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King William County Virginia
King William Tea Party Meeting Dates - 7:00 PM - 2nd and 4th Thursday Jan - Oct ------- Nov and Dec to be Determined !!!
Letters To The King William Tea Party
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Letters To The King William Tea Party Rules

We Welcome E-Mails for our Letters to the K.W. Tea Party Web-Page. Each Email must have the Writer's name,
full valid address and a daytime phone number. We will edit for accuracy, brevity, clarity, legality and taste.
We do not guarantee every E-mail received will be published. The E-mails reflect the opinions and positions of
the writer and may not be the King William Tea Party's opinion or positions.

We will not post or give out your E-mail address, Post Office mail address or Phone number.

We ask that the E-mails be limited to 500 words. We understand that some subjects will require more than 500
words and we will be understanding and decide on a case by case E-mail basis. To Send us an Email use the
"Contact Us" Link above or use our Email address "kwteaparty@hotmail.com".

We Thank You for Sharing your Views and being part of the movement that will be the Future of our County,
State and Country.