why school choice must be passed in Virginia

A Video with the Spokesperson for the "Million Student March"

Quote - "The 1%'s who are hoarding the wealth cause the catastrophe students are facing"

After seeing this 4.10 minute Video - You may be wondering if there is a way to get any
of the money back that was spent on education. Think the "Lemon Laws" should apply here?

To See and Hear This Presentation - Click on Our Link


or go to:


King William County Election Results !!!

To Read This Important Information - Click on Our Link

Election Results
or go to:

To See Our Second Ad in the Country Courier
Dated - Wed Sept 30, 2015 - Click on Our Link

Second Ad

PS - It is Printable.
First Add

The King William Tea Party

Candidate (B.O.S.) Questionnaire

"Why Would You Vote For Anyone
That Won't Answer All the Questions You Need Answered
To Make an Informed Decision - Before The Election" ?

In Our Ongoing Efforts To Provide Voters With the Information On the Candidates'
Positions - We sent 14 Questions in a Questionnaire To All
Candidates Running for the Board of Supervisor Position.

To Read This Important Information - Click on Our Link

BOS Election Questionnaire

or go to:

Web address:
Use the "BOS Election Questionnaire 2015" Quick Link Button at the top of this page.


Care to see where Your Money Goes?

(This may take a minute - It is a Big File)

To Read This Important Information - Click on Our Link

or go to:


* 10/31/15

Nullification vs. Constitutional Convention
Published on Jul 6, 2015

What's the best way to rein in our out-of-control federal government?

Watch this 4-minute video for a comparison of two solutions: (1) nullification; and (2) a constitutional convention.

To Hear This Important Information - Click on Our Link

Nullification vs. Constitutional Convention
or go to:

For more information read "Nullification vs. Constitutional Convention:
How to Save Our Republic"

Click on Our Link

or go to:


This Year's Ad - Last Year's Ad

King William Tea Party Newspaper Informational Ad Ran - Mar 11, 2015

It's Budget Time Again - Read all about it !!

PS - It is Printable.

Click on Our Link

It's Budget Time Again - Informational Ad

New Ad


King William Tea Party
Newspaper Informational Ad Ran - Apr 16, 2014

Find out - What You Do Not Know - Read all about it !!

Click on Our Link

King William Tea Party Newspaper Informational Ad


Want a Copy of your King William
Property Identification Card?

A new round of real estate property assessments is scheduled to
begin soon. It will be helpful for all of us to have on hand the
data that King William has been using up till now to calculate
our property taxes.

So, when you get the new assessment, you'll have a quick and easy
way to compare the data to ensure your home, improvements and land
are being accurately presented. Particularly if there are errors or excessive
valuations that experience shows are all too common.

KW Tea party recommends you do this now because -- we're told -- old and
new property cards will not be
visible at the same time on the web.

Here is what you need to do to find a property card:

Click on Our Link :

Property Card

or go to:

Click on the "I Accept these terms" button and then follow instructions.


Tidewater Review Ad
and Joe Ordia's Website is

or Use Our Link

Preparedness Experts Group

The Preparedness Experts Group has a PDF file
where you can see in one place the areas of
your life you may wish to address. As they say
"An once of prevention can counter a lifetime of regret."

Use Our Link

Preparedness Suggestions - by Preparedness Experts Group

or Go To:


What happens if the Affordable Care Act fails and you discover you
may have to take care of your own Medical needs?

Alternative Health Care has been a part of our country since before its founding.
Today you can find a strategy to help you deal with just about any medical problem.

Medicines from the Earth and Southwest Conference on Botanical Medicine are the gold standard
for this type of knowledge. Go to their Website, Check it Out and Then decide.

You can buy lectures or the Proceeding Lecture Notes in book form for each yearly Conference.

Use Our Link

Alternative Health Care

or Go To:


Mechanicsville Tea Party
Meeting Location

Click on Our Link
Mechanicsville Tea Party
or go to:


Older Items Of Interest !!

-------------Birthday Number 6 and still Counting !!---------------

Vet Our Birthday Gifts To You !!

KWTP will host a "Meet the Candidate Night"
Scheduled - 7:00 PM Thursday - Sept 17, 2015
Where - KW County Admin Bldg.

KWTP's Two Candidate Debates

1st Debate
7:00 PM Thursday Sept 24 at Mangohick VFD

Featuring Candidates from the 3rd and 5th Districts.
3rd District - Stephen K. Greenwood
5th District - Bob W. Ehrhart II and Otto O. Williams

2nd Debate
7:00 PM Thursday - Oct 8th at the KW County Admin Bldg.

The Moderator for the Debate will be Tom White - Editor of VaRight Political Blog.

Featuring Candidates from the 1st, 2nd and 4th Districts.

1st District - William"Bill"Hodges and C. Thomas Redd III
2nd District - Linda A. Benson and Travis J. Moskalski
4th District - David E. Hansen, C. Stewart Garber, Jr. and Terry Sims Stone

* 11/25/13

"No Reasonable Expectation of Privacy"

Barton: ObamaCare Website's Hidden Source Code Says "Users Have No Reasonable Expectation of Privacy"
This Video is about 5 minutes long.

Joe Barton is a good guy, a Texas Aggie, a Republican and a conservative.
Even democrats should be disgusted with what's going on with Obamacare. Watch this video and you'll
see what I mean. You might as well say bye bye to your privacy.

Click on Our Link

ObamaCare and Privacy
or go to: or go to:


* 6/19/13

61st Annual National Prayer Breakfast

Ben Carson Makes Obama Sit Through the Longest 27 Minutes Of His Presidency

Click on Our Link
Ben Carson or go to:


Other Items of Interest


State Legislators: Beware of Article V

Federal Constitutional Convention - What You Do Not Know !!

Introduction by Representative "The Honorable Mark D. Stubbs"
of ID State Legislature.

This video emphasizes the inability of state legislators to prevent a "runaway" federal constitutional
convention. Learn why state legislatures should not apply to Congress for an Article V convention of
the states based on evaluations of the con-con process by prominent constitutional scholars.

To See and Hear This Important Information - Click on Our Link

Article V
or go to:


Latest Revision - 11/13/15

Exective Order # 50 by Gov. McAuliffe

Title: DGS Directive 16 - Banning Open Carrying of Firearms

EO 50 (McAuliffe 2015); Virginia Code Sections 2.2-1100(B) and 2.2-1102(A)(1)

To implement Executive Order 50 (2015) and to disseminate information on open
carry firearms guidance in premises owned, leased, or controlled by executive
branch agencies of the Commonwealth.

To Read This Important Information - Click on Our Link

Banning Open Carrying of Firearms
or go to:


Just When You Thought the Power of Eminent Domain Was Made Fair

Three natural gas pipelines proposed to pass through Virginia are being hailed as economic
boons, bringing thousands of jobs and luring manufacturers to the commonwealth.

Most every political leaders in the state, from Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe to
Republican House Speaker Bill Howell, praises the pipelines as the best way to reduce
energy costs and speed the closing of aging coal plants.

The federal Natural Gas Act, which controls the transportation and sale of natural gas,
gives private, for-profit companies the power of eminent domain when a property owner isn't
willing to sell. Unlike Virginia's constitution, federal law does not guarantee the right to
a jury trial in eminent domain cases, and it does not require companies to pay property owners
for lost profits.

In some courts, companies haven't been required to show that they negotiated in good faith
with the property owner before instituting condemnation proceedings. They've simply shown that
the two sides didn't agree on the land's worth.

Read All About It - Use Our Link

Eminent Domain

or Go To:


Pastor Dr. Tony Evans will talk about what happens when government replaces God.

If you still think that voting for the right person or party will fix the
problems in Washington, don’t miss this edition of The Alternative.
Dr. Tony Evans will talk about what happens when government replaces God, and
what it’ll take to get our country’s priorities in order again.

To See and Hear Pastor Dr. Tony Evans's Sermon - Click on Our Link

Government Replaces God
or go to:

* Aug 5, 2012

King William Residents Community Forum
A forum for King William residents to discuss county wide issues and become closer neighbors.
Become part of the solutions and discussions for our county. Your Voice brings Value.
You will need to Register to Log in.

Click on Our Link

Forum or go to:


* Register Positions on Federal Issues Easily! or go to
Register and you can vote a position on a bill, read other comments and send email letters electronically.
It will go to the senators or reps for your district. They may not always vote your way but you can make
a difference

King William Tea Party Encourages All Citizens to contact their Elected Representatives.

We have provided The Websites Below - Now it is Your Turn - Use Them

At a loss for Words to Say - Go to Our King William Letters Page.
Here - You will find over 30 letters written by people in King William. Find One you like and use it
to send a message to your Elected Representatives. This is the only way to tell them What You Think
and Want to happen.

Want to write Virginia's Governor and Share your thoughts?

Use Our Link
Virginia's Governor
or go to

King William is now represented in the State Senate by Republican Thomas Norment and To Reach Him

Use Our Link
Senator Thomas Norment
or go to

King William’s State Delegate is Republican Chris Peace and To Reach Him

Use Our Link
Delegate Chris Peace
or go to

King William’s US Congressman is Republican Rob Wittman (Our 1st District) and To Reach Him

Use Our Link
Congressman Rob Wittman
or go to

Our US Senators are both Democrats:

To Reach Senator Mark Warner
Use Our Link Senator Mark Warner
or go to

To Reach Senator Tim Kaine
Use Our Link Senator Tim Kaine
or go to


* KWTP in Local Newspapers

All of our local papers have been supportive by printing our meeting announcements, news releases,
letters to the editor, and often their own reporting on our events. While such coverage should not be
taken as an endorsement of KWTP's goals and objectives, it is an important community service that keeps
citizens informed. Please make it a point to email or call to say 'thanks!'

Country Courier
Tidewater Review


Next Meeting:

* 7:00 to 8:00 PM Thursday Dec 8, 2016

Items to be covered are Important local, state and national issues.

KWTP's fast paced and info packed meetings are open to all citizens of good will. They begin promptly at 7 PM and you'll be
out by 8 PM.

Participation in the KING WILLIAM T.E.A. PARTY (Taxed Enough Already) are open to all citizens of good will. No signup, no dues,
no obligation. KWTP is an all-volunteer, grass-roots group of citizens who believe in honoring the US Constitution, limiting the
size and power of government at all levels, cutting spending, and reducing taxes. Find us on Facebook and

Short video clips and brief updates on local, state and national issues. Come early if possible and see another of the stirring and inspiring videos we've found. The Videos start at 6:45PM and The Meeting starts at 7:00PM - so come on in and have a seat anytime.

Welcome to the new King Willam County Virgina Tea Party Website

We want to keep the citizens of King William County informed of issues on a local, state and national level. 

The King William TEA Party is an independent political movement loosely aligned with other local, state and national TEA Parties.  We are a grass roots movement who take our name from a historical act of defiance against the King of England when Americans thought they were " Taxed Enough Already." 

We believe in a return to sound fiscal policy at the federal, state and county level. We believe in Federalism and the limits of federal power that our founders intended.

The King William Tea Party does not condone nor will it tolerate racism, sexism, or religious intolerance or bigotry in any form within the ranks of its membership or at any of its sanctioned events.  Such beliefs, attitudes, and activities are contrary to the basic rights of all humankind as outlined in the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence.

Our goal is for this site to keep you informed of political events, news, and issues that are important to you, the citizens of King William County Virginia.

Our next Meeting is on Dec 8, 2016 at 7:00 pm at Upper King William Library 694-J Sharon Road - Central Garage
In the Sharon Office Park after King William High School.

Chairman --------- Robert Shannon
Vice Chairman -- Vacant
Treasurer --------- Fred Krauss
Secretary --------- Robert "Sarge" Bruce

E-mail us at:

Or use Our Contact Us Link

Contact Us

The Gross National Debt

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