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Dear Editor

Subject: Statues & Monuments --- The Other Side Fails To Recognize The True Value.

One can’t live in Richmond Virginia and not understand the historic relevance of this city, particularly its past notoriety associated with it being the Capitol of the Confederacy during a painful and sad chapter of American history. Tens of thousands from all across the nation visit the Richmond area each year, some out of curiosity for the historical element, some have a fascination with the Civil War and all it represented during that time The greater Richmond area is surrounded by reminders of Richmond’s role and the various markers and monuments stretching along the routes that the wars path took .

On an economic basis alone these visitors pour tens of millions into the local economy, hospitality interests alone will be seriously harmed, jobs will be lost and Richmond will be denied the benefits of those that visit regardless as to the reason why. It befuddles me as to why this element of the discussion doesn’t seem to warrant the consideration it rightly deserves. It is not going to impact a banker or a stock broker, but the people employed in these industries mentioned that will be harmed by this effort to remove these monuments and statues. I know of no one who will gloat over a “moral victory” when they can’t pay their rent or feed their families. I just wish this would be taken into account by these moral preeners who seem to have failed in understanding an old economic adage “to every action there is a reaction”.

There is however another very important element to this issue that is also being overlooked, particularly by the folks who are determined to erase a chapter of American history.

Instead of seeing the Statues and Monuments in a negative light, and I understand why some do, perhaps another point of view might be considered.

I look at these statues and monuments as a testament to America’s ultimate victory of right over wrong, of justice prevailing over evil. It may have taken a very bloody and horrible war to finally correct what is a national stain on our otherwise proud history, but when it was over our national course was corrected, America did the right thing. I also am not ignoring it would be another 100 or more years until laws were instituted to correct the lingering effects of Jim Crow, but I acknowledge proudly that in time the U.S made good on its promise that “all men are created equal” .

Taking these statues down does not erase what happened, nothing can do that. Leaving them could indeed serve as a reminder of this nation’s true character, when it mattered America corrected what it had allowed to occur, it doesn’t excuse it or make it right, but taking down a concrete and steel monument does not change anything that did indeed happen.

Bob Shannon
King William

Dear Editor

Subject: Citizen Initiative Reform---Why It Is So Vital At This Moment.

Frustration among Americans with the political process and the Uni-Party political body that no longer fools voters has lent to the problems we face as a nation in terms of fiscal madness, cultural rot and a divided polarized populace that is the worst perhaps in our nation’s history. Either we recognize the opportunity this presents or continue to wallow in its miserable wake. Sensing the time is right for reform is something I sincerely hope this writing conveys. We must understand in the current poisoned environment there is indeed a silver lining. The choice is to seize the opportunity or look back at what was a political golden moment that might have made a difference, had we acted.

Virginia is regarded as a state with some of the most restrictive laws on Citizen driven Initiatives and Ballot Referendum .Other than new sales taxes and certain bond issues Virginians are denied a voice in shaping law, and this simply does not mesh with the fundamental philosophy of our Founders. This was the issue that drew Del. Chris Peace and Del. Keith Hodges to attend and speak last Thursday evening at the King William T.E.A Party meeting. The following is an assessment of what was said, what weren’t said and actual comments and quotes from the two legislators.

On June 22 our group had a meeting that delivered the research that was done on the 25 states that do have greater access and easier ability for their citizens to use this valuable tool that represents a venue for direct citizen involvement in the shaping of their state and local laws. To briefly compile the benefits we found in our research we begin with lower spending, lower taxes, higher voter turnout, more creative solutions to problems and an education value in that citizens get engaged when they feel they have a say in the making of the laws that govern their lives. I found it interesting that numerous states have efforts underway to allow and or expand Citizen Initiatives. Virginia should join that list. The reasons cited are citizen frustration with the political process ( nothing gets done) frustration with citizens feeling their legislators are not listening to them, and the recognition that the growth of government at every level along with the spending and ever higher taxes have led increasing numbers to say…..enough.

Both Peace & Hodges said very little on the numerous benefits cited above, and repeated for the audience Thursday night. Their comments (and we video and audio taped the meeting) so as to be able to review their comments and write an accurate analysis as to just what was said, and what their positions are. For the purpose of brevity allow me to summarize.

Peace began with a detailed explanation of both the history of past legislative attempts to address this in the G.A citing the most recent efforts and how they had failed, attributing the failure to the democrats controlling the House during the period from 1995—99 when several bills were introduced and came up short .He also explained to the audience that Virginia’s Constitution would need amended and how that process would work. Peace raised his reservations about greater access/use of Citizen driven initiatives by telling the audience that majority rule was something that would have worked against them in the recent U.S Presidential Election of Donald Trump, citing the wisdom and value in the Electoral College. He, along with Del Hodges cited the increasing influence of the more heavily populated counties, primarily in NOVA, and the impact of lessening rural counties influence in the G.A. Del. Hodges stated that initiatives can have the effect of “tyranny of the majority”, and could “undermine representative government”. Hodges noted that initiatives would give special interest “more power”.

I listened with interest to what could best be described as “why it won’t work” or the rather bizarre suggestion that it would give special interests more power. There is wide spread acceptance today that it is the very power of special interests that has created many of the problems. Allowing citizens to have a greater say in the crafting of legislative remedies …..It’s a bit of a stretch to imagine how this would give more power to special interests.

In summary the benefits chronicled above, the evidence found in these 25 states of lower spending, lower taxes, higher voter turnout and more creative solutions far outweigh any of the concerns voiced Thursday night about “possible perils”.

This is and always has been about control, who has it and who doesn’t. The special interests already are well represented, and if anyone has doubts I suggest they visit the campaign donor lists of any elected official, including these two. Referendum and Citizen driven Initiatives would allow for caps to be placed on real estate/property tax increases, caps on several spending proposals, such as implementing paid Fire/Rescue in a county with 16,000 people, and what the County BOS should do with the gigantic unassigned reserve fund, return the money to whom it belongs by lowering/eliminating certain taxes or allow it to sit around for them to spend when the Santa Claus mood strikes.

Peace & Hodges have agreed to read a proposed bill for consideration of their backing. The effort is underway and in time we will see that their statement to consider this reform is genuine, or keeping control in Richmond is what is in their hearts.

Bob Shannon - Founder King William T.E.A Party
King William, Va

Dear Editor

Subject: Schools Need Lesson On Accountability.

At last night’s B.O.S work session Supervisor Hansen asked a simple question regarding the schools failing to pass S.O.L muster last year on Math and English as a second language . Superintendent Dr. David White refused to answer Hansen’s specific question as to last year’s results, insisting on the V.D.O.E rule that allows for a 3 year average be used, ultimately resulting on Chair Moskalski banging the gavel and declaring the meeting “in recess”.

The political machinations aside a more basic fundamental question needs to be asked “When did public sector leaved the world of reality - that accountability seems to no longer apply to the schools actual performance”. If you are not meeting your objectives in the private sector you risk being passed over for promotion, being denied a pay raise and possibly the ultimate sanction---being fired. In the public sector, particularly the schools, a refusal to examine if taxpayers and parents are getting their money’s worth is a legitimate fair question that Hansen attempted to zero in on. My kudo’s to Hansen’s efforts to hold accountable a system that takes in over 25 million a year (10+ million from local taxpayers) and is failing to pass muster with standards set by V.D.O.E

No one holds Dr. White personally responsible for the poorly equipped parents who send off poorly equipped children and expects the schools to offset the glaring deficiencies that these parents/students present. That is not Dr. White’s fault, and reasonable people understand that.

It is however relevant to recognize the famous adage of former President Harry Truman, who coined the phrase “the buck stops here” Someone, needs to hold this school system accountable and Hansen at least is making the effort. Pouring more money and pay raises on them when they are clearly failing their mission is deplorable, it should not be happening. I recall asking former Superintendent Dr. Mark Jones back in 2010 how many personnel had he fired since he had become Superintendent? His response was a timid one, he had fired 1 teacher for showing an inappropriate video to her students that apparently caused a small uproar among some parents, and this teacher was let go.

In a system with 350-375 FT employee’s normal attrition would include an annual dismissal of some 2-3% of total employee count. That would represent some 7-15 employees being terminated annually for cause, could be poor attendance, or poor performance.

In the public sector these norms are ignored, and accountability is void. Fire some folks Dr. White, maybe hold a special after school program and introduce the school systems employees to Harry S. Truman. Hansen is to be commended for his efforts.

Bob Shannon - Founder King William T.E.A Party
King William, Va

Dear Editor

Subject: Misplaced Compassion & Empathetic Enablers Yields What We Are Watching.

When one examines the photographs of the protestors in Charlottesville and last night’s protests in Richmond it just might pay to ask the question---who are these aggrieved young people taking to the streets for reasons that seem somewhat removed from anything that someone so young could have even possibly experienced yet?

They are far too young to have ever experienced much of what they claim to protest, discrimination, police brutality, harmful effects of a police state……..they simply haven’t lived long enough yet to have any legitimate claim to being impacted by any of this. So, if that is the case just what drives them and equally important ---who are they really?

Many of them are spoiled brats of indulging parents who continue to subsidize their lifestyle, paying their tuition, rent, medical care and other daily necessities so they can go off and show the world how “compassionate “ or “caring” they are for others plights. Survey them to find out how many are behind on their student loan payments, how many of them are collecting Medicaid benefits, SNAP card holders and leeching off a society that is footing the bill.

The pudgy pink haired tattooed morons wouldn’t have time to engage in this nonsense if their parents kicked their sorry asses out of the basement, cut off their stipends that affords them the luxury of playing political activists, when many of them can’t hold ( or won’t) full time employment and become responsible tax paying citizens. You want to change the world Spanky…..get off your sorry behinds and go get a full time job so you might experience what the rest of us do, having to watch village idiots of all stripes go out and create mayhem, damaging others private property and burdening society then with cleaning up your messes. The actual loss of human life alone should trigger forceful action on the part of law enforcement to put these morons where they belong—in jail.

Spout off all you want about your First Amendment rights, but remember it is allowing for peaceful protest and demonstration…..you cross that line and throw a bottle or brick, spray some innocent bystander in the face with pepper spray, hit a law enforcement officer with a stick, you get whatever comes your way moron.

For those who want to place this blame on President Trump or any other elected official, take a good close look in the mirror, then go pull the 300 nose rings out of your 22 year old son Jimmy and sell the metal for salvage money---money you can then donate to your favorite pet cause.

In the meantime stay the hell off the streets so law abiding productive citizens who paid for those streets are not inconvenienced by your idiotic juvenile conduct .

Bob Shannon - Founder King William T.E.A Party
King William, Va

Dear Editor

Subject: Nostalgia or Wishful Thinking?.

American politics are not what they were years ago. The former Chair of the K.W Republican party noted as much in last week’s Country Courier. He is correct only on that singular point.

It is noteworthy that the reasons for this level of discourse however falls squarely on the shoulders of republicans that have forgotten conservative principles they used to stand for. The reality today is republicans and democrats are little different in how they actually govern.

Activist conservatives watch government at every level move further left, dragging future generations into debt and ruin have begun to openly condemn republican inaction. Look for example at what is happening right at this moment, 7 years of promises to repeal the A.C.A and they won’t do it.

Republican Pol’s and their mouth pieces hope to silence vocal critics of a political party that has capitulated on all of the major issues, hence the suggestion that if only we would play nice with one another. Playing nice has got us nowhere and staying silent is something we won’t do. Too much is at stake to bury our heads and pretend republicans haven’t had a role in the damage.

As for the author’s portrayal of Del. Peace as a conservative in the mold of Ronald Reagan, standing firm on his “conservative principles and convictions” ……..

Peace has championed more money being allocated to a host of supposed social ills, from seniors being financially manipulated to domestic abuse and the dizzying array of non-profits who feed off of this state funding. No conservative philosophy that I know of views these as problems government should be involved in to begin with. Peace publically champions more state tax money being funneled to these programs, while conservatives abhor spending on things like these examples. It scores big points with the public sector crowd who live off of these continuing flows of your tax dollars.

Championing the use of tax dollars to fund broadband, or economic development is another example of where a conservative would have nothing to do with. Free market solutions, born of the reality of our nation’s first two hundred years when we became the most envied economic power in recorded history also demonstrates how an economy thrived when government stayed out of the way.

It isn’t a coincident that GDP growth has crawled to an almost stall, all the while during the same time period when government got bigger and reached into every aspect of our lives. The recent launch of the GO Program is just such a textbook case of what this is all about. 28 Million dollars in state grant money is going to be doled out, and those that get to dole it out control a lot of political power. It is the elite ruling political class that uses money in this regretful and shameful manner.

If Peace were a conservative he would be fighting for cutting spending and taxes, not throwing more at problems that are far outside what our founding fathers thought should be the purview of government.

Ask Mr. Breeden or Del. Peace about those grand claims in 2010 how that Natural Gas Pipeline was going to be such a giant boom for development along the 360 corridor. Here we are some 7 years after its completion and 1 single business is hooked up to the $ 6, 500,000.00 pipeline that Peace championed.

This very week Peace circulated an update on Virginia ending the year with a surplus, as if it was a result of conservatives cutting anything….it was excess tax revenues that drove the surplus, not conservative republicans reining in state spending.

Politics has become more polarizing and contentious, but it is a result of two factions in today’s political life. On one hand you have those that want government to do more and more, confiscate more of other people’s money to cure both real and imagined ills. On the other side you have responsible people who want to cut both the size and scope of government, moving back to a system that reflected genuine conservative principles that served this nation and our communities very well until politicians discovered how much good they could do spending other’s money better than the citizens could themselves.

Honestly ask yourself which camp Del Peace belongs to, his actions speak much louder than his words you hear every election cycle when he wants you to forget his 10 year record.

Bob Shannon
Founder King William T.E.A Party
King William, Va.

Dear Editor

Subject: To Solve A Problem Society Must First Face It .

Entitlement programs such as Social Security, Medicare are driven by demographics and longevity factors, which we can do little about. All those babies born after WW II are now reaching retirement age. Some 10,000 turn 65 each day and this continues for the next 16-17 years. Means testing and significant structural changes to the programs are the only way to sustain them. Lifting the caps on income subject to the two taxes are long overdue.

There is another problem however costing American society billions each year that also needs addressed, namely the number of males living in female headed households. Policies in place today are at the core of destructive cultural problems that are not going to go away by avoiding talking about them.

“In a column by Michael Giere this week he noted the 1 in 3 males today living in female headed households” The sobering consequences of this are now clear. A male living in one of these households is…..

20 times more likely to end up in prison, 5 times more likely to commit suicide, 20 times more likely to have behavioral problems, 14 times more likely to commit rape, 9 times more likely to drop out of high school, and 10 times more likely to use drugs.

The proliferation of teacher’s aides in every classroom, most often cited as a consequence of the aforementioned behavioral problems is buttressed by comments from educators who have spoken to me on the condition of anonymity. Kids can’t learn when you have other students constantly disrupting the classroom serenity necessary for a learning environment. The Catholic Nuns had a sure fire remedy and it was employed as needed and hung above their desks in full view of every student. Texas has just reintroduced spanking in schools and the value in instilling a level of discipline in boys who have no authority figure in their lives is long overdue.

One can argue the merits of the various social services that have in practical terms supplanted the “daddy” in the household with a government daddy, and the ensuing results are crystal clear to anyone with their eyes open. Conservatives, had they been advocates of this 60 year experiment today would be ridiculed if these results from this were owned by them. Instead we have in the English language a new term “the babies Daddy”, replacing what used to be father. The progressive philosophy that a father isn’t actually necessary has clear and damning evidence to the contrary. Throwing more resources at this would not change what nature has dictated as a requirement for a boy to grow up in a healthy environment…..Dad has to be around.

Over the years I have advocated for ending taxpayer subsidies that led to the social acceptance of having children out of wedlock as simply an alternate choice to the more conventional and superior manner of a man and woman marrying, then having and raising children in a household where the daily presence of a father has produced better results. No one would advocate for punishing the children, who after all had no choice in the matter.

What can be done to reverse this social trend is to end to all subsidies that rewards or promote this behavior. America has subsidized illegitimacy as a policy for 60 years and we now have ample results with which to measure the outcomes. The financial costs are staggering, but it is the long term damage to these young males that is simply inexcusable to ignore any longer. To the critics who constantly cite the disproportionate number of African American males in prison today, suggesting it is a reflection of America’s racist climate, I simply refute that on the grounds that the home life is more directly linked than any suggestion racism played a part. 60 years is ample time to weigh the results.

Community efforts, often led by churches to teach young men how to be fathers are to be commended. We do the best we can with the kids who are here, try and find a way to broaden their horizons so they can hope for the best possible outcome. It is however no longer a matter of hoping the policies that have led to these outcomes simply improve on their own, we must as a nation make a commitment to amending the very policies that have led us here. It begins with having a frank and candid discussion of the failure.

Bob Shannon
Founder Mechanicsville & King William T.E.A Party
King William, Va


Dear Editor

Subject: Found Money & Lost Minds.

We learned at last Monday’s B.O.S work session that Fire/EMS chief Andy Aigner has discovered he is so very busy that he now must have a new paid F/T Assistant. Perhaps it might be constructive to ask some questions about Aigner’s assurance from just one year ago.

Over the objections of those of us who thought the idea of creating a Fire/EMS Chief was a bad idea to begin with is Mr. Aigner’s own assurances that his new position would not include any need for additional personnel, or even a budget.

What has changed in the County in the last 12 months? Has the population grown? Has the county exploded in new business growth? Has there been a rash of fires outside of the normal range? No. Here is what has changed.

You have a board with 3 members who have a proclivity to grow government. They buy votes with this conduct. Aigner has a desire to begin building his own little empire, an expected, predictable outcome when one considers the root cause. You have a new County Administrator and Finance Director who have demonstrated their own proclivity to grow government themselves. These people who’ve spent their entire careers in the public sector (or much of it) have caught the disorder by virtue of the notion “if the money is there, we might as well spend it”. Nowhere Monday evening was the mention of the 1 million dollars that the Finance director had found of returning this money to the people who were overcharged to begin with, King William taxpayers. Actual revenues have exceeded projections in some cases by fairly wide margins, the source of the found money.

The Finance Director openly suggested the money simply be given to the schools, never mentioning that local funding to the 4 schools already jumped some 1.2 million in this last budget. Easy to be generous when it’s someone else’s money.

We have an absurd 9 million now in unassigned county reserves. We have a handful of people who are hell bent on spending it. What is missing is citizens demanding the reckless spending and wasting of their money be stopped immediately.

Two of the Board members Hansen & Ehrhart have backed the elimination of the County B.P.O.L tax, a tax that most businesses pay (with of course the exemptions for the favored sons) and would among all options often heard, give a real incentive to locate a business in King William county, providing perhaps some new jobs.

The county governments Santa’s are determined to spend the large excess of cash they have to play with. A good start would be to tell Mr. Aigner…………..NO

Bob Shannon
King William, VA


Dear Editor

Subject: Single Payer Is Coming — We’ve Ourselves To Blame.

Promises to repeal and replace the A.C.A ( ObamaCare) is clearly in trouble and whatever emerges from this mess will be a far cry from the solemn pledges Republicans have made for the last 8 years. Stop the presses—politicians lying. It is however a tad disingenuous to put it entirely on the backs of republicans who knew all along they were never going to take away another new entitlement that Congress gave millions back in 2009 when this monstrosity was passed. An honest assessment is in order so that we can begin to prepare ourselves for a Universal National Health Insurance plan, equally important so as to clearly understand why it happened.

In 2003 when former President George W. Bush was promoting (with Congresses complicity) the Medicare Part D prescription coverage, I was asked by a couple down in the Northern Neck what I thought about the pending legislation. I told them it was a horrible idea, adding 1 trillion in expected costs (according at that time to C.B.O’s estimates) over the first 10 years to a program that the wheels were coming off of. Keep in mind that there was no new revenue source to speak of to cover this additional 1 trillion. Bush wanted a 2nd term and knew Florida and Ohio were going to be critical to his chances. Not lost on those of us who follow these things were the growing elderly populations of both of these 2 states. The couple then went on to tell me that “their prescription costs were going through the roof”….to which I replied with the following statement

“ You own a beautiful water front home worth around a million dollars, you have a 40ft Winnebago sitting in the driveway with a 36 ft. Cabin Crusier, several water ski-doo’s, a very healthy balance in your investment portfolio-----and you think someone else should pay for your prescriptions? “ Obviously I haven’t been invited back since 2003.

Prior to the approval of the A.C.A the poor were already eligible/covered by Medicaid. It was the expansion of Medicaid after A.C.A’s passage that brought in (among the states that took the Fed’s dough & expanded their Medicaid programs ) millions of able bodied Americans who once again demonstrated that they believed they were entitled to medical coverage, and equally important their fellow citizens should subsidize the costs. You can begin to see the “entitlement mentality” here in play.

Republican Governors across the nation including Ohio’s John Kasich took the federal money, expanded his state’s Medicaid coverage and now is insisting the slow down in the growth rate of Medicaid (which is what the Senate proposal does, it does not cut the program) is unacceptable. Some might say Kasich is just doing what politicians do, he is after all a career Pol.

Republicans never intended to take away a new federal entitlement no matter what they pledged. The bargaining going on in DC, let’s call it what it is BRIBES, with 40 billion more for opioid addiction treatment, another 75 billion in insurance company subsidies (to stabilize the exchanges) is just such evidence of how impossible it is to do what is right in the long term for the nation, which is to repeal this legislation all together and craft free market based solutions that are there, if only politicians would stand up for a principle.

That isn’t going to happen and we will stumble along with some political patchwork that won’t fix anything until a future Congressional majority caves and installs universal care.

I write however to bring as the late Jerry Lund used to say, some intellectual honesty, into the discussion. Saul Alinsky stated decades ago “you must co-opt more of the white middle class in order to collapse the system and bring about the change”.

I hope Jerry is playing on Heavens golf courses, I do know for certain Saul is quite satisfied these days that the co-opting he spoke of is almost complete.

Bob Shannon
King William, Va


Dear Editor

Subject: Sloppy Or By Design?.

Local government accounting and financial operations are in most cases similar. Here in King William we have a County Administrator, Treasurer, Commissioner of Revenue, and a Finance Director. Collectively we are paying these 4 positions in salary alone around $400,000 a year. Add pensions, health insurance, vacations, etc and we easily cross the half million dollar costs to local taxpayers. Are we getting our money’s worth? You be the judge.

At Monday’s July 10th work session we learned that the county administration had “found” 1 million dollars? Just where was this found? It appears that revenue from a variety of sources was not accurately accounted for. The finance director also noted that the county has had “3 finance directors in 3 years”. Does that explain this? No, unless one dismisses the technology that exists today that allows a retailer with thousands of locations to daily tabulate with the touch of a few key strokes of a computer precisely what the aggregate sales were the day before, inventory levels, and labor costs—all easily tabulated in seconds. I doubt these people are sitting down there in the admin building with ledger pad and pencil trying to add any of this up. They have systems that track these data points…….. so why does this happen?

How is a County with a 25 million dollar budget, with a limited number of revenue sources (about 7-8 total) so far off on projecting actual revenue in such an abbreviated period of time? I have said this is by design and for a purpose. How does a county with a 25 million dollar budget accrue a 9-10 million dollar unassigned revenue fund---and equally important, why?

Agency budgets this past budget year in several instances returned significant amounts of money that were not spent last fiscal year, that was then simply put back into the General Revenue fund of the county. Add the existing 8 million in unassigned revenue fund to this “found money”, and one can see the folks drooling at all this dough lying around looking for a home. Numerous parties who live at the government trough have grand designs on what to do with it. At Monday night’s work session the finance director suggested we just turn over the found million to the schools? What a generous soul, I don’t remember anyone electing her. Let’s not forget that the schools already received an additional 1.2 million this year in local funding.

County fire chief has requested a new full time assistant, after strongly stating just 1 year ago his new position would not require even a budget, let alone any additional personnel, and Walla, a year later he is so busy he now needs a full time assistant. Government make work syndrome.

School Superintendent Dr. David White was also back at the money altar declaring the schools need an additional $75,000. He can’t find $75,000 in a $ 24,000,000.00 budget? I’ll volunteer to help him find it—free of charge. Since the KW School Board can’t seem to find their noses, I suspect they struggle finding $75,000.

A responsibly run county should have a unassigned reserve fund of 10%. That would equate in King William case to around 3 million dollars. It now stands at around 10 million. There is no explanation as to how this has occurred but for the obvious……you are overcharging your customers, in this case the tax payers of King William County. It’s a Slush fund for later Santa adventures.

If taxes are not reduced or eliminated (think BPOL ) every single dollar of this excess will be spent. West Point is no exception either, the proposal of spending $150,000 for a rescue boat illustrates just how out of control spending is at both ends of the county.

The Board could remedy the revenue projection issue by ordering the Finance folks to semi -annually prepare on a single sheet of paper precisely what revenues are on January 1 and July 30, so as to set/adjust tax levels no higher than need be. This would also help to curtail spending excesses.

The K.W Board of Supervisors would bankrupt a snow cone stand in July. Either this 10 million be returned to those it was taken from, or it will be spent. It is up to each of you what the ultimate outcome will be.

Bob Shannon
King William, Va


Dear Editor

Subject: Competition Produces Better Outcome, Even In Politics.

At our last meeting of the King William TEA Party we covered the 24 states that give easier ballot access to its citizens via Initiatives and Referendum. One of the facts that jumped off the page when doing my research for this, was the lower taxes and spending in the states that allow for this easier access. Another was the “creative solutions” to problems often found when you engage more citizens in the process. Whether it is Pizza or Politics an open system of real competition allows for a better outcome and a lower cost.

Once again we are experiencing the political cowardice of a concerted effort by the two major political parties in their attempts to exclude Cliff Hyra the Libertarian candidate for Governor from the planned debates. It is already enough of a disadvantage when one considers the fund raising capabilities of the 2 major parties, and the media advantage with the abundance of free press simply by their status of being the candidate of a major party. To the satisfaction of many within their ranks, they cling to the very obsolete notion that having 2 candidates is enough of a choice for voters to pick from. That point might hold water if there was any real substantial difference between the two parties, I for one will passionately argue there is not. The facts and history of the last 60 years is on my side. I stand by a statement I have made repeatedly…..

“The only difference between the 2 parties is the platitudes and campaign slogans we listen to every election cycle”. After the election is over both parties go back to business as usual, cynically concluding “we fooled em again”. Having Hyra included in every debate would benefit Virginian’s in many ways, but allow me to lay out some of the more obvious.

Conservatives have felt extreme frustration for decades, in particular after having watched Republican majorities failing to accomplish anything of substance. At every level of government, whether it be our broken health care system, the staggering debt, continued decline of our public schools or reform of a corrupted tax code – nothing of any substance has been accomplished. Republican control and campaign pledges (the last 7 years solemn promises to repeal ObamaCare ) have amounted to the continuing con game the 2 parties have run for decades. We’ve only ourselves to blame for this, our tepid “hold their feet to the fire” rhetoric is empty threats………..and they know it. It is time to insist on an agenda that forcefully takes on the pressing debt problems and social issues that have worsened, in spite of their broken promises to address them. I remind readers of the age old axiom …the definition of insanity.

In 2013 I railed against the exclusion of James Carr, the Libertarian Candidate in the race for the 7th district Congressional seat. It rankled some of my friends and allies in the Patriot movement for a host of reasons. I stated at an event for Rob Sarvis in his bid for Virginia Governor that

“His opponents kept him off the stage for one very obvious reason, they would have been exposed for the intellectual midgets they are had Sarvis had a spot on that stage”

After carefully examining what Sarvis had to offer, what kind of person he is, it’s a statement I stand by today, some 4 years later. We face the same dilemma this election, we either allow for this miscarriage of justice to live through another election cycle, we idly stand by and be forced to listen to the same platitudes and campaign slogans we hear each election ……….or we demand the inclusion of a man who has done the hard work of getting on the ballot and has indeed some refreshing and intellectually honest solutions to problems neither of the 2 major political parties have done a damn thing about.

The King William T.E.A Party had Cliff Hyra speak on April 27th. Our group has the clear distinction of hard vetting every political candidate that agrees to speak at our meetings. We use a list of written in advance, tough questions and have moderators that take no prisoners if a candidate attempts to avoid a question or provide clear specifics on his/her proposed solutions. In my opinion (speaking for solely myself) Hyra passed the 3 I”s test I have used throughout my engagement in the political arena. Integrity---no one has their hooks in this guy, he is his own man. Intellect---After his appearance at our group I’ve no doubt Cliff Hyra is a person who understands these issues and has the capacity to grasp the nuances surrounding the various solutions. Politics has plenty of empty suits, Hyra isn’t one of them. Independence---Hyra took some positions he knew in advance would not sit well with the group he was going to speak to that night….yet he stood his ground, an admirable quality.

Many object to supporting any candidate some feel doesn’t have a chance to actually win, as well as the tired foolish philosophy of voting for someone with an R next to their name so the D won’t win. Advancing a principle must take precedent over treating something as serious as choosing our political leaders like it is an athletic contest.

The first step in rectifying any of these problems is recognition that keeping such a bright, talented man from having a seat at the discussion table, in this case the debates, would be a disservice to all Virginians, regardless of their political affiliation.

If one holds out any hope for the restoration of the Republican Party then it is also very good political strategy. Leverage in politics can be a powerful tool.

Cliff Hyra has earned the respect and right to participate in each and every debate between the Candidates for Governor. Gillespie & Northam would enhance their own stature by embracing Hyra and welcoming the competition in the exchange of ideas. Our Founders would agree.

Bob Shannon
Founder of the Mechanicsville & King William T.E.A Party Groups.
King William, Va


Dear Editor

Subject: Notes from the KWBOS:.

Notes from the KWBOS: "At last night’s Board meeting (6/26/17), Supervisor Hansen requested information concerning a computer malware attack experienced by the County in early June. The incident was (fortunately) minor and consisted of a rather common form of computer malware known as “ransomware” which was imbedded within an e-mail received on one of the computers located at the Regional Animal Shelter. In most cases, the sender of the e-mail does not know their own computer is infected with this form of malware (in other words, the sender of the infected e-mail is most often not the person who created the malware and is unaware that they are spreading it). The County computer in question was cleaned up (ransomware removed) and was put back in operational use by our IT consultant FB. The County’s computer network as a whole was not threatened, nor was there any indication of penetration of the network beyond the infection of this one computer. It was characterized as a “security” breach in our communications ..., early on, we did not know for certain what had happened.

In initial reaction to this attack and purely as a precautionary measure, a request was put out for Board members to provide the County with new e-mail passwords for your County e-mail accounts. We wanted to make sure that your e-mail communications were secured to the extent possible while the problem was being identified and corrected. Passwords should be changed periodically as a general practice in all computer-based applications to enhance security, particularly when we know our County system may have been or is being subjected to an attack of some kind. Again, fortunately, this most recent incident was minor and easily corrected, and the County’s network was not compromised beyond the isolated infection of one desktop computer."

Thank goodness the folks at the Animal Shelter were not watching porn; but you can trust the County to run your Broadband, as well as we do the County's. Sure you can!

Respectfully Submitted,
Dave Hansen, KWBOS, District 4
King William, Va

Dear Editor

Subject: Business As Usual.

Business As Usual

Reviewing just what was accomplished by Virginia’s General Assembly I came across nothing at all surprising, quite the normal business as usual by the folks we send to Richmond to handle the State’s affairs. One might be pleased or disappointed by what transpired this year depending on just what one does for a living.

Included in the reporting on the above matters I noticed the pay raises handed out by the folks who are “good stewards” of our hard earned money. Starting salaries for Virginia state police saw a significant jump , going from $ 36,207 to $ $44, 290 a 22% increase. Veterans of the state force got an additional $6793.00. Not to be left out of the pay day bonanza was the Virginia Capitol police who will see an increase of some $ 6793.00 in their starting pay with Veteran officers getting another $ 4,355.00 next year.

All state employees will receive a 3% increase with the following getting an additional bump.

Higher Education gets an extra 1% since last year’s budget freeze didn’t allow for an increase, and workers in high turnover/high stress jobs get an extra 2% on top of the 3 % given to all state workers. Examples given for workers in high stress positions were those of nurses working in mental health jobs.

There are two considerations on this topic, beginning with Household Median Income which is still below 1999 levels for a host of reasons.

In the book “ Rescuing a Broken America “ by Michael Coffman PhD, he notes on page 65 that the average wage for a private sector employee in 2008 was $50,028, while a civil service employee was at $ 79,197. When employers paid benefits are added in the civil service employee comes in at $ 119,982, while the private sector employee with employer paid benefits tops out at $59.909.

If one examines the makeup of elected officials, some with an R or a D next to their names, one constant comes through, loud and clear. Both of them regularly dole out more money & enhanced benefits for those working in the public sector, at every level of government.

With the well documented growth of the public sector, using Hanover or King William county as an example (Hanover gov’t is now the largest employer in the County, King William schools and local gov’t administration are now closing in on Rock Tenn, the paper mill plant in West Point) as the #1 employer in King William the public sector now represents a very large and influential voting bloc. This is not lost on any politician. When one running for office only need to acquire 51% of the vote, it isn’t hard to understand why the public sector employees get such grand treatment when it comes to pay raises and benefits.

What is hard to understand is why tax payers are not in the street raising hell. Here in King William an e-mail sent to all members of our local school board on Monday June 19th asking them to speak at a future KWTP meeting on the ever rising costs of retiree health insurance for retired school employees, and the lack of any reserve funding to pay for it, is met with…………silence. Not a peep from any one of them. They (school board members) are treating this in their budgets as just another annual expense, like a utility bill. The future costs are what we are interested in…..what will this $ number be in 5 years, 10 years? How will it impact local real estate/property taxes?

Two states have done the responsible thing and passed legislation that halts after a certain hire date any state/local gov’t employees getting paid health insurance after they retire. These two states did so for the very reason the others should---we cannot afford to continue to pay for it.

A lesson obviously lost on the folks in the General Assembly.

Bob Shannon
King William, VA


Dear Editor

Subject: Absurdity of the Left has no bounds.

Politics is indeed in America today a theater of the absurd, but this past week leaves me crawling into a corner for some relief from the circus that filled our news. I need to take the long Holiday weekend, turn off the TV and my computer and try to find a tiny bit of sanity in a nation that seems to have lost its collective mind.

I begin with the obviously choreographed and managed crisis on Morning Blow, the MSNBC program that has the aforementioned host , the former Congressman from Florida who now is a country clubbing insider of the Connecticut & Manhattan elite, and his long time sidekick and now fiancé, Mouthpiece Mika. Having publically called the President “mentally ill” and suggesting as Blow Scarborough did this past week that the President “was exhibiting symptoms that paralleled his mother’s dementia” what exactly did they expect? This almost comical flip flop, their defense that they simply disagree with the President’s policies is laughable. Do they think we have collectively acquired amnesia? Another President may have attempted to stay above the fray, but then again Donald J. Trump isn’t another President. Yet another visible demonstration of what lengths media types will go to in an attempt to elevate a failing news program. The feminists rail about how “offensive” it is, referencing Trump comments on Mika’s rumored face job…………..but where is the outrage from the defenders of the mentally ill, or the Democrats who just two weeks ago (after the shooting of the Congressional baseball players) who cried out for some civility in the tone?

In Virginia this week we watched as 21 year old Andrew Spieles was sent off to jail for registering some 18 dead people to vote, going so far as to make up social security numbers in his clumsy attempt to swell the ranks of the left come election time. But wait……….we are supposed to be in the midst of outrage over the Russians attempting to sway/hijack/steal the election of 2016. The left can’t have it both ways. One minute they are passionately insisting we get to the bottom of this Russian thing, the next with a straight face they are insisting voter fraud doesn’t exist and efforts to protect the integrity of the process is actually a dastardly attempt by the right to suppress voter’s rights. Governor McAuliffe has announced Virginia will not comply with the Administration’s request to turn over voter registration data for the study being done at the Federal level in an effort to determine just how widespread the fraud issue really is. Voter fraud is a practical and open practice of the left….win at any cost even if it includes election outcomes that are tainted by their very efforts. In a razor thin margin like the outcome in 2000 the process needs to be above the possibility, however remote that the outcome was tainted in any way.

Remember the Obama phones, the “free phone mania” created when our last Chief Executive created the program to hand out (at taxpayer expense) the free cell phones to the poor? The press is reporting that a recent analysis has uncovered that as much as 70% of the phones may have been obtained using fraudulent criteria. Little wonder given that the phone companies themselves were responsible for determining “eligibility”. The “fox guarding the henhouse” is perhaps too easy a metaphor to describe another tax payer rip off, running into the billions over the sordid 8 year history of this very bad idea. I’m certain that the former President will be cashing in on the lucrative speaker fees coming his way, and no doubt some of that moola will be compliments of the phone companies.

By far however, the most maddening, zany news of the week was from none other than one of my Fav’s in Congress ,Congresswoman Maxine Waters from the glorious state of California, referred to today as Detroit with better weather. Ms. Waters this week declared that President Trump must be exiled…yes indeed sent packing. No trial, no criminal conviction, no charges…..just kick out a democratically elected President. Odd, given that her home state is and has been overrun with illegals deserving of exile, draining the state’s finances, and leading to its state population reduced each of the last 6 years because people with the resources and a modicum of common sense are moving elsewhere. They may stay, but Trump has to go.

I smiled to myself as I wrote this noticing the recurring letter M that kept cropping up. Maxine, Morning Blow, Mika, and even McAuliffe……………..A better suggestion might be in lieu of exiling Trump we simply ban anyone from elective office or a TV program that has the letter M associated with their names. No crazier a suggestion than exiling a sitting President.

Bob Shannon
King William, VA


Dear Editor

Subject: Republicans Need To Go On the Offensive with Health Care Discussion.

One of the most vocal complaints so far in the Senates discussion on Health Care reform has been the proposal to turn the Medicaid program back to the states in the form of a Block Grant program. It is a very smart proposal, contrary to the screams you hear from the predictable corners.

Countless examples exist for the Republicans to cite as proof of Medicaid fraud .The state’s have a much stronger ability to rein this in .The Republicans can chose to let the media and the Dem’s continue to paint them as uncaring, or put on their big boy pants and fight back. It is uncaring to continue to allow the false narrative to go on unchallenged. It is uncaring to let our children and grandchildren’s futures be destroyed because Republicans can’t find any fight in themselves.

For every TV commercial the left runs throwing Granny off a cliff, the Republicans show one with a 30 year old who has had multiple children out of wedlock with multiple fathers and expects society to continue to shelter people like this who have no sense of responsibility or self-control.

The Republicans can run TV commercials showing the immigrants who refuse to marry and sign up the mother of their children for every social welfare program that exists, milking hard working tax payers who have Representatives in the General Assembly and Congress who are nothing but cowards.

The Republicans can run TV commercials showing the 70% of people who refuse to follow a doctor’s orders and then experience costly effects of allowing otherwise easily controlled chronic conditions if only they obeyed their doctor’s to begin with. People are not dying because they don’t have health care; they are dying because they won’t obey their doctors instructions to live healthier lifestyles.

The Republicans can run TV commercials showing people at Wal- Mart , morbidly obese loading up their shopping carts when their SNAP cards are reloaded the first of the month with potato chips, soda, cookies , candy and a host of other foods any reasonably intelligent person that weighs 300 pounds shouldn’t go near. Re-construct the SNAP program like some others ( WIC for example) that places restrictions on junk food that only exasperates the health problems of considerable numbers of recipients. It is plain stupid to allow the very people who want their fellow citizens to pay for their health care, while simultaneously allowing them to use another tax payer provided benefit that makes them sick because they have little or no self-control.

Republicans can show someone leaving a Medicaid clinic covered with tattoos from head to toe….but would be burdened with paying a $15 co-pay.

Republicans can run a TV commercial showing some 10 year old who has no discipline meted out at home throwing a fit in a classroom and the attending costs of having to place a teacher’s aide in almost every single American public school classroom to act as a Zoo keeper for children who behave like animals , and for no better reason than we don’t want to talk about the national policy of subsidizing illegitimacy for the last 60 years, and the obvious social costs and cultural rot that has accompanied this.

Michael Gierre has consistently made the point of how the Republicans make these grand promises every election cycle, and how they walk away from them as if they had never made them to begin with. Republicans have the intellect and the resources, they just lack the spine to fight, something else Gierre has made clear.

Compassion has become code language for the left; they dole out social benefits like it is candy (including health care) and then dare to challenge conservatives who simply demand the abuse and waste/fraud be reined in. Compassion is their version of the dog whistle. They accuse anyone who recognizes how much debt this country is in, anyone who understands these programs are unsustainable and anyone demanding reform as uncaring.

Fixing the broken healthcare system must include in the discussion a brutally honest admission of how many Americans have grown far too comfortable gaming a system so long as bloviating pols can guilt us into continuing to pay for it. Increasingly more Americans have said enough.

Bob Shannon
King William, VA

Dear Editor

Subject: Health Care Reform -- Some Facts & Myths.

Listening to the members of Congress and certainly some in the media discuss the array of impacts that would come from the proposal being contemplated in the U.S Senate leaves one to ask the question….have these folks ever really studied the topic? Do they grasp the very simple economic constructs that drive health care costs up to begin with? Much of the opposition to meaningful reform is being driven by crass political motives, and the desire by incumbents to “protect” their coveted seats by not offending anyone.

Insurance mandates drive up costs—period. Let consumers choose what options they want, ala carte. If all I want is a catastrophic major medical plan with a high deductible, only to cover major expenses such as a prolonged hospital stay, major surgery, and I choose to self- insure for the out of pocket routine care such as doctor visits and or screenings, prescriptions, let me make that decision for myself. Politicians spout that “they are going to make those insurance companies pay for X, Y & Z”, all they actually do is drive up what you ultimately pay for health insurance by this mandate driven mania that ignores simple economics.

If you want first dollar coverage and you insist on your health insurance covering every single medical procedure, every single screening and test known to man, every prescription you need………….then recognize you will need to pony up Spanky and write a big check each month. Otherwise shut up because you don’t have a clue what you are talking about. It’s been cited repeatedly how much auto insurance would costs if we mandated auto insurance cover windshield wiper blades, oil changes, tune-ups, and tires. Risk sharing is a pricing mechanism in all insurance coverages, you self- insure for more of the risk, and you lower your premiums. It is the dumb sheep that fall in line with the bloviating politicians that have caused this mess to begin with. Then there is of course “the poor”

State legislators have ducked, dodged and weaved their way around addressing the run away costs of Medicaid. No one wants to touch it because this program has the warped public image of being for the poor. If so, let’s take a look at who today is defined as qualifying for Medicaid and the numerous fixes for this program if only our legislators in the General Assembly were not such cowards.

Cost sharing in Medicaid is preposterous. The program has co-pays of some $1 & $3. This drives utilization rates through the roof because with co-pays like this people waste the programs benefits. Many get by without even paying the $1 or $ 3 co-pay? Raise the co-pays to $15 --$20 and watch what happens to the utilization problem. The health insurance companies learned quickly how to fix this in the early days of HMO’s that had the same ridiculously low co-pays and utilization problems. The private sector fixed it and fast. I was there and they simply raised co-pays ……………problem solved.

Adding to the growing enrollment of Medicaid is the eligible enrollees coming from the expanded tsunami of those collecting Social Security Disability, a program with well documented fraud. A study in 2013 ordered by then Congressman Tom Coburn ( R ) Oklahoma found that “ a random examination of 300 case files by Congressional staff found that more than 25% of the case files failed to properly address insufficient ,contradictory or incomplete evidence, suggesting a high rate of fraud or abuse”. These same folks then immediately enroll in their states Medicaid a program which grants almost automatic eligibility after qualifying for SS disability. In Dickinson County Virginia 22% of workers are collecting SSI Disability payments, the highest rate in the nation.

Turning the Medicaid program into a block grant program is the correct first step in reining in the spiraling costs that are burying individual states. Let the wisdom of the founding fathers who understood the value in “50 separate experiments” going on simultaneously work. States with responsible legislative bodies will immediately go to work first and foremost in redefining the term “disabled” The explosion in SSI Disability recipients and subsequent payments have went off the charts. One explanation (besides the clear fraud) is the expansion of medical conditions that now render one eligible for benefits. Today one can claim back pain, depression and chronic fatigue syndrome ……conditions that are very hard to medically disprove. Turning Medicaid back over to the States will pressure the states to rein in the abuse/fraud. Little financial incentive exists today since the states are receiving around 50% of the funding from the Fed’s. Watch what happens when that gravy train is cut off---states will scamper like their hair is on fire to trim the abuses and bring down the costs.

The more we do at the state level where the costs and the problems directly impact those paying for them, the less we do in DC, the more choices we give consumers, the less control emanating from above, the better the odds are we will find a way out of this mess.

Bob Shannon
King William, Va


Dear Editor

Subject: K.W County School Board In Hiding?.

In an e-mail sent to each of the K.W County School Board on Monday June 19th, and copied to all 3 of our local newspapers an invitation was extended for one or more of the group to speak at a upcoming K.W.T.P meeting. Multiple open dates were offered in order to accommodate their schedules.

The nature of the request stems from what is becoming a growing concern over the costs of public sector compensation, particularly in this case the costs of retiree health insurance being paid for by King William citizens.

Two states have now put an end (after a certain hire date) to local/state government employees receiving paid health insurance benefits after retirement because of the ever escalating costs to taxpayers. What’s even more disturbing is how the county schools are accounting for these costs. Today they are budgeting this as an annual expense, no different than say the utility bill. A future liability of this nature needs to be backed up by a source of reserve funding.

In any event these questions need to be publically answered by elected officials who are tasked with this responsibility. The taxpaying citizens of King William county need to know what these costs will be 5, or 10 years from now. How will this be paid for? What reserve funds are being dedicated to this expense, or will it just be another line in their budgets that will grow larger and larger? What impact will this have on future real estate/property taxes?

School Board members have that responsibility. They may find this uncomfortable but no more uncomfortable than the sinking feeling taxpayers are feeling……….not knowing what is coming.

Bob Shannon
King William, VA


Dear Editor

Subject: A Heartfelt Plea to the Mechanicsville T.E.A Party.

I would like to preface the following comments by first acknowledging the wonderful men and women who not only helped start the Mechanicsville T.E.A Party, but has kept it going for the last 7 years. There are so many who warrant recognition but none stands out more than Gerry Baugh, Major Mansfield and Rick Ryan. This group would have never survived its early days without the selfless efforts of these 3 individuals. In 2010 & 2011 I spent countless hours of hard work by their sides and it is one of the most gratifying periods in my adult life. They taught me what it means to be a Patriot. The sacrifices of their time, energy and talents are recognized by many within the Patriot movement. I have too many others to name them all, the men & women who helped organize the meetings, serve on the Board, helped do research on topics we discussed, helped organize the events we held at Life Church, sent e-mails and other communications to members, the list could go on for pages.

The plea is for this group to recognize a few irrefutable truths. First, how hard it is to maintain one of these groups and keep it relevant in the community. The second is to acknowledge the highly visible public profile of our road side T.E.A Party signs. It is one of the most recognized and visible indicators of our groups health. I labor here in King William to keep about 14 signs painted and re-messaged with some regularity. I am fortunate in that I have two dedicated volunteers who re-paint the signs, and then weather permitting; I get out and put new messages on them. Needless to say it keeps us all busy.

I am publicly asking for the group to turn over the signs to the King William T.E.A Party for two compelling reasons. Nothing constructive comes from seeing the signs either in disrepair or neglect. I have observed we have already lost key locations and this isn’t helpful if the Patriot movement is to have a chance to remain viable.

These signs were put up for a purpose and the damage being done is a direct result of the perception and image they convey in the state of neglect they are and have been in for some time now. It isn’t anyone’s fault. That said the public perception is obvious and damning

Much good could come from an invigorated and fresh start to once again using the signs for the purposes they were intended for, informing the public and holding elected officials accountable. I pledge should the Mechanicsville T.E.A Party agree to turn control of the signs over to the King William T.E.A Party to do 4 things

1. Find Volunteers to paint and re-message the signs, repair and replace the flags on a regular basis
2. Raise the funds necessary to keep the signs in good condition
3. Return the purpose they were originally intended for, holding elected officials accountable
4. Arrest the loss of any more locations, a loss that is certain to escalate as property owners grow weary of seeing the signs in the condition they are in with the same stale outdated messages.

Bob Shannon Founder Mechanicsville T.E.A Party
King William, Va


Dear Editor

Subject: Tone Down The Language.

To use words like “subversive” or “inflammatory” when one simply disagrees with a use of tax dollars for a non-essential government expenditure is………….

The article in the June 14 edition of the Country Courier “Truth about the Broadband Initiative” uses just such language in describing the citizens who live in and pay taxes to K.W County. These citizens have every right to object to the use of our money to a project that is not the rightful use of tax dollars. It is that simple. One only need recognize the old political adage, when you don’t have the facts, attack your opponent.

It is an American principle that expressing an opposing view is part of the dialogue, an essential bulwark against tyranny. We have runaway government spending at all levels, precisely because citizens for far too long have not expressed opposition, not fought back against the myriad of reckless spending. It angers and upsets this group because we won’t shut up.

Either you recognize what is really happening or you become another sheep. The question should be posed this way. One side expresses their heartfelt and sincere opposition to spending tax dollars in this manner, while the other side bends over backwards to silence this opposing point of view.

Which side comes closer to “subversive”?

Bob Shannon
King William, VA


Dear Editor

Subject: The Theatrics of Dc Are Bad, the Hypocrisy However Is the Real Crime.

In the recurring drama of Congress and the Media’s fixation to “Get Trump”, we are once again subjected to the steady drumbeat of one investigation after another, choreographed and produced almost in the order of a bad Broadway play. Throw in the laughable calls for impeachment you might categorize this as a comedy if not for the horrendous costs and the squandering of time that should be spent on addressing the serious problems our nation faces

A walk down memory lane of investigations the last 20 years has only hardened what is my already cynical view of politics. What has come from these? Have you seen anything of substance that justifies the tens of millions of tax dollars to finance these investigations? Have you witnessed anyone going off to jail? Dozens of hearings and investigations have resulted in just how many actual prosecutions?

One might point to the criminal indictment and prosecution that did result in Jack Abramoff the fellow who took payola from K Street, dished it out to influential members of Congress, and then went off to serve a jail sentence. Abramoff was the unfortunate sacrificial lamb offered up about once a decade to create a façade of our systems feigned attempt to show the rule of law still means anything of substance. Scooter Libby was another. That few instances aside----nothing of consequence has resulted from the dizzying array, one after the other of Congressional investigations. Abramoff went to jail, while the scurrilous members of Congress who actually took the money and golf outings to Scotland walked.

At the moment the public fixation is on the purported attempt by one or more Trump campaign officials who are alleged to have conspired with the Russians in an effort to influence last year’s Presidential election. Complicating this is Trump’s personal business ties and their global complexities when one is doing business and finance around the globe. This singular factor lends some complexity to trying to sort out who did what, who talked to or met with whom, when and why. An incoming administration, recognizing that the U.S has only one President at a time naturally began however to reach out to a nation that possesses considerable global reach with economic and national security implications for our future. It could be considered irresponsible to not have done so given the grave consequences of our strained relationship with Russia at the moment. If however as it has been suggested Mike Flynn discussed sanctions that President Obama put on Russia in the last weeks of December 2016 ……. that is worthy of investigation.

Former NSA Director Mike Flynn took money from Turkey, and did not register under the Foreign Agent Register Act (FARA). Flynn alone must answer for what he did, or didn’t do. He did file under the Lobby Disclosure Act , insisting at the time he wasn’t acting on behalf of a foreign government ( Turkey) .The “ meat on the bone” is the $600,000 his firm did take, and it’s always the money that raises the suspicions and draws rightful scrutiny. Flynn should and must answer questions on this issue, legitimate questions as to whether or not he discussed the sanctions is the key. The other question as to which registration he should have used is more technical in nature but needs answered.

What is astounding however is the lack of interest and honest intellectual curiosity Congress appears to have with a much more serious violation of law that took place in the summer of 2016 when former President Bill Clinton boarded the airplane of former Justice Department Chief Loretta Lynch to discuss “ golf & grandkids”

Clinton later would apologize for the “bad optics”. Congress owes the American public an apology and or an explanation for the free pass of a real crime, one that carries far more ominous implications that the current clown circus we have to suffer.

The Chief Law Enforcement officer of the nation meeting with a former President , both attorneys, one who’s spouse is the target of numerous federal investigations going on simultaneously, a spouse who is the Nominee for President of a major political party while the target of possible criminal indictment ????

If we have to watch endless weeks of one Congressional windbag after another climb onto their self –righteous televised platforms and pontificate about high crimes & misdemeanors then let’s demand we hold investigations into what was clearly at a minimum a breach of ethical conduct, possibly an actual criminal offense by the person entrusted with assuring our system of laws is applied to all……..no exceptions. Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton, under oath answering questions. Now that would be worth watching.

Bob Shannon
King William, Va

Dear Editor

Subject: Even CNN Is Getting It?.

An article titled “Here’s the Tax Scandal Every American Should Be Outraged Over”, (by Jake Novak 06/04/17 ) lays out the damning truth in what too many Americans have ignored for decades, and is now beginning to bleed through the wall of societal ignorance, selfishness & apathy.

In the article Novak draws distinctions and contrasts between what the tax bite was under the late President Kennedy and what it is today. Adjusted for inflation the Federal income taxes we are paying is twice the amount of 55 years ago. In January 1961 (per person) the federal tax bite was $ 4,121. Today it is $10,114. And yes that is per person (not per taxpayer). Over $10,000 for all 323 million people in the U.S. Wait………..it gets worse.

In 1961 about 49 million Americans paid federal income taxes. When adjusted for inflation according to Novak’s estimates each taxpayer paid $ 15,477. In 2016 93 million Americans paid federal taxes doubling the number who paid federal taxes in 1961…….but the amount in 2016 per taxpayer was $35,053.

Politicians mislead us by boasting that we have lower tax rates today, which hides the myriad of other federal taxes that didn’t exist in 1961. The author notes Medicare & Medicaid didn’t come into existence until 1965, Social Security has imposed higher taxes over that time as well.

The real scandal Novak notes is the money supposedly going into Trust Funds is siphoned off each year to pay for a bevy of other programs Congress spends on. As he notes the Federal government just grabs much of that supposedly protected money and replaces it with IOU’s. Robbing Peter to pay Paul, as the old adage goes.

As President Trumps tax reform moves forward you will once again hear the cries of opponents who will claim that rates are much lower than they were under Kennedy and or Reagan. What this falsehood ignores is the actual tax take as noted above. The government spends too much at every level.

No problem can be solved without two core ingredients, the first being a recognition that a problem exists, the second being leadership. It appears that the first step is slowly coming into focus, a recognition that a problem indeed does exist. The second part, leadership…….that’s another story.

A clarion call to take responsibility as citizens is in desperate need. Politicians continue to promote programs that are popular with broad swaths of the electorate. What the politicians fail to tell you is we are not paying for these programs but putting them onto the local, state and federal credit card. It’s a credit card balance that our kids and grandkids will be stuck with if we fail to act responsibly.

Bob Shannon
King William, Va


Dear Editor

Subject: Never Let The Facts Or Truth Get In The Way.

I am bewildered by the claim of Ms. Rieling who referenced the King William T.E.A Party and her having watched our group disrupt meetings for the past few years, noting how it had come to a head at the Internet meeting at the high school on March 16. I encourage Ms. Rieling to provide evidence of members of the K.W TEA Party disrupting ANY PUBLIC MEETINGS. Our members always behave in a civil manner and anyone suggesting otherwise might be wise to consider being asked to demonstrate evidence of these malicious allegations.

A number of people recorded the Broadband meeting might provide Ms. Rieling a copy of the entire meeting, evidence of which would show there was no disruption by anyone. I did ask Mr. Spangler a question about Provo Utah and local taxpayers being stuck with 40 million in bonds that were issued to pay for this fiasco, along with also mentioning Orlando Florida and the ensuing financial mess Orlando taxpayers were stuck with trying to cover the monthly losses for this project there, running into the tens of thousands of dollars each month. If asking a question at a public meeting in a venue paid for by all taxpayers, including members of the T.E.A Party defines “disruption”……. It was a public meeting Ms. Rieling---not a Pep Rally.

Letting the argument escalate”………….once again demonstrates our critics embellishing the facts when it serves them. Having an opposing viewpoint and expressing it defines… letting the argument escalate?

“Travis, Bill & Steve work as hard as the other two”? If Ms. Rieling attended any of the budget meetings ( I was there for every one of them) she would have noted the lack of intellectual curiosity exhibited by those 3 throughout the proceedings. Almost without exception all of the questions came from Hansen & Ehrhart, the other 3 could have phoned in their attendance. What’s it say about elected officials during a budget process when they have no interest in questioning the department /agency heads asking for more of your money? These 3 are typical elected officials who are content to keep the beast fed, so long as apathetic tax payers continue to sit on their hands and allow it. It takes courage and integrity to say No.

Not having internet access lowers our property value” was yet again an example of being clueless. If anything is going to drag down your property value Ms. Rieling it is the outrageous real estate taxes that are beginning to drive buyers away from King William County.

I have listened to public officials lie and mislead taxpayers for years now, and I’m sick of it. Our wise Founding Fathers understood who was the master and who was the servant, and Ms Rieling, like many Americans today has the roles confused—fortunately I don’t.

Bob Shannon - 3rd District
King William, VA

Dear Editor

Subject: Have We Lost Our Collective Sanity?.

In the May 2017 issue of “Our Children, Our Schools”, the newspaper put out by the King William County Public Schools there is on the cover an article entitled The Great Kindness Challenge, by Donna Pitts.

At the recent budget hearings K.W. County School Superintendent Dr. David O. White reminded the B.O.S in his prepared remarks on Friday April 14th of the moral obligation” they had regarding the requested funding for our 4 public schools.

Along with most taxpaying citizens I support a strong public school system. All of my 13 grandchildren, at least the ones that are school age attend public schools. That said it doesn’t mean that those of us who are supportive of public schools are fools.

We heard Dr. White repeat on numerous occasions the need for more resources, falling math scores, possible loss of accreditation of one or more schools if these additional resources were denied. We heard him also state that K.W Schools are implementing a number of remedial programs ( at some cost ) to apparently remedy the deficiencies students have in math, writing and reading.

Read the article yourself and note the subjective clap trap about what the activities were……..paper hearts with kind words, kindness posters, and a certificate from the Kids for Peace stating that Acquinton Elementary School is a Kindness Certified School for 2017 ? The picture that accompanies the article is the kids outside forming a heart shaped circle on school grounds.

I urge you to contact your school board representatives and ask them this very simple question ………….

If tax payers are being asked to put up more money because we have kids who cannot read, write or perform grade level math, is this an appropriate use of time/resources ?

It is an honest question and one that begs an answer. It is also a glaring example of why the King William T.E.A Party has such disdain for the waste of our resources in this telling example.

Surveys related to International Test Scoring continue to show that American public school students are among the most compassionate in the world. These kids and their parent’s better hope that compassion is a job skill that will be in great demand another decade from now. Most employers prefer that the job applicant possess writing, math and reading skills.

Bob Shannon Founder- King William T.E.A Party
King William, VA


Dear Editor

Subject: Is Discrimination Alive And Well In King William County ?.

Two years ago a citizen applying for an open slot on the Middle Peninsula Planning District Commission was passed over and the person who was on the Commission was simply reappointed. The applicant passed over was a known member of the King William T.E.A Party, the existing member on the commission (reappointed) was a former County Supervisor who was well known for his views on government’s role in our lives, namely that this person had a predisposition towards supporting a larger role for local government and more likely to promote bigger government and more spending.

In January 2017 Supervisor Dave Hansen requested that Fred Krauss be appointed to the Broadband Project Committee, Mr. Krauss being a long term county resident, active in the community and very knowledgeable on the subject of high speed internet. Mr. Krauss was relegated to a subcommittee, his name was left out of the programs power point presentation done at the high school on March 16. It was abundantly clear the people running the Broadband project had no interest in Mr. Krauss’s participation, particularly since he was wary of the projects viability, and or use of taxpayer funds for it . In other words Mr. Krauss wasn’t inclined to tow the company line and he had substantive logic behind his reservations. Besides, Fred Krauss is the long term Treasurer and member of the King William T.E.A Party…..and the good Ol boys won’t have that.

Once again Fred Krauss name and application has been submitted for an open slot on the Economic Development Committee and it appears the current appointee who’s term expires on June 30 is headed for reappointment. Krauss , who has built a very successful real estate company since his retirement, certainly qualifies with notable business experience but is being passed over for the incumbent’s re-appointment because of………..Krauss’s affiliation with the King William T.E.A Party.

In a recent e-mail with Chairman Moskalski (Chairman Mao) Mr. Moskalski referenced the current appointee on the EDA as “willing to criticize “Supervisor Dave Hansen’s political affiliations. The only other political affiliation Hansen has is perhaps as an elected County official, unless of course one counts his membership in the K.W T.E.A Party?

It is walking dangerously close to a violation of one’s civil rights to deny them inclusion or appointment to a voluntary commission or board simply because of a political group they might be associated with. This is the 3rd such instance of this clear discrimination and invites legal action as perhaps the only way left to remedy it.

Having a different perspective or opinion than the prevailing body that sits on these boards/commissions is what makes these volunteer bodies work. That however is a secondary consideration ,relative to the now obvious motives in play. Members of any local political organization are citizens, and pay taxes to the County, and should not be subjected to second class treatment just because of their political views, nor should such views be used as justification for their civil rights to be trampled.

This may be why we will be left with no other option but to take this matter into a legal court of law. No citizen of King William should be discriminated against, certainly not for their political views.

Bob Shannon
King William, VA


Dear Editor

Subject: Board of Supervisors Actions Erodes Public Trust.

Vet This week we learned that several members of the King William Board of Supervisors had prior knowledge that the Federal Government is planning to fund through various grants a High Speed Internet project that as announced will provide service to the surrounding localities. The Federal recognition of the Native American Tribes will open a flood of grant money to facilitate these intended plans . This also might explain why Del. Peace & Hodges pushed through the recent bill that will lower the hurdles for the Tribes acquisition of land apparently needed for this project. Next time you hear Peace refer to himself as a conservative, remember how fast on the draw he is to facilitate the expenditure of grant money. Peace & Hodges are lending to the financial burying of our children and grandchildren, something true conservatives abhor.

What local citizens need to ask however is just why the Board set aside some $230,000.00 of taxpayer’s money knowing these Federal funds were likely on the way to King William?

We will be watching closely and with interest just where this $230,000.00 ends up. Let’s at least hold out some hope that it goes back into King William County’s general fund.

It begs the question though just why they did this (appropriating money that several of the boards members knew wasn’t going to be needed)? Transparency is needed to maintain citizen’s trust in their elected officials. Will Chairman Moskalski publically answer some questions?

Fortunately the citizens can rely however on the King William T.E.A Party and the Watchdog Program we have to shine some sunlight on this type of conduct.

It is also worth noting that Supervisor Dave Hansen attempted at the last Board meeting to rectify this by proposing the Board simply amend the Budget and return the $230,000.00 before any of it is wasted and as usual the Budget Stooges refused to do this. It lends to the concern that this money will end up being needlessly spent, but then, that isn’t something new with this Board.

Bob Shannon 3rd District
King William, VA


Dear Editor

Subject: The 2 No Votes On The County Budget & The Principles They Advanced.

Vet Supervisors Bob Ehrhart and Dave Hansen were recently asked what was it about the County budget, approved on a 3-2 vote that caused them to vote against the budget. The only venue unfortunately for the public to learn of their views is to attend the actual meetings and work sessions, or read the actual minutes of the meetings once they are posted on the County website. The local newspapers report the “official” version, but fall short of reporting in any detail the dissenting views. As one who has attended the meetings, including the work session’s I am there to witness the actual proceedings, and take copious amounts of notes of what takes place. Our website is a public venue that affords a more comprehensive detailing of those often overlooked and or underreported dissenting points of view, such as Ehrhart’s and Hansen’s.

Supervisor Bob Ehrhart noted that…… “the escalating personnel costs, the number of administrative positions and salaries within the school district continues to rise, and county employees have received a salary increase or compression adjustment 6 of the last 7 years.” On the subject of county tax policies Ehrhart stated “so long as tax exemptions remain, the tax burden is on the homeowners and there is no fiscal incentive to cut spending. I doubt the 3 Supervisors who support the increased spending in the budget would spend their own money this way”.

It is worth noting at this juncture that Ehrhart’s Power Point presentation on Friday April 14 , during the all day budget work session publically exposed the misleading statements school officials have been making for the last 4 years, namely that they had eliminated 42 positions. The K.W County School Board deserves condemnation as well for quietly sitting silent during this period when they had to know this claim was false, and made for no other reason than to mislead the taxpaying public that the schools were operating in a frugal and or fiscally responsible manner. Citizens of King William owe Mr. Ehrhart a Thank you for having the courage to stand up and expose this literal fraud.

Supervisor Dave Hansen was quite vocal about the $225,000 seed money for the Broadband project undertaken by the County Economic Development Authority. Hansen has noted that the appointment of the new County Administrator Mark Reeter as the Treasurer for this project presents a possible conflict of interest. The tentative approval of this $225,000 in the 2017-18 budget is purported to also contain a understanding that before it is expended the Board of Supervisors must approve the expenditures, and the appointment of the County Administrator as the Treasurer for this Broadband Project could be perceived as a way of getting around that Board approval since the Treasurer also has the authority in the IDA/EDA documents to approve and dispense money. Hansen is correct in raising these questions since public funds are being used to jump start this project.

Attending all of these meetings, including the work sessions the last 6-7 years has provided me the opportunity to watch carefully the machinations that take place. What I found this particular year to be most disturbing is the absence of questions throughout the entire process by Supervisors Moskalski, Hodges & Greenwood. It was as if the outcome had been pre-determined. Why raise any questions when you already know what you plan on doing? The absence of questions represents a lack of intellectual or probing curiosity. Elected officials who are watchdogs for the public money should have scores of specific questions, yet they seemed quite satisfied to simply accept claims that more money was needed without inquiring as to why?

Ehrhart & Hansen grilled numerous agency heads and those representing the departments who were there with hands out wanting more tax dollars, while most of the time the other 3 sat silent. I watched on numerous occasions when Chairman Moskalski actually tried to impede Hansen when he thought Hansen’s questions were repetitive or irrelevant. Hansen held his own in the exchanges and Moskalski needs reminded that Hansen was elected and has every right to inquire about any public expenditure, whether or not Moskalski finds it relevant.

King William is indeed fortunate to have 2 Supervisors, both of whom are two of the best educated and most articulate men who have ever served on that Board in the 20 years I have lived in King William. Their personal integrity shown through the indignant treatment they both had to endure at various times throughout the last 12 weeks. Serving on the Board, or in any elected office isn’t easy. The citizens of King William should be grateful to have 2 such fine public servants.

They didn’t prevail in stopping approval of a budget that could have contained a more disciplined amount of spending………….but they advanced a principle, restoring a degree of honesty and accountability to a budgeting process that has sadly lacked both for quite a long time.

Bob Shannon
King William


Dear Editor

Subject: Supervisor Stephen Greenwood / Congressional Material?.

Republicrats in Congress voted some 15 times over the last 6 years to repeal the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. They knew each time they voted, the vote was for all practical purposes meaningless because President Obama would veto it. They could beat their chests crowing they had fought the good fight, promising if only they had a republicrat President in the White House they could finally get the legislation repealed? Sound familiar to King William voters, particularly those in Supervisor Stephen Greenwoods 3rd district?

Greenwood during his first 4 years on the Board cried for spending cuts to the local budget, tax reductions, indicating by his actual vote in 2014 to close the Forestry land use tax exempted class that he was determined to restore a degree of fairness to local tax policies.

Greenwood also knew he was sitting on a Board with at least 3, often 4 other members who were Oligarch props, inclined to tax and spend, so essentially his 1 vote was not going to stop his colleagues spend and tax proclivities. It was token resistance and he understood that.

In the Board of Supervisor meeting on Monday April 24, 2017 Greenwood participating via intercom made the following comments. He asked Chairman Travis Moskalski to remind those in attendance that

“we didn’t give them all that they asked for”….. .referencing the Board had only approved some $830,000 in additional local funding for the schools, not the 1.2 million they had asked for.

Greenwood after 6 budgets understands how the game is played. The schools knew they would not get 1.2 million, and would likely face some reduction in what they actually received, relative to their requested 1.2 million. This is how the budget game is played, and Greenwood knows that. So it was equally deceptive for him to tout that as some sort of disciplined budget restraint.

In late November 2015, shortly after Greenwood was re-elected to his second term he stopped by my house to pick up some campaign yard signs I had put out on his behalf and then collected after the election.

In my driveway during a discussion that centered on local funding for the schools I indicated after careful study of numerous school budgets I thought the Board could easily reduce local funding by $500,000 without impacting operations. It would have brought about in my view a few administrative positions being eliminated ( way overdue given the bloat) and some increased cost sharing for their fringe benefits that taxpayers were already paying far more of than their share. This was Supervisor Greenwoods response, and I quote

“I want to cut it a million”…his exact words. Now this is someone who had already served 4 years, and should then be competent enough on the topic to speak with some level of knowledge and understanding as to a statement like that, assuming of course he was being truthful in his words. What changed in the ensuing 4-5 months? Maybe we will never know the answer to that.

What I do know is A. What he said standing in my driveway & B. Greenwood is now Congressional material. He took meaningless votes and stands when it didn’t matter. When it did, he did the politically expedient thing and gave away the store, literally. Greenwoods claim last year to “ cutting a bunch of stuff” amounted for all practical purposes cutting a measly $500 from the Art’s Alive funding, which was restored this year thanks to “ Picking up pennies West Point Willie” , another political hack in my opinion. Greenwood will never again serve in elective office. He does however now qualify if you use the standards firmly established by the lying cowardly snakes in the republicrat Congress to replace Congressman Wittman.

I share and take personal responsibility for Greenwoods deception. I championed, along with many others in the 3rd district what appeared to be statesmanship qualities watching Greenwood stand against the wind in his first term. Turns out he was the wind, or hot air….take your pick.

Bob Shannon
King William, Va


Dear Editor

Subject: The Wailing And Knashing Of Teeth Have Predictably Begun.

In reading several articles, blogs this morning the predictable cries of “they fooled us again” have already begun. The diehard republicrats , those dastardly types have once again suckered the voters out there who like the dunces they are march lockstep every election cycle and vote republicrat. If one researched their backgrounds you would find these folks are the kids who always gave up their lunch money in lieu of facing down the school bully. Personally I liked my lunch

I won’t waste my or the readers time with “I told you so”, nor will I recount the number of times the republicrats promised you fools “this time will be different “. Already the republicrats are telling the same useful idiots they are “saving the fight for the 2018 battle”……….

Either you fight or perish. All of the bluster, all of the “ holding their feet to the fire “ nonsense I have had to listen to the last 7 years makes me ill. I laughed aloud when I heard the Lovettsville Lady on Bull Elephant telling readers that………. “We are in danger of losing the House, the Senate and the Presidency in 2020”. So what? This is an example of the loser mindset, and explains why conservatives keep getting their asses kicked from here to Texas and back. Republicrats sell out any vestige of principle…………and we frame the discussion over “losing the next election”? Pathetic.

Set around, wait for the next election cycle, buy into the crap the lying republicrat cowards will tell you, and then walk into the voting booth and repeat the same sheep behavior. Quit whining and decide if you want to be the one kicking asses or keep getting yours kicked.

All the political philosophy in the world is useless at this point. There is no political solution or strategy other than to fight. Sadly most of you don’t have the stomach for it. That much I am sure of.

Bob Shannon
King William, Va


Dear Editor

Subject: Stop Lisnen To The Tee Pardee?.

Their appears to be a concerted effort to convince regular folks and even our Supervisors to “stop lisnen to the tee pardee”.

I heard it first in an e-mail that was forwarded to me, I read it in a letter to one of the local newspapers, and then when a speaker at the B.O.S meeting during the public comment period stated those very words. Allow me to speak for those of us who have toiled for 8 years now and are trying to understand just why these folks are pushing so hard to stop everyone from listening to what we ( K.W.T.P ) have to say.

It is appropriate to divide this discussion into two parts A. What we actually say……and B. Just who are these folks advocating the citizens of King William stop listening to us …and why?

Part A If you had stopped listening to the T.P , say in 2010 you might not have learned that real estate taxes here are some of the highest in Virginia, certainly among rural counties, or why . You would have not learned that local government has a spending problem that some public compensation packages are off the charts. You may not have heard absent our pounding the point that tax payers got tagged with some hundreds of thousands of dollars in highly suspect projects, from water pumping stations, to bailing out private bank loans made under highly suspicious circumstances to a failing rescue squad, to the “alternate seating in the schools”, money spent buying bean bags so the kids could choose their seating , and the recent BIG WHAMMY…how the schools never did eliminate 42 positions as they claimed for 5 consecutive years. We showed local citizens that King William schools spend some $90,000 a week more than a system with 6 schools and some 300 more students.

You would have missed out on the exposure that locally financed and operated broadband projects haven’t always gone so smoothly, or the millions in debt resulting from many of the localities that have tried this.

You would not have known that elected officials make the rules up as they go along, resulting in law enforcement picking and choosing which laws they would enforce and or which politicians would get a pass, say for example when they voted on a land use tax exemption issue without bothering to recuse themselves or disclosing their conflict.

Had you stopped listening to us you might not have been aware of the political about face of one Supervisor Stephen Greenwood , who hammered spending for his first term in office and then for whatever reason turned Judas on the very people who championed him , after his re-election. Perhaps it is the wishes of those now attempting to silence us that you would have not had the venue available that isn’t beholden to any of these special interests, but labors to restore some semblance of integrity to public office and the administration of local government.

Part B. If you examine just who these folks are advising citizens to tune us out , well it isn’t at all surprising that without a single exception they have their noses buried one way or another in the tax payer money trough. Either they work for local government or the schools, or they are on the receiving end of tax dollars and tax exemptions. Some are wanting us to shut up so they , or a spouse or a friend, family member can go about getting their pay raise every year or their health insurance increase paid for by someone else . You would have not gotten the free tutorial on “ salary compression”—step increases-- salary adjustments” …the new language used exclusively by people who labor to avoid having to say the words “ pay raise”.

The others are comprised of those who soak up the tax exemptions from A----Z that cut their tax liability dramatically , all the while they are promoting more spending. I almost laugh aloud when I hear them get up at a public comment period and state they support the schools budget, while their accountant calculates their taxes, deducting the land use tax exemptions, the BPOL tax exemptions, and the Tools & Machinery tax exemption from their tax bill. Pretty easy to advocate for more spending, so long as the bill gets sent to someone else.

Let’s end the Land Use Tax Exemption program and just give the schools another $1,000,000.00 a year? Ending that program would “change their tune” about spending priorities, and fast.

The “stop lisnen to the tee pardee” campaign exists today for only one reason. The decades old practice of local government being run by a small handful of people with considerable influence is fading, and they know it is. Their ability to hide in the shadows and run local government like the supposed Wizard behind the big curtain in the Wizard of Oz is coming to a close. All that is left is for them to attempt to discredit the only organization made up of people who want nothing from local government but to left alone. The “ tee pardee’ is the last opposition voice, it scares the daylights out of them that people…………..are indeed listening.

Ask anyone of them promoting this “stop lisnen to the tee pardee” to give you a list of 10 things in local government that should be cut….or 3 things? Ask them to share their specific knowledge on how many FT employees the county or the schools have, what their budgets were last year, how many students the schools have, what was spent on the Animal Shelter of the Sheriff’s department, Social services agencies . They have puzzled looks on their faces because they don’t have a clue about what they are talking about. They are empty headed blood sucking parasites carrying water for whatever money cause they are simultaneously sucking from.

Bob Shannon
King William, Va


Dear Editor

Subject: Skunk At The Garden Party---King William Style.

I’ve been a regular at the Board of Supervisor meetings, budget meetings, school board meetings for the last decade .One consistent truth rings out at these events, the people there, almost to a man (or woman) are there for one singular purpose --- to take more of your money. I am there for one singular purpose --- to try and stop them.

They have pet causes, new ventures or self- serving interests such as their pay and fringe benefits …..And of course they want you, the taxpayer to pick up the tab for their most noble of causes. I am the proverbial skunk at the Garden party. I am fortunate in that my background has provided me with the skin of an elephant.

I instantly spot the underlying motives of an attack on the King William T.E.A Party. I am however not a wallflower prone to rolling over. Last night was a case study in why these individuals do what they do, and their underlying motives.

During the public comment period one local man got up and addressed the Board , complementing them on their hard work, imploring them to fully fund the local schools request, and could not help himself but to end his comments with a parting shot that read like this………………

“I would also ask the Supervisors to not listen to the T.E.A Party, because everyone knows the deception they practice”?

The deception we practice? Our group has been in existence for eight years now. If the K.W.T.P has been deceptive where has this guy been? Or is it that our group has stepped on his plan to suck hundreds of thousands of dollars from tax payers pockets and it annoys him?

I know most of the local advocates for bigger government and more spending. As I listened to him I asked myself…….what taxpayer trough of money does he have his snout buried in? If the KWTP practices deception why it is this fella is only now being heard from? Turns out he is one of the folks on the Broadband committee, that group of selfless folks who want to bring high speed internet to the downtrodden just dying to pay whatever the costs are to speed up their laptops.

It so happens that our group has raised valid questions about public financing of this project, and some folks don’t like that. He could have made his case to support the schools budget, or argued for the tax money to fund his Broadband project. But he chose to attack the King William T.E.A Party ? Obviously he should have qualified his remarks by disclosing his criticism aimed at our group is a result of our group raising objections to this questionable use of tax dollars.

Eight years without exception, when I trace back the criticisms it can always be linked to someone or some group with their snouts buried in the money trough. This poor lad just was given the role by his fellow money grubbers to stand up there last night and needlessly take a cheap shot at our group. I could have responded but I have learned that each time a jackass brays you don’t have to necessarily bray back at them. After all, it is a jackass.

Bob Shannon
King William


Dear Editor

Subject: Dutch Uncle Explanation .

In this week’s Country Courier we had a letter from one of the Broadband committee who apparently is new to the area and has no understanding as to why he is experiencing some resistance to handing over $225,000 of tax dollars to what some intelligent people think is a waste of money. Given that this gentleman is new to the area I will take the patient Dutch uncle approach and give him some learnin, as they say.

This fella might not be aware of the rather sordid history of how over and over local tax payers (at least those of us who don’t have the coveted exemptions) have been royally cheated. One can look back at a water pumping station that tax payers got tagged with completing because of either a flawed , inept or corrupt ( take your pick )planning process that left the responsible parties off the hook and stuck the citizens with the cost. Maybe the poor lad isn’t aware of the bad bank loan made to a certain failed rescue squad that then required a “special” supplemental appropriations in the hundreds of thousands that was subsequently then made to bail out a private transaction that the bank should have had to eat….but our generous board of supervisors came to the rescue and doled out the dough.

Perhaps the poor fella never heard of the squandering of millions on the water/sewage issue that took years to resolve while local taxpayers continued to pick up the tab. He might not be aware of the $90,000 a week that KW Schools spend, above and beyond what another rural County school system spends with 2 more schools and around 300 more students. If his stay here has been of such short duration he also hasn’t learned yet what those of us who have been here a long time know----that King William County has one of the highest real estate tax rates (per hundred) even with the paltry proposal of a .02 reduction. Perhaps when he gets his first real estate tax bill he might then change his tune, as Grandma used to say.

Until then nephew - cry in your beer. The folks who have watched the handing out of millions of dollars on one bad deal after another just might not go so easy this time. BULLYING? No, the average guy or gal in King William is just tired of being ripped off on these insider wasteful scams that ultimately end up on homeowners tab.

Bob Shannon
King William, VA


Dear Editor

Subject: Trumps Tax Returns ? .

It would be amusing if it wasn’t so pathetic that in these 3 particular cities, Atlanta,
Chicago and Sacramento citizens decided to protest over the weekend because
President Trump continues to refuse to release his income tax returns. The purported
logic behind their demands is tied to the topic of tax reform and the lack of details
hindering any examination of how planned reform might impact the Presidents holdings.
As such the protestors want to know what the tax ramifications would be for the
President, depending on where reform might lead. Any potential tax savings for the
President one would hope would be the same for any other American, and the ensuing
economic benefit to our economy by allowing Americans to keep more of their earnings
to either spend, save or invest in the economy. Why should the President be any
different? But is this issue the issue that should be driving citizens in these 3 particular
cities to take to the streets ?

In Atlanta ,thousands of public school students continue to be subjected to what has
become an almost laughing stock public school system, so ripe with fraud and corruption
that scores of school officials have been fired, and a number of them actually sent to
prison for a host of criminal convictions. From rigging SOL test scores, to schemes to
defraud taxpayers of millions of dollars relating to the manipulation of data to enhance
securing larger amounts of Federal Grant money, Atlanta has much bigger problems than
Donald Trump’s tax returns. If Atlantan’s want someone to be angry at they might turn
their attention to public school union officials robbing thousands of children from getting
a decent education.

That beautiful city of Chicago has been rendered in certain sections a literal war zone. A
recent report hailed the news that some 40% of upper middle class African Americans
have moved out of the city in the last decade, further straining the cities tax resources.
In a city where mothers actually are forced to have their children sleep under their beds
or behind furniture for fear of a stray bullet killing them during the nights of relentless
gun violence, I seriously doubt these mothers give a whit of thought to President Trump's
tax returns. The data and statistics resemble a third world country, lawlessness and rampant
death among Chicago’s youth clearly deserves elevated attention. While the news media
has given the violence ample coverage it does its citizens a disservice to use time to highlight
the hard lefts agenda, GET TRUMP. Releasing Trumps tax returns won’t stop a bullet---a
larger concern in the Windy City.

Sacramento…….capital of that beautiful state, what is now referred to as “ Detroit with
better weather” or my favorite Taxifornia …..has problems that will soon render that state
a financial equivalent of Puerto Rico has gone around the bend , protesting Trumps tax
returns ……after the release of a Stanford University assessment of CALPERs, the state’s
public employee pension plan.

The Stanford study focused on California’s use of a 7% Rate of Return on plan asset’s
in the annually required test to measure the plans fiscal health. The actual rate of return in
2015 was 2.4% , in 2016 the actual rate of return was 0.61 %. Stanford noted that if the
2.75 % rate of return were used ( a much more realistic figure) the average household in
California would have a debt obligation to CALPERS of some $ 92,748.00 This dollar
amount of each households obligation to the unfunded liability should have citizens of
California in the streets…….but Trumps tax return is the issue ?

Is this a result of citizen’s misplaced priorities---or the media’s focus on GET TRUMP.
I believe it is both.

It is however symptomatic of a much larger problem, namely the citizen neglect in attending
to their responsibility in a self- representative form of government. Focusing on the real issues
confronting America is hardly advanced by protesting over the rather silly idea that somehow
releasing Trumps tax returns will change any of what is mentioned above. The lefts now
preoccupied with the GET TRUMP mania, while some Mom in Chicago tonight will literally
bury her kids so they are not shot, another child in Atlanta will be handed a diploma next
month that is literally meaningless, and Californians might some day soon be willing to give
the state back to Mexico, a bargain considering where that state is headed.

Bob Shannon
King William , Va


Dear Editor

Subject: Lies, Damn Lies & Statistics.

In politics you win some and lose some, it’s the nature of the endeavor. However,
at the latest King William B.O.S Budget meeting it was beyond anything I have
witnessed in the years I have been a watchdog on government.

Supervisors Moskalski ( Sweet Hall ), Hodges ( West Point) and Greenwood
(Aylett) displayed today that they apparently have not an ounce of shame.
Rewarding their public sector employee base is just in their nature, but to do it
with local school officials knowingly presenting falsehoods to every person in
the room went beyond what should ever be considered acceptable.

In the April 19th issue of the Country Courier newspaper, the King William T.E.A
Party will present another ½ page paid ad detailing the misleading claims public
school officials here in King William have become notorious for. We cite in our
paid ad the actual number of full time employees ( FTE’s) in the schools going
all the way back to 2005. The numbers taken from Virginia Dept. of Education’s
website are as follows

--- School Year 2005-06 Employees 316 ------- School Year 2009-10 Employees 327
--- School Year 2012-13 Employees 322 ------- School Year 2014-15 Employees 327


The morning began with Mangohick Supervisor Bob Ehrhart calling out the
Schools’ repeated claims that they had eliminated 42 positions over the last
6-8 years. The Finance Director, there to answer the Boards budget question’s,
at first pretended indignation when Supv. Ehrhart said she had misled the
public and the Board with this claim.

Her next tactic was to admit to two errors she had made, then she moved
onto how the State counts FTE positions differently than the county does,
then the years on the Virginia Department of Education’s website (where
we found the numbers for our paid ad ) were different than the years she
had in her hand.

At that point she then launched into a litany of antidotal blather about the
number of ELS (English as second language students) and other points clearly
intended to hide the central question at hand: the falsehood that the schools
had eliminated the 42 positions.

When it was all said and done she could not account for more than at best
a fictitious 17-19 positions eliminated-- and by her own admission --most
of them had already been added back. She never was able to escape what
\was crystal clear to everyone in that room----the claim to having eliminated
42 positions that local school officials have touted for the last 4 years is
patently false. This untruth was ripped bare exposing to anyone in that room,
including the 5 members of King William’s Board that they and the public
had been and continue to be lied to.

The school system had requested an additional 1.2 million dollars in local
funding of which some $950,000 or 80 % was going directly into the pockets
of pay raises and reimbursement for increasing health insurance premiums.

This isn’t just about the bloated public sector, or the factual matter of how
the salaries and fringe benefit costs are drowning local tax coffers. No it is
about a much more disturbing issue; the lack of integrity of top school officials
including the School Board itself.

Not only do they tolerate the embellishment of the facts, they openly support
taxpayers being fed misinformation and distorted costs if that’s what it takes to
get the money. I have yet to hear one of them stand up and say….” We shouldn’t
be doing this”

In spite of clear evidence that they had been lied to, Supvervisors. Moskalski,
Greenwood & Hodges, went ahead and approved the entire requested increase.
Ehrhart & Hansen were the only ones to challenge the falsehoods being perpetuated
to squeeze the additional money out of King William’s taxpayers.

Perhaps the schools and the school board can take a victory lap, but each of
them know the manner with which they secured the additional funds was a
theft by deception, facilitated by 3 elected officials that knowingly participated
in fraud.

What is wrong with politics? Anyone in that room today witnessed it firsthand.

Bob Shannon
King William, Va



Dear Editor

Subject: Selfish? .

Thanks Country Courier for continuing the important public service of presenting a
variety of Letters to the Editor.

Notable to this reader in the April 5th issue were complaints from three locals – including
one recent “come here” – who bemoaned the lack of high speed internet in our rural
and sparsely populated county.

And they all want every taxpayer in King William and West Point to guarantee the shaky
scheme being pushed by the Broadband Boys.

Folks, if you really want and need high speed internet it's available right now and
none of your neighbors have to subsidize it.

On the back two pages of every issue of Country Courier advertiser Armistead offers
a great deal on high speed internet.

Problem solved, right ?

Robert “Sarge” Bruce
Aylett, VA



Dear Editor

Subject: Supv. Hansen’s Detractors --Public Trough Feeders .

Almost from day 1 in office, Supv. Hansen has been under an onslaught of
criticism and for those who understand how the game is customarily played,
it shouldn’t come as a surprise. Hansen has set about doing exactly what he
said he was going to do. In the 20 years I have lived in King William he is a
rare breath of fresh air in that respect.

What frustrates and fuels his critics is they can not get him to do their bidding,
he is an intelligent man, and his own man. From the county administrator to the
school board to the bevy of oligarchs who have been accustomed to having the
past supervisors run the county the way they wanted it run, Hansen refuses to
play ball. His integrity is beyond reproach.

I admire his dogged pursuit to learn the issues and not be swayed by the same
old crowd who perhaps thought he would eventually fall in line. Supv. Hansen
diligently works on behalf of all of King William’s citizens, not just the folks
who have their snouts buried in the public money trough. Citizens that support
him need to stand up and cheer the guy, and stop allowing the public trough
feeders to try and stymy his efforts at reform.

Contrast Hansen keeping his word with the traitor Supv. Greenwood and his
total flip flop after he was re-elected. Integrity matters. If you promise voters
you intend to cut spending you are a person to be trusted or you are not. Would
you trust Supv. Hansen or Supv. Greenwood ? One keeps his word and the other
betrays the very voters who trusted him and voted for him.

If you pay close attention every single critic has some itch that needs scratched
by taxpayers money and as Hansen’s campaign signs said in 2015…….HAD

Bob Shannon
King William



Dear Editor

Subject: Cliff Hyra - Libertarian Candidate
To Speak At K.W.T.P Meeting Thursday April 27th

For those of you discouraged by this year’s crop of Candidates for Virginia
Governor we invite you to come out and hear what Mr. Hyra’s positions are
on the issues.

An Attorney who recently relocated to Mechanicsville from Northern
Virginia and decided to take on this challenge has some very interesting
ideas he has promoted in several public discussions over the last two weeks

Prominent among his top proposals is one to eliminate the first $50,000
from Virginia Income Tax giving relief to Virginia’s middle class who have
been inundated with increasing health insurance costs, rising food and fuel
costs along with those paying increasing college tuition. The estimated
savings would be around $2500 a year, enough to make a difference in
households struggling with these rising expenses.

Mr. Hyra stated on an internet radio podcast ( Remso Republic) first
broadcast Wednesday April 12 that he also wants to address the Asset
\Forfeiture issue that has clearly created considerable abuse in our criminal
justice system by allowing without a criminal conviction local and state
law enforcement to seize private property in far too often a random manner
without showing said property was used or utilized in any crime .

Sentencing reforms addressing the explosion in arrests for non-violent drug
offenses is another of his top priorities. According to Hyra’s data in 2012
some 40,000 Virginians were arrested for these types of offenses and the
estimated costs to incarcerate each one of these people is around $25,000
a year.

While Hyra hopes to work with Virginia’s legislature he is not opposed to using
Executive action to move these issues forward as Governor. He closed his
podcast interview by pointing out he supports some metric to measure public
\ schools progress, but not necessarily the SOL method. He is opposed to
Medicaid expansion , wanting instead to use more market based solutions
instead of expanding governments reach in our health care system.

Having listened to both his Q & A session at the meeting 2 weeks ago at the
Richmond Libertarian meeting, and his subsequent interview on Remso Republic,
\ I find him refreshing in his candid answers and proposals . Quite a contrast
to the mud slinging blather we hear from both of the major party candidates.
\ Come out and join us on Thursday April 27th at 7 pm to learn more about
this very interesting candidate. For details on location of our meeting visit

Hope to see everyone Thursday April 27 !

Bob Shannon
Founder King William T.E.A Party



Dear Editor

Subject: Barking Dogs.

The folks in this week’s edition of the Country Courier newspapers letters to
the editor reinforce what many of us have known for some time. Typically they
lay on or under the front porch napping until someone comes along and awakens
them. In this instance the awakening involves denying them the freebies and
handouts many of them unfortunately have come to depend on, after all a dog
is dependent on others for their subsistence.

It was amusing to learn that one of the local ignoramuses found that we had beat
up hippies in bygone days. Amusing, except that it lends nothing to the discussion
and illustrates once again why the lefts philosophy is failing on such a grand scale.
When they don’t have the facts they resort to this type of juvenile name calling.
Let me lend some FACTS to help the poor lad ( or pup) out.

His writing to the newspaper is indeed a recognition of sorts of our local groups
influence on this Broadband topic and our drive to bring the facts to people in the
community that otherwise may fall prey to the savaging buzzards always circling
for some more taxpayer dough that our group makes harder for them to seize.

Maybe these discombobulated writers might consider (when questioning what
our group has done for the community) turning that question on themselves,
since I don’t recognize any of their names. Do you recognize any of their names?
Are these folks just yapping for some freebies?

The folks who wrote this week might consider how much lighter their wallets
would be , absent the efforts of the King William T.E.A party, the thousands
we have saved even the ill informed by curtailing at least a bit of the local
governments proclivity to spend and tax.

Otherwise I suggest they go back to sleep, under the porch.

Bob Shannon
Founder King William T.E.A Party (Taxed Enough Already for the dopes)



Dear Editor

Subject: K.W Supervisors exhibit indifference to Conservatives concerns.

The budget discussions are fixated on how to spend the increasing amount
of anticipated new revenue, and the unassigned reserve fund balance of
$8,000,000.00 . No mention of lowering taxes and returning the excess to
taxpayer’s. 17 months ago voters sent a loud & clear message by throwing
3 incumbent Supervisors out of office.

Pay raises, a half dozen new vehicles, fringe benefits that are out of control
and more dough to the bloated public sector pensions. Supervisor Hodges
made a campaign pledge to “pick up the pennies” a rather sophomoric
reference that he would be a good steward of the public’s money. In 17
months he has gone from picking up pennies to casually throwing money
away by the bucketful.

You can pick up the phone or stand still like sheep being led to slaughter.

Bob Shannon
Central Garage



Dear Editor

Subject: Zealots Never Allow Facts to Distract Them ..

Yet again at Monday night’s B.O.S Meeting a local citizen got up and spoke in
favor of the County School budget, citing among a number of her reasons to
support the budget the “number of positions that had been eliminated at the
schools in recent years.

Ronald Reagan used to say……. “it isn’t that our opponents are bad people, it’s
just so much of what they know just ain’t so” .

This speaker yet again declared that 42 or 47 positions have been eliminated
at the schools is recent years. I have heard this now for at least the last 5 years
so I decided to do some fact checking and went to the Virginia Department of
Education own website. Each year every public school system must report certain
data to VDOE and this is the official statistics related to the number of Full Time
Employees in the 4 King William Schools

2005-06 315.87
2009-10 327.02
2012-13 322.32
2014-15 326.63

Here is how the game is played. Let’s say Employee # 205 is an Elephant and
they need more Zebras. They reassign an Elephant to the Zebra squad and claim
they eliminated an Elephant. Technically they did….. But it didn’t result in a
reduction in the number of staffing; we have 1 less Elephant and 1 more Zebra. How
can a claim be made that 42 or 47 positions have been eliminated - other than by
playing this game of reassigning or retitling what an employee is classified as. The
numbers above from the Virginia Department of Education are WHAT THEY ARE.

It’s okay if a citizen wants to advocate for higher spending in a school system
with a declining at worst, stagnant at best school population. It isn’t okay to
continue to use manipulated data to do it, at least base your proposition on facts.

Bob Shannon
King William T.E.A Party



Dear Editor

Subject: It’s The Nickels & Dimes That Will Get You..

Around 40 years ago a business mentor used to say to me “the dollars will take
care of themselves, but the nickels and dimes will get you”. In his wisdom he
was teaching me to pay attention to the small expenditures, the ones that on the
surface don’t seem to be a lot of money but collectively erode profit margins and
bloat expenses. Perhaps a bit of background is in order.

Some months back a project to enhance security at the Circuit Court Clerk office
here in King William was floated. The story being circulated was that they had a
customer that grew agitated and belligerent, so for the safety of the 3 people who
work in this office, plexi-glass and a reinforced door would be installed to enhance
security. I have questioned the County Sheriff Jeff Walton on this incident, was this
customer who acted out arrested or charged with any criminal offense? Sheriff
Walton has told me he knows nothing about this at all. What happens if someone
acts out in the Commissioner of Revenues office, or the Treasurer’s office,
Parks n Rec office, Planning department office-------do we start throwing up
plexi-glass and fortified doors in each of these offices?

Now the problem is that in this very building at the front entrance every minute
that it is open is an armed K.W Sheriff’s deputy within 80 feet of the door to the
Clerk’s office, just down the hallway. Next door in the Courtroom whenever court
is in session is another armed Sheriff’s deputy. The K.W Sheriff’s department is
housed in the back of this same building. This building is already a literal Fort Knox.
The proposed security enhancement was reported to cost around $20,000 only within
a month to bloat to a new estimate of $ 28,000, a 40% increase. I have visited the
office a number of times and this whole thing is ridiculous, given the armed law
enforcement already on the premises.

When I asked a member of the Board of Supervisors who on the Board had
voted for this I learned that the Board never had voted to approve this particular
expenditure, the Interim County Administrator had approved this and that it was
within his authority to do so. One Board member also works part time on the
Courthouse Security Detail (a career law enforcement officer himself). It appears
this particular Supervisor for whatever reason was the only member of the Board
to be pushing for this project getting done.

So here is a textbook example of what that business mentor was warning me
about, the “nickels & dimes”, tax dollars being wasted on a project that wasn’t
necessary to begin with, and the most you get from any local government officials
is a YAWN, if you question this expenditure.

Folks, this is how we are as a nation going broke. This is how in a county with
a declining population budgets each and every year keep getting bigger and bigger.
A County Administrator should not have this level of spending authority. This
administrator was never elected by anyone, and this blatant waste goes on daily
in every local government. It is time to revisit the Virginia Procurement Act and
amend it in such a manner to stop this. Otherwise we keep bleeding, very slowly
the dollars we pay in taxes to local government on wasteful expenditures like this

Bob Shannon
King William



Dear Editor

Subject: Getting too close to the Bee’s nest.

After discovering a large bees nest a few years back on my property and being
concerned as close as it was to my house and my small grandchildren’s safety
I made the decision to destroy it. Standing 10 feet away the bees were quite
tolerant of my presence, at 4-5 feet I began to notice a few of the hive buzzing
me, warning me if I came any closer I would invite their wrath.

In politics you encounter the same phenomenon when you began to effect change.
Initially you are ignored or tolerated but when you begin to get too close the bees
start buzzing you. In the March 22 Edition of the Country Courier I had a few angry
bees who began the buzzing. The 1st Amendment , a treasured protection that allows
the free exchange of competing ideas carries with it a responsibility to tell the truth.
In that vein then let’s refute point by point the contentions these angry bees
letters conveyed.

Mr. Campbell asserts that the K.W.T.P should “ spend more time trying to
work with local government and not belittling them “ Perhaps a fair question
would be why after one of our groups members were appointed to the Broadband
committee he was instantly ostracized by the committee itself for no other reason
than his known affiliation with our group ? Besides one other member of the Committee
this appointee has more technical knowledge than any other serving on the committee…
…..but he doesn’t march lock step with the folks who have their minds made up this
is going to get done, and won’t ignore the debt it will leave for some taxpayers when
we discover what countless communities across America has, namely that public
financed Broadband has been a bottomless black tax hole. Mr. Campbell and
others exclude folks who don’t fall in line.

500 respondents to an online survey in the first 48 hours when no one even
knew the survey existed ? It was orchestrated by the schools (of course the
schools want this) and a small handful of others who are hell bent on driving
this where they want it to go. As for King William being a “ghost town in
20 years”……allow me to remind readers of the same story line in 2010 when
$6,500,000.00 of tax dollars was promoted as being a positive thing for the
community, it would and I quote “ open up development of the 360 corridor
and the surrounding area”. This was the Natural Gas Pipeline that some 6
years after its completion serves 1 business . King William taxpayers are being
sold the same line yet one more time. If King William County is a ghost town
in 20 years it will be a result of the punishing real estate taxes that now leave
a retiree who responsibly paid off his/her mortgage , now left to renting their
homes back from the County because of the spending and debt .Scant evidence
exists of the claims made by advocates of this that it spurs economic development.

Mr. Wagner stated……” the majority of the crowd was clearly in agreement
to have the E.D.A moving forward with a way to provide that service.It has
been estimated that about 200 people were in the gym for the broadband meeting.
Let’s break down who comprised the 200. I saw no fewer than perhaps 40-50
elected officials, school board and school personnel, then you have another 8 who
are on the broadband committee, so at the very best you had no more than 125-150
citizens who were not there with an agenda. That’s about 1% of the county
population, hardly evidence of anything. The demographics were also clearly
telling. Half of the people in the room were young millennials who are enamored
with the internet, yet haven’t paid much in government costs that older folks
are expressing as a major concern with this project.

Now on the parking lot after the meeting left out and while distributing some
information to those leaving I encountered a number of folks who were kind
e nough to stop and speak to me and the general consensus was that a county
with 13,400 people could not or should not take on any further financial obligation
knowing we are already overburdened with real estate tax rates , among the
highest in the state of Virginia. Mr. Wagner assessment that everyone in the
gym as being supportive of this or to cite the clearly manipulated “ survey
results” does not accurately reflect the county populations mood regarding
new spending. Perhaps Wagner has misinterpreted the local election results
from some 18 months ago when 3 incumbent Board members were tossed
by voters. I would not interpret that as a groundswell of support for more
wasteful spending . Who are the advocates pushing this….primarily the public
sector crowd who never seem to meet an expenditure they don’t promote, the folks
who want improved internet service, many of whom have the misguided notion
that this will be FREE…… I read the Survey Monkey comments and saw the
$2.50 cited as what some think they will pay for this .

A “ accomplished consumer of right wing publications” and a “ knack for twisting
information”….Mr. Wagner can borrow some of the objective fact based research
I draw from , say perhaps the history of Greece, and then give his dissertation on
what happened in Greece and how to avoid it. Debt is at dangerous levels, and
adding to it with a very dubious benefit at best, has nothing to do with right wing…
….just right.

Wagner then goes on to state….“ Mr. Shannon continues to harp on the decline
in population by cherry picking information from the County’s Comprehensive
Annual Financial Report. I have been told that King William spends over $50,000
for this report, and if the numbers don’t mesh with Mr. Wagner’s assertions, well
maybe we should save the tax dollars and allow Wagner to give us the data himself.
The NUMBERS SAY WHAT THE NUMBERS SAY. County population and
school enrollment has declined. Mr. Wagner asserts that the county gained 550 new
residents and “potentially 100 new school children”……..

Real Estate taxes are driving people to relocate elsewhere and or pass King
William by when looking for a new home. Maybe Wagner can explain why in
last month’s MPPDC report under the heading of “DEMOGRAPHIC UPDATE,
King & Queen County is cited as having one of the fastest rates of population
growth? What else besides real estate taxes could explain it ? It isn’t the schools,
it isn’t a new manufacturing or large employer locating in King & Queen……so
what else could possibly explain it besides home buyers passing King William up
simply because they have learned what those of us living here have…real estate
taxes, driven by ludicrous spending has reached ridiculous levels and they act

Wagner asserts… “this has the potential for reducing residential real estate
taxes in the future”…..or “ high potential for increasing the tax base resulting
in a decrease in residential taxes” . MISINFORMATION…… it is Wagner’s
side that’s infamous for misinformation. The School Board each year cites in
their Joint Budget meetings the 47 positions they have eliminated…..yet their
own numbers reported to VDOE expose the grandiose MISINFORMATION,
citing the actual number of F/T employees in King William four public schools
in 2005-06 316, in 2009-10 327, 2012-13, 322, and in 2014-15 327

So if anyone is using misinformation perhaps Mr. Wagner might explain the
discrepancy in the claim of having “ eliminated 47 positions. Wagner might
explain to us the peculiar language of…….step increases---salary scale adjustments-
--compression adjustments, instead of simply using the universal and honest
language of a pay raise.

Thanks to our groups efforts over the last 8 years local taxpayers have said
enough and won’t be swayed by the often self- serving statements made by
the public sector folks and their advocates who keep telling us to fork over
more of our dough for their half- baked and wasteful spending plans.

That fact has the Bees angry.

Bob Shannon
King William, Va



Dear Editor

Subject: Opponents Distorting Some Facts On Repeal Of ACA.

Legislation and or the repeal of legislation is a sloppy convoluted process that entails
give and take, tradeoffs, compromises and a lot of hyperbole, a lot of hyperbole.

The narrative being promoted by the media at the moment is the 24 million who are
estimated over the next 10 years who will lose health insurance coverage as a result
of the plan being evaluated now in various Congressional bodies. What isn’t talked
about is the numbers losing coverage as we speak, as well as those who would lose
coverage if the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is left in place. As they say in politics
it all depends on who’s ox is being gored.

Under the ACA millions are already losing coverage or being abandoned by the insurance
carriers who are exiting the marketplace because this current structure leaves them no other
choice but to exit. Increasing numbers of states across America where citizens who are
looking for insurance coverage under the exchanges, they often have 1 option, and only 1.

The critics who are citing the millions who will lose coverage under proposed reforms
chose to ignore that many of those are people who climbed onboard the states who
expanded Medicaid, should the Federal government change Medicaid to a Block Grant
program would lose that coverage as a result of States then being forced then to do
what they should have done a decade ago---reform Medicaid.

I argued strenuously with Del Chris Peace in 2012 when he spoke here at the King William
County Republican Party meeting over the need for reform of Medicaid, namely along the
lines of the absurd $1 & $3 co-pays. One of Medicaid’s chief problems is with utilization rates,
how frequently Medicaid beneficiaries are using the services, often times for pretty frivolous

Back in the 1980’s when H.M.O’s and P.P.O’s first came into popular use the Insurance
industry soon saw the very same utilization problems that they easily traced to the same
ridiculously low co-pays they had in these plans. If someone perceives something as free……
…..they waste it. You had subscribers using their health insurance low co-pays to visit their
doctor’s offices for the most silly of reasons, often for something they could have easily and
safely self- treated at home. It didn’t take long after the private insurance companies raised
co-pays until they saw utilization rates drop 40-60%. All of a sudden a bee sting or an ankle
sprain didn’t warrant a trip to the doctor’s office or emergency room.

Peace argued that Medicaid was a program for the poor, and that I needed to understand that.
To which I replied…. “Del. Peace, are you talking about these poor people covered from
head to toe with tattoos & body piercings “ ? Amazing how people spend their disposable
income when their basic necessities are being paid for by someone else isn’t it?

Medicaid should indeed be turned into a block grant program so that the wisdom of our
Founders can be put to work, setting up 50 separate and distinct experiments to see who
can deliver the highest quality at the lowest costs, which is just what will happen. The truly
poor and destitute will get care.

If some 26 year old ner do well sponging off his parents (or girlfriend) collecting food
stamps & unemployment so he can lay around all day watching TV has to get off his ass
and get a job because he lost his Medicaid eligibility………………..I’ll sleep okay
and so will you.

Bob Shannon
King William



Dear Editor

Subject: “ Clowns To The Left Of Me, Jokers To The Right, Here I Am Stuck In The Middle With You”
Steely Dan circa 1974

Rodeo clowns came to mind, but being a big fan of Steely Dan naturally led to the musical
depiction of what I watched again last night at King William High School as the Oligarchs,
School Bureaucrats, local pols and a few others promoting the Broadband push in King William
county came to town. How befitting in the year that Barnum & Bailey shut down their circus…
……we had one last night to fill the void. Candy Cotton and peanuts, maybe a few elephants
was all that was missing.

I paid particular attention to what happened in Greece, not just because it was a textbook
case of how the growth of government destroys a economy from the inside out, but also
because I have friends and former colleagues who are natives of Greece. They had grown
up there and then came to the U.S . They have shared with me over the years what had
happened from an insiders perspective, how over time it seemed like everyone had a
“government job.” In time the remaining productive private sector simply collapsed under
the relentless weight that comes with a system like this. Those making any money began to
hide it, tax avoidance in Greece reached epidemic proportions because taxes reached such
confiscatory levels that the only escape was simply avoid paying them. Sadly this situation
turns a lot of otherwise honest people into law breakers. Here we just do it a little bit differently.
When tax rates become confiscatory you get your friends in the General Assembly and
Congress to write tax exemptions into the code so the avoidance is legal.

We listened last night to how beneficial this ( public expansion of Broadband ) would
be to the county. Of course there is a benefit to contractors who will dig the lines,
providers who will sell the equipment, a handful of land owners who will get a perpetual
stream of income with any towers needed, and some more folks will get government
jobs to operate a discussed call center.………. But here is what is being left out,
\ here is the pulling the wool over the eyes of the misinformed masses that don’t grasp
what is happening right in front of them. Many of those folks sitting in that gym last night
either think this will be a free service, or are ignoring how much estimated costs everywhere
this has been done have been off the mark.

Provo ,Utah recently sold their network to Google for $1 just to get out from underneath
the costs that were killing them, and Provo citizens are on the hook for $40,000,000.00 in
debt they are stuck with for their local government run broadband expansion. Let that sink
in for a moment………$40,000,000.00 It will be the middle class who will get stuck paying
\ this off since I am sure Provo has their own tax exemptions for the pols crony pals.

Any local economy has essential government services it must provide, and theirs a cost
to do that. We all know what use to define basic services local taxes went to support.
That is changing and not for the better. Recent data contained in the C.A.F.R (Comprehensive
Annual Financial Report) clearly lays out the trend for government employment overtaking
private employment in King William. The schools and county government have already
passed the former # 2 employer and no doubt in just a few more years will employ more
personnel than the paper mill in West Point. At some point the public sector will drain so
much of our incomes in the form of ever increasing taxes we will become a “ little Greece”
It should concern anyone in King William County that owns any property for all of the obvious

Some in that room last night will be beneficiaries of the expansion of broadband,
but just as troubling should be the reality that many others in the room have insulated
themselves very cleverly in the myriad of tax exemptions that shield their incomes
from the coming tidal wave of even higher taxes that will be required to pay for this
government largesse.

If you work in county schools or county government and say earn $60,000 a year, and
get 2% pay raises ( or salary scale adjustments—step increases—compression adjustments)
your annual salary increases to $ 61,200. So maybe those folks who see an increase of say
$100 in their real estate taxes don’t mind so much. After all those salary increases are
as regular and certain as rain, so they are still netting $ 1100.00 , even after the higher taxes.
Naturally then this lends to both school and county employees being supportive of this bad idea.

Further compounding the problem is King Williams population has actually shrunk,
household incomes for the rest of us have been stagnant for 15 years now, while county
government grows and grows and grows some more.

Broadband expansion funded and operated by government is a bad idea. Read the 2
articles that will soon be posted on the King William TEA Party website and decide
for yourself.

Otherwise may I suggest we all learn to speak Greek.

Bob Shannon
King William, Va



Dear Editor

Subject: Susan Stimpson has earned our support.

I first met Mrs. Stimpson when she was on the Stafford County Board of Supervisors
and running for the Republican Nomination for Lt. Governor when she spoke at the
Mechanicsville T.E.A Party meeting in 2013. I found her very bright, , articulate and
she actually knows the issues well beyond the superficial levels of understanding many
political candidates possess. If one examines her actual record as a Supervisor in Stafford
then you will have the appreciation I do for her skill set as a Conservative Leader. This is
a tough lady who has the intellectual honesty to tell people NO, reflecting my appreciation
for what a fine replacement she would make for Mr. Howell. In the interest of full
disclosure Susan also had the wisdom of marrying a Marine, probably where some of that
toughness rubbed off.

It was however in the summer of 2015 when I was helping 3 challengers here in
King William county that were running to replace incumbents on our Board of
Supervisors that I gained a much better measure of the person that Susan is. It
occurred to me that the reputation and record of a Supervisor who had actually
cut both taxes and spending could provide an excellent backdrop for some collaboration
with these novice candidates who had pledged to do the same thing here in King William,
if given the chance.

I contacted Susan and asked her for her help, asked if she would come down to
King William, have dinner with us and allow a photo opportunity to tie these local
candidates in with an experienced local legislator who had actually done what these
challengers were promising to do if successful in November. Susan enthusiastically
agreed to help, offered the two candidates who met with us for dinner advice based
on her own experiences in local government and did it with keen insight and a
commitment to make herself available going forward.

Nurturing and encouraging candidates who have never run for political office is a
trait we don’t see exhibited very often by elected officials. Politicians are always
there asking for our support when they are running themselves, but in this example
Susan took the time from her hectic schedule to come down here and help people
she didn’t even know.

That my friends - is LEADERSHIP and why I am enthusiastically supporting Susan
Stimpson should she decide to pursue this seat. Her commitment to genuine conservative
principles and the toughness in the follow through after elected make her the only real
choice in this contest.

I take endorsing any political candidate at every level of government very seriously,
but this decision was an easy one. Susan Stimpson is the type of candidate that should
excite all of us wanting better government. Best wishes Susan.

Bob Shannon
King William



Dear Editor

Subject: The Right Way to do Infrastructure-----at the State level.

It is going to come as a major shock to your senses to hear what I am going
to say after listening to all the voices on the Presidents Infrastructure idea……
………he should alter it and let the individual states do it in the form of a reasonable
block grant, and the states should send any additional costs to those that use the
roads, bridges and tunnels, the people who drive on them. Conservatives have
a legitimate concern about adding to the debt, and to fix the infrastructure problems
we have is going to cost a lot of money, lots of money. We know from recent
examples how much was wasted on both T.A.R.P as well as the Stimulus Package.

In some states the problem relative to roads/tunnels is much worse than in others.
Any attempt to do this at the Federal level always results in political patronage
jobs and contracts being doled out to members of Congress pals. Money gets
spent on dozens of things that have nothing to do with fixing infrastructure but
end up as payola to labor unions, contractors that are friends of friends and Federal
costs structures that are inflated ( Davis Act ) relative to what costs could be at the
state level . States are more likely to be using non-union contractors in an open
bidding process monitored by state watchdog groups.

In 2009 both Stimulus and TARP squandered billions on things that had nothing
at all to do with the intended purposes. It was a grab bag of money that made the
old practice of earmarks look like a bargain. The appropriate way to marginalize
costs as to the extent possible and keep it from turning into a large grab bag of
money is to let the states decide where the money should be spent. Voters can
reach out and impact state legislators a bit easier than allowing Congress to decide
where the money should be spent.

The decision on how the block grant money is divided can be made based on
estimates already existing that have determined which states are in the worst
shape. Some states have done a very good job at the state level of maintaining
infrastructure in their own states, hence they will receive smaller shares since
the need is greater elsewhere. I already hear the voices about how this is unfair
to states that have behaved more responsibly than others, but no remedy is
without flaw.

Let’s say for example a bridge/tunnel that crosses state lines need repaired. Each
of those states could commit a portion of their block grants ( their share of the
costs) via votes by their respective legislative transportation bodies and the job
gets done without Federal contracts that often end up going to pals of pals. I am
not naïve and recognize this same crony capitalism goes on at the state level, it’s
just easier to identify it with a state sponsored open bidding process.

Federal Block Grants can’t cover all of the costs, nor should they. States will
have some cost sharing responsibility and this is where as they say “ rubber
meets the road”. Most State transportation funding formulas far too often
provide adequate dedicated revenues for the maintenance of our infrastructure
that get re-directed for political purposes. Legislators play games and spend the
money on other things. I won’t spend time or ink on citing the well known
examples of this. Suffice to say it then creates a funding shortfall that results in
infrastructure problems getting kicked down the road.

Congress can remedy this with very specific language that prohibits a single
dollar being spent on anything else besides well defined infrastructure projects
and severe penalties for any states that are caught violating said prohibitions.
Federal Transportation Money could be withheld in future years as a means of
controlling the abuse.

As to the states needing to pick up the share that federal money won’t cover,
it comes from existing transportation funds the states already have, and if it
still is short of what’s needed then it comes down to hiking gasoline taxes and
or toll fees.

Conservatives don’t object to paying taxes, what we object to is dedicated
taxes being squandered on some legislators pet projects that have nothing to
do with infrastructure, only to hear a year later how “ transportation needs
can’t be met “ because the dedicated funds were spent elsewhere. State legislators,
particularly Governors who have some integrity and backbone could stop this
immediately if they wanted to. When they refuse to then the blame lies with
us for tolerating it.

Bob Shannon
King William



Dear Editor

Subject: Better Internet Service in King William.

An article in the Mar 8, 2017 issue of “The Country Courier” titled “Is Better
Internet Service in King William’s Future?” references a survey that will be up
for 30 days to determine the level of interest. The article quite correctly points
out the internet will continue to be a bigger, more significant part of the lives for
private citizens and business owners. Today, Virginia’s Sales & Use tax has to
be reported and paid on line and on line shopping is becoming the norm.

I took the survey and noticed there were some “need to have” questions that were
missing. The “Your ideas will help us plan and construct better internet services”
implies the county will build this new service and charge for its use.

The missing questions I think should have been asked were:

1. What dollar amount would cause you not to purchase the new internet service?
2. Since the Landline is being replaced with the cell (Smart) phones daily with their data
plans – How likely are you to purchase a service that has only a home access.
3. Would you be willing to sign a monthly, yearly or multi-year contract for internet
4. Will you support paying extra taxes to provide this service - if there are not enough
subscribers to make it pay for itself?

Paul Jamerson
King William, VA



Dear Editor

Subject: An Open Letter To The King William T.E.A Party Critics. .

Once again as the budget season rolls around we have the usual suspects lining up to take
pot shots at the only organized opposition in King William County to the run-away freight
train A.K.A, big government. In recent days our website has received several caustic
comments/letters that illustrate the absolute ignorance of people who know nothing of
which they speak. Convenient pawns used by the Bureaucrats. A Case in point.

One writer who sent the e-mail to our website let us know that she was inflamed….but it
was at our group because……… “ all you do is tear down what others try to build up,
specifically our children and our school system, I will not allow you to put our future
(our children) at risk .

Rational deliberation and a thorough analysis of the facts surrounding budgeting is what we
do, not the emotionally charged rants that “ it’s for the children”.This emotional blackmail
strategy employed by those that have no knowledge of the facts IS OVER. Public school
spending is now being put under the microscope, particularly the vast sums of taxpayer
dollars that are often spent in very wasteful manners. I seriously doubt if one were to ask
this woman how many students were in the 4 schools, what was their budget last year, how
many full time employees do they have, or what percentage of the budget goes to
salaries/benefits she could correctly answer any one of those. Yet she rails about
our children’s future” .

According to the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report page 88(C.A.F.R)in 2007 local
funding expenditures in the 4 schools were $5,830,758. By 2016 that number had ballooned
to $10,451,449.00 , almost doubling. It is difficult for anyone to suggest that the schools
have not been adequately funded, particularly given the stagnation in school enrollment

Now the assertion is made year after year by KW School officials that MONEY = OUTCOMES.
Let’s examine that thesis a little closer.

At the Joint K.W B.O.S/ School Board Meeting Thursday March 9, held at the Hamilton Holmes
Middle School the following findings were delivered by Dr. David O. White, Superintendent.

1. Math Scores are falling, to a point where one or more schools accreditation are under threat
2. Remedial classes are being enhanced for reading, writing and math

All this over a period where expenditures nearly doubled, and classroom time is spent
…..raising money for the Animal Shelter or picking up trash ?

Let’s look at where the money goes using the request this year for an additional 1.3 million
in local funding, in a county with a falling population and a decline in student enrollment

The FY 2018 Budget request by the School (asking for the 1.3 million dollar increase
in local funding is going just where you ask ?

$753, 130.00 to salaries…………..and $ 197,000 in health insurance premium increases
that they expect local taxpayers to pay for
(while we deal with our own health insurance costs)
…………. So of the 1.3 million dollars in additional money they are asking for almost One
million of it is going directly to their own pockets in pay raises and shifting their insurance
premiums to you…..John Q. & Suzy H. Taxpayer

As for the threat to “our children”…..maybe this lady should sign up for some of those
remedial math classes and focus on debt………….that’s the threat to your children.

Bob Shannon
King William T.E.A Party
(Taxed Enough Already for the unenlightened)



Dear Editor

Subject: Investigations & Hearings---With No Purpose Other Than Obfuscation. .

Just the last 10 years……Fast & Furious, the I.R.S , Benghazi, Clinton Foundation,
now we are looking at hearings and investigations into Trump’s ties to Russia, Jeff
Sessions the embattled AG, more Intelligence leaks………and for what purpose ? Does
anything ever come of these very high profile investigations or Congressional hearings
besides a lot of noise and bluster, bravado and bloviating? No it is a stage for aspiring
members of Congress who desire to further elevate their own profiles……while Rome
continues to burn.

Obfuscation has become an art form in DC. ,and Richmond for that matter. Token
legislation takes place while the real problems continue to be ignored. Their might be
some justification for all of this nonsense if anyone was ever prosecuted or removed
from office, but the low information voter is pacified by these self- serving circuses
that pass as progress or action. It is pathetically comical to watch Senator Schumer
denigrate the issue of Trump’s aides or campaign staff having committed the deadly
sin of meeting with Russian officials ………but wait a minute, Schumer and many
of the hound dogs nipping at Trump’s heels have met on more than one occasion
with foreign government officials themselves ? This is a dog and pony show which
has only one purpose, to obfuscate and ignore the much more pressing matters that
would require them to shut their big mouths and do some actual work that we hired
them to do.

The recently completed G.A session serves up once again as a glaring example
of the very point. Del. Chris Peace and Del. Keith Hodges crowed in a local
newspaper last week about the bill they shepherded through the G.A to permit
the 2 Native American Tribes located here in King William to streamline the
acquisition of additional land adjoining their respective Reservations. Odd how
fast Peace & Hodges were able to get this done……while Medicaid Reform,
Tax Code Reform, and Education reform etc. etc. gets buried. It is a bit perplexing
as to why this was such a high priority, but I suspect the federal recognition of these
2 tribes last year has something to do with it. Why all of a sudden is the acquisition
of more land a top priority? Are their development plans related to Federal recognition
that makes additional land important to the political patrons of Peace & Hodges in
the surrounding area? Just who will be purchasing this land and who will finance
said purchases?

Major problems at every level of government get placed on the back burner
and for no better reason than the machinations of how government has come to
work. You can trace elected officials top priorities by watching closely what they
focus on. The hearings and investigations are an effort to get citizens to take their
eye off the proverbial ball.

Some of us however are not fooled so easily.

Bob Shannon
King William



Dear Editor

Subject: Broadband Committee Deception-----Is it by design? .

Over the years I have learned the nuances of the not so clever advocates for
bigger government, often motivated by a design to off load expenses that
otherwise would be partially or entirely funded by themselves…..if not for
their recognition that grant money is possibly available to further their aims.
Issuing Bonds (new debt) is also under consideration to help pay for this since
these same folks are often shielded by a myriad of tax exemptions that
minimize their share of the costs in paying back the debt. These advocates
are republicans and democrats, in equal proportion.

This weekend the Broadband Committee began to tout the “ huge number of
responses to their survey”, a survey on gauging the level of public support for
broadband expansion, a survey I might add …………NO ONE EVEN KNEW
A THING ABOUT ? Yet, they managed hundreds of responses in a 48 hour
period? KW schools knew about this survey and my intuition tells me that school
officials, possibly school board members helped orchestrate the surprising number
of responses to a survey no one else even knew about - After all the schools
themselves are clamoring for piles of new money to expand school internet capabilities.

Sadly many of these folks who answered this survey have little understanding of
what a potential tax bomb this endeavor could set off, particularly in a county
whose population actually declined last year. A significant number of them also
have the misguided notion that this expansion of high speed internet will be…
….FREE. Remember what you were told about the community wide benefits
of the county subsidizing water/sewer, or the 2010 press release on the Natural
Gas pipeline, and what a wonderful benefit it would be for the county and the 360
corridor? Six years since its completion and just how many businesses have
hooked up to it……………1, that’s right, just one. 6.5 million of someone else’s
money to benefit one business.

The old adage of the “blind leading the blind” doesn’t apply here…this is a case of
the manipulative crowd who have their own nefarious motives for pushing this
broadband expansion. Perhaps Del. Peace and Del. Hodges success in pushing
through the legislation streamlining the acquisition of land by the two Native
American tribes and the Federal recognition the tribes received last year from
Congress has more to do with this Broadband effort than anyone has yet to
uncover. Perhaps land that may go on the market in the next few years will
have its value enhanced by a county wide expansion of high speed internet.

Just know if you are paying attention to this………you’re not getting
the whole story.

Bob Shannon
King William, Va



Dear Editor

Subject: Failure to Communicate?.

Those of us old enough to remember the Paul Newman classic “ Cool Hand Luke”
will recall the line that became synonymous with the actual movie itself…….” what
we have here, is a Failure to Communicate”, a line by the road camp (state prison in
those days) Captain who was using Newman’s failed escape attempt and rather savage
treatment when he was recaptured ,as a prop in front of the other camps prisoners to
illustrate the brutal punishment awaiting any other prisoner who might entertain the
notion of trying to escape.

I have recently sent e-mails to 2 of our county officials, the Commonwealth Attorney
Matt Kite and the School Superintendent Dr. David White and to date have had no
response? Perhaps what we have here is a…… “Failure to Communicate”. My e-mails
were inquiries asking simple straight forward questions. I was civil and believe as a
taxpayer I have every right to ask the questions and in turn be answered.

I asked Dr. White to address the school board and personnel so as to not have a repeat
of the clown circus we witnessed last February at a Board Meeting when hundreds turned out
as a result of the carefully orchestrated hysteria set off by the alarming e-mail announcing
that school bus service would be ended, athletic programs halted, teachers laid off by the
dozens, all extracurricular activities stopped etc. etc. etc. School Board Chair Kathy Morrison
along with other school officials were the engineers of this messaging.

It was a violation of KW County Schools own stated policy as it relates to e-mail use
(political purposes strictly prohibited—so they say) It produced such a hysterical
response within the community that the School officials pulled the e-mail within 24-48
hours of its posting. It was classical in its application anytime spending cuts are being
considered to any government run entity. Get the folks all riled up to stifle responsible
budgeting and keep the gravy flowing. It was also a disgrace, compounded afterwards
by almost every member of the school board who attempted to defend this type of
deceitful conduct by people who hold themselves out as responsible adults. Perhaps
Dr. White is busy coming up with Plan B.

County Commonwealth Attorney Matt Kite was quoted in a recent Tidewater Review
article noting that his office had opened 19 new cases of domestic abuse investigations
in recent months to buttress the ongoing highlighting by our state elected officials who
can’t seem to find time to address the problems of VRS collapsing, Medicaid spending
that is swallowing Virginias budget, a State Tax code that is a virtual who’s who of crony
capitalism at its worst , but can through a manipulation of citizen empathy for victims
of this heinous behavior (domestic violence) find time to address this issue. I suspect Kite’s
anticipated staffing addition of an Assistant County Commonwealth Attorney is made justifiable
by going to the newspapers and painting this as a runaway out of control explosion in these
types of cases. It helps to defend the indefensible of expanding a CCA office in a County
with a declining population (according to KW Counties own C.A.F.R report for 2016).

I wrote the e-mail to Mr. Kite asking a very simple question. I asked him without
disclosing any personal information how many of these 19 new cases involved repeat
offenders, how many of these 19 had been arrested and or prosecuted previously for
this or similar offenses ?

See folks, the criminal justice system feeds a lot of public sector jobs, from law
enforcement, to court personnel, to administrative staff, to new assistants to the
County Commonwealth Attorney’s staff. It has been for quite some time a virtual
cottage industry employing significant numbers of folks with most often generous
paychecks and benefits……..where does it end?

Where does personal responsibility come into play and why is it that taxpayers
who obey the law have to continue to carry the burden of societal misfits? At
what point do taxpayers have the right to say enough is enough. Kites unwillingness
to answer my question can only portend one of two possibilities.

Either the repeat offenders have cycled through the criminal justice system over
and over or…….. Any time the opposition (and the King William T.E.A Party is
the only opposition in this county) challenges officials in county government they
simply chose to ignore us who won’t go away and let them keep their cottage
industry thriving ?

Both of these gentlemen are paid generous salaries with equally generous
benefits, largely subsidized by you the taxpaying public. It isn’t at all unreasonable
to expect for them to address issues that any citizens raises in a professional and
timely manner.

Perhaps it is indeed a matter of being incapable of defending the indefensible…
…but ultimately it is a “Failure to Communicate” that King Williams responsible
citizens shouldn’t allow or accept.

Bob Shannon
Central Garage



Dear Editor

Subject: Misplaced Priorities --A Real Understatement.

In this week’s two local newspapers I read stories of Hamilton Holmes Middle
school students here in King William raising $1100 for the local Animal Shelter. It
described in detail how it was done, who organized it and how proud everyone
was of the children’s achievement. Pennies for Pets fundraising drive included a
daily announcement over the intercom called “Humane Thought of the Day”.
The article was accompanied by a photo of the class, various school officials
who participated, along with special mention of the schools bookkeeper who
daily collected the donations and saw they were sent to the bank.

Up the road in Hanover, under the heading “Making Community Better” the
Mechanicsville Local had their own story on the 5th grade class at Kersey Creek
Elementary who worked on X-Prize projects that were to “improve the community”.
Included among the various projects were picking up trash, visiting nursing homes,
baking cookies for community members, building bird houses and selling hot
chocolate for charity.

Perhaps the old adage that “charity begins at home” would suffice, but folks ….
.What in the hell are we thinking?

Recent test scores now place U.S student rankings at 26th in Math, 21st in
Science, and 17th in Reading.

This is ammunition for those of us who are vocal critics of public schools, the
diminished curriculum’s, the bloated staffing costs, and students being sent out
at graduation who are given diplomas and can’t read beyond an 8th grade reading

It has been observed that U.S public school students are ranked among the most
“compassionate” anywhere in the world. These kids better pray that scores of jobs
are available where compassion is the trait employers will be looking for. My suspicions
tell me these kids will be relegated to picking up a lot more trash in their futures because
we have our collective heads screwed on backwards to stand by and idly allow this
nonsense to continue. Get these kids back to the 3 R’s……or open up school choice
across the country to give the next generation a fighting chance at getting an education
beyond this silliness.

Bob Shannon
King William



Dear Editor

Subject: We Could Learn A Few Things From The Left.

I was copied in an e-mail exchange a week or so ago where one of our patriot
group leaders wrote a state legislator complaining about the lack of response
of an earlier inquiry, then the veracity (or lack of ) with regard to a particular
piece of legislation that the writer felt the legislator hadn’t been truthful relative
to their actual position. I sat, almost dumbfounded that this otherwise intelligent
man actually thought ….. A. the legislator themselves would ever even read
what he had wrote…..B. that it would make even the tiniest difference if he did.

It is a silly notion that we must always remain civil for fear of losing access to
our coveted seat at the table . What is more precious, our children’s future or
staying in these pols good graces ? Eight years in the trenches and with some
actual success in impacting at least local government I can tell you what an
absolutely ridiculous proposition that actually is.

Politicians have no respect at all for anyone, with the noted exception of their big
money donors. They smile at us and shake our hands in public, feign to have an
interest in what we say or think………..and then laugh at us behind our backs.
They take some form of sick amusement in having the ability to fool us over
and over and over.

In Dennis Prager’s “ America’s Second Civil War” written 01/24/17 he states…..
“ the third significant difference between the first and second civil war is that in
the second civil war, one side has been doing nearly all of the fighting . This is
how it has been able to take over the schools, from elementary schools to high
schools to universities and indoctrinate America’s young people, how it has taken
over nearly all of the news media, and how it has taken over the entertainment
media. He goes on to further state “the conservative side has lost on every one
of these fronts because it has rarely fought back with anything near the ferocity
with which the left fights ” .

We can either heed Prager’s wise advice and correct course, or continue to make fools
of ourselves . Trump opened a window, but that opportunity to renew the energy level
the TEA Party movement had some 8 years ago will only remain open for a short time.

These TEA Party group leaders can either recognize that, or step aside and allow
for new leaders to be elected. The tactics that they employ have shown no progress
to date.

Bob Shannon
King William



Dear Editor

Subject: We Are Missing The Forest For The Trees .

While we celebrate election victories it would pay dividends if we return our focus
to the source of the runaway debt problem by focusing instead at what is happening
at the local & state level that feeds the debt. It is the insatiable appetite of local
spending that collectively allows this to get bigger and bigger, all the while as we pat
ourselves on the back for “winning”. We are taking false comfort in these “wins”.

I read yesterday the comments by VTTP Chair Rick Buchanan who cited statistics
drawing attention to the number of new seats at state and national level won in recent
years by republicans. It would be terrific if somehow that had translated into remedies
that would have arrested the spiraling out of control spending that continues to drown
future generations who will suffer beyond what most of us can even fathom when the
bill comes due.

Case in point. This week’s issue of Barron’s an editorial by Thomas Donlan titled
“ States are Still Digging Fiscal Holes” Mr. Donlan observes………… “the condition
of state and local pensions is worse than officially reported. The National Association
of State Retirement Administrators surveyed 132 big government pension plans last
year and found the average estimate of future annual investment returns ---the discount
rate---to be 7.6%. Hard nosed reformers say they should be using a Treasury rate
around 3%, but only 7 of the funds in the survey were using discount rates below 7%.
The difference is powerful: The funds pretend their investments are strong and that they
are a mere $1 Trillion short of what they will need to pay benefits that workers have
already earned. Cutting the 7.6% investment estimate back to the 3% turns the $1
Trillion deficit into a $3 Trillion Dollar hole.

Local elected officials refuse to be truthful with the public and go on their merry
way , compounding the problem by adding additional public sector employees.
Government Pension plans are not covered by Federal Law (how convenient) that
would force them to fess up, says Donlan.

Here locally we see this tragic scenario playing out by Hanover & King William
County proposing more hiring in local government, at least in King William Counties
case almost criminal, given the Counties own Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
(CAFR 2016) that show’s the Counties population actually declined last year. We
can win all the elections from here to eternity, but the election wins in and of
themselves do absolutely nothing to address the real danger. Time to go hard after
local Pols who are exasperating this by growing local government each year while
we foolishly count our “wins”. Buchanan can dance all the happy dances he likes
and crow about election victories. It reminds me of the folks who danced the night
away on the deck of the Titanic.

Bob Shannon
King William



Dear Editor

Subject: Ongoing Follies Of King Williams Court Of Princes (& Princesses).

I was in the room Monday February 13 for the B.O.S work session and witnessed
first hand the irritation of the interim County Administrator Mr. Wanner when
Supv. Dave Hansen pointed out that the counties own 2016 Comprehensive
Annual Financial Report ( CAFR) states that both county population, along with
school enrollments had declined. The old axiom of an “inconvenient truth” comes
to mind. Mr. Wanner and the 3 Musketeers have spending plans and Supv. Hansen
is raining on their parade.

The most disturbing element of the discussion came on the topic of the 2.4 million
that was returned to this fiscal year as a result of a variety of some departments
not spending their entire budgets, as well as increased tax revenues collected and
some expenses coming in below budgeted expectations. Government agencies are
notoriously famous for bloating budget requests, and returning a portion of it at
the end of the fiscal year, as if it represents in and of itself some level of frugality.
Upon closer examination most often you find they still ended up spending more
than the previous year.

King William County now has unrestricted reserves that range from (depending
on who you listen to) 8 million to 10 million. That is an extraordinary amount of
reserve money for a county with a 26 million dollar budget. It has been noted
time and time again that allowing that much money to “ lay around” is an open
invitation for wasteful spending projects that make up the wish list for the 3 Santa
Claus’s we have on that Board.

Mr. Wanner has plans for all of this money, and he certainly wasn’t bashful about
touting what they are. He told those in attendance that the Sherriff’s department
wants 2 more F/T deputies, the Fire Rescue squads need 2 new ambulance, more
paid personnel, we need additional 911 upgrades, the schools have proposed they
need an additional vice principal. Never was there even a mention of perhaps giving
that 2.4 million back to the folks who it was taken from…..King William Taxpayers,
in the form of a real estate tax reduction. No Sir, this is their money and they have
lots of plans on what to do with it.

Against this backdrop of a declining population why would the Sheriff Department
need additional deputies? Last year Walton requested and received $30,000 for "overtime"
The annual costs of 2 additional deputies would be approximately $200,000
a year. ( I have done the math and examined the TOTAL COSTS). For anyone
believing the overtime would simply vanish with additional deputies….I have some
ocean front land in Arizona…

New Ambulances? Hear of anyone down in West Point who might care to explain
how their Fire/Rescue purchased a new ambulance around 5 years ago…………and
they raised every penny for its purchase with donations and fund raisers. Maybe it
is a fair question to ask if the Fire/Rescue needs a new ambulance - why is Fire Chief
Aigner (with the Boards approval ) spending money on TV COMMERCIALS ? We
hear about the improved response time….but has anyone asked the question even
once………at what cost? In government and Aigners world a cost /benefit analysis
is like a foreign language. I joked 3 years ago that we could solve this by simply
stationing a fully equipped Medivac helicopter on every homes front lawn. If you
move to a rural sparsely populated county, you are an idiot to expect the services
you received when you lived in Henrico or Richmond. 13,000 people simply don’t
provide the tax base to fund the grandiose services imagined by simpletons who have
no understanding of scale or no interest so long as the grant money keeps flowing.
Move back to an urban/surburban center and get all of the service your heart desires.
Just stop ignoring the math if you chose to remain here .

Another Vice Principal for a declining school population? There is an assumption
that if another county school system has an Assistant Superintendent than of course
we must have one too. The problem is no one wants to ask the question : does a
school system even need this position with 4 schools, 3 of which are stacked on
one another? Why, because anyone asking questions of this nature runs into a
buzz saw of hysteria. Why can’t the Assistant Superintendent serve in the Vice
Principal role. With just 4 schools I see no legitimate reason why not.

I told the last School Superintendent Dr. Jones that I had the opinion that we have
very good schools here in King William, and we do. I also told him he and the School
Board just spend too much money. I am still awaiting an explanation why KW Schools
spend some $90,000 a week more than another rural school system with 6 schools and
around 300 more students? They (school board advocates) change the subject, wanting
to talk about a whole host of other subjects, dancing around the question that was
asked in the first place. Since local public schools receive half or more of total local
tax revenues - these questions must be asked. Otherwise we continue to suffer the real
world consequences of paying some of the highest real estate tax rates in the entire State.

For those interested enough to learn some facts I encourage you to visit the County
administrator and ask for a copy of the CAFR report. I have read it and have one
closing point to make that might entice you to get off your couch and start asking
some questions yourself, or simply behave like sheep and open up your wallets for
another picking.

In 2010 the ratio for the number of citizens to the number of Full Time County employees
was 206/1. In other words we had 206 citizens for every full time county employee. What
was that ratio last year in 2016 ? Well according to their own CAFR report it now stands at

Mr. Wanner is advertising for a Executive Assistant to the County Administrator, Mr. Aigner
wants additional paid fire/rescue personnel, Walton wants more deputies Wanner is examining
the need for a new hire to enforce septic system compliance, another Vice Principal for the
schools……..all in a county with a declining population. Maybe the smart ones are fleeing
Tax Hell, U.S.A

Bob Shannon
King William, VA



Dear Editor

Subject: Senator Tommy Norment - Political Grandstanding Yet Again.

A prominent story in the RTD yesterday was on the pay discrepancy between
the Clerk of the State Senate, Susan Schaar, and the Clerk of the House of
Delegates, Paul Nardo. The article draws the distinction that Ms. Schaar has
been on her job for 27 years, and Mr. Nardo only 5 ½ years. Ms. Schaar is
paid $175,000 annually and Mr. Nardo $ 194,000 a year. The conclusion in
the comparison is of course one that the left has pounded for some time now
….pay inequality between the genders. No explanation is given , no mention
of education or any other qualifications between the two, we are to automatically
assume that this is yet another example of the injustice visited upon this dutiful civil
servant that can be remedied by good ol’ Tommy riding in on his white horse
(or jackass ) to offer up a legislative fix for this. Nothing more than an astute
pol who sees an opportunity to score a few political points with the low information
crowd who have bought the argument that women are paid less for the same
job, without taking into consideration the numerous and often repeated nuances
that lend to what might appear on the surface to be pay inequality, but upon
closer examination is anything but.

That wasn’t however what caught my attention when I read the article, it was
the salaries themselves that almost knocked me out of my chair. How many of
you out there earn $ 175,000--$194,000 a year , along with the compensation
package of a very generous defined benefit pension plan ( paid for of course
primarily by taxpayers) , paid sick leave, subsidized health insurance , subsidized
dental insurance, subsidized disability insurance, 11-12 paid Federal holidays a
year, very generous vacation etc etc etc. ?

Senator Norment is taking the position that these two state government workers
should be paid more than we pay the Governor. 20 years in state politics must
make people silly, but is that what is driving Norment’s public outcry? I believe
Norment recognized what a golden opportunity this was at taxpayer’s expense…
…. ( with Tommy it is always patrons of his like Dominion Virginia Power picking
up the tab, or the SAP taxpayer ) to highlight his “ defense of equal pay for downtrodden
women” when the reality is both Ms. Schaar & Mr Nardo are grossly overpaid. You
have to go , or should have to go into the private sector to make this kind of dough, if
you can even find a private sector job paying out these King’s salaries. I’ve numerous
friends and acquaintances with advanced degrees at the top of their professions in the
private sector barely breaking into 6 figures. What makes these state positions worth
nearly $200,000 a year ? It is nothing more than apathetic citizens who have sat
back in silence.

If one perhaps peruses any of the data bases to examine how many people in
Virginia earn annual salaries over $175,000 a year you will find it a very small

Here in King William we are working on a compensation grid for county/school
employees to have at the ready a much more accurate number as to what they
actually earn. A teacher in one of our schools with 17 years of experience and a
salary of $115,000 a year is just the tip of the spear. That same teacher has all
of the other benefits, 11 paid federal holidays, 8 weeks vacation, a pension paid
largely by taxpayers, subsidized group health, group life, group dental , group
disability, 2 weeks off at Christmas, another week-10 days at Easter. What we
are attempting to do is to attach a -----number----to what all of those other benefits
are worth. Many private sector companies for years have given their employees
a very detailed and specific print out each January detailing just what their employers
paid on their behalf. Many employees see this for the first time and are wowed by
how much additional compensation they had received, yet didn’t appreciate. We
are simply trying to do the same thing for public sector employees so taxpayers
have the information to draw their own conclusions as to public employees pay
packages in their total value. Upon the completion of this “ tool”, we will have
a valuable means to combat the misinformation when public sector/school employees
make statements about their pay each budget season. We want public sector & county
employees to be treated fairly, we are just sick and tired of the misleading claims
that they are terribly underpaid …it just ain’t so.

As an example, not many folks are aware that single County employees here in
King William county pay just 10% of their health insurance monthly premiums. Up
until 18 months ago they paid 0%. Now in dollars and cents the number is around
$55 a month these single county employees pay towards their costs, while taxpayers
pick up the other $495 . So , say for instance you are self employed and are paying
$600 a month for your own health insurance…..the generous folks like Tommy
Norment and our Board of Supervisors think it is okay to ask me to pick up the 90%
of a state/county employees health insurance premiums each month……what a guy !!
I have to tote my own wagon ( $600 a month ) and carry their load too ! What a
convoluted world people like Norment must live in.

If Tommy is of the mind to “ fix something”, maybe he might pick up the long
overdue job of fixing Medicaid, consuming 1 out of every 5 dollars Virginia spends.
Maybe Tommy might find time to address college education funding (namely cutting
it) since the G.A is so up in arms about the alarming trend in college costs.

Tommy Norment has had over 20 years to address the major issues confounding
the state. Has he lead efforts to do anything about these major issues ? No, he
chooses today however to use his bully pulpit to bloviate about a non - existent
problem or worse, one of his own making.

Cut bloated government pay and bloated government compensation . Fix VRS,
fix Medicaid, fix the crony state tax system. Stop wasting our time fixing imaginary
problems that don’t exist to begin with.

Bob Shannon
King William, VA



Dear Editor


It is apparent that President Trump is determined to follow through on
his campaign promises to begin the process of righting the ship . Out of
the gate the President has taken action on the issues of the border wall,
addressing the insane practice of allowing hordes of immigrants into the
U.S who we know far too often little about, and the regulatory nightmare that
hinders U.S economic growth.

Trump identifies a problem , ( say for example taxes ) and like the serious
business person he is identifies a solution ( lower them) , identifies regulatory
strangulation and then identifies a solution ( reduce them) identifies the
economic, cultural problem with illegal immigration that is clearly out of
control and identifies a solution ( build a wall) . He is decisive, driven and
intelligent, and acts in accordance with his words.

This past weekend Republican members of Congress met in Philadelphia
for a “ retreat”. This body encompasses many men and women who for
years have decried the growing national debt. Yet , unlike the Presidents
approach where action would accompany words, these blowhard clowns,
with their small army of staff head off to Philly to discuss whatever was
discussed ( assuming this wasn’t a taxpayer funded weekend junket ) when
as Dr. Laura Ingraham and Dr. Michael Savage pointed out on their radio
programs could have been done at any number of venues around suburban
DC at virtually no costs. Does anyone believe they took the money out
of their own pockets for this extravaganza ? Or are they so jaded that
they dismiss 10 million, 20 million—whatever it costs as “ small potatoes”.
It is as if a family on welfare decides to take an elaborate vacation, visits
their local travel agent and books the trip…..sending the bill to you, the
sap taxpayer. Did Congress stay at Motel 6……..they stayed at the most
plush and luxurious hotels in Philadelphia, fine dining, nothing but the
best for our hard working “public servants”

If clarity of purpose among Republicans existed, if they were serious
people wanting to address the problem of our debt , if that was even
a remote consideration, then all retreats & junkets are cancelled…
…until we get our financial house in order.

This is yet another concrete example of how citizens have allowed the
illogical premise of public service to be turned completely upside down.
We, the sap taxpayers are the servants, and they, the elitist pols have
become the masters. It’s time we set down some new rules.

A great starting point would be to halt the practice of allowing elected
officials to call themselves conservatives when their behavior exhibits
quite the contrary. Where was the outcry from Brat, Wittman or any
other “ budget hawk” to this wasteful expenditure. Why are they given
a pass when such a glaring example like this trip sits like low hanging
fruit just waiting to be plucked and publically condemned ?

No household or small business would operate this way, Trump is showing
how to behave and act in a businesslike manner. High time the republicrats
take the hint.

Bob Shannon
King William, VA



Dear Editor

Subject: Parse what President Trump said.

In reading the entire speech President Trump made yesterday after having
been sworn in , two of the particular passages stand out. I had to read them
several times to determine why these two passages seemed different. Presidents
down through the years almost always relied on historical events, often times
quoting former Presidents and historical figures in their first speeches as our
new Commander in Chief.

I recall pondering in the past if they do that out of some reverence for these
figures, or quote these other men and women because they are void of their
own original thoughts, merely incapable of articulating just what they themselves
think. Are they possibly cowering so as to not offend a particular group, or
lend what they say to the almost certain attacks that will come afterwards from
the media and national press ? One thing was crystal clear, Trump wasn’t
trying to appease anyone. He was Trump being Trump.

President Trump said………” because today we are not merely transferring
power from one administration to another, or from one party to another—but
we are transferring power from Washington DC and giving it back to you, the
American people”

Only time will tell if the President will work diligently to keep that promise. It has
been clear since 2010 the increasing numbers of Americans who have become
convinced that Washington (and Richmond) exists solely to serve A. themselves
& B. the folks who write the campaign donation checks. K Street runs the nation
and companies like Dominion Virginia Power run Virginia. On November 8th
voters said they had had enough and wanted specifically what President Trump
is saying in those very words. The power he spoke of was envisioned by our
wise Founders as emanating from the people. In D.C for over 40 years now “
the people” have become at best , an afterthought. Americans in November
said platitudes and campaign slogans have lost their value, at the very least
among voters sophisticated just enough to see through the phoniness of most
politicians words. Trump is a breath of fresh air.

The President went on to say…….we will no longer accept politicians who are
all talk and no action—constantly complaining but never doing anything about it.
The time for empty talk is over. Now arrives the hour of action”

In 2011 I asked Del. Chris Peace the following question ( King William County
Republican party meeting)

Republicans control Virginia government, we have a republican Governor, a House
controlled by republicans and a State Senate with a 20-20 split. If we don’t get
action now on the big issues, reining in Medicaid, meaningful reform of the state
tax code, fixing V.R.S, iillegal immigration, meaningful education reform in Virginia,
then just when Del. Peace might Virginians expect it ? ”

Instead what we got was one of the largest tax increases in Virginia history, along
with an ever expanding state budget.

It is almost comical today when you read in the R.T.D that members of the
Virginia Legislature are……”growing concerned over the ever escalating increases
in college tuition”. In 2010-11 then Governor Bob McDonnell wanted a 550
million increase in state funding to higher education. It is the very vast sums of
taxpayer money distributed to higher education that creates the problem in the
first place.

From 1982 –2010 college tuition increased nationally some 505% , far outpacing
C.P.I, energy costs, even health care costs in that same time period . McDonnel
(with Peace’s support)continued to clamor for more money for higher education
for one very simple reason. Education is now the 3rd most powerful lobby in the
U.S. and politicians of both political parties bow down every budget season in
recognition of the quid pro quo between them……you deliver the dough, we’ll
deliver the votes.

Our new President in the words “ all talk and no action” indicated he knows the
likes of McDonnell and Del. Peace, all talk an no action. We have rid ourselves
of one through Virginia’s term limits on Governor. It’s time we find a replacement
for Del. Peace .Maybe then we might see some progress on Virginia’s biggest issues,
instead of the touting on his website of how much money he has delivered to the
dizzying array of non-profits. Domestic violence is a serious problem but when did
that become taxpayers problem ? It scores points with people in the ever expanding
social service agencies swallowing localities, who now also compose a significant
voting bloc for the “ conservative Peace” , but it hardly addresses the more
compelling state issues that Peace ducks.

“ The time for empty talk is over, now arrives the hour of action” . The action is to
find leaders to replace the talkers.

Bob Shannon
King William, VA



Dear Editor


Lost in the hustle and bustle of the holidays, football play-offs, our first major snow storm
of the year has been the disturbing news stories in recent days of public sector retirement
plans and pay scales that are coming off the rails and are being ignored by broad swaths
of taxpaying citizens who are going to end up stuck when the bill comes due.

Richmond, with its long and infamous track record for financial mismanagement has the
departing Mayor doling out hundreds of thousands in severance bonuses for his crony
pals as he walks out the door. It is one thing if these public employees had some contractual
agreement in place that compelled the city to do this, quite another when it is left solely in
the hands of a politician who has nothing to lose since he is leaving and simply decides to
play Santa Claus with citizens money. If a private enterprise did this and a CEO decides to
hand out money as he/she departs, the shareholders and investors can utilize the courts to
stop it. Absent city council stepping in it is once again the taxpayers getting screwed.

In Chesterfield ,current and former Fire Department Captains are being rewarded with court
settlements and negotiated sums running into hundreds of thousands, millions in the aggregate
over allegations that they were denied overtime pay for hours worked beyond a customary
40 per week. Depending on job requirements, in the private sector people considered “ management”
often working on a set salary and routinely working well beyond 40 hours , and their salary is
their salary….overtime isn’t paid. Don’t like it, find another job.

In the bizarro world of government things don’t work that way. Since it is taxpayer pockets
that can be raided at every whim ,Chesterfield county taxpayers after the fact----- are being
treated as saps , and forced to pay out additional millions because someone decides now Fire
Captains should have been paid overtime. Alice in Wonderland comes to mind.

How about this as a remedy ……..decide if Fire Captains are considered management , or
not, and set GOING FORWARD who will and won’t be paid overtime ? If Captains (with
six figure salaries) are not happy with the arrangement……go find another job. If NEW
not be considered management in the conventional definition, then fine, they will be paid
overtime as per the new agreement.

This practice of public sector employees, after the fact wanting to benefit themselves with
other people’s money , using the very specious argument about how they should have been
paid……yet another example of disgusting mis-management in the public sector. If one takes
a job for an agreed upon salary, knowing full well at the time you are hired you would often
be required to work additional hours for said salary, then years later whining about not being
paid overtime. In the private sector this would be laughed out of any court or arbitration in a
minute. It is only when you have the luxury of raiding unsuspecting taxpayer pockets they
get away with this crap. There are rules, or should be regarding any changes to compensation
after someone agrees to the terms of employment. Seizing on it years after the fact as a means
to make a fast buck is despicable.

Also in Chesterfield we have the same dilemma in the public school system with the revelation
that a supplemental retirement plan put into place some years back ,initially for a very small
and select group----later expanded to cover just about all school employees, and underfunded
for the last 5 years is now blowing up in their faces.

It’s as if the 11 paid federal holidays, 2 weeks off at Christmas, another week at Easter,
8 weeks vacation in the summer, heavily subsidized health insurance, VRS contributions
for a defined benefit pension plan, paid disability coverage, subsidized dental etc etc isn’t
enough….so the dunderheads running Chesterfield County schools decide they needed
in addition to what is listed above, a “ supplemental retirement system”…..and their
reasoning ( their own words) is to “bridge these selected public servants until they were
have retirement and other benefits that are the envy of the private marketplace, and now
taxpayers are being told we also have to bridge them if they voluntarily chose to retire

Imagine in the real world if workers who voluntarily decided to retire early would say to the rest
of us……….heh, I’m only 55, how am I supposed to get to 65 ? In the real world that is considered
something you have to figure out Spanky-----in the public sector the rest of us are expected to tote
the load for them. Chesterfield County officials who implemented this supplemental retirement
plan (both county and school officials) should be tarred and feathered . The plan should immediately
be dismantled. Work until normal retirement age or figure it out for yourself like the rest of us.

Members of the G.A this past week have been spouting off about pay in the various state agencies
and how they are having retention problems that can only be remedied by Virginia taxpayer’s
ponying up some more of their hard earned dough to take care of this privileged class.

Folks----wake the hell up. Politicians on both sides now recognize public sector employees are a
large & treasured voting bloc, and they will buy their votes with the most specious and ridiculous
b______ I have ever listened to using your money until you insist it be stopped.

It isn’t by now surprising whenever you hear a politician ( or an aspiring one) publically speak,
calling for improvements in state/county employees compensation to remain competitive with the
private sector, to retain and hire competent government employees.

When you examine the facts they don’t hold water. When you calculate in totality their compensations
monetary value, public sector employees are more than adequately paid for their job descriptions. It is
the rest of us, by our collective silence that lend acquiescence to this nonsense continuing. Wake the
hell up while we still have time to fix this, otherwise your grandchildren will be stuck with paying
these grandiose benefits……when they counted on you to speak for them.

Bob Shannon
King William, VA



Dear Editor

Subject: By Their Own Admission.

A story in the Richmond Times Dispatch November 14, 2016 prompted by a report of the
Joint Legislative Audit & Review Commission ( JLARC) warrants taxpayers attention. It has long
been alleged that the 20 year old legislation to create an ever expanding array of Economic
Development agencies has been riddled with example after example of the political cronyism
that should have been alone reason for former Gov. George Allen never to launch this program
to begin with. The report by JLARC is cited in the Times –Dispatch article to illustrate the waste
and inefficiency of the various grant programs that after 20 years should leave little doubt as
to the sheer folly of government engaging in matters best left to the private sector.

One such example cited as evidence of how poorly managed these agencies are is the recent
awarding of a $1.4 million grant to the Lindenburg Industries , a company that had used a
website that published false information and used an physical address in North Carolina
where it never had an actual presence. The furor led to the dismissal of then VDEP’s
Executive Director Martin J. Briley in March.

These various State grants over the last 10 years have totaled almost 400 million dollars .
The report by JLARC cited ‘ VEDP’s approach to administering incentive grants has
exposed the state to avoidable risk of fraud and financial loss”. Too numerous to catalogue
here were the dozens of specific weak practices that illustrate the wasteful nature of how
these grant programs are being run. The report states “ VEDP is not an efficiently or
effectively managed organization” Little guidance or oversight brings into question whether
they ( various agency staff) are working the hours or producing the results for which they
are paid what JLARC describes as above average wages for a state agency” .

Legislators comments were noted such as those of House Appropriations Chair Del. Chris
Jones R-Suffolk ….. “ to read this ( JLARC Report) really made me sick to my stomach”.
“ One of the worst things here is the culture and the pattern over many years” said Del.
John O’Bannon III R-Henrico. Del. Robert D. Orrock Sr. R-Caroline said “ To me, this
is just wide open for criminal activity”

The arguments for government to engage in spurring “ economic activity” are simply
stupid on their face. The late Dr. Milton Friedman once said “ to encourage economic
development you need low taxes, reasonable regulation, infrastructure and an educated
workforce” What is even more telling is the documented fact that the U.S developed
into an economic power unmatched anywhere in the world in its first 200 years ……
….before government run economic development efforts even came into existence. I
doubt it is a coincidence that growth rates were historically superior prior to these patently
political efforts were launched . One politician noted “ it’s as if you dip a bucket into one
end of a pool, then pour the contents into the other end , believing you somehow have
more water “ .

Virginia has numerous areas that need the scant resources we have. One might cite the
VRS and the perennial problem with the General Assemblies ducking what will only get
worse. The money spent on these agencies is now after 20 years clearly not being
allocated or monitored well. It is time to recognize one irrefutable truth when it comes
to economic development

“ wise decisions usually result when one is risking one’s own capital, not so much the
case when it is someone else’s money”

Let other states engage in the folly of literally bribing business to locate there, Virginia
needs to be run by men & women who recognize the wisdom in distinguishing between
things government should do, and things that should be left to a free market based
process. Enough taxpayer money has already been squandered.

My own experience over the years has repeatedly led me to conclude how difficult it
is to measure in an objective or quantifiable manner the results of these “investments”.
Equally humorous is that many of the advocates of this practice are people who have
spent their entire life working in the public sector and have never risked a single dime
of their own starting a business. Our own local B.O.S here in King William is just
such evidence. The Supervisors who this year voted to fund yet another Regional
Economic Development effort are a case study. None of them have ever started a
business on their own, and one works in an already well established family business.
Having control of grant money, how it is spent and whom it ultimately goes to can
give politicians a very powerful tool, and easily lead any human to act imprudently.

This report just proves it.

Bob Shannon
King William



Dear Editor

Subject: Online Bullying and Harassment.

As first lady, Melania Trump said she would work to combat online bullying and
harassment. “Our culture has gotten too mean and too rough, especially to children
and teenagers,” Mrs. Trump said at a sports center in Berwyn, a suburb of a
Philadelphia suburb.

She drew cheers as she continued. “It is never OK when a 12-year-old girl or
boy is mocked, bullied or attacked. It is terrible when that happens on the playground
and it is absolutely unacceptable when it’s done by someone with no name hiding
on the internet.”

I feel to address this problem a much bigger problem has to be solved first. The
Politically Correct Bullying carried out by the liberals/Progressives of the left and
the silent approval of their actions by the Democratic Party will have to be addressed.

It has been reported “death threats to President Elect Trump”, Derogatory name
calling of anyone who voted for Trump, calls for various acts to disrupt the election
process and all the threats of continued conflicts - all posted online.

This is the example being set by the liberals/Progressives of the left and the silent
approval by the Democratic Party for the youth of America to see. It is “OK” to
Bully as long as it is for my agenda and there will be no consequences or punishment.

I wish our new future “First Lady” Luck. If she can solve this problem – someone
like her should consider running for public office.

Paul Jamerson



Dear Editor


Wanting to keep the media hounds at bay, determined as they are to create havoc
in the narrative that the Trump transition team is in chaos and disarray, feeding
as they are prone to on the controversy as to who should be named Secretary
of State, will it be Romney (yet to apologize), the neocon Bolton ( looking for
next war) or a compromise candidate like Rudy Giuliani ( with alleged profiteering
as NYC mayor) ? Enough…… I got the right guy !

Why should we settle for such compromised men when an intellectual giant with the
depth of knowledge on all vital foreign matters is readily available , like our endearing
Colin Kaepernick ! Why , many of us did not know of Cuba’s advanced education
system , and if Colin say’s it’s because of Cuba’s spending more on education than
on building jails, well we can already see the wisdom in such a choice. The evidence
was there all along for anyone who sought it out that Cuba has not broken up families
as we have here in the U.S with our prison system ??? Apparently Mr. Kaepernick
hasn’t read much on the history of the dearly departed Fidel or just what life has been
like under this man for the last 5 decades. Maybe he missed the celebrations in
“ little Havana”

In this country Mr. Kaepernick we jail people who break the law. In Cuba breaking
the law meant you had the audacity to publically disagree with Mr. Castro. In this
country Mr. Kaepernick you can rail in the streets about any political figure without
disappearing and your family never seeing you again. And just in case Mr. Kaepernick
you were not aware I do not know of anyone heaving a row boat or skiff away from
the shores of the U.S and ultimately drowning trying to get to Cuba.

In hindsight perhaps my recommendation of Mr. Kaepernick for Secretary of
State is a bit pre-mature. Maybe he can move into a crime ridden neighborhood
for 6 months in Southside Chicago, followed by a 6 month tour of duty with a
combat infantry group in Afghanistan to polish up a bit on reality, get a better
sense of what crime really is and how the word sacrifice gets its meaning.

Mr. Kaepernick has every right in this country to voice his opinion, to not stand
for our National Anthem, but let’s not confuse the medias fascination with this
clown who proves the old adage , “ people may think you a fool, then best to not
speak and confirm their suspicions.”

Perhaps when his football career comes to an end he might consider relocating
to the beautiful Island nation. One of the benefits is the recent normalizing of
relations between our two countries. After all Castro dumped truckloads of
criminals and misfits on us in 1976…….it’s only fair we demand Cuba take
one jackass in return .

Bob Shannon
King William



Dear Editor


I have sat through hundreds of government meetings, (public & some private)
and the issue of how politicians treat grant money is one of the most perplexing
and dangerous mind sets in all of government. Unfortunately three impediments
stand in the way of reaching these folks , and none are going to be easy to
overcome for reasons I’ll share based on my observations and interactions
with elected officials .

The leading issue , one that I’ve written a great deal about is who we elect to
government office to begin with. Time & time again their appears to be a
predisposition for people who have worked in the public sector most if not
all of their entire careers . We have 3 on a Board of 5 here locally. So as to
not paint with a too broad a brush , and to avoid caricaturing those who have
been employed in the public sector their entire careers, there are exceptions to
the way a few approach and see government. These are however exceptions
and not the rule.

Supervisor Bob Ehrhart seems to break the mold in that he recognizes the limitations
of resources and excesses government too often engages in. Ehrhart is very intelligent
and looks for creative ways to economize and cut costs. Supervisor ( current Chairman )
Stephen Greenwood, and Supervisor Bill Hodges are the other two who have been
entirely ( or for most of their careers ) employed in the public sector. They apparently
have no appreciation for economics, void of the private sector experience where you
learn about profit & loss , where you learn about limitations. They have never had to
answer to an entity asking tough questions regarding expenditures, they simply see tax
dollars and reserve funds as an endless sea of money, with no appreciation for the
damage they are doing as a result. Over & over I have heard Hodges speak in terms
of “ well, we have grant money to pay for this”…. Indicating an almost child-like
mind set, ignoring the real world implications of what grant money is. These vaunted
grants are borrowed funds coming from a paternalistic federal government that has
learned the control grant money gives them. The Fed’s can bend and mold state and
local governments to their will with the conditions they place on the grant money.
Suffice to say voters might want to stop electing people to public office that come
from these types of backgrounds. It might behoove us to seek out people who have
had managerial experience in the private sector where the proverbial bottom line was
a reality, avoiding men like Hodges who have this simplistic mindset that say’s “ well,
if we need more money we just raise taxes, use reserve funds, or apply for some
more grants” . I have never heard the following words ………..“ we are a small
County of limited resources , and we simply can’t afford this”. It should be very
telling that I can’t recall ever hearing those words, not once.

The second mental wall we encounter is the “ immediate gratification factor” Politicians
love shiny new things, they enjoy pointing to a new grandiose building or a new service
the spending brings and say proudly “ look , see what I have done for you”. An elected
official who holds firm to spending restraint can’t do this, they don’t get the same level
of adoration because they don’t have the shiny new thing or new service they can point to
for that gratification. Citizens are not lining up to pat a politician on the back for “ not
spending the money”, or not raising taxes. It is this apparent need for adoration that drives
them to do foolish things, to approve a public expenditure that they themselves would not
spend their own money on. We are in the process ( for example) of a school renovation
here in King William of some $12,000,000.00 that Supervisor Bob Ehrhart & Supervisor
Dave Hansen have suggested a value engineering study that is similar to getting a second
opinion. As I and others advocating for this have pointed out, even a 5% savings equates
to $600,000.00 of tax dollars that could be saved by eliminating the “ fluff” in the design
and when have you in recent decades not seen a public building that didn’t contain such
excesses ? The 44 Million dollar Courthouse under construction in Hanover will, when
complete provide ample evidence of what I am suggesting. Government buildings should
be built for safety and functionality---period. You are using tax dollars, often financed with
public debt, and the first concern needs to be future tax payers who will be burdened
with paying for these grandiose palaces they build.

The attitude among elected officials prevails, “ what the hell, it ain’t my money…….
or worse when you hear “ well, we’ve got grants to cover XXXXX amount of the
cost’s, once again demonstrating the mind set about grant money.

How many citizens in Hanover have given any thought that it will be their grandkids
who ultimately end up paying off that pink elephant courthouse ? Former Supervisor
( and school board member )Terry Stone once lamented “well, if we had seen the
economy tanking we wouldn’t have built it”, referencing what I jokingly refer to as
the MetLife Stadium we have here behind King William High School, a beautiful
football stadium far exceeding the limited resources a small county has to spend on
such non-essential things. It also validates my observation of politicians wanting to
point to shiny new things and say “look what I did for you”, no mention of the decades
it will take to pay for their grandiosity .

The “ affinity rule” is the last and most challenging to do anything about. You can
educate politicians about economics, you might even get them to a compromise on
certain expenditures, but the affinity rule is a physiological component that ties an
affinity between many elected officials coming from the public sector and those most
often the ardent supporters of the spending, citizens themselves employed in the same
public sector. It hasn’t been lost on me after sitting through hundreds of meetings,
regular Board meetings, but equally telling the budget meetings the power these
affinities have .

The proportionate divide ( in these meetings) is always an overwhelming majority who
are there to advocate for the expenditure, rather than against it. During budget meetings
you have a plethora of school officials, school board members, government agency
heads & employees, non-profit representatives clamoring for more money, even public
sector employees themselves who claim they haven’t had a raise for……. ( apparently
they fail to understand we have caught onto the language game they play ) .

In other words the “deck is stacked”, and it’s always stacked in favor of higher spending.
A core constituency today for many Pol’s is in fact the public sector participants who
benefit from the largesse. When you have elected officials charged with making critical
spending/budget decisions, and they themselves come from that same world the reluctance
to say No to these folks is very clear to anyone witnessing the dynamics at play. The
“ POL” is one of them, and you don’t like to tell your friends NO.

I witnessed this phenomenon over and over. It is powerful and one that is only dealt with
objectively by independent elected officials without any affinity, a man or woman who
has a strong sense of independence and the moral backbone to say no.

It bears noting at this juncture the clear evidence of this when for years King’s Dominion
was the largest employer in Hanover county----now it is Hanover County itself. King William
County is now number 2 here when one adds both the schools and county employees.
Growth in public sector employment is and has been growing at dangerous levels for 20 years.
The costs and drain on resources has been well documented.

Hope springs eternal, and given what happened on November 8th, one might draw some
cautious optimism . Optimism alone however won’t resolve this problem. Let’s stop electing
people from the public sector ( which would help #1, and # 3 ) . The immediate gratification
issue is one that can only be resolved by a much higher level of active and vocal citizen

The clock is ticking, the debt piling every so higher. The missing ingredient is you THE
CITIZEN. Those on the other side, those constantly clamoring for more spending will
show up at these meetings. That of which I am absolutely certain.

Bob Shannon
King William



Dear Editor


The Presidential election results should give much encouragement to dispirited
citizens who had almost given up hope that anything in DC could change. Decades
of insider self-dealing & special treatment for Pol’s crony capitalist pals, two sets of
laws, dependent on who you were lent to record levels of cynicism. What President –Elect
Trump will actually do is yet to be seen, but clearly his campaign messages struck
some sort of chord with voters who had seen enough.

Here in King William local government continues to ignore the message voters
sent in November 2015, throwing 3 incumbents out of office, and quite frankly
the Board’s spending proclivities haven’t seemed to change much from the previous
Boards. The promotion of KW County having some 800 business, which was
nothing more than a gross exaggeration of the facts was done for just what reason?
Having been there at the meetings the last 6 months I can only come to one conclusion.
Hodges, Moskalski and Greenwood were determined to create the new Fire/Emergency
Service department justified or not .

At last Mondays meeting ( November 21) an admission was made that the West
Point Fire/Rescue department was capable and would continue to run their own
services, unimpeded by a needless additional layer of bureaucracy Fire Marshall
Andy Aigner adds. So if that is the case, from the beginning why was it that they
promoted a falsehood that Aigner would need 2 “ volunteer assistants” to handle
duties for businesses that would be accomplished by the existing department already
funded and staffed by the residents of West Point ?

Taxpayers of King William , you have stood idly by and watched as a new wasteful
department was created and don’t whine next year if real estate taxes are raised after
Aigner’s vaunted grant money runs out and this department needs some funding. The
whole fire/rescue issue in this county has been an outright fiasco for the last decade.
The amount of money poured into Squad 1 ( KWVFD ) alone is , or should be an
embarrassment to all involved. There is no explanation offered why West Point Fire
Rescue 3 years ago raised all of the money themselves to buy a new ambulance,
when Squad 1 couldn’t even pay their own bills without requiring a half million in
additional funds from tax payers who stood by in silence. The old adage is spot on….”
we get the government we deserve”.

Supervisor Bob Ehrhart has proposed a value engineering study be conducted on
the $12,000,000.00 planned renovation underway for the schools. I sat through
the power point presentation that was done by the firm that has designed this.
Ehrhart’s suggestion is a sound one , yet oddly opposition has already sprung
up to carrying out what is nothing more than getting a second opinion, hoping
to find some cost savings . If for example a study would find a way to cut this cost
by 5%, that equates to savings of some $600,000.00 Any project of this size/scope
is certain to have some fluff built into the design. A lot of things that one might like,
\ yet isn’t a necessary expense should not be included in any project paid for by tax
dollars. Schools ( all public buildings) should be structurally safe and functional---that’s
it. Look around at example after example of the literal palaces built in recent decades
of new court buildings, athletic facilities, and yes schools. This is again allowed to
move forward because citizens don’t stand up and object, no other reason. We are
a county of some 16,300 people, but the Board acts as if we have the tax base of
Henrico or Chesterfield----we don’t, and it is one of the primary reasons we have
such high real estate taxes.

High Speed Internet services are expected to get some county funding in the new
budget, in spite of the evidence we have provided to all 5 members of the Board
that the private sector is moving at almost the speed of light in addressing the issue
with innovation of the technology. It won’t be much longer that these technological
\ improvements will allow for anyone regardless of where they might live to have
access to high speed internet services………….yet this Board seems hell bent to
spend the money anyway. This is exactly what happens when you have a County
Reserve Fund with 6 million dollars in it. Elected officials love playing Santa Claus
with other people’s money. It won’t stop until you stop it.

The King William T.E.A Party ( Taxed Enough Already---if you forgot) does much
of the heavy lifting, the research, attends the meetings, runs the paid newspaper ads
to keep you informed, and yes , of course our now infamous yellow signs, beloved by
some and hated by others.

You elected both Hansen & Ehrhart on what you apparently saw as a need to put
some very educated and prudent men on that Board. Two men who have the integrity
and the courage to say the word NO , something terribly lacking in most politicians.
They can’t however do it alone, they need citizens to engage, so get off the couch,
write an e-mail, letter, make a phone call, and or attend the government meetings and
get up and speak during the public comment periods.

The alternative is to gripe & whine after the fact. One day your children will ask you
what you did when the colossal debt comes crashing down on their heads. What will
you tell them ? Will you lie, or tell them you were too busy ? Will you tell them you
didn’t know ?

Trump will work on the swamp in DC. Roll your sleeves up and help us drain the local
swamp here in King William. We’ve work to do.

Bob Shannon
King William, VA



Dear Editor

Subject: We feel your pain.

To the Editor: Thank you for inviting local opinion in the aftermath of a history-making election.

To Liberals: We feel your pain. Honestly.

As a local tea party activist, I'm probably not alone in offering sincere condolences
to our Democrat-voting friends who are so profoundly troubled by Mr. Trump's
stunning nationwide victory over Ms. Clinton that included more than a 2 to 1
margin in Tidewater.

The range of your emotions probably runs from shock and disbelief, to nausea, to
horror and worse, with lots more in between. You cry out to the heavens, "How the
hell could this have happened ??!!"

After all, your beloved Hillary – surely ordained to become the “first woman
president” – had everything going for her candidacy, starting with hundreds of
millions from Wall Street manipulators and billionaire backers led by the global
super villain George Soros. She gloried in a galaxy of Hollywood stars helping to
keep her war chest filled and to inspire millions of vacuous voters.

She mouthed a litany of those ultra-liberal campaign promises that make you feel so
righteous in affirming (but that other people have to suffer the consequences). She
had an adoring media to praise her at every turn, to relentlessly attack her opponent
and to suppress all the devastating revelations of egregious criminality revealed by
congressional investigations, WikiLeaks, Judicial Watch, Project Veritas, etc.

She was shielded by Obama's nastily politicized “Justice” Department, including the
head of the FBI who -- to the reported anger of hundreds of his investigators working on
multiple Clinton-related cases -- dismissed her many clearly indictable offenses.

She had a do-anything-to-win Democratic Party machine that was conspiring with mendacious
media outlets, secretly blocking Bernie Sanders at every turn, aggressively facilitating voter fraud
with registration of felons and illegals, and inflicting a catalog of dirty tricks -- inspired by young
Hillary's Communist mentor Saul Alinsky – on Donald Trump plus assaults on peaceful
Americans at his rallies.

Then, she was endorsed by a supposedly popular president urging his sheep-like followers to
vote Hillary to continue his splendid work of growing government, emasculating the military,
promoting deviancy, persecuting political enemies, “saving the planet,” expanding his wonderful
Obamacare, on and on....

If you really didn't know the bad stuff and you voted for her, you need to broaden your news
sources. But if you did know and chose her anyway, some serious introspection is urged.

Either way, her whole arrogant, artificial act crashed and burned in epic defeat in a nationwide
populist uprising by millions of good and honest folks pushed to the breaking point.

Now, we feel your pain because we've long been experiencing it ourselves – beginning with
election of the patently unqualified, media-protected, congenitally radical leftist “Community
Organizer” Barack Obama, followed by seven years of his calculatedly ruinous “Change,”
\ characterized by sneering contempt for the Constitution and its limitations on executive branch
\ powers.

By the way, we never rioted. Instead, on 12 September 2009, nearly a half million tea party
patriots from all over America marched on DC to peacefully protest the Obama administration's
growing list of abuses. Our very legitimate complaints at this and other rallies were met with
derision, denigration and lies by the major news media as well as both Democrat and Republican
party elites.

It's bad enough that Dear Leader and his legions of lackeys in government, courts, news media,
entertainment, academia, and activist groups have been eagerly flinging foul fistfuls of his
anti-christian, anti-military, anti-cop, anti-business and anti-American agenda in our faces.

But there's also the sting of cynical betrayal by the deceitful Republican leadership intentionally breaking
every solemn campaign promise they made to conservatives who had mobilized to give them House and
Senate majorities.

So, on November 8th, 2016, conservatives and plenty of other folks struck back by voting in
overwhelming numbers against more-of-the-same-plus-worse Clinton or for “make America great
again” Trump.

Why? Because Trump is likely to keep his promises to champion traditional American values, appoint
conservative judges who will honor our Constitution, stop government regulatory abuse, rescue our
military, secure our borders, restore fiscal sanity, and he credibly threatens the predatory power elites
of both sham political parties with his pledge to “drain the swamp of corruption” in DC.

Now, all persons of good will are urged to join forces to drain the stinking swamps of corruption closer
to home – in Virginia and in our tri-county area. We owe it to our children and grandchildren who are
already enslaved under $20 Trillion in national debt with no end in sight.

Unless, of course, President Trump's allied forces prevail against the uniparty kleptocracies deeply
entrenched at national, state and county levels. Together, we can win this fight for America's future.

Sincerely, Robert “Sarge” Bruce



Dear Editor

Subject: President –Elect Trump’s hits just the right tone.

I have marveled at the 24/7 news cycle and their often humorous efforts to “ make some news”
if they can’t find any, or when it’s a quiet 24 hour period. This past week’s constant harping on
how the Trump transition team was in meltdown is a case in point. One would think after the
embarrassing humiliation the media suffered when their ordained coronation of Queen Hillary
didn’t happen they would have learned their lesson. I suppose we must admire them, for
in spite of the clock cleaning they took 10 days ago they keep trying.

The actual calm, collected and deliberate process Trump seems to have firmly in hand on sorting
through whom will be selected to fill the cabinet posts and other high profile positions must drive
the folks in the media simply crazy. The steady stream of notables already visiting the President-Elect
are indeed a stellar line up of accomplished men & women who will help the new President get off
to a smooth start.

What is particularly noteworthy is Trumps willingness to sit down even with the people who refused
to support him, often times personally attacking him. It is a sign of a man who takes this responsibility
very seriously, wanting to select only the best ,even if they may have behaved towards him in what
might be described as disloyal or unseemly. Obviously he cares much more about the Nation’s welfare
than to allow personal grudges or slights to get in the way of forming an effective government on
behalf of all of its citizens.

If one had read “ The Art of the Deal” one would not at all be surprised by this, it is how Trump has
operated throughout his professional life. The noted story described in detail in the book of what
Trump did when he took over the project of the failed skating rink, a project that the city government
of New York had squandered tens of millions of tax dollars and had drug out over multiple years with
no completion in sight is a case story of how Trump thinks. The very first thing Trump did was to
instruct his underlings to find the best and most successful builder of outdoor skating rinks in the world.
Trump brought this person to New York met with him and then hired him to finish this project, under
budget and on time. The book goes into great detail on many business projects where Trump consistently
did the same thing, brought in the brightest and the best in whatever field of expertise that was needed.
It is and stands in stark contrast with the folks in the political world who are always inclined to hand
out jobs and appointments to their crony pals, competency and actual accomplishments aside.

Get set for a whirlwind that will set Trump clearly apart from most of his predecessors. He gets things
done………………….even getting under the media and his detractors skin as an almost bonus for
those of us watching.

Bob Shannon
King William



Dear Editor

Subject: Perfect Job For Hillary Clinton…………… N.Y.Times Editor ?.

When one no longer has the juice to shake down Sheiks and Foreign Oligarchs how can a lady earn a buck?
Others have posed the question already as to what Hillary ( and Bill ) will do now that they are out of power.

The N.Y. Times in an editorial yesterday does a mea culpa and admits somewhat sheepishly that “ perhaps they
might have not done a professional journalistic job on their coverage of the Trump campaign” This has to be why
the term understatement came into existence. It also lends itself to my title suggesting that Hillary might be a perfect
fit in the role of Editor of the once proud paper. She herself is now suggesting her loss was a result of James Comey,
the embattled F.B.I Director releasing a letter sent to Congressional chiefs that his agency was re-opening the
investigation into Hillary’s e-mail debacle in light of new evidence that had come into play, just 5 days before
the election. May I suggest that the N.Y.T’s and Hillary both got it wrong ?

Newspapers have been losing circulation and stature ( and money )now for 25 years as alternative news sources
have broadened. Swaths of society access the alternatives of talk radio, and social media sites such as Twitter and
others. These alternatives increasingly dominate how millions of Americans keep track of what is occurring. Citizens
with a more discriminating view of the news however almost uniformly dismiss the social media websites since
much of the content has no such filter or journalist standard to eliminate what is often passed off on these sites as
truthful or based on facts. The New York Times has apparently discovered readers actually want newspapers to
report the news, not become advocates or campaign apparatus for one particular candidate. The N.Y.T’s might
help Hillary find her own true center in coming to terms as to what actually happened. Both ignored the Americans
that had become marginalized the last 30 years and Tuesday these folks spoke up.

It isn’t just the bias that much of the media displayed the last 15 months, but the death of an important
journalistic principle, one that a self- representing republic such as ours must be able to rely on, and one
that I have tried to hammer home with every newspaper editor I have had the opportunity to speak to .

Journalism was once a very proud profession practiced primarily by men ( until the 1980’s ), they
were objective in an almost holistic way. You could listen to them for years and not have a clue as to their
political point of view. They delivered a fact based objective story, allowing their readers to make their own
minds up on where they came down on any issue. The vital value of this was it provided a bulwark
against government information that may have been inclined to slant a story for self-serving reasons. If
an editor had a true compass and their journalistic integrity was solid, Americans who read or listened to
them had as they say “ just the facts” . A free honest press has to remain just that in order for our society
to function properly. When one examines the influence of popular culture on how people form their
opinions these days ( and subsequent votes ) it illustrates yet again why that journalistic free press is
so important and serves the unique role it does. I doubt that Robert DeNiro or Leonardo DeCaprio or
Cher are where anyone should go to get information to form their political views. If newspapers refuse
to take their responsibilities seriously and simply reinforce the slanted information of those unqualified to
serve as a credible source, but hold a ridiculously elevated platform simply as a result of their celebrity
status, then journalism has failed in its primary mission. Newspaper journalists must serve as a serious
thoughtful final arbiter of fact based objective information, not an endorsement of one side or the other.
The stakes are too high to do otherwise. The politicians will continue to lie and distort , someone has to be
a referee……………and the game shouldn’t be fixed.

Bob Shannon
King William



Dear Editor


I have learned to be patient over the last 8 years , attempting to restore to a public discussion common
sense and sound economic reasoning , battling at every turn what is often emotionally charged rants
from folks who struggle to comprehend basic math. Comments this week in response to an earlier
article I had wrote for VaRight however have necessitated I take the time to walk (slowly) through
some facts for folks who consumed lead based paint chips as children.

The possibility that the Affordable Care Act ( just love the name ) will be repealed/replaced has brought
some defenders of this legislation (shoved down our throats by a democrat vote—exclusively democrat) to
critique alternative proposals that might be more market based and ultimately allow free market competition to
actually deliver a better mouse-trap for a lower cost. The example I have often used in groups I speak to is the
Pizza example. If one buys a pizza almost anywhere these days, one can get an edible pizza , ranging in costs
of $5---$20. Imagine for the sake of this discussion the government took over the pizza industry. You would
have 1-2 choices, might get it if you were lucky by next week, and in all probability contract some sort of
intestinal distress should you be bold enough to eat it when it arrives. Oh…..and by the way, the pizza now
costs $40 ,command and control central planned economies at their very best. Did the U.S Postal service
improve after Fed-Ex and U.P.S came into the picture……” you betcha” ( feeling my Sarah Palin this week )

The example, cited again in my earlier responses of Lasik Eye Surgery apparently didn’t register
with the folks who suffer cognitive declines from eating said paint chips, because this person never
refuted or offered an explanation for why free market forces in the example cited in Lasik Eye
Surgery wouldn’t work with health insurance costs in general . Lasik , if you recall wasn’t covered
by any form of insurance, one had to pay the $15,000 it costs in the mid 90’s out of their own
pocket, yet now can be had for around $300 per eye. Free Market based competition drove the
costs down. Don’t confound these type folks with facts or logic, keep the train going with emotional
ranting. As for auto insurance……perhaps young people pay higher premiums because they generate
HUGE CLAIMS, particularly young males…..but again I digress.

This person has insisted that my Health Savings Account ( H.S.A ) contributions are being “ subsidized”,
via the tax deduction I take for both health insurance premiums and contributions to the H.S.A . This
person compares this to the “ subsidies” of the folks who participate in the health care exchanges set
up ,now collapsing by the day. Belying this premise is an economic ignorance that lays bare the
foundational roots of the faulty premise. Allow me if you will patient reader to explain.

Progressives start with the premise that all money is equal and BELONGS TO THE GOVERNMENT
IN THE FIRST PLACE. Premiums for my health insurance and contributions for my H.S.A come
from my earnings. Money/Income is property -----OR IT IS NOT. I happen to subscribe to the belief that
money/income is the property of those that earn it , it is my property. The point missed by my critic is in his
comparison , and his faulty premise is in concluding that the tax deduction of my health insurance premiums
and or contributions to the H.S.A he cites is the same as someone receiving 70%-80% or more of their health
insurance costs being paid directly in the form of an actual transfer payment---------someone else’s
income being confiscated for the sole purpose of paying a cost on behalf of another’s incurred expense.
Learn that a tax deduction is not the same thing as a transfer payment. You want to scrap the entire tax
code…………I’m with you, but don’t confuse an apple with an orange.

As for this persons suggestion that H.S.A’s have not done anything to drive down health insurance
costs he might just do some additional research. Insurance companies learned back during the early
years of H.M.O’s and P.P.O’s that $3, $5 , $10 co-pays drove utilization rates through the roof.
Anytime something is perceived as free…………people are prone to waste it. Back in my childhood
days we would turn on an outdoor water faucet and let it run for hours and hours with no concern,
because a typical water bill would run a dollar or two a month, regardless. After the managed care
plans became popular in the late 80’s with these abysmally low co-pays ,Insurance companies found
people running to the doctor’s office with the most silly and easily remedied at home problems because it
only costs a $3--$10 co-pay. The industry fixed this very quickly ( I was there) by simply raising the
co-pays and it worked. Utilization rates fell like a stone. With H.S.A’s , I am using my own money
to pay for routine care, doctor office visits is coming out of my money now, and I can self- treat a
minor cut or burn or indigestion much more economically than going to the doctor’s office.

Even folks who consumed lead based paint chips should get this.

Bob Shannon
King William



Dear Editor


Tuesday’s results have been called “ unexpected” and “shocking.” I find some mild amusement in this.
The election of Donald Trump began perhaps as far back as 40 or more years. It just took that amount of time
until the passions of enough citizens were aroused , a slow boil or slow burning fuse might also be apt metaphors.

All of the terms being bandied about; elitist class, crony capitalism, media bias, career politicians, really
don’t do justice to what happened. Nor do they describe with the degree of clarity necessary if we are
to understand what did take place as Americans decided what to do November 8th.

From illegal aliens flooding the country and literally squandering the limited resources any nation has, to
the millions of middle class people who watched their jobs slowly disappear and their futures becoming an
ominous dark cloud, to the outright theft by political operators and their crony pals occurring before their eyes,
Americans' concerns morphed into a steadily increasing boil.

The tyrannical use of Executive Privilege ( in fairness; going back to the last several Presidents ) people
watched in absolute horror as many of our traditional values were cast aside with a callous disregard for what
the average citizen thought. When the ruling class couldn’t achieve its goals through Constitutional
legislation, they decreed rules and regulations with the stroke of a pen, an action that marginalized the still
silent majorities…………at least until Tuesday.

Trump capitalized on the anti-establishment sentiment that started in 2009 and found its stride with the Patriot
movement. This was the first large scale organized band of citizens who understood the very real danger when
President Barack Obama spoke so breezily about “change,” “ redistributing wealth” and used the
term “ fairness” with regularity, as if the U.S had been unfair in a institutional sense.

But it was Mr. Obama who was being unfair to the gracious free will of a people who recognized past historical
wrongs…………and went on to right them.

We have been witness to slaughter of scores of innocents by fanatics driven by blind religious zeal and a hatred for
our way of life. Americans understood enough of history to know the world is made up of some very bad people, and we now
had an American President who did not seem to either understand that or possess the political will to do what was necessary.

If Trump is to get even some of the things done he promised, he must rein in the entitled classes, starting with
able bodied citizens who are capable of caring for themselves but have willingly abandoned their personal responsibility
to do so. Instead, they choose to milk a system designed to care only for those who honestly couldn’t care for
themselves. Further increasing the already ruinous national debt.

Americans have grown sick of those and so many others who exploit their fellow citizens' generosity. Whether
it is the white collar criminal element on K Street, to the legions of public sector folks who have grown to see
themselves as some sort of special entitled class, Trump must turn a deaf ear to what is certain to become an enraged
roar when these status quo beneficiaries begin to push back, and push back they will.

Draining the swamp is much easier said than done, but Trump seems to understand that is where he must start.

The people who have been actively engaged in conservative politics intuitively know that must begin with
firing those current Republican leaders who have done everything possible to undermine this President-Elect from
the very moment he entered the race.

Closer to home in King William, the election restored the fighting spirit of the weary folks who have worked
so long and hard in attempting to drain the “ local swamp.” It should be heartening to those who want local
government to recognize the danger of debt and the limited resources of a county with only 16,300 people to
foot the costs of local politicians grandiose wish lists.

In the coming months some revelations about local spending will likely come to light that will aid
in our cause. Stay tuned, Tuesday was not the beginning…………….or the end.
Tuesday represented nothing less than an awakening by those who’s voices and concerns have been
ignored for far too long.

Bob Shannon
King William



Dear Editor

Subject: 2016 Election .

In reference to the Tidewater Review’s article “How Tidewater Voted” in the Nov 10 issue, page 2A
Shows that President Elect Trump was the winner by a voter margin of almost 2 to 1 in our area.

The question is why. I feel the father of Trump’s victory in our area has to be viewed with an eye
towards the truth and the Democratic Party’s lack of its use.

The list is endless, Like Your Healthcare Plan - You can Keep It, Religious Based Hospitals will not
have to go against their core beliefs on contraception, The Economy is Great, Benghazi was a protest
gone wrong, Fast and Furious and if you disagree with what I say you are a radical, extremist or racist.

I feel President Elect Trump did something our local citizens and others across this land have been
waiting to see and hear for years to happen. He has exposed the abusers of political power, did not
back off or surrender and promised to return our country to greatness.

He was perceived as being in touch with the feelings of most of the citizens of our country and many
of us think our government is far from the principles that we were founded on.

West Point’s local son - Lt. Gen. Lewis B. "Chesty" Puller the most highly decorated Marine in
Marine Corps history would not have called Benghazi a protest gone wrong or canceled a rescue
mission. He would have called it an act of war, would have done his best and acted accordingly.

Our local citizens have spoken “No One is Above the Law”, give us “Truth” from our
Government and respect the “Bill of Rights”.

Paul Jamerson
King William, Va



Dear Editor


Not having got much sleep last night, allow for some misspelling and or typo’s as I bang
away on the keyboard in a coffee reduced stupor.

The “ chance” that President –Elect Trump represents is just that, a chance to reshuffle
the deck, starting with a quiet and diplomatic removal of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell.
Anyone in Congress that treated the will of the average voter with such insulting disdain
must go. The Never Trump crowd in the political arena were all part of the elitist inner circle,
comprised of folks who had a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. From career
pols who were/are milking the system, enriching their family members and political pals,
to former elected and cabinet officials ( all with DC addresses) who were/are making a
killing on K street, and /or political consultants, to the ones who moved into comfy
academia where the honey ( money ) flows, they got as we used to say on 10st, a solid
ass kicking.

The big blowhard from Ohio Governor John Kasich deserves particular vilification since he
tried again and again to undermine what the average citizen across America clearly wanted.
The Bushes…….what can you say except good riddens, they are as much of the problem
than they ever were part of the solution. I seriously thought I would throw up last night
listening to Karl Rove try to explain how much Paul Ryan had helped Trump. The rabid dogs
have been all shot, we just now stand around watching as they fade into wherever rabid dogs
go when they die.

I suspect Miley Cyrus, Robert DeNiro and Alec Baldwin are busy today loading their moving
trucks. My schedule is flexible enough to help if they call. Just watching this morning
Myka and Morning Blow comically try to explain how “ everybody got it wrong” along
with their cast of despicables wanting desperately to garner some small measure of redemption
in their half baked morning after assessments. Pathetic bunch if there ever was .

Republicrats kept control of both Houses giving the new President what he should need to get
started with his draining the swamp. From repealing ObamaCare to digging the footing for the
new wall, to sending a clear message to the crony capitalist crowd, a message that the days of
raping the American economy for the benefit of a select and small handful is coming to a close.
I might add it is now the responsibility of the Patriot movement to HAMMER the republicrats
with the message the days of the establishment controlling citizens, the repeated lies, broken promises
and outright betrayal will no longer be met with whimpering silence, but a Lion’s roar you quietly
heard last night around midnight.

Congrats President-Elect Trump. Best wishes for getting off to a successful start of your Presidency
in January. I temper those words also with a warning. No Pardons for anyone. Restore the rule of
law in this country, for that was one of the chores last night you were assigned.

Bob Shannon
King William



Dear Editor


On Monday October 24th the K.W Board of Supervisors in a 4-1 vote passed the proposal
allowing for 2 unpaid volunteer Fire Marshall Assistant’s ,setting the stage for what will
become the next step in the never ending empire building that goes on unabated in local
government. Watch how long these 2 new assistants stay “ unpaid volunteers”.

I was in attendance and listened to what could only be described as an intellectual discussion
absent of even the most basic questions being asked. Supervisor Dave Hansen was the only
one who challenged the premise that this was necessary to begin with. Supervisor Ehrhart’s
support for this proposal is troubling given it isn’t warranted. Maybe some of his constituents
should ring him up and ask why he didn’t ask some of the questions himself listed below .

Fire Marshall Andy Aigner has stated that KW County has 800 businesses, which is a grossly
inflated number who’s only purpose for inflating is an attempt to justify this expansion of the
Fire/Rescue services. West Point has its own Fire department with a Fire Chief and staffing,
along with their own budget. The reasoning offered by Aigner & others for allowing these 2
new assistants is the need to conduct fire/safety inspections of businesses, and to have staffing
for fire investigations. I would expect that the staffing in West Point is already conducting their
own inspections and investigations------are they not ?

At this meeting , and in the meetings of the last 3 months as this topic was discussed I never
heard any of the Supervisors ask ……… A. If West Point Fire Chief is conducting fire/safety
inspections already why is the 800 businesses number being touted ? B. How many fire
investigations in King William were there in 2015 ---or Y.T.D ? C. How did Aigner arrive at
the 800 businesses ? Is he counting Pet Sitting services, home based businesses that operate
without the public coming into their homes ( no inspection is then necessary ) and lemonade

Rest assured when the grant money runs out and Aigner can not run around to the squads playing
Santa Claus, we will hear about the “ inadequate funding” for his Department that never should
have been expanded to begin with. You won’t have to wait long, the next budget season is just
around the corner, along with the higher real estate taxes that the Board will pass to pay for this

Bob Shannon
King William, VA



Dear Editor


In the 10/19/16 issue of the Country Courier the King William T.E.A Party , namely the
sign on 360 was targeted with an almost comical letter that shows once again the clumsy
and transparent effort to halt our groups relentless push to slow the reckless spending at
the local level, while simultaneously exposing examples of tax dollars being squandered.

After 8 years our group is accustomed to these snide observation’s , coming more often
than not from our targets, or those that have a vested interest in circling the wagons
because of their own self-interest. What the “ poorly stenciled and over spray” comments
have to do with anything ……maybe Mr. Tassinari might just be open about his real
motives. Is a discussion on public sector pay/benefits hitting a bit too close to home?
I have been very active in local matters for 8 years and don’t recall any letters from this
guy in the past, or ever recall him speaking at a B.O.S meeting.

His comments on the board members questions not being “ well thought out”, or “ displaying
a lack of understanding” once again make it clear why this guy wrote the letter. He is referencing
of course Supervisor’s Ehrhart & Hansen. Odd that Ehrhart who holds a degree from a prestigious
Big 10 school and Hansen with two Masters degrees don’t understand an issue ,………or is their
sin that they are conservative watchdogs for the hard working taxpayers doing just what they
pledged to do , unlike most elected officials.

The K.W.T.P exists for one singular purpose, we are the only opposition to bigger gov’t. The local
republican party has been a silent partner in the grow gov’t crowd for as long as I’ve lived here.,
so long of course as the status quo and the oligarchs interests are maintained. The citizens of King
William know by now the efforts of our group are in their best interests. KW citizens know we are
unpaid volunteers who work thousands of hours each year to stem the runaway wasteful spending
and have no other motives to do what we do. The wasteful spending and the glaring tax inequities are
now at least getting some long overdue exposure, giving the benefactors of the status quo perhaps
a rash.

This week it was learned ( Barron’s October 17 ) that the collective unfunded liabilities of the
50 states pension plans now is much worse than previously believed. Every man, woman and
in the U.S is now on the hook for $10,000 that will be needed to fund public employees
promised pension benefits. Those of us in the private sector, many of whom who do not have
these Cadillac pension plans are sick and tired of these rising liabilities burying our children and
the cowardly irresponsible behavior of pols like Greenwood, Moskalski & Hodges ignoring these
realities. Needlessly expanding the public sector is a disgrace and it must stop if we are to have any
hope of getting this financial nightmare under control.

As for the 800 businesses in King William ???. I’ll concede Mr. Tassinari that I’m not much
of a painter if you’ll concede you’re not very good at math ?

Bob Shannon
King William, VA



Dear Editor

Subject: On Trump .....Women are much smarter than the media thinks .

Each of us have unique gifts that most people hone over their lifetimes. Intellect is something that
can be acquired, so even for folks who might start out with a lower IQ they can acquire deeper
knowledge & understanding by simply exerting some time and energy to learn. That said, it is clear that
their remains a portion of society that finishes in the “ smarts department” about where they started out.
My observation is that some folks are intellectually lazy, and quite content to let others tell them what
they should think. This has to be the segment the Media hopes is listening.

The allegations about Trump go back 10-15 years or so, which places most of these reported transgressions in
the 2000---2005 time line. Legislation and social behavior evolved over the 70’s and 80’s continuing until the
present that made , at least from a legal and employment vantage point very risky to do the things that Trump is
alleged to have done, and certainly admitted to saying in the now infamous audio. Any woman who was verbally
or physically accosted by Mr. Trump had every opportunity to come forward and report his transgressions. They
had the law on their side, and larger majorities of society that would have been empathetic to what happened to
them. I personally fired male employees for nothing more than making sexually suggestive remarks to female
colleagues. By the 80’s the EEOC and the possible civil costs in settling sexual harassment lawsuits made
prevention a top priority. Last but certainly not least is the timing of these women who have come forward. One
must ask why they waited so long and if they are being manipulated and pushed to perhaps embellish in some

The Media, and certainly Trumps opponents are hoping that the immediate and certain revulsion most woman
have when hearing Trumps very words are justification alone to not cast a ballot for him. I simply believe that
portion of the electorate is nowhere near as large as some would have you believe.

Women have a moral compass , they also have judgment, they instinctively know that Hillary is a criminal at
heart, she has long lost any claim to even basic human decency. When you skim money intended to assist
Haitian children……when you lie repeatedly under oath, when you casually sacrifice America’s national
security interest for either your personal convenience and or money grubbing self -interests, when your greatest
achievement after 30 years in the public eye is getting a couple of Post Office’s re-named, it isn’t so hard to
envision many women voters out there who recognize the vital interest of a Nation is at stake. These women
voters recognize Hillary’s well documented character flaws , they also recognize her poor judgment as more
troubling than anything Trump has said or done.. It isn’t lost on women the horrific treatment of the women
who her husband has accosted ( some say actually raped) and the vicious attacks she herself directed at these
women, as if her husband had no role in the matter. Hillary promotes herself as a champion of women’s issues
when women of intellectual substance see right through her self- serving and false proclamations. Besides her
daughter and mother, the only woman Hillary has ever cared about is Hillary.

I remain optimistic that my fellow sister citizens are more focused on our safety as a nation, and how Hillary
has worsened that , our economic growth is non –existent and her open admission that she will raise taxes
and spending will only worsen that , our dangerous Immigration nightmare must be addressed, terrorism must
be vigorously fought, and the staggering debt that jeopardizes our children & grandchildren’s very future must
be addressed. Knowing the types of people she will appoint to the U.S Supreme Court alone is reason enough
to never cast a ballot for her November 8th.

Trump may be a very poor example for how a man should behave , but he has built successful businesses, he had
finished projects on time and often under budget, and he certainly isn’t concerned about political correctness, a
social poison that hinders any tangible progress on so many fronts. He will cut taxes, he will address the runaway
immigration problem, and he will make some progress on numerous other vital fronts because he is someone who
knows how to get things done.

Flawed , yes indeed Trump is, but no one who loves this country and cares about salvaging it can deny Trump
is a superior choice, warts and all.

Bob Shannon
King William Virginia



Dear Editor

Subject: A Little Perspective Might Help.

We learned yesterday that Donald Trump isn’t who you would want your daughter to bring
\ to dinner with a quiet declaration “ Daddy, I think he’s the one”. We also had reinforced
what a conniving lying criminal Hillary Clinton truly is. But I digress.

Imagine if Jack Kennedy, Grover Cleveland or even Slick Willy were running in todays hyped
up political correct world of politics. Kennedy would literally have blown up in the primaries,
Cleveland would have had to explain the little Grover’s running around he fathered outside of
marriage and Bill Clinton would have had to drop out early just to handle the volume of press
releases from women who had been assaulted or propositioned, not to overlook those whom he
had consensual sexual relationships with outside of his own marriage. These 3 former Presidents
would give a whole new meaning to the “ war on women” . The hypocrisy should bother anyone
who has listened to the excuses made for Kennedy and Clinton that they just had over-active
libidos, or more to the point , that their conduct didn’t affect their ability to do their job. Good
son-in-law………..NO, President, YES

It does however give the sniffling little cowards like Jason Chaffetz all the excuse they need to now say
“ I can’t support this guy” for fear the stain of Trump’s school boy shenanigans from becoming affixed
to their own political fortunes in this age of everything is offensive to someone. Does anyone remember the
60 Minute piece back during the Clinton administration when a close confidant of Bill’s admitted when asked
what he & the President talked about on the golf course ? His response while he laughed was…… P_ _ _ _ .
Use your imagination. Today the media attacks Trump as if this type of banter among men is something
shocking. Apparently some of you have never been inside a locker room.

What Trump has said, regardless of how insensitive his comments are, is as one woman who wrote in to
one of the TV news shows this morning “does not affect my personal well being” Hillary’s open admission
that she is quite content to sit back and allow the global corporate interests to carve the world into spheres
without any concern for borders or impact on our nations sovereignty is indeed another story, or should I
say the real story. The old adage that this woman would sell her mother for another buck comes to mind.
The Presidency to her is just a golden opportunity to keep the Clinton Foundations criminal syndicate going
another decade for their own personal wealth and that of their friends. If not for the political manipulation
of the Obama Justice Department, the FBI and the State Department, this woman would have been criminally
indicted and forced from the race months ago. The criminal culpability of others within the Obama administration
was alone in and of itself reason to circle the wagons. It is sadly how it works today within our tainted political
power structure. Further evidence that the rule of law in 2016 is what the elitists say it is.

Voters with some gray matter between their ears should not dismiss that Trump isn’t running for Spiritual
counselor or even Man of the Year, and ignore the media’s feigned outrage at Trumps stupid comments. We
may end up electing the first woman to the White House that belongs, by any measure in the BIG HOUSE .

Bob Shannon
King William



Dear Editor

Subject: A lesson in how it happens..

Reading from official county documents the new Fire Marshall has requested he be given 2
assistants. Budget hawks immediately zero in anytime we detect a wasteful spending proposal
and this has for 2016 shown to be one of the more ridiculous.

Mr Aigner states that both positions will be unpaid and filled on a “ voluntary “ basis ? He
then goes on to state that “ due to the level of expertise and experience the positions will
require it is anticipated there will be minimal outlay of funding required”. We know from
experience how long this voluntary position lasts.

Folks, this is how it starts, and given the particular lies, misstatements and falsehoods over
the county fire/rescue situation perhaps it warrants a little walk down memory lane.

You might recall just 18 months ago we kept hearing that the problem was daytime staffing
Monday-Friday at Squad 1, ( KWVFD), that if only the taxpayers would pony up and pay
for daytime staffing all would be well. That lasted about 10 minutes and no sooner than the
Fire Rescue Director resigned did the B.O.S come up with the grand idea that we should have
a FIRE MARSHALL, pay him $21,000 more a year than we paid the DIRECTOR, with benefits,
about a 45% increase over the last salary, all the while no clear purpose was laid out as to
why any of this made any sense to begin with. The stated goals of getting a mutual aid
agreement between the squads, finding cost efficiencies in purchasing, improving response
times, the very same goals the last guy had and just where do we stand? The history of
government solving any problem often embodies the philosophy of throwing more money at
a problem, often times only a perceived problem, or one that would solve itself if government
got out of the way.

The documents referenced above go on to state “the assistant fire marshalls will perform annual
fire inspections ensuring that business operations continue to comply with requirements set forth
within a given occupancy classification. They will conduct field inspections to ensure fire safety
& compliance with fire and other related codes/standards”

“ Assistant fire marshalls will be responsible for performing fire & hazard investigations on
suspicious or accidental fires, environmental crimes, hazardous materials incidents and fire related
injuries/deaths to determine cause and origin of fire”

I have lived in King William now for 18 years, have a pretty good lay of the land. We have had
during that time 1 suspicious fire that I am aware of, a grocery store that burned down on 360. The
County perhaps has somewhere around 100 or so businesses. The most glaring question given that
set of facts is “ what in the hell will this guy be doing that he needs 2 assistants “? Does he think
he landed in Norfolk or Richmond ? This in my opinion is the typical EMPIRE BUILDING we
see so often in local government and why spending continues unabated. We have thrown a half
million down a rat hole in the last decade on this issue and not much has changed.

Let us hope the B.O.S comes to their collective senses and stops the bleeding (the taxpayer bleeding)

Bob Shannon
King William T.E.A Party



Dear Editor

Subject: All Hazards Mitigation Plan.

If the Rumor is true Supervisors Greenwood, Moskalski and Hodges will have some “Thanks”
coming their way. It seems the good folks at the Federal Flood Insurance and our own local
zoning may experience an uptick in their business.

The three King William Supervisors voted to keep the Sea Level rise plus 6 Feet language provided and
suggested by the Middle Peninsula Planning District Commission (MPPDC) for the King William County
“All Hazards Mitigation Plan”.

The end results can be the property owners in the expanded flood plain may have to buy Federal Flood
Insurance and let us not forget local zoning will have a say as to what may be built and how it is built
in the expanded flood plain.

Supervisors Hansen and Ehrhart voted not to include the Sea Level rise plus 6 feet language in the
King William “All Hazards Mitigation Plan”.

Middlesex, Essex, Mathews counties and the Town of Tappahannock, have already corrected the
wording in their “All Hazards Mitigation Plan” to show a rise of 1-2 feet over the next 84 years.

Here is what FEMA and VDEM confirmed:

Mari Radford of FEMA Region 3 Mitigation Division confirmed on July 14, 2016 that FEMA did
not request
the plus six feet scenario. She emphasized that FEMA wants the communities to look at
local conditions and choose what makes the most sense. She said that while sea level rise might have
been mentioned in passing in a conversation with MPPDC or their contractor, those statements were
not prescriptive. Plans may be adjusted to reflect local conditions. The counties and towns do not
have to include the plus six feet model

The base sea level rise model in the plan is set at Mean Higher High Water (MHHW), which is about
1-1/2 feet above Mean Sea Level. MHHW and NOAA’s projection of local sea level rise by 2100 of
1 to 2 feet is based on actual NOAA Virginia tidal station records. (A link to NOAA and the readings
for each station is posted at: http://insidethecrater.com/data-scenario .)

Now that you know who to Thank – Don’t be shy.

Paul Jamerson
King William, Va



Dear Editor

Subject: U.S Senate Hypocrisy on Wells-Fargo Hearings.

I watched in disgust this week the U.S Senate hearings, headlined by the esteemed
Senator Elizabeth (Pocahontas) Warren, a windbag if there ever was one, as she grilled
Wells-Fargo bank executives on the recent disclosure of the heinous practice of opening
customer accounts without the consent of the customer, for what was an apparent sales
contest that become a future episode of American Crime. It is comforting that equality
has indeed reached the top echelon of American politics, this woman can sling bull with
the very best of her male colleagues.

Wells-Fargo by now has had tens of thousands of customers close their accounts, a class
action lawsuit is in the wings and their market share will fall, think’s to the glorious effects
of free market capitalism that hands out punishment. Warren and her “feigned shock”
at these practices aside, the marketplace will deliver as it does a real deterrent to these
behaviors far beyond the self- serving, self- promoting forum these Congressional hearings
have become. It’s about “the show”, and only the most naïve Americans put any stock into
what have now become routine circuses. These hearings never produce a damn thing. No
criminal indictments or prosecutions, no impeachments or removal from office. It is Theater
for the fools. Both political parties have their own leading “entertainers”

If the good Senator and her colleagues are serious about “protecting the consumer” (or taxpayer)
then they might turn their outrage toward the following

1. The 75—250 billion each year in Medicare Fraud ( Most agree it is around 120 billion )
2. The Earned Income Tax Credit to low income families that costs some 40 billion a year
of which is some 12 billion in overpayments
3. Government issued credit cards ( just to Dept. of Agriculture employees alone) , of which
after surveying some 300 cards , 15% were found to contain fraudulent charges to the tune of
some 6 million dollars. Imagine if they extrapolated that across the tens of thousands of government
issued credit cards across the entire Federal government. Examples of some of the fraudulent
charges included tickets to Ozzy Osbourne concerts, tattoo’s, lingerie, and bartender school tuition.
4. Duplicative government programs A. 342 programs on Economic Development B. 130 serving
the disabled C. 130 serving at risk youth D. 90 that serve Early childhood development……that is
just 4 of the 100 or so that have layer after layer of duplication.

What is most disturbing is that after the cameras fade , after the news media is gone many of these
same members will line up next election cycle to collect campaign donations from………….Wells
Fargo. And the game goes on.

Bob Shannon
King William



Dear Editor

Subject: “Necessities of Conservative Action” premise needs to be challenged.

Reading Steve Tucker’s article last week on Bull Elephant I was as usual
appreciative of the knowledge, writing skill and perspective Steve always brings
to these discussions. He is a thoughtful and very deliberate observer of all things
politic. He does however in this instance miss his mark.

The article deals with the ineffectiveness of the purposed strategy by some
disgruntled conservatives who apparently are concluding they are just going
to walk away from the Republican Party and not vote if a suitable candidate
isn’t available. Steve points out the remedy is just the opposite, that these folks
need to get more involved in the party politics in lieu of “walking away”. On
that point Steve is absolutely correct.

Steve cites that “ the best way to keep representatives honest is through constant
primary challenges and criticism? He further states “ If developing antagonistic
relationships with politicians was actually effective, then why are there still
politicians not listening to their conservative constituents , conservatives have
been antagonistic for well over a decade”

This is where I take issue with Steve’s observations. The Patriot groups were
never antagonistic, but rather cleverly co-opted by these very politicians. Right out
of the gate elected officials, candidates for elective office and their vaunted PAC’s
began speaking at our meetings, making pledges to cut spending, curtail the growth
of local/State government, all the while only wanting to solicit campaign contributions
and volunteers for their phone bank and door to door canvassing. We (the Patriot
movement) got nothing in return but an endless litany of broken promises. I won’t
waste your time or VaRight’s precious space reciting them yet again; we all know
what I am referencing.

Antagonism does indeed work if executed in the correct manner. Anyone who is
familiar with the inner working of the King William TEA Party operations and 7+
year history will attest to its effectiveness. It was “ real relentless antagonism”
that resulted in the voters of King William county last November throwing 3 of
the 5 incumbents out of office. It was consistent antagonism that resulted in the
real estate tax rate finally being addressed with the seriousness it deserved. It was
and continues to be our antagonism locally that held our recent local budget passed
in June flat, while other localities had increases ranging from a low of 2.3% in
Chesterfield to a high of almost 9% in some other localities that we surveyed. It
was that same antagonism that resulted in the closing of 2 of the Land Use Tax
Exempted classes in King William some 19 months ago. No elected official, no
school official or school board member acts today in King William without
recognizing we will be looking over their shoulders and have the will to bite
if called for. You can not let them up, even for a second if you want to be

What Steve and others fail to recognize is the implementation and the ongoing
need to not relent. What is lacking is the iron will to stand up to the naysayers
and the benefactors of the status quo. Leaders in the various Patriot groups (the
only real opposition remaining) have failed to set aside their concerns for being
liked or getting along with elected officials, but to make them once again the
“servants”, and citizens the masters, the way it is supposed to be.

I have consistently offered solid evidence of what results can be gained by
playing hard ball, real hard ball. You just have to find leaders who have the
stomach for it, and don’t care about their standing with the establishment
types. We are indeed doing it here, and with a small army of equally dedicated
and committed volunteers who have the same tough constitution themselves.

Opposition must be dedicated, must be focused and willing to be absolutely
relentless. You can join the ranks of the social clubs having Pizza parties,
they do have more fun than we do, they just don’t accomplish much in
measurable results.

Bob Shannon
Founder King William TEA Party



Dear Editor

Subject: Maybe they should come with warning labels?.

New K.W County Fire Marshall Andy Aigner was quoted in the Tidewater Review when
discussing the Fire/EMS Marketing Campaign,( the $50,000 boondoggle getting ready to
roll out) “not one dollar of local money”, referencing of course that grant money from
the Fed’s would be paying for this expenditure.

While that statement may indeed be factual I wonder if Mr. Aigner is aware of the recent
C.B.O ( Congressional Budget Office) report that listed new estimates? The interest on the
national debt in FY 2016 will be 248 billion dollars, and in 2026 will almost triple to 712
Billion dollars . This is just the annual interest on the debt.

Government officials have become addicted to these grants, and treat them often like
“ found money” falling from some mystical money tree. What Mr. Aigner is overlooking
is that the $50,000 that he touts as not being of any local tax dollars is in fact money that
was borrowed from China, Saudi Arabia, Japan or perhaps another one of the foreign
entities that have now collected several trillions of U.S Treasuries that are a part of
the 20 Trillion in national debt outstanding.

Whether it be ignorance, or a callous disregard for the horrible consequences this debt will
soon bring to bear on our children’s and grandchildren’s future Mr. Aigner needs to ask the
following question. If this money is indeed factually borrowed funds that only exasperate
the growing problem of national debt………is this Marketing Campaign a sound expenditure?

You’re not spending found money Mr. Aigner, you are simply piling on to our kids credit cards.

Bob Shannon
King William T.E.A Party



Dear Editor

Subject: Bus boondoggle.

It's reliably reported that a local business "bought" a KW county-owned school bus for
one dollar.

But we're told that's OK; the bus will be used to take some students to after school programs.

Hummmmm. I'm thinking about starting a vocational training program for high schoolers
to learn landscaping. Their parents will pay me for tuition, of course.

May I please "buy" one of Dr.White's fleet of garden tractors?

I'll even double the deal with an offer of two bucks.

Robert "Sarge" Bruce
Aylett, VA



Dear Editor


Throughout the 7 year existence of the local T.E.A Party it has occurred to me that we
do all of the heavy lifting regarding opposition to local spending. In 2013 past Chairman
John Breeden spoke at the end of one of our meetings on the need for unity in a upcoming
election. I took the opportunity that night to lambast what I had observed as republican cowardice
in not publically supporting our groups goals of reining in some of the wasteful spending
that was going on under the B.O.S at that time. Whether it was local funding to the schools
(and the documented examples of foolish spending:-anyone remember the “alternative seating”)
the bailing out of a developer who had stuck county taxpayers with an inadequate water system
at McCauley Park, or a myriad of other examples where money could have been saved, possibly
lending some tax relief to KW homeowners and small businesses. Mr. Breeden had very little
to offer in terms of an explanation . He could not cite one instance of the local republican
group publically speaking out.

We are once again facing some outlandish spending projects so I thought it may be time to
check in with local republicans and inquire as to their silence on the $50,000 Fire/Rescue
Marketing Campaign, the $260,000 to build the now infamous “walking trail” between the
County Admin. Bldg and the Courthouse, the sale of a used school bus for $1 to a private
business, or maybe the proposed Clerk of the Court’s office needing a secondary security
system costing $30,000. This is what happens when you allow a 6.4 million dollar reserve
fund in the hands of politicians, always looking for self-serving ways to spread some dough
around. Not even a peep from local republicans, those who boast of wanting smaller government
and spending cuts. Mr.Breeden’s initial response informed me that former Board member
Cecil Schools was now the current Chair of the KW Republican party, and that he would copy
Mr. Schools on our correspondence. Mr. Breeden’s answer to my questions regarding the silence
of the local republican party was almost curt, he reminded me of his past effort to support local
conservative causes by supporting a former Supervisor that was usurped by a newcomer in 2011,
a not so subtle jab at the efforts that undermined his support by our group. While I am not one
to fight the same battle again, I might point out passing and promoting a brand new food &
beverage tax right out of the gate isn’t what is typically thought of as “conservative” . But I

One might attribute the local republican party’s unwillingness to publically speak out to
shyness, or perhaps what after 7 years appears to be the more obvious explanation. Local
republicans have no interest in “ upsetting the apple cart”. If the group has a purpose it
is clear to me they exist as some sort of quasi-cover for the Oligarchs. Don’t rock the boat
is the motto……..so long as the tax exemptions flow to the right crowd, so long as the kingpins
keep their BPOL exemptions while other small businesses carry the load, & pieces of the
grant money get sliced off for favorite sons, all is well in republicrat land.

The damning evidence however came this past Spring during the budget discussions, two
new Supervisors with impeccable credentials who made serious efforts to cut spending and
were savaged by those feeding at the public trough, all the while not a single word in support
of these men’s courageous effort from the KW republican party…. silence. It speaks loudly,
very loudly.

Bob Shannon
Founder King William T.E.A Party



Dear Editor


Last summer I poured over 4 years of the County schools budgets, (around 30 hours)
to learn as much as possible about what is spent , where it is spent, and often how
much is being spent in a highly suspect manner. No member of the school board has
any interest in economizing , especially salaries and compensation, of which is 87%
of what is spent annually. Let’s begin with some half- truths that were told in the front
page article “ Transportation Cuts Frustrate Residents “ from the Aug 23rd edition.

King William Schools Superintendent stated “ the schools face continually challenged
fiscal constraints & budget cuts”. That is simply not true.

Total school spending , to include local , state and federal monies they receive each year
results in expenditures that exceeded the year before. I have often pointed out the nuanced
language used among government that are purposefully misleading, terms such as “ offsets”,
“ step increases” and “salary adjustments” all designed to avoid the simple words of pay
increases. It is a despicable practice that drives home the point an honest budget discussion
with these folks is impossible. A “ budget cut” in their convoluted language is an amount that
they anticipated, being reduced (in the case of state funding this year). They still received as
much or more than last year’s state contributions but less than promised or anticipated. They
claim that Virginia cut the state appropriations this year to KW schools, the truth however is
Virginia only cut what they anticipated the states contribution would be. I chided the answer of
school board member Donald Longest last year when he was asked when the board would have
a final budget, to which he replied….

“ well, we won’t know until we have the final numbers from the state”.

In other words the final school budget would be whatever amount they had to spend , up or
down. This in spite of KW schools student population having grown by some 10 students over
a four year period.

Readers may have some interest for example in knowing that last year KW schools spent
$131,000 to buy back sick leave & unused vacation time from retiring employees of the
system. I do not advocate taking away this employee benefit, I do object to this extravagance
annually of buying the time back using taxpayer money. Perhaps one should consider themselves
lucky to have good health. Use the time or not, but don’t ask your fellow taxpayers to pay you
for it.

If one considers cost savings that would not impact students one might ask if a system with
just 4 schools really needs a Superintendent and a Assistant Superintendent , alone those two
positions cost in excess of $300,000 a year . The Assistant position should be eliminated.

It wouldn’t be a comprehensive analysis without touching on two other very important
points on this issue. Parents have become unreasonable in what they expect from public
schools. The mission is to give our children an education-----period. The schools should
never have engaged in a mission that went beyond that. It isn’t the responsibility of your
fellow taxpayers to babysit your children, or feed them for that matter. We already spend
an incredible amount of money on education, their must be a line somewhere when the
schools responsibility ends and the parents begin. I say it is when the bell rings at 3pm.

The article noted that KW Schools sold a school bus to one of the private businesses
for $1 ? Where does the schools have the authority to sell (or donate) taxpayer owned
assets at this fire sale price? Would any of them sell their own property for $1.00 ?
Further evidence of the callous disregard they show spending other people’s money.

Bob Shannon
King William



Dear Editor

Subject: "Why America is going broke?"

One need not travel any further that the KW County Admin. Bldg to see first hand why
the nation is on the fast track to financial insolvency. I was there Monday evening August 8th
for the B.O.S “ work session”. Work ……if bankrupting the nation is work, well then yes it
might be counted as work. Here is the idiocy of the ruling class.

Two years ago KW received a Federal Emergency Act (FEMA) grant in the neighborhood of
$800,000.00, specifically a S.A.F.E.R (Staffing for Adequate Fire & Rescue Response) Grant.
These grants always come with strings attached, in that the money must be spent in accordance
with the conditions spelled out.

King William had spent some $150,000 of County's money, our own money that paid for various
equipment the fire/rescue squads needed. The S.A.F.E.R grant money would reimburse the
County for the $150,000 in expenditures ……………..if the County first agrees and approves
a mandated minimal $50,000 that is to be spent in a Marketing Campaign,geared toward the
goal of recruiting volunteers to the county squads. Ask yourself a simple straightforward question,
just what would one spend $50,000 on in this mandated marketing campaign and what would be
the end result. Would the marketing company run paid ads in the Country Courier or Tidewater
Review? Would they hold a pitched tent event at the County Courthouse, give a speech at the
High School? Certainly all of this could not come close to costing $50,000. Are these things that
the County fire/rescue squads could do on their own ? It isn’t a secret that the squads are in need
of volunteers so what would be the end result of this marketing campaign? Nada—zilch- in my humble
opinion. Someone at FEMA has a pal in the marketing industry that cooked up such goofy nonsense.

The honorable thing , the right thing for this B.O.S to do is to send this money back and tell the
Fed’s ---NO THANKS. That won’t happen because you have 3 Supervisors on this current Board
who are all advocates for this type of wasting of taxpayer’s hard earned money. Consider for the moment
that this nonsense is going on in thousands of localities across America, and then you begin to grasp how
we have ended up 20 Trillion dollars in accrued debt.

Add to the mix the $260,000 ( $40,000 of which would be local money ) being considered to
build a "Walking Trail" between the County Admin Bldg and the Courthouse and you begin to
get the picture. A walking trail that at best a few dozen people would use in any given year.
If spending is ever to be curtailed can we hope such frivolous low hanging fruit like these two
examples could be voted down, otherwise instruct your children and grandchildren to batten down
the hatches. Make sure you spell for them Moskalski, Greenwood and Hodges correctly so they
know who lent to the mountain of debt they will find themselves digging out from.

Bob Shannon
King William, VA



Dear Editor

Subject: " Hazard Plan - Article in July 6, 2016 King William LOCAL"

At the intersection of journalism and politics when science is injected it is imperative
that objectivity be foremost in any statements regarding “ established science”

Mr. Patrick Gordon states in his front page article that “ 97% of actively publishing
climate scientists agree that climate change not only exists, but is extremely likely
due to human activities” Mr. Gordon cites data from NASA, apparently since this
institution is viewed by many Americans as trustworthy & credible. The science is
unsettled and this view that any changes in the temperatures are man-made is being
refuted in increasing numbers, even by respected climate scientists that previously
held that very view.

Dr. Patrick Moore co-founder of Greenpeace in testimony before Congress(Feb 2014)
took issue with the claim that “ since the mid-20th century it is extremely likely that human
influence has been the dominant cause of the observed warming” Moore further noted that
“ there is no scientific proof that human emissions of carbon dioxide are the dominant
cause of the minor warming of the Earth’s atmosphere over the past 100 years” .

Dr. Fritz Vahrenholt, father of Germany’s environmental movement is another leading
voice questioning the claims of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change(IPPC)
Dr.Vahrenholt has found climate models that have been “ fudged” to produce exaggerated
temperature increases. He states: “ the facts need to be discussed sensibly and scientifically,
without first deciding on the results”

James Lovelock , a highly regarded scientist on the issue predicted in 2006 that
“ before this century is over billions of us will die and the few breeding pairs of
people that survive will be in the Arctic where the climate remains tolerable”
More recently however he admitted to MSNBC…” we don’t know what the
climate is doing. We thought we knew 20 years ago. That led to some alarmist
books….mine included….because it looked clear cut, but it hasn’t happened”.

Moore states: “ a powerful convergence of interests, scientists seeking grant money,
media seeking headlines, universities seeking huge grants from major institutions,
foundations, environmental groups, politicians wanting to make it look like they are
saving future generations have all converged on this issue. Moore further warns that
“ the alarmism is driving scare tactics to adopt energy policies that are going to create
a huge amount of energy poverty among poor people.

Nobel Laureate physicist Dr. Ivar Glaever has referred to global warming ideology
as a “ pseudoscience” that begins with an emotionally –appealing hypothesis,
and then only looks for items which appear to support it, while ignoring ample
contrary evidence”.

The potential danger to including the 6’ sea level rise in the language is
that a future regulatory agency could use this very language as justification for
requiring anyone living or wanting to build within the greatly expanded flood plain
boundaries, (applying for a loan and or a building permit)to be forced to purchase
Federal Flood Insurance as a prerequisite for approval of said loans/permits. This
dramatically alters private property rights in a manner unforeseen at the moment by
well-intended local legislators who see no harm in including the language, even though
it isn’t required. Matthews & Essex County approved their All Hazard Mitigation plans
after deleting the language referring to the 6’ Sea Level rise, while King William county
B.O.S voted to include the language. Let’s hope King William reverses their decision.

The Federal Flood Insurance Program has operated with significant deficits for
decades and one consideration as to why this language is even in the drafted version
is to offer up a whole new market for the programs insurance, especially if it
would be required to build or develop property lying within the vastly expanded flood
plain boundaries. Supervisor Hodges representing West Point might indeed have some
explaining to do one day if every citizen in his district learned they now had to
buy the Federal Flood Insurance for no better reason than the language was included
in the version King William County adopted.

Maybe Supervisor Hodges will pay their premium ?

Bob Shannon
King William, VA



Dear Editor

Subject: "Empire Building"

My pal Robert Bruce has a phrase "Empire Building". Local government chieftains
have a odd practice of creating new positions and departments out of thin air,
often with no or little rationale for even doing so to begin with.

After watching the debacle in 2014-15 , as the new Fire/EMS Chief took over with
hopes of reining in what was at times an almost comical version of fire/rescue
squads that came straight out of an old 3 Stooges skit, literally. We have miscreants
borrowing money ( unsecured ) from their squads, in essence borrowing from KW
taxpayers without any official consent, we had self dealing members with side business
selling fire/rescue equipment, selling equipment to their own squads, and to throw
in for laughs I suppose a admitted arsonist running one of them. Steven Spielberg
couldn't come up with a script more entertaining than the reality here in KW. Nothing,
not a damn thing was accomplished by this new position, the ne'r do well's promised
of course to not do it again, and that they would work to fix the problems. The problem
is these individual squads are not employees of the county, they have no obligation
to abide by anything the B.O.S ( or a new Fire Marshall ) tell them to do, other than
the perceived threat of local taxpayer funding might be cut off. Hell, they can't or
won't even agree to abiding by a Mutual Aid agreement.

A responsible B.O.S would have cut the funding years ago, but stooges on the
board did the bidding of their crony capitalist pals who stood to be economically
harmed if KWVFD had been closed. I sat in the room and watched the Board throw
more of our hard earned money down the rat hole myself. Bank loans made with
the most suspicious of circumstances and in short order KW taxpayers were bailing
out the repayment of the loan, one that should never been made to begin with.

Here comes a new County Administrator, and 3 new members on the B.O.S........
........problem solved, or made worse?

They immediately set out to solve the problem , using the exact government blue
print used over & over & over

Let's make the department bigger, hire some new folks with even grander salaries
and perks, throw in some additional employees , give all of them fancy sounding

If not for the watchful eye of Hansen & Ehrhart and their vigorous defense of taxpayers
dollars, this would go on unchecked. The idea being floated that this new Fire Marshall
should also have a few assistants is yet another open assault on our sensibilities
and our wallets !

Leave it to folks like Moskalski(who never met a problem that more staff & money wouldn't cure)
and Hodges, a life long government bureaucrat who hasn't a clue, to come up with the idea
that new positions, larger salaries and fancy titles will actually achieve a damn thing.
King William has 16,300 citizens, and a limited amount of money it can afford to spend on
local government.

The only remedy I see if we are to rein this nonsense in would be to dramatically reduced the
6.4 million dollar reserve fund. This excessive reserve fund allows this kind of nonsense to
continue. Moskalski, Hodges and Greenwood see nothing wrong with spending ten's of thousands
of dollars needlessly because this grandiose reserve fund has millions to play with.

A Resolution to reduce this reserve fund balance in the form of dramatic reductions in the
bloated real estate tax rate should be introduced as soon as practically possible. Starve the
beast, because these Supervisors need put on a diet.

Bob Shannon
King William T.E.A Party



Dear Editor

Subject: Hardly a balanced report

In Sarah Fearings headline article of June 29 titled “ Sowing seeds for the future”
Ms. Fearing left out and or failed to present a balanced reporting of some relevant
facts that warrant exposure. The story, started as a fact based difficulty farmers
face drawing in new people to the industry, but then veered off into the tax arena.

The article mentions such issues as Land Use Tax Exemptions, to include mention of
King & Queen County, but fails to report King & Queen county has no Land Use Tax
Exemption program, yet appears to have an equal number of profitable farm operations
in spite of this. The article cites USDA data …..yet excludes any mention of the
$17,191,000.00 paid out in Federal Farm subsidies to just King William farmers from
1995—2012, info that can be readily vetted at http://farm.ewg.org for anyone wanting
to tell the whole story. It has been noted numerous times that some 74% of these subsidies
go to farm households with annual incomes that range from $250,000--$1,000,000 a year.
Sound like the” hit & miss” industry that it is often portrayed as? I read no mention of the
numerous other tax exemptions that exists, such as the local exemption from the B.P.O.L
tax, the subsidies other tax payers pay for crop insurance, the exemption from paying annual
renewals for vehicle license tags.

Among local farmers quoted, Mr. John Mills said that “ farm fields don’t cost the county
any money for services, houses do “ I might ask a straightforward question of a statement
like that, what do restaurants, auto repair shops, barber shops, convenience stores, bakeries,
grocery stores cost the county in terms of services? All of the businesses mentioned above
pay the going freight on real estate, property etc.

As for the statement that “ one bad year can prevent a farm from continuing operations”
two obvious questions come to mind. If that is the case then how do you have farms that
have been passed down 3-4 generations? One overlooked point is to ask how is this any
different from the thousands of businesses (quite a few here locally) that could not survive
the downturn in the economy since 2008, continuing even today? Why is any 1 industry
treated differently ? The United States used to practice capitalism, a free market approach
to how the fittest survived and prospered, the competition served all of us well, directing
capital to its most productive use. Today , from farming to education to energy, it is more
about political influence than free markets or competition. Take a close look at the public
politician’s campaign donor lists, all readily available for anyone wanting to do the work.
It is a “ who’s who” dominated by these same folks who line up every election cycle and
write the checks to keep the circus going.

Maybe it explains why we are witnessing a revolt among the voters, they are sick of the
rigged game.

Bob Shannon
King William T.E.A Party



Dear Editor

Subject: Maybe if we called them Nazi’s ?

When it comes to matters as grave as National Security, all Americans, regardless of their
politics want to see our President succeed in keeping this nation safe. We ask God to give
our leaders wisdom, guide them to make sound decisions on our behalf. The time has come however
to simply face the hard reality that this President and his policies are endangering America.
The facts in a Long Island New York arrest last week make it abundantly clear how poor decisions
and policy choices are now in need of a national movement to correct course.

Police raided the home and arrested Edward Perkowski and his brother after execution of a
search warrant that led police to find among other things, a .40 caliber pistol, 6 assault
rifles ,25 high capacity magazines, a shotgun and stun gun, $40,000 in cash and bomb making
instructions, along with Nazi hate literature. Long Island Police Commissioner Timothy Sini
said in a press release “ we have 2 individuals who clearly subscribe to a hateful
violent ideology” ?

Contrast that with the history of the Orlando killer who had been interviewed twice that we
know of by the FBI, his trips to Saudi Arabia, his violent posts on numerous social media websites,
his colleagues who have indicated this guy was indeed dangerous and ask just 1 simple clear
question. Why is it 2 men in Long Island were able to be apprehended before they did harm or
committed a violent act, yet we have a openly hostile sympathizer to Radical Islam , operating
in the open with regard to his hostilities and radical views………and he not
only walks around freely but within weeks of his heinous and cowardly act is permitted to purchase
numerous weapons he then used to kill 49 people and seriously wound scores of others ?

There is only one obvious answer. This President and his administration’s policies
have gone far beyond any reasonable explanation of attempting to foster a working relationship
with moderate Muslims, it has reached a point where logic & common sense need restored.
Civil liberties , protected as they rightfully are, are being used now to justify and defend
the indefensible. Civil rights and protecting them is no excuse for not taking precautions to
eradicate this growing threat living here among us.

This guy didn’t kill those people with free speech, and should have been either under
constant surveillance or in a jail cell on criminal charges that clearly could have been brought,
absent this idiotic obsession this administration has with avoiding the obvious. Obama has
blood on his hands for refusing to take the necessary measures to keep Americans safe-----his
first obligation as President .

Bob Shannon
King William, Va



Dear Editor

Subject: Broadband Study Report or Lets Make A Deal?

On June 2, 2016 K. Charles Griffin the King William County Administrator copied you on an email
titled FW: Updated King William Report (copy attached) final Broadband Study Report from Va Tech
and the VA CIT. You may want to consider the following issues if you are planning on doing a report
on internet service in King William as the County is in early stages of making plans to spend big
amounts of money on something that may not even be needed and they don’t have a clue what
Broadband even is.

The King William Co Broadband Geodesign Study 6-1-2016 FINA is an incomplete study for Broadband
service as a number of items are not included in this study and the fact that what is being considered
is not Broadband service at all. It is almost like whoever requested this study did not want all
forms of Broadband, costs or feasibility included in this study. As a side note internet service
was one of my areas of responsibility before I retired from the Virginia Department of Transportation.

Several items are missing from this study.

1. This is not a Broadband study but a High Speed Internet Sturdy. The study authors don’t seem to know what
Broadband is.

2. The FCC set 25MB down and upload speed as Broadband in 2015.

3. King and Queen County does not provide Broadband service as their top speed is only 6MB at a cost of $89 per month
plus tax. The cost of service from K&Q is extremely high as a Comcast customer in Hanover and Henrico
counties can obtain speeds of 25MB at a cost of around $89 per month which also includes phone and TV

4. DSL is not Broadband because of the speed requirements by the FCC.

5. Why is wireless internet the only thing being considered.

6. Why is BPL which is already wired to ever home by the power companies not being considered?

7. Who are the parties that will benefit from going only with wireless Broadband?

8. Who will benefit from KW setting up a utility run by the county?

9. Who’s land will these towers be on and what is the rental fee being paid to the land owners?

10. Why no monthly estimated cost figures for end users.

11. What are the estimated number of users KW can expect or loose once other systems come on line and
what impacts will new systems have on exiting users and cost of the system?

12. Why are there no coverage areas and speeds estimates at 2,4,6,8 miles from towers? How about tree
impacting this as homes less than 5 miles from the W&Q towers can’t get service. This needs to be
know before any towers are designed or built.

13. Why is there no mention of Comcast having already wired major subdivisions in KW for telephone, TV
and Broadband? So cost figures for wired internet are misleading. Why is there no mention of using the
existing franchise agreement with Comcast to either take the franchise from Comcast and give it to another
company that would finish development of the service? Other localities have forced cable companies to build
out service in their area, so why is KW not pursuing this approach as it would provide Broadband to uses in
the 360 corridor beginning about where King William Exxon is located up to the W. River Road close to the
K&Q county line and down route 30 from the KW Estates subdivision by KW high school going up to the Cherry
Hill subdivision and would include subdivisions behind King William Exxon and the two subdivisions located
behind the existing Comcast satellite antennas off route 360 at Venter Road. Why has KW not developed an
ordinance requiring developers to hard wire new subdivisions when they are approved for development? This
approach would be cost efficient as it would cost approximately $30,000 to tie into the existing fiber cable
running down route 360 and then build a small building off of route 360 at Venter Road next to the existing
Comcast satellite antennas to house the equipment to provide the phone, TV and Broadband service. Then as
needed coverage could move towards the KW courthouse and two towers could be built if needed, one at each
end of service on route 30 to cover another 4-8 miles out.

14. Why no mention of 5G which will be 3.5GB to 10GB or faster fixed wireless broadband with commercial
offerings coming in 2017 and the entire country by 2020 is being developed by all major cell phone companies.
Once the extreme high speeds of 5G wireless are online, those wired connections wouldn’t be necessary anymore.
5G will be provide using cell towers as service hubs.

15. Why no mention of 6G Air Fiber which is already being deployed in Europe with speeds of up to 10GB?
6G has no Lag or Ping – making it the perfect choice for gamers and you could watch 8-10 videos without
any buffering or delays.

16. Why no mention of Google Fiber gigabit WiFi to last mile users mentioned or being considered? Google
is developing a plan to beam 5G internet down via speedy wireless from solar-powered drones.
The service is currently available in five metro areas across six states, and it is eventually coming to six
other metro areas. The company has identified 11 additional locations as potential markets. Also, KW will
have no control if this is implemented.

17. Why no mention of G.Fast which promises download speeds of nearly 750MB by way of a regular phone
line -- a speed of about 30 times what the average home Broadband services currently offer. This service uses
the copper wires that already exist in many homes, apartment buildings and other structures to offer more service
options and greater speed. http://www.newsfactor.com/mobile/?sid=13000ER98886&do=story

18. There is no mention of what will occur when the telecommunication companies begin providing the new
speed services. KW would have no control of this when the cell companies roll out 5g service beginning 2017.
The homeowners again will be left eating the cost of the towers and equipment KW installs like we did with the
KW water and sewer system. Also, KW will have no control when the G.Fast is implemented.

Fred Krauss
King William, Va



Dear Editor

Subject: Full Disclosure for Del. Peace?

Once again we have a legislator espousing the benefits of a tax exemption scam without a single mention of the
ancillary issues surrounding just why he takes this position. If Del. Peace wants to chime in on Land Use Tax
Exemptions he might consider all of the issues, not just the ones his donors pay him to promote. I noted after
reading his article twice Peace used the term “land use taxation” 6 separate times....never once using
the word exemption?

Peace credits the tax scam for promoting jobs, and labels it a “conservation measure for all seasons”. It
is what he leaves out that tells the story of his self-serving nature in promoting the continuation of this tax

Peace never mentions the cost to homeowners and other small businesses, choosing instead to cite the slanted
economic benefits that we now have had to listen to over and over. To Peace’s credit, he stopped short
of advancing the biggest fraud that it slows economic development. Initially that puzzled me because it is
often at the top of the list of advocates arguments….until it occurred to me that then Peace would have
had to answer questions about the rapid development in Hanover County. If it slowed development that so
many of its supporters claim……what happened in Hanover? Development took place in Hanover at the
pace that it did for 2 simple reasons, its proximity to Richmond, access to major infrastructure and it’s
developed value now exceeded its agricultural/forestry value. Just look at how fast the “ open space”
theory went out the window when owners realized it was worth more developed .

I support Americans using their private property in a manner that best suits them, whether it be farming,
forestry or developing their property. What I don’t support is using the tax code as an excuse or tool
to give tax breaks to political patrons, then disguising it as some sort of noble purpose. Peace never even
gets relatively close in any analysis of the comprehensive tax breaks afforded these select groups, never
mentions the huge federal subsidies or the laundry list of additional tax exemptions that go to households
with annual incomes from $250,000-------$1,000,000 a year. But heh, for any doubters take a close look at
Peace’s campaign donor list, maybe he ought to include that as a disclaimer when he writes editorials,
self-serving as they are.

As for the economic cost/benefit analysis that Peace states as being so beneficial, answer this Mr. Peace
………why is it route 30 needs repaved about every 45 minutes? Lower taxes for everyone
and a 2011-12 G.A study shown that if the entire Virginia tax code was thrown into the ocean Virginia could
cut in half both the State income tax and the State sales tax, benefitting all Virginians, not just the folks
who keep writing you checks every two years.

Bob Shannon
King William, VA
King William & Mechanicsville TEA Party



Dear Editor

Subject:The Pink Elephant in the room

The maligning of both the purpose of our opposition to ever expanding local government, and the purposefully
misleading statements attributed to something I am alleged to have said apparently know no bounds. Mr. Wagner’s
campaign to discredit both me personally and our groups efforts collectively won’t stand up to the scrutiny of
the truth. Making the statement that I said something should at a minimum require the writer to show where and when
I said it. Writing to local newspapers affords citizens to state their position, Wagner seems determined to use it for
less honorable purposes.

“ Following the election Shannon loudly proclaimed that the tea party had thrown out three of the incumbents
on the B.O.S”----- If indeed I proclaimed anything it was that voters had thrown out 3 of the incumbents
running for re-election , which they indeed did. Those pesky facts just keep getting in Wagner’s way.

We “ laid claim to Greenwood as one of our own “ ? Greenwood for 4 years proclaimed a philosophy
on spending cuts that aligned with our groups, that local gov’t spending needed reined in. That naturally
lent to our groups support for Greenwood but it is preposterous to suggest that the tea party claims anyone
as “ their own”. As for scaring Greenwood back into the group………we are not inclined to associate with
elected officials who mislead or lie to voters. Greenwood stood in my driveway within days of the November
election and told me “ I want to cut it 1 million”, referencing the amount of local funding to the schools.
That irrevocably stains Greenwood as a liar in the eyes of those who supported him under his false pretenses.
He distorted the truth again in the public service announcement last week in a local community newspaper by
claiming that the KWCPS budget had been cut. The County schools this year will spend approximately $ 407,000
more than they did last year. To suggest that I have attempted to speak for Greenwood……..I simply repeated
what Mr. Greenwood has said publically, and the votes he had taken in his first 4 years on the Board.

If Wagner wants to defend the deplorable tactics School Board Chair Kathy Morrison used in February to instill
fear and anxiety among parents of school age children, well, he makes my point regarding the lax ethical standards
that govern what Wagner say’s…….truth doesn’t matter . The reaction of the school board informing their constituents
of “likely impacts on the schools “………Wagner exposes himself in that one statement on just how far he will go to
advance his cause. Everyone knew bus service would never be cancelled, sports programs & extracurricular programs
wouldn’t be ended. It was a shameful expose on the tactics and distortions these folks use when any fiscal discipline is
in order.

As for Land Use Tax exemptions, Mr. Wagner wasn’t in the room last June ( I was ) when Greenwood voted
to close forestry, nor was Wagner present at lunch in February this year when Greenwood told me personally he
still intended to close it. Proven to be “his own man” ? The only thing Greenwood has proven is he can not
be trusted with what he says. Perhaps Greenwood can fall back on the old political standby, that his position on
school spending and land use has evolved ? Caving to pressures…indeed he did , but it wasn’t from us. We simply
took the man at his word, and the lies he told us have now been exposed, regardless of any spin he or Mr. Wagner
try to put on it. It’s called accountability.

Bob Shannon
Founder King William TEA Party 2009
King William, Va



Dear Editor

Subject:If it requires a war in the republican party, let’s get on with it.

I have always admired the Bush family and their collective service to our nation. George H.W Bush
in particular because of his heroic service during WW II and his genuine zest for life, exhibited
up until the last few years with his age defying acts to celebrate his birthdays.

All of that however is in danger of slipping away with the childlike behavior exhibited this
week when they publically stated their intent of not endorsing Trump ,and or not voting for him.
Perhaps Jeb , a recent combatant in what was at times an unpleasant primary campaign might still
be licking his wounds, but for the family including 2 former Presidents to behave this way is

“ Read my lips”, the now infamous quote of H.W’s during his 1988 campaign, and in 2004
W’s promoting and passage of Medicare Part D (solely to secure a 2nd term himself) hardly endear these
two as stalwart conservatives in the minds of those who were encouraged in 2008 and 2012 to set
aside any differences in the interest of party unity. This conduct only solidifies many conservatives
view that the Bush family embodiment of establishment politics is so ingrained as to preclude them
from now accepting the will of the voters in their choice of Trump as a standard bearer for the
Republican Party.

If indeed this fracture isn’t healed and Hillary Clinton is sworn in next January those
of us who have held our noses in the past and supported candidates that were too establishment
for our tastes will not soon forget the Bush families distasteful conduct . If the republican
party is to go to war with itself, then so be it. Electing the Bush candidates hardly served
conservative values, and voters have clearly had enough of the family monarchy, to include both
the Bush and Clinton family.

Bob Shannon

King William, Va



Dear Editor

Subject: Mis-informed Citizens contribute to the problem

In America we treasure the right for every citizen to express their point of view, even when it
encourages & contributes to a problem only becoming worse. This occurs because of a unwillingness
or a apathy towards the labor required to learn the facts before expressing their views. The May 4
edition of the Country Courier provides a glaring example of the misinformation and ignorance that
has facilitated the reckless spending to go unabated. Case in point.

The writer stated that “ if the BOS wanted to do something positive for education, they
might seek more federal and state monies for KW Schools”.

Now maybe this individual has a personal stake in more money for the schools, a family member may
be employed there, he himself might work for the schools, but the question asked is the wrong one.
Just where does this guy think the state and federal money comes from? The proper question is ……how
much money does it take to run the schools efficiently while getting the desired result? I doubt
this person could answer what the school budget was last year, what amount went to debt service,
has the student population changed the last 10 years, what amount of the school budget goes to
salary/benefits, or does KW County with just 4 schools need a Superintendent and an Assistant
Superintendent? Those 2 positions alone costs in excess of $270,000 a year combined in salary and
benefits. If they are not necessary how do the children in the schools benefit by this waste? But
heh, I don’t want to tax his brain too much with questions he probably hasn’t even asked himself.

Maybe this man ought to attend some of our meetings where he would learn that beside Puerto Rico,
we have Illinois, New Jersey , California, New York State, and a host of others not far behind in
financial collapse. Municipal defaults now range from Atlantic City, Detroit, Stockton Calif, Jefferson
County Alabama. Maybe he isn’t aware of the 20 trillion in debt at the Fed level (where he suggests we
go for more money) None of this happened overnight, it wasn’t one bad decision but a series of bad
decisions over a long period of time that led to the cities/towns/counties going broke. Anyone making
these types of statements is either very bad at math or woefully ignorant.

Opinions like this man’s represent the danger mentioned above when we listen to points of
view that originate with the uninformed. Public sector compensation without a single exception
is mentioned in every explanation as to what happened in the States & localities now broke. As we
stated on one of our sign messages last year the danger to our children is the……. debt, often
times being driven by the policies espoused by those who know nothing of which they speak.

Bob Shannon
King William, Va



Dear Editor

Subject: Accountability –The Missing Link

Missing from an effective strategy to fix the spending problem in government is the refusal of citizens
to play hard ball when elected officials campaign on fixing X, and then don’t fix X. Citizens fail
in the follow up. The primary purpose for forming the King William TEA Party in 2009 was to address this.
Accountability in King William has a new meaning, it has real teeth and one of our own is about to
experience the bite .

For his first term Chairman Stephen Greenwood held fast to his public pronouncements that local spending
should be cut. In 2012, at his first Budget meeting Greenwood offered a proposal to cut spending across
the board 5%. Naturally this was met with ridicule and cries “that can’t be done”, by the folks who think
taxpayers are ATM machines. Greenwood stood his ground voting NO 4 years in a row on the County
Budget. It was inspiring.

In 2015 and after a vigorous debate on the issues, voters sent Greenwood help in electing two new Supervisors
who pledged to join Greenwood in cutting spending and getting KW taxpayers some overdue tax relief. The
perception was that (based on Greenwoods past declarations/actions) finally some of the excesses would be
reined in. After 4 years on the Board and studying in detail the bloated budgets, this would finally be
addressed in the serious manner that it deserved. Citizens held out hope.

Unfortunately reality set in and Greenwood with no other plausible explanation simply caved to the pressure
brought first by the Zoo like atmosphere at the KW Board of Supervisors meeting on Monday February 22,
orchestrated by the lies & distortions used by the utterly shameless School Board Chair, bringing out hordes
of panicked parents who clearly scared Greenwood to his core. That was soon followed by the Oligarchs who
continue to pound the virtues of the Land Use Tax Exemption program, a glorious scheme if there ever was one,
nothing more than a tax shifting scam hoisted upon citizens by the G.A back in the late 70’s. It was apparently
more than Greenwood could stand.

Serving as Chairman this year he has not only broken faith with voters on his previously stated budget
intentions, but has joined in the smear campaign against two of his own colleagues, Supervisors Hansen
and Ehrhart. Now accountability must be publically demonstrated that Greenwood won’t be allowed
to get away with his betrayal, regardless of his reasons.

Voter cynicism is fueled by politicians who do exactly what Greenwood has done. The difference is this
time Greenwood will be publically held accountable. Consider this the opening salvo.

Bob Shannon
King William, VA



Dear Editor

Subject: Status Quo Crowd getting desperate ?

Having attended the majority of the Board of Supervisor meetings the last 8 years, I can’t say until Land
Use Exemption Programs came under threat, and the tax shifting game was exposed, do I even recall
Mr. Mills attending these meetings. To disguise why he is now showing up he portends that it is because
these new Supervisors “ can’t be trusted “ ?

I have read the 8 page protocol on how a Board meeting is to be conducted so I might begin with pointing
out a few FACTS, those annoying things that get in the way of propaganda, a tactic employed these days by
the very folks who call out my behavior as intimidating or unruly.

Mr. Mills waxes poetically, longing for the good old days when as he states….. “ whereas in the past we trusted
all of our Supervisors to do so, which is no longer the case” Translation: King William now has at least 2 Supervisors
who won’t dance to the Oligarchs band. He then states…… “ Their actions bear watching and their questionable
decisions scrutinized” Translation: Hansen & Ehrhart ( legally elected by the voters in their districts to do what
apparently the voters agreed with) don’t mesh with Mr. Mills agenda………therefor can’t be trusted? The subtle
message in Mr. Mills writing indicates his true colors…..unless your opinion and views align with his------you can’t
be trusted? I would at least respect him if he was just direct and said what he thinks….. he is simply annoyed because
he can’t control 2 of them as opposed to the past when Supervisors danced to he and his crony pals tune. Should
any citizen share their opposing views/opinions with elected officials, well in Mr. Mills warped world that automatically
makes the elected officials suspect ?

Up to and including the meeting on Monday February 22,( the circus ) I have sat through no fewer than a
dozen meetings where speakers during the public comment period were generously allowed to ramble on and
on and on , well past any 3 or 5 minutes afforded them, without a scintilla of objections from a single Board
member……..until after the February 22 meeting when things clearly got out of control. I wrote the Board
members that very evening offering the suggestion that they indeed implement the very controls afforded them
in the 8 page memorandum outlining how a Board meeting is to be conducted. Odd that Mr. Mills and or Mr. Wagner
NOW CALL FOR ORDER? Mr. Wagner to the best of my recollection never objected when countless other speakers
went well beyond their allotted time, but dare someone like me who refuses to cower go 15 seconds over the
limit……we can’t have that now can we .. Hypocrites employ selective memory, and why …..
because they just don’t like what I have to say. Conservatives in the county begin to speak up, and all of a sudden protocol takes
on new urgency.

Mr. Mills in his letter of April 20th states that I ignored the Chairs direction that my time had ended.
This is untrue. What I did was simply point out what I reference above, how this time limit has been
totally ignored over many years, but now is a issue , now that an opposing point of view is gaining some
traction in the community , the status quo wants to shut us up. My last words I spoke before walking away
after speaking were ….“Thank you gentlemen for your time”. Odd how Mr. Mills cites my lack of respectful
manner but excludes the individual sitting in the room who said loud enough for everyone to hear “ shut up
and go sit down”. Equally telling is the lack of the Chair gaveling the person making those comments. I
have often times bit my tongue when I sat in these meetings and had to listen to others make outlandish statements,
or drone on and on ,but I always observed the common courtesies denied me on April 4th.

As for me storming out of the building, I quietly and calmly returned to my seat, recognized what time it
was and left because I start my day normally at 4:30 am, but heh ,what’s a little lie on top of the
first one ?

“ Protecting our County”, particularly telling that Mr. Mills didn’t say “ the county” ---but our county….
What Mr. Mills and others of his ilk are protecting is the status quo. To assign nefarious motives to Hansen
and Ehrhart (who he is clearly referencing) is an insult to the voters who sent these 2 honorable men to
that Board to do a job, cut spending and lower taxes. Apparently or conveniently Mr. Mills overlooks that the
majority of voters in both the 4th & 5th districts have another point of view, one that he insults by implying
their very votes for these 2 gentlemen somehow don’t matter. It is the likes of Mr. Mills who has no
respect for others point of view. Just what did the election results mean to Mr. Mills ? These voters and
the opinions they expressed at the polls in November according to Mr. Mills are not valid? News Flash
Mr. Mills……you don’t run the show anymore.

Very few Supervisors of the past displayed any independence, often times jockeying to publically portray
themselves as independent, but maintaining the status quo so as to not upset the delicate arrangement
existing to keep the Oligarchs happy. Policy decisions told the real story. If revenue needed raised---go
tap the beleaguered homeowner or small business owner who didn’t have the special status assigned to
a very small well connected group .

Their game plan has shifted out of necessity…..turn the new Supervisors who won’t bow and a handful
of out spoken members of the County into villains. The only problem is we are not beholden or silenced
with the pathetic & obvious form of manipulation these folks now employ. They lost at the ballot box so
pull out the villain card. Rest assured Mr. Mills the only folks buying this are already in your corner,
your reach is restricted to the self serving crowd who want things to remain just as they are. Bloviating
won’t change the minds of the folks with their eyes now wide open and tuned into how things here in King
William have been run for far too long.

Bob Shannon
Central Garage



Dear Editor

Subject: Flash Mob

I was at the King William Board of Supervisor’s (BOS) Meeting on Feb 22, 2016. It seems the
King William School Board (KWSB) Chair & Vice-Chair Ms. Morrison and Ms. Robinson had a Post
on the KWSB website stating a possible $5 million cut to SOQ’s would result in 6 targeted areas being
impacted or terminated. I later was informed Emails went out asking as many as possible to show up
at the next BOS meeting.

There were 300 plus in attendance of which at least 25 spoke for the KWSB. I feel all would benefit
from their comments. The speakers were kids, pupils, parents and teachers.

What was said by the KWSB supporters: The main theme was “Do not cut the KWSB budget“. The
sub-themes were based on why the targeted items should be saved, a few had cross purposes of
character assignation of “sitting supervisors” and fund the budget, one speaker stated the school system
kept the value of our property up & increased home sales, settle the budget dispute so the experts at KWSB
can get back to work and various testimonials of the positive benefits the students received from
KWSB’s targeted items.

What was not said by the KWSB supporters: An acknowledgement that the KWSB decides which programs to
fund or not to fund, Any mention of a compromise or valid points for cutting the budget, A "Thank You"
To Ms. Morrison and Ms. Robinson for in simple language stating the $5 million dollars is the cost of
the targeted items, if the School Board targeted items go away - how will the funds received be spent,
Why a reduction in the size of management and bureaucracy is not needed, Any mention of using Technology
to improve the efficiency of all KWSB employees, Why asking for guidance from other School Boards that
have dealt successfully with budget problems without a budget increase is not needed, the targeted items
were the recommendations of the experts - is it now time for some new experts and will the kids be able
to afford to live in a rural county with one of the highest real estate tax rates in the state when they

On Feb 23, 2016 in an article by Sarah Fearing in the Tidewater Review (link on - www.kwteaparty.com)
reported a $630,000.00 increase in state funds (ear marked for additional positions and salary raises).
Operating costs are expected to remain level along with a smaller debt service to pay in the upcoming year.
No mention of the 6 targeted areas, putting the money in a rainy day fund or the increasing additional
Federal funds that are to come. It seems “The goal is to spend it before you lose it” and ask
for more next year. This approach has always worked in the past.

I keep hearing it is for the Kids –This should mean exploring all options to make sure our
kids and our tax payers are getting their monies worth from our school system.


Paul Jamerson
King William, Va



Dear Editor

Subject: Are the Oligarchs shoes too tight?

Nice to see the Oligarchs now concerned about spending. Mr. Campbell last year for the first time
spoke on items he thought could be eliminated from the 2014/15 budget. The timing of his comments
were oddly coincidental since Land Use Tax Exemptions were on the chopping block. Watch how fast
local spending gets reined in should the Land Use Tax Exemption program be eliminated. The whiners
writing letters now with a furious pace could never find the time to attend a BOS budget meeting and
or crusade with us on cutting spending …..until now.

Mr. Campbell offers beleaguered homeowners a .01 reduction in the real estate tax rate while advocating
for self-serving tax exemptions & subsidies . Mr. Campbell’s new found budget frugality might suggest
which one of the exemptions/subsidies would he be willing to let go of, since he wants to keep these
superior County services he touts as necessary. Cato and other institutions have labelled Federal Farm
Subsidies “corporate welfare”, maybe he is willing to start there ? Campbell defends Land Use Tax
exemptions, which are “tax shiftingStop calling it Tax Exemptions----it is tax shifting. Stop calling
it (if ended) a “tax increase”. It would be an end to an EXEMPTION.
The runaway development
nonsense is beginning to sound like a parrot. Amend the Comprehensive Plan to allow for minimum
10 acre lots ….if that is their real concern.

As for the KWTP and the tactics of intimidation? When you can’t win the argument on the facts smear the
other side
. KWTP holds elected officials accountable, a necessity if we are to correct the problems facing
both our communities and our nation. For too long we allowed politicians to make campaign pledges,
only to watch them morph afterwards into mouth pieces for local power brokers. Mr. Campbell labels
that intimidation, voters disagreed. Beneficiaries of the status quo simply refuse to accept their agenda
was defeated. The average Joe/Jane had had enough. We have some Supervisors who now are pushing
the voters agenda.

Supervisor Hansen coined the phrase “ homeowners in KW county are not sharecroppers”, and
that sentiment was reflected in comments last Monday night when one of the folks benefitting by
these schemes said “ some of us are from here & some of you are come here’s” Does this
man understand the form of government we have in the U.S , or know that half or more of the citizens of
King William today are “come here’s”. Is he suggesting a different class of citizenship for these folks?

Homeowners and small business owners want the tax policy field leveled & spending cut. Stop the
name calling and respect the voters will.

Bob Shannon
Central Garage



Dear Editor

Subject: It is All in The Words.

This topic has peaked my interest, if for no other reason then I believe I have found a formula for
unlocking one of the Rubic Cubes of taxation.

In 1992 my son Jason called me to inform me he had " wrecked the car", fortunately it was a minor
fender bender on a parking lot, minor damage. Now if Jason had known at the tender age of 17 this
would be what he would have said when I answered the phone....

" Dad, I have architecturally changed the front right fender of the 1974 Ford LTD I drive, and quite
frankly Dad, it actually looks a little better, let's call it an asthetic improvement on the car's

Language is as you all may already know a "tool". It is cleverly used in this instance by referring
to tax shifting as a "tax exemption" - It just makes it easier for politicians to explain it that way.
That however is patently false, any level of government must raise a certain amount of revenue to
operate and even the most strict of conservatives will freely acknowledge this point.

If a county/city/state must raise a single dollar to operate and has 100 inhabitants then of course
each citizen would then be required to chip in .01? But if an "exemption" is granted for say 10 of
those citizens (always for noble purpose of course) then the remaining 90 must chip in a little more.
What is true in this example isn't that a tax exemption was granted----but that tax shifting has occurred,
since the required revenue remains the same. In any definition of the word "exemption" you would have a need
to raise the same level of revenue. This cannot be done without requiring someone to pay more and the remaining
parties must pay more after the tax shifting has occurred .

So why do we allow this language fraud to continue? Are we just lazy, or have we grown accustomed to
hearing the word "investment" in lieu of spending, tax exemption in lieu of "tax shifting", which
in reality and truth it is. Which of the two of those terms are more accurate and or truthful?

I have asked the KW BOS to have the Commissioner of Revenue and or the County Treasurer to calculate the
lost revenue with 2 other tax exemptions - namely the Machinery/Tool Tax and the BPOL Tax - which Farmers
don't pay and are exempted from.

Once I have these numbers in hand I can then go and message some signs, write a few articles specifically
showing each homeowner and small business owner who don't have the exemption just what they are paying - so
that Poor Farmer Jones can offload his share on someone else and always with the blessing of course of the
local Pols either currying favor with this crowd or don't have the guts and integrity to put a stop to it.

We change minds - one mind at a time.

Bob Shannon
Central Garage



Dear Editor


Dear Editor,

Decades ago citizens decided the way to raise revenue for local gov’t was to tax personal
property, land, homes, and various other forms . What seemed to appear equitable has today
morphed into a quagmire of selective exemptions and special tax breaks. At every level of gov’t
(including local) the tax code has become the “ dirty currency “ of politicians. Will the
King William B.O.S address this in the 2016/17 budget? Perhaps a reminder of how far out
of balance local tax policy has become is a good place to start.

Land Use Tax Exemptions allow for generous reductions in the taxes paid on property that falls
into 2 classes, Agricultural and Forestry. Land Use Tax Exemptions reduce revenue the County
would otherwise collect by 1 million dollars a year. That shortfall is made up elsewhere, reflected
in the K.W real estate tax rate of .94 per hundred, one of the highest in the entire State. 2 other
local tax exemptions also add to this tax shifting , the first being an Exemption from the BPOL tax
(Business Professional Occupational License) that Farmers do not pay, the second is the Exemption
from the Business/Machinery/Tools Tax, farmers are also exempted from paying this tax, paid
by most other forms of business in King William County.

Just what do these 2 tax exemptions cost in lost revenue to King William , shifting even higher
taxes to the remaining tax payers ? I would hope that either the Commissioner of Revenue or the
Treasurer could answer that question. Is it warranted to quantify the additional cost shifting
that occurs with every tax exemption ? If those receiving the tax break know what it’s value
is, shouldn’t KW taxpayers know what it is costing them ? Perhaps the Board should institute
a “ cost index”, publicly showing a dollar value for every single exemption. We talk about
transparency in government, let’s do something about implementing it.

Add Federal Farm Subsidies (1995—2012) over 17 million in Federal tax dollars taken from tax
payers and going to the Top 20 Farms in King William, subsidies for Crop Insurance (some .68 out of
every $1) paid by other tax payers, the Farm Use Vehicle Tag Exemption ( those pesky fees the rest
of us pay DMV ) it is fair to say that the tax load at the local level is out of balance, favoring
1 small distinct group at the expense of the remainder of King William Citizens.

Do the Supervisors have the backbone to do something about this? Novembers election was about
Taxes and Spending, any attempt to describe it otherwise is fool hardy. Voters threw out 3 incumbents
who defended the status quo. Should this Board fail to address what is no longer defensible King
William citizens will know the courage wasn’t there to do so . We have already reserved the paid ad

Bob Shannon
Central Garage



Dear Editor

Subject: Special Needs Fairness

Dear Editor, While the animosity continues amongst King William County Supervisors’ and the KW
School Board, one can only shake their head at the feelings of disgust that sets in with each new
deception that is discovered. That continues to go on, no matter which side of the line you choose
to stand. I guess that goes along with the saying, “Desperate people go to desperate measures.”

As many readers have learned, I am a Special Education Advocate that provides assistance to students
and families that attend KWCPS, as well as students and families in several different states. KWCPS
has become comfortable over the years with offering bare minimal services to those in need; inevitably
having lifelong effects. Conforming and convincing parents to ask no questions while in IEP or 504
meetings, constantly assuring parents that their children are in good hands. Oddly, they are silent
on admitting low standards, silent on informing parents of nonexistent objective data, silent on IEP
goals not being measurable, silent on services not being provided, silent on denying children needed
services for the sake of staying below the 12% national average, silent on the bullying of disabled
children, and silent on the disciplining of disabled children. This must end! For there is not a
single child that deserves anything less than a Free Appropriate Public Education. Which the law
most certainly entitles them to!

I attended KWCPS from 1989-2000. Times have changed a great deal. We have major issues within
KWCPS, while budget may be one of them, it certainly isn’t a number one priority for me. As I watch
the district advance I see many opportunities granted to nondisabled children. I then must ask, what
changed for the oppressed population that is comprised of 11-12% of KWCPS student population? We have
a great athletic department, but if 11-12% of KWCPS’ population is graduating with a “meaningful diploma”
at a rate of 1 in 4, wouldn’t you agree that we have bigger issues than sports? What happened to equality? I
know your parents taught you these core values and principles if you were born and raised in King William,
so what happened to them?

The BOS meeting where supporters came to speak during public comment, resulted in an embarrassment for
our community. Where on earth do you get that it is appropriate to behave in that manner? In front of
children is even worse and confirms that this county is in crisis mode and something will need to give.
Speaking on matters without merit does NOT make you a supporter, it only makes you an uninformed citizen
that contributes to the greater problem. Be informed citizens, if you are fighting to fight please do our
community a favor and STOP. If you are fighting because you BELIEVE you have just cause, please
support any claims you make with facts, data, or evidence so you can be better understood.

In closing, I would like to welcome anyone who in interested to the Special Education Advisory Committee
(SEAC), on April 14, 2016 at 6:00PM in the library at HHMS. There will be a guest speaker from VDOE,
Mr. Millward, who will be providing much needed training on the operations of the SEAC. The SEAC is
regulated by the state and serves several functions to better serve our disabled children. Together we can
and will build a more promising future for our disabled children.

Melissa Kenney
Special Education Advocate
King William, Va



Dear Editor

Subject: School System Funding

The Economic Backdrop ---- Data & Statistics

Informational Chart

Still Cannot Find
Anything To Cut
in The School Budget?

Cited Below is What
We have Found Over the
Last 3-5 Years.
Data That We Will
Share With the K.W.
Citizens in The Coming Weeks.

Country Carrier Ad - Mar 23, 2016

"We won't know what our expenditures are until we know
funding levels" Donald Longest Tuesday 02/23 Joint Meeting.

Translation ----- They will spend every dollar they get
and if that is an intelligent budgeting method using taxpayer
money everyone involved in the process should be ashamed
of themselves.

"We haven't had a raise in 3 of the last 7 years"

Translation --- Unless of course you exclude ---- step
rate increases, ---- salary scale adjustments, ---- offsets,
---- & compression adjustments. Every single one of your
constituents will soon be reading from their mailbox the
following from the link above, pertaining specifically to
King William County Schools (a comparison shows KW that
year was among the most generous of all county school
systems.) Information provided by the Schools themselves .. In
King William all teachers received a salary step increase
plus a salary scale adjustment of 2-4%. In addition the
division increased all salaries to account for the increase
in employee VRS contributions from 1-5%.

Fraudulent language -- exposed for the first time on a large
scale won't allow this linguistic sham to be continued. It
is a travesty that a private civic organization has to expose
this --- while the people we ELECT & PAY to watch over how
our tax dollars are spent cower to the school lobby.

Why in the Power Point Presentation on Tuesday 02/23/16
showing local/state funding levels over the last number of years
was the Federal revenues to the schools excluded?
Anyone ask? Was it a result of perhaps including these numbers
wouldn't have allowed for the intended distortion? Was it because
they would have had to include the $2.7 million in stimulus funds?
Or the $900,000.00 in 2012 of prior years’ reserve fund
that was used? And if as they claim the elimination of 44 positions
(over a period of time) actually happened - why did payroll not
reflect that claim?

"Compensated absences"---I doubt most voters know that this year
King William taxpayers are on the hook for $196,213 ($130,809 due
within 1 year) being spent for textbooks, or school equipment? No,
but to buy back vacation/sick days from school employees. How many
of King William citizens have a benefit like this? How many of them
know they are buying back these unused days at this high of a cost?
You can be assured you will be receiving some phone calls once this
little jewel hits the mailboxes. Let them keep their sick days and
vacation days, of course ------ but stop this ridiculous boondoggle.
Private sector employees are even lucky if they get paid for a sick day.

King William is one of only two County School Systems to have a
"Cyber Security" program, the other being Loudoun County. I
don't recall any announcement of this new program being rolled out.
This in spite of being told year after year, "we are pinching every
penny running on a bare bones budget" ------------ REALLY? Is this
an appropriate high school curriculum program to begin with? What
is it costing, how many students are participating, and in a county
(that isn't Loudoun) a county where taxpayers have been SCREAMING
for relief for years was this a necessity? It isn't a trick question.
What it is, is a slap in the face of King William taxpayers who
have been screaming for years to do something about taxes. Pinching
every penny.....I doubt taxpayers will think so. We are not Loudon
County --- perhaps you might muster the courage to tell the
SCHOOL BOARD THAT THEY NEED TO STOP PRETENDING THAT WE ARE. A "beer budget and a champagne taste" adage
comes to mind.

Cell Phone Use ---- The sheer number of school employees being
provided cell phones is absurd -- the costs (and I have examined
them in detail) makes the Pentagon look frugal.

$11,000 to fertilize a football field? Ask Caroline, King & Queen, Essex,
or any other County with 16,200 citizens if they do this. One particular
school board member "complained" about this privately ....... yet didn't
have the courage to publicly shame the athletic department and expose
this waste. Shame on the B.O.S for funding this nonsense.

Bowling Trips for Bad Boys ---- Who funded this -- where was this buried
in the budget? I doubt King William taxpayers will care about why this
expense was approved. It is just another example of how they will spend
money on "social experiments" with no regard for "who's money they are

Bean bags & folding lawn chairs ----- a $2500 grant approved by the School Board (those folks looking out for our tax dollars) Another
example of these cockodoodle education fad ideas that waste hard working King William taxpayers money

Master Reading Teachers --- Teaching ..... Reading Teachers ... .. how to teach children how to read? Odd for over a century we used
phonics to teach children to read and they indeed learned. Just what is this Master reading Teacher costing? Let him/her keep
their job and shift them to one of these "desperately needed open teacher slots", instead of hiring another body for the burgeoning jobs program going on down there.

More teachers? King William student population has been STAGNANT for a decade. Class sizes at the high school approaching 30?
I have it on solid sources that is completely false. Has anyone asked them to validate this claim?

Benefit Cost sharing. Since 76.2% of the schools expenditures are salaries/benefits what scrutiny has been leveled at a cost
sharing comparison to clarify who is getting just what benefits? Are P/T employees getting health insurance? Is the cost of
group life insurance, group disability, group dental, being paid entirely by King William taxpayers? Is it statutorily possible
to ask the folks receiving various forms of public assistance from King William taxpayers to perform 4-6 hours a week of service
at the schools to offset some costs? Asking someone receiving these benefits to contribute/offset SOME SCHOOL COSTS
using some of their idle time isn't unreasonable.

Pulling the wool over King William taxpayers eyes is getting harder to do. King William taxpayers have had to tighten their belts,
why is any taxpayer funded entity not required to do the same? Either recognize the elections meaning or explain when the phone
calls/e-mails/visits begin why the above is allowed to continue.

Bob Shannon
Central Garage



Dear Editor

Subject: Will Populism Destroy the TEA Party? --- Good Question , but the Wrong One

On one of the other popular blogs this past week my good friend and intelligent voice in the
Patriot movement Steve Tucker engaged the subject of whether or not Trumps populist/nativist
appeal will destroy the TEA Party movement. Steve raises some valid concerns and the respondents
(many I personally know) fired back with a spirited discussion. The central thesis however of
what Steve coins populism destroying the TEA Party, while raising a valid question misses a larger
point. One that I soon hope to crystalize.

My contribution to the TEA Party is known among those who have been involved in this effort for
almost 7 years. The “Sign Guy” as I am affectionately referred to may be the most visible
contribution I have been a part of, but I at least attempt to also lend some honest intellectual
rigor to the process by my writing. TEA Party groups are as my good friend Rob McIntire once
coined, “ like trying to herd cats” Perhaps Rob’s comment is actually a bit understated, I
think herding cats would be easy compared to trying to get all of these groups going in the same
direction—and here’s why , or at least a concrete example .

In 2013 the MTP hosted a venue at Life Church entitled “What is a Conservative? ”.
The former U.S. Senate Candidate Jamie Radtke, Virginia Senator Jim Garrett and local activist
Todd Vander Pol made up the assembled panel that led the discussion that night. The term conservative
has been defined as often having 3 distinct elements, the constitutional, the social and the fiscal.
Some conservatives are exclusively fixated on one of those 3, while other conservatives may embody
two or more of those elements. Rarely do you find one who holds all 3 in even remotely equal proportions.
Human beings have their own definitions and my goal as I organized this event was to perhaps clarify
and shed light on the hypocrisy and or misunderstandings of many who call themselves a conservative,
but can’t enunciate exactly what they mean by this self- description. Steve notes the “ startling differences
amongst people associated with the TEA Party”...and “ I can’t imagine a county having 2 different TEA
Party’s “ Start with the erroneous confusion in general when the assertion is made that all
people associated with a TEA Party group are“ conservative” to begin with.

I have been everything but physically accosted when speaking to group of seniors who become
visibly agitated when I call for Medicare Reform, often having to listen to the…….. “I’ve
paid into that my whole life, that isn’t welfare” ----or—“ I am entitled to those benefits”, evidence
of the ignorance associated with the fact that Medicare is paying out in excess of $2 in benefits
to every $1 ever contributed. What could possibly be conservative about wanting your own grandchildren
paying your health care expenses so you can keep your second home at the River ? I could cite numerous
other examples to validate the point that more often than not , many members of the various TEA Party
groups are not only not so conservative but embody a definition of what constitutes a conservative that
many conservatives would scoff at. People who self-describe as Conservatives Steve while promoting big
government isn’t anything new. But as usual I digress.

If a member of a TEA Party group ( or the general public for that matter ) understands the 3
types of conservatives ( social-constitutional-fiscal) then is it not reasonable to ask, which
one of those areas should a potential President focus on ? I will argue and thus disclose my
Trump bias with promoting that the fiscal principles be at the front of that line and lay out my
logic for coming to what I believe to be the only rational conclusion one can come to.

Congress and Presidents of both parties have violated the U.S Constitution over the last 40
years more times than I can count. It has been noted that the current President has committed
in excess of 30 clear violations that provide justification for Congress to begin Articles
of Impeachment—yet no action has been forthcoming, for reasons that we don’t have
the time or inclination at the moment to discuss in more detail. For that matter both State &
local legislators have done exactly the same, for if the Constitution were abided by much of
what goes through these state and local legislative bodies would never even make it to the table.
The Constitution has become a talking point” legislators throw around casually with no
sincere effort whatsoever to abide by. It is for all practical purpose a document many of them
themselves don’t understand. Restoring obedience and adherence to the U.S Constitution is
a long term goal, a worthy and admirable one, even a necessity, since those of us who do understand
it also understand this vital document is at the heart of our current dysfunction as a republic.
We are indeed a nation of laws, and not of men. Today however that recognition is only abided by
our legislators when it’s convenient.

Social conservatives have steadily ignored the often complex and competing schools of thought
that render easy or ready resolutions of the definition of marriage, women’s freedom of
choice, and other serious social questions very difficult to come by. What does the Constitution
say about marriage? What then is the remedy our Founders thought best? It is however important
to recognize that while these 3 components of what defines a conservative are of equal weight (in
that each of them will contribute mightily to restoring our republic) , it is the fiscal element
that can not be shoved back from the top priority it must be, given that we as a nation are in a
financial “ triage” mode.

The United States has been functioning (some would argue barely) with the Constitutional
and Social question looming overhead for quite some time now. The fiscal crisis that is upon
us however must not be ignored any longer, assuming of course it isn’t already too late.
Trump understands two elements of this and has the skill set to address both. Let’s
start with the solutions to the problems at the federal level, via legislation and why Trump
is uniquely qualified to address and implement the needed remedies.

Candidates are loath to dive deep into the details of their idea of a remedy during a
primary contest for all of the obvious reasons. The candidates also continue on through
the general election trying to walk a fine line, courting voters without running any
supporters away in the process. Every candidate does this - it just varies from candidate
to candidate in each race. Trump has the business sense and appreciation for the numbers.
Surrounding himself with the best and brightest (which is what he has done his entire
professional life) will be a start. Going over or through Congress and their certain
objections is what Trump does better than anyone. Members of Congress who attempt to stall
or impede Trumps proposals will have to contend with what we have been watching Trump do
very successfully for the last 7 months---go straight to the American people. Tucker
himself observed some time back that Trump supporters were ignoring that all of Trump’s
proposals would have to go through Congress. Steve is correct, but left out of the equation
is how effective a Trump President would be in bringing members of Congress to their knees.
The Negotiator himself, and one that is driven, intelligent and certainly has demonstrated
he knows how to use the media to his advantage ! One can imagine a Trump press conference at
the White House, and Trump lambasting Reid, McConnell or Ryan for holding up entitlement
reform, reforms of the DOE or any number of other badly need tax reforms. Trump would have
millions of Americans on the phone instantly pummeling their own representatives rendering
them putty for him to shape as he wishes. Even Reagan, the Great Communicator would admire
his skills.

Let’s get our fiscal house in order (nothing else will matter if we don’t) and
allow time to educate the masses about the value of returning to adherence to our Constitution
and the rule of law. Let both the Ministry, and others set about teaching our fellow citizens
the necessity of obedience to God’s laws, but first recognize the fiscal cliff
isn’t a clever euphemism intended to frighten people, but a reality that renders
the rest of the discussion moot if ignored for much longer.

Bob Shannon
King William



Dear Editor

Subject: Additional Funding for KWVFD

In the quoted numbers of $ 522,470.00 to fund FT ambulance crews may I make the following

1. Just a year ago we needed " daytime" service hours covered----and in 1 year now it's 24/7 needed?
This theory is without any evidence to support this expansion. Has anyone cited someone who died
or was adversely affected by a delayed response time under current service capabilities, or is
this typical of more " empire building" ? Has their been a single incident ?

2. When you live in a county with 16,200 people just where is the line on what we can afford?
Are you folks living in the same world? What does one expect when they move/live here--the
same emergency response times as Hanover, Henrico, Chesterfield. I have yet to hear any of you
utter a single word on that specific topic---not a word. I would suggest you tell any citizen
that demands response times here be equivalent to these other counties-------to move. We can
not afford to do this. It might also help if a redefining of what constitutes a " call" among
the EMS be examined. You can't call providing free taxi service to a doctors appointment a
"call" but what purpose other than attempting to blow up the "need" does it serve ?

3. Hanover implemented paid fire rescue when the County population reached around 100,000---not 16,200.

4. Dr. Griffin is the County Administrator, no one elected him. We elected the 5 of you, and apparently
the election results hasn't registered

As a side , since I have been engaged in the ongoing budget decisions and witnessed the following (and
the consequences to taxpayers) have any of you considered each and every year the OFF BUDGET SUPPLEMENTAL
APPROPRIATIONS , given out each and every year in the hundreds of thousands of dollars? If spending cuts,
significant spending cuts are not made then we will end FY 2016-17 once again with a larger budget, given
the unexpected supplemental appropriations mentioned above.

Is this what we elected you to do ? Has King William had a economic expansion that I've not heard of? Or
are you just doing what politicians do, spending every damn penny you can lay your hands on, while you
cow tow to the ever burgeoning expansion of already bloated school/public safety/social service budgets?
Have you read your own KW Comprehensive Financial Report ? I have and the County Administration & County
Schools are now closing in on Rock Tenn as the County's largest employer. Economic ignorance doesn't excuse
this. A shrinking productive private sector base won't long support a larger public sector that doesn't
add to economic growth, but simply consumes dwindling resources, eventually resulting in either a stalled
engine or even higher taxes to feed the beast the 5 of you are creating.

If so then King William County will end the year where we started--WITH THE HIGHEST REAL ESTATE TAX RATE
Show some courage and backbone, stop whining when the bloated self serving public sector becomes bellicose
and act like men.

Bob Shannon
Central Garage



Dear Editor

Subject: While Morrison has her calculator handy

KW School Board Chair Kathy Morrison was sure to note the costs associated with Supervisor
Bob Ehrhart’s various requests for information from the schools , asserting that taxpayers
incurred $768.90 in costs compiling information requested by a duly elected official. What is
it that bothers her the most, the expense, or a Supervisor rigorously doing his duty in scrutinizing
how King William tax dollars are being spent ? Ehrhart , along with Hansen are doing exactly
what voters elected them to do, and it drives Ms. Morrison and her colleagues a little crazy since
this is a new experience, the audacity of anyone demanding how 25 million dollars are annually being
spent---how dare they. Citizens have had to tighten their belts, public sector entities must do the
same. The old days of the emotional blackmail “ it’s for the children” has run
it’s course.

I might ask that while she has her calculator handy if she would be so kind to compute the overtime
costs born by King William taxpayers for the Sheriff’s deputies being paid overtime for the
5 hours they were there to ride herd over the circus on Monday February 22 , by and large engineered
by the “ grand lie” she told on a school posting that was meant and purposefully intended
to create just such an environment. Using an official position to manipulate public opinion, setting
off the hysteria and known falsehoods is why I have called for her resignation.

Supervisor Ehrhart and his inquiries are justified and necessary if we are to get at the excessive
spending that is and has been going on for years in this County. Sound, deliberate public policy
can not be conducted in the zoo atmosphere that Ms. Morrison has yet to publically apologize or
take responsibility for. We teach our children to follow and obey the rules, and in this instance,
when the Schools own stated policy of forbidding school computer use for “ political purposes”
is allowed to be ignored, just what message does that send to these kids----their adult overseers
are not subject to obeying the rules themselves. Hypocrisy on full display by adults who’s
primary interest isn’t the kids as they claim, but circling the wagons to fortify efforts to
rein in the 76.2% of school expenditures that go directly to SALARIES/BENEFITS.

Anyone who doubts this needs to look at the statistical section of the recently released Comprehensive
Financial Audit of King William where they will note under the size of area employers, the County
Administration and County Schools ( combined ) are now rivaling Rock Tenn in number of employees.
This against a stagnant student population that hasn’t measurably changed in 10 years.

Bob Shannon
Central Garage



Dear Editor

Subject: King William Re-Education Camps ?

The nostalgic longing for the good ol days, when …..” elected officials primary
concern was the interest of all citizens” should have warned what was to come. Would
“all citizens” include the folks who for years wanted spending restrained and taxes
cut? Citizens made their voices heard in November. Are conservatives a separate class, should
they keep their opinions to themselves ? Is the writer advocating that conservatives be sent off
to re-education camp so we fall in line ?

Readers following this have to ask one simple question. Did the KW TEA Party place enforcers
at polling stations last Nov. 3rd and strong arm voters to pull the lever for a new Supervisor?
Or is it possible …….voters independent and of their own accord concluded the
KW TEA Party might have some valid points? The writer uses the phrase “ urged on by outside
influence”……..just whom does the writer mean by that? Was King William
invaded by pillaging Vikings ?

Are citizens of King William who apparently voted for new leadership part of that outside
influence? If anyone has created an environment of hysteria and animosity it is the folks
who engineered the “ phony crisis” this writer furthers with once again repeating
the grand lie that $5 million in budget cuts to the schools were ever even mentioned, discussed
or considered. It takes some hubris to insinuate that others are using misinformation --- after
spreading that lie. Take away the feeding trough from the public sector and prepare for this
type of discourse.

We now have F.O.I.A requests made for e-mails between private citizens and their elected
representatives on the B.O.S ? Did anyone from the TEA Party ever ask for e-mails between
former Supervisor’s Stone, Redd or Williams and private citizen’s ? No we did
not, and we won’t idly sit by while the new Nazi’s in the County attempt to
deny us the same right to communicate with these elected officials who at least are willing
to listen to our concerns and ideas. Did these former Supervisors communicate with members
of the Farm Bureau, the Ruritan’s, and other citizens in the County who expressed
their opinion ? If you are a citizen who has another perspective is the writer suggesting
we be denied the same rights ? The KWTP has informed and educated broader swaths of citizens
allowing them a better understanding of how local government really works.

The writer has discovered ………a “budget process”, one
that I personally have been a fixture at for the last 6 years. Odd, I don’t
recall in all 35 or so of those meetings ever seeing the writer there. Often in the all
day meetings I sat alone doing just what the writer suggests, learning as much as
possible about the county budget, where the money was being spent and offering specific
proposals on how expenditures could be reduced. The former elected official’s,
predisposed to spend other people’s hard earned money had little regard for what we
might think, or what objections we may have. The writer concludes with the sentence,
“when will we rally and say ENOUGH ? . Readers will recall one of Candidate Hansen’s
signs that asked that same straightforward question “HAD ENOUGH YET ?. Voters
answered the question . Whether he won with 38% of the vote or 98% of the vote he won,
and that is the system we have. Perhaps the writer just doesn’t like the outcome.

Bob Shannon
Central Garage



Dear Editor


Hillary Clinton made an appearance with Brett Baier on Monday evening allowing the
Fox News Commentator to ask her questions as well as take questions from the audience.
I suspect Clinton knowing she was in a favorable audience added to her confidence
she could pull this off without a sweat. Her answers to several questions left me
pondering how a nation would ever allow such a person to be even considered for this

When asked what she plans to do on health care she ran off the usual slogans, typical
defense of the Affordable Care Act and how she wanted to “ lower co-pay’s,
deductibles and other out of pocket expenses by “ making insurers provide more
free services”

Even low information citizens by now have read the numerous reports of the insurance
companies who signed on to participate in these government run exchanges are losing
their financial shirts, a number of them deciding to end their participation all together.
The cost shifting scheme ( which is what the ACA is ) by the folks who designed this
horrible legislation has run its course and the increase in health insurance premiums
have been well documented. Yet, here you have a candidate for President openly spouting
such utter nonsense. Secretary Clinton knows better but she has a campaign strategy that
is designed for a certain type of voter that has little economic intellect and believes
in free lunches, her core supporters.

When asked about college tuition she again spouted the same tired lines about the
burden of debt college students carry today and how she would promote “debt free
tuition” . Secretary Clinton is too clever by half suggesting that tuition costs,
born by students for 75 years is now going to be born by just whom , the new Debt Fairy?
Perhaps she has a new cabinet level position in mind….Department of Debt Fairy.
Why not, her entire life has been made up of myths, lies, & deception. What harm is
there in throwing in a few fairies.

Bob Shannon
King William



Dear Editor

Subject: Falling Short

The KWBOS by a vote of 2-3 on 2-22-16 in Resolution 16-16 declared the County
lacks the housing needed to induce manufacturing, industrial, commercial, governmental,
educational, entertainment, community development, healthcare or nonprofit enterprises
or undertakings to locate or remain in such area.' That 'private enterprise and
investment are not reasonably expected, without assistance ...'

Now comes the County Administrator's Recommended Budget for FY17 that includes:
1. a $907,397 Forestry Tax Exemption Program for 609 property owners; 2. $407,325 for
Pamunkey Regional Library; 3. $288,150 to the Regional Animal Shelter Operating Fund;
4. taking $237,475 from the Reserve Funds to cover revenue shortages; and 5. $225,000
for LifeCare EMS above other funding for the various County VFD's, some of which
will be cut.

I believe, past Supervisor Redd once stated $120,000 equals one cent more or less
in Property Tax. Perhaps it is time for you to get involved and attend one or more
of the upcoming Budget Workshops and or Board meetings.


Dave Hansen
District 4



Dear Editor

Subject: Financial Inefficiency

The superintendent’s annual reports such as:
document that annual average compensation for King William’s secondary school
superintendent went up about $20K annually between 2010 and 2014 and compensation for
King William’s elementary assistant principals went up about $5K during that period.

So just in this 4 year period, tax payers forked out an additional $100K for these
administrative positions. Contrast that to a January 29, 2016 email from Mrs. Morrison
to me wherein she states a onetime fee of $20-30K to contract for a school efficiency
study is "cost prohibitive".

At the January 28, 2016 BoS meeting, Stacy Johnson made this statement “they are
fiscally responsible” and Mrs. Morrison stated, “We have done nothing to
deserve….a deeper level of scrutiny or the attempt to control spending”.

So, I must ask “Does anyone believe an increase of about $100K over 4 years for
compensation is a better use of taxpayer money then spending $25K one time to find ways
to operate more efficiently &save money in the long run?”

Bob Ehrhart
Supervisor, Fifth District King William



Dear Editor

Subject: Misdirection

Mr. J. N. Mills, Jr stated in his Tidewater Review Letter to the Editor
“Don’t be misled by Feb 10 letters to the editor from Mr. Robert
“Sarge” Bruce and Mr. Paul Jamerson, two of Bob Shannon’s
tea party cohorts.”

I have known Mr. Shannon and Mr. Bruce for a number of years and have seen
them work endless hours to return our government (local, state and federal)
back to our founding fathers vision. They have worked for a government where
transparency, rule of law and equal opportunity are the standards.

Since Mr. Mills used my name in his letter – I can only conclude he
wants me to critique his letters. Style and readability are good. Unfortunately,
faulty reasoning has led to wrong conclusions. This is usually the end results
of listening to the experts and not thinking for yourself.


Mr. Mills seems to think land use tax exemptions have kept our county rural
and at the same time we are in a housing boom.

I disagree. Having one of the highest Real estate tax rates in the state has
kept us rural. (A Housing Boom – I guess is in the eye of the beholder.)
Between Central Garage and Aylett across from the Aylett Post Office is a real
estate development with reasonable prices and has been trying to finish the
development for years now. It is located next to Rt. 360 and is perfect for
commuting. This is not run away real estate development or a housing boom.

Mr. Mills believes land use tax exemptions must be kept. (I believe anyone who
has read the various “Letters to the Editor” between Mr. Mills and
Mr. Shannon will conclude the same.) He closes his Feb 17 letter with this and
I quote.

“Please contact your Supervisor/School Board member as soon as possible.
Make clear that King William citizens expect quality services, quality education
and a rural county, not cheap/subpar services and education. Get involved now,
before our county is set back 50 years. We’ll only get what we pay for,
for our wonderful children.

If Mr. Mills believes one word of his above paragraph - then he will advocate the
removal of all land use tax exemptions and demand the monies raised be used for
the School System and the children.

I have not noticed the “wonderful children” theme in his past letters.
He certainly is not demanding the most value for the tax dollars spent.


Paul Jamerson
King William, Va



Dear Editor

Subject: Fraudulent Language Becoming Common Among Public Officials

I left the Joint BOS & School Board meeting Tuesday evening feeling elated. It was
quite a contrast to the night before and the surreal atmosphere shamefully brought
on by just such use of the now common fraudulent language being employed so public
sector officials insure they get their way, facts be damned. Puzzled for years when
I would hear that school/county employees hadn’t had a raise in XXX years ,
after sitting in the very room just months before witnessing the raises given to
both county and school employees, I just could not understand how they could make
those statements knowing they were false………until Tuesday night
when I finally figured it out. What I am about to describe is “ learning a
new language”

If my Boss gives me a pay raise of $100 a month, and consequently my phone bill that
same month increases $100------well according to their “ interpretation”
I did not get a raise ? Yes, that is correct I received an “ offset” a
new word created in the Bizzaro world of the public sector. In the Power point
presentation by Deb Stickly it states that school employees hadn’t had a raise
in XXX years ? One is reminded of the old adage , “ it’s takes years to
build your integrity and minutes to destroy it” But heh, isn’t it her
job to carry the message after all ?

www.doc.virginia.gov/teaching/workforcedata/salaries/2013-14/salary report pdf

Visit this site which tracks annually for each locality the changes in school employee
salaries and any raises /adjustments PAY ATTENTION TO PAGES 17—19 where you will
read the commentary box by each county ( info submitted by the schools ) Under King William
you will read the following quote: “all teachers received a salary step increase
plus a salary scale adjustment of 2-4%. In addition the division increased all salaries to
account for the increase in employee VRS contributions from 1-5%” ????? Confused—
so was I

The term “offset” and understanding how the public sector mindset works, if the
schools give their employees a raise to “ offset” the increase in say for
example health insurance premiums, according to their language………that
wasn’t a pay raise---that is an offset ? Catching on yet ?

If the county /schools give out a pay raise to “offset” the required contributions
to VRS, …..well that isn’t a pay raise ….that is an “ offset”

Next time your company gives you a pay raise, if you are also experiencing any other expense
increasing simultaneously , go tell your employer of the new LANGUAGE,

“ boss I haven’t had a raise in XXX years” “ No Joe, I just gave you
a raise last month” “ But Boss, that was just an offset”… “ Joe,
find somewhere else to work, maybe the public schools”

Bob Shannon
Central Garage



Dear Editor

Subject: Proper Manner to Conduct Government Business.

In 35 years of active engagement in civic matters I have witnessed some poor examples of how
government should not operate, but nothing that has ever come even close to what I stood and
watched tonight.

If this is the political planning tools utilized to engender support for a particular position on any
issue, as a Nation we are indeed doomed. Shame on School Board Chair Kathy Morrison for eliminating
any possibility for a rational and reasoned discussion on an important matter. Her tactics went
beyond unprofessional, she poisoned the well rendering the average citizen poorly armed to make a sound
or logical judgment on School Expenditures. I seriously doubt not 1 of those who spoke ( aside from
some school faculty ) could cite how many FTE's the schools employ, what amount last year was budgeted
for debt service, what was the actual budget amount, or even how many students the 4 schools have.
Money = quality, and those with half of a brain know better.

The official use of Hysteria, and the level of ignorance on display tonight was almost theatrical . I
stood in disbelief after I recognized about half of those people there this evening actually believed
all bus service was to be suspended, all athletic programs would be cut, 100 people would be laid off.
Anyone facilitating that level of community deception isn't worthy of any public office.

While any citizen has a right to be heard, in the future is it at least worthy of consideration to
only allow adults to speak. After all, someone who is a student and pays no taxes, doesn't yet
vote and is only parroting words that were put in their mouths by adults who have themselves (as evidenced)
little understanding of the issue we were trying to have an intelligent debate on. If you want to
encourage citizens to be involved with the process , then don't allow any future circuses, because
that is indeed what it was. Self serving school employees and parents frightened to death by a elected
official who behaved in a truly troubling manner.

A environment of that nature where the issue gets trampled with half baked character assassinations
of two men who have academic credentials one might think educators would appreciate, instead of

I fervently pray that each of you, regardless of your position on the school budget are men who
have enough character and spine to not cower to the animated mob rule that was on full display.

Bob Shannon
Central Garage



Dear Editor

Subject: Did they miss the election ?

Our critics portend to speak for others, is it possible that the local TEA Party indeed represents
the views of those very voters who sent 3 sitting Supervisors packing ? Perhaps these same folks who
use terms like “ We” when referencing just who wants higher levels of spending each year
might consider that their views are the ones that are out of lockstep with the KW public, if the
election results are to mean anything.

One of the most disturbing tactics our opponents are employing is the obviously insincere attempts
at flattering Supervisor Stephen Greenwood, coming from individuals who never supported Supv. Greenwood,
yet today use thinly veiled reference’s , stating that Greenwood has demonstrated a willingness
to serve the majority of residents in King William. Does Mr. Mills mean the majority that threw out
the tax and spend crowd, or what constitutes the majority as he defines it , or wishes it were. Can
this man count ? Did he watch the MAJORITY of voters who declared they had enough? Voters moved the
Oligarchs cheese.

Greenwood has a record of advocating for spending cuts. Mr. Mills and Wagner insult the intellect
of both Greenwood and voters with their thinly veiled efforts at manipulation. Our group has
always supported and admired Supv. Greenwood, and I don’t recall either of these gentlemen
being there . Stephen is too smart to fall for their disingenuous deceit. Through two election
cycles I collected signatures, put out yard signs and worked the phones for Greenwood, I don’t
recall Mr. Mills or Wagner being a part of that effort. I’ve witnessed Greenwood take on Tom Redd
and Trent Funkhouser, along with Travis Moskalski. Greenwood is the only one on that last Board
with any principles . Our groups admiration is sincere and long standing, unlike these Johnny come
lately’s .

Wagner splits hairs when he states…. “ Greenwood in his four years on the board
has done an exemplary job holding the other board members in check by voting time and again
to cut spending, however his fiscal conservatism was not and is not based on the agenda of the
TEA Party “. NEWS FLASH Mr. Wagner---our agenda as you say is just that fiscal conservatism.
The TEA Party “agenda” that these critics rail about apparently found favor with
the voters,

Readers with the interest that are following all of this might just ask this one question.
Isn’t it interesting that those advocating for “ unsurpassed services and
excellent education” are more often than not the same ones who hide behind every corner
of the tax code they can find to minimize their own contributions to these services they claim
so dearly to care about. Now there’s an AGENDA.

Bob Shannon
Central Garage



Dear Editor

Subject: Qualifications

Recent considerations regarding the County elections of November have reminded me of the
adage 'elections have consequences.' Clearly the voters of District 4 made a clear choice
between three candidates.

To assist in the clarification of my qualifications for the Supervisors position; I am the
'elected' District 4 Supervisor. I have a Masters in Business Administration, and the only
graduate, that year, to be voted into the National Honor Society for Business. I have a Masters
in Health Science, and the distinction of being chosen by the Faculty of Cal. State. L.A. as
the only 'Distinguished Graduate Scholar' in the Public Health Department, the year of my graduation.

I remain confident that given the election results and my qualifications; that I represent
the voters of District 4.

Dave Hansen
KWBOS - District 4
King William, Va



Dear Editor

Subject: FIRE

Shout it in a crowded building and panic ensues….. Hysteria! Self-preservation!
Loss of Perspective!

Whisper “budget” in a room with progressives or persons who have something to
lose and the flames of hysteria are fanned! People become focused on a single issue
despite common sense, which should dictate the relevancy of facts.

This is a perfect example of 2 Timothy 4:3-4 NIV which states “For the time will come
when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they
will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.
They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.”

Ask these persons to prove what they stated…. THEY CAN’T. Ask them for a copy
of the minutes from the Board of Supervisors meeting reflecting what they stated….THERE
IS NONE. There was NEVER any mention of SOQ by ANY Supervisor!! There was no mention of
specific cuts to buses, positions, programs, etc., which are essential to students being
educated in the public school.

If you ask someone the color of their hair does that mean you want to cut it off. Heck no!
So why are other absurdities, referenced above or online, assumed to be true (recall the pun
about “assume”) when inquiring about a dollar amount?

GARBAGE IN = GARBAGE OUT. SHAME ON YOU TWO (and all who propagate false witness)!

Bob Ehrhart
Supervisor, 5th District
King William, Va



Dear Editor

Subject: Conduct Unbecoming

That title was a Uniform Code of Military Justice Violation when a service member behaved
in a manner that did not comport with the UCMJ. Depending on the violation it could result
in severe punishment, up to and including a Court Martial. It is a shame it doesn’t
apply in the world of politics.

The KW County budget season is underway and you hear the primal screams of those who lost in
November. It is one thing to disagree with what the outcome meant ( 3 sitting Supervisors
were shown the door) , another to engage in the conduct we are seeing from the losing side.
The losing side are the folks in both the County government and the school administration
who want to ignore the message voters sent .Throughout 2015 a vigorous public debate raged
over spending and taxes, and voters spoke, voting for a reduction in county spending and
the schools clearly excessive spending in particular. It would be humorous if not so contemptible
to listen to School Board Chair Kathy Morrison who suggested that Supervisor Hansen and
Ehrhart has an “ agenda”, when all they are doing is honoring voter’s
wishes. Did former Supervisors Stone, Williams or Redd have an agenda Ms. Morrison ? Or
was it just that they were ” go along to get along tax and spend politicians “
who voters finally said they had had enough of ? The former or the latter ?

On the national political scene voters are rebelling in droves and it has shown up in KW County.
Local Government spends more money each year, that isn’t Leadership, that is simply what
voters have grown sick of. You stand up to these progressive types who think taxpayers are
suckers…..and they start getting ugly.

Making the county rumor mill is the suggestion that perhaps Supervisor Hansen’s PT employment
as a substitute teacher may be a conflict of interest since he serves now on the Board. Odd, I
never heard a peep from these same circles over Supervisor Hodges working for the Sheriff’s
Department, not a single word. Is Hodges one that furthers their spending proclivities , while
Hansen is not ? Last term a Supervisor who took a vote on Land Use wasn’t challenged, even
when he was known to do business with folks who benefitted by the continuation of Land Use Tax
Exemptions. Odd , how Hansen is being singled out ?

You are also hearing disparaging remarks about the KW TEA Party, as if the group has held a
gun to the heads of voters and forced them to agree with their conclusions and views. Why
is that venom aimed at a group that has remained true to their mission of reining in government
spending? They make no secret of their mission, nor their contempt for the crony capitalism
that passes as nothing more than evidence of how both political party establishments have lost
voters confidence. The KWTP “ moved their cheese” , and these folks don’t
like it.

These same folks are now fawning all over Supervisor Greenwood, as though he isn’t
smart enough to understand their attempts to manipulate the Supervisor who stood his ground
for 4 years fighting every year to cut spending and reduce taxes . Greenwood is no dummy,
and he understands their duplicity and feigned praise. We know Stephen will keep his word.

Fred Krauss

Aylett, VA



Dear Editor

Subject: You’re losing the debate when you…………….

Suggest the Heritage Foundation or the Cato Institute have a liberal bias…when
you cite the significant value of the Land Use Tax Exemption program…but can’t
state coherently what it is ,(other than of course the tax savings to the land owner)
…….. when one has an opposing point of view and it’s labelled a bias ?

Conveniently failed to mention the $117,000,000.00 in someone else’s tax dollars
transferred to the top 20 farms in KW County from 1995—2012, $117,000,000.00
that was taken from some other taxpayers pocket and not a word about the BPOL Exemption.

First of all ending a “ tax exemption” isn’t raising anyone’s
taxes……it is ending an exemption, putting the party who enjoyed the
exemption back on the same footing as everyone else. Prior to the inception of the
Land Use Tax Exemption program everyone paid the same, it is simply ending a special
lower tax rate that shouldn’t have been instituted to begin with.

As for his attendance at a past KWTP meeting, I am sure readers noted that his only
interest in our meetings were when land use or discussions on the assessment fiasco
led he and others to conclude “ this could lead to a broader discussion on the
land use program” Homowners & other small business owners might start asking
some hard questions ? Self serving interests don’t suggest a sense of civic

As for working hard and the long hours maybe Mr. Mills might try his hand at what I do.
Over 6,000 hours Mr. Mills, that is a fair estimate of the time I have spent the last 6+ years,
and not a single penny in pay. I am not running for office or doing this for self promotion
but because I recognize the debt,(partially fueled by these warped tax schemes)is going to
have a very detrimental effect on my children and grandchildren. There are a lot of people
Mr. Mills from a wide variety of occupations that work hard and contribute to the well
being of our County, so enough of the self promotion.

I hope you are successful beyond your wildest dreams, I believe in capitalism, but not
the kind you advocate for. The success of capitalism used to be defined by investing
your capital, taking risks and working hard. Today the tax code tilts the scales towards
those that can muster elected officials to do their bidding and put these type schemes
in place. In the TEA Party we call that Crony Capitalism, the type you advocate for.
Voters nationwide are revolting against these very practices.

Mr. Wagner asserts that these huge subsidies are justified because “ in good years
profits may be good, but these farmers understand they have to plan financially to get through
many bad years”. Maybe Mr. Wagner might look at some national data and learn who in
the U.S has some of the highest incomes and net worth’s before he make silly statements.

Mr. Wagner might ponder over the plight of dozens of industries where sales/profits /income
have wild fluctuations. Try talking to anyone in the Coal Industry or Oil Drilling or folks
who in 2007-09 saw declines of 40% or more in their incomes….what makes farmers unique
Mr. Wagner ?

Could a middle ground be perhaps that we begin “ means testing” participants
in the Land Use Tax Exemption Program ? After all , I asked Otto Williams a few years ago
to explain to the citizens of his district why it is that the real estate tax reduction
for citizens who are disabled or over age 65 are means tested, yet we give tens of thousands
of dollars annually in the Land Use Tax Exemption program to some of the wealthiest people
in the County---no means testing there. Means testing …..what say you Mr. Mills & Mr. Wagner?

Bob Shannon
Central Garage



Dear Editor

Subject: Elections have consequences

Rumors abound -- and there is some evidence as the new budget is being put together -- that
newly-elected members of King William's Board of Supervisors are waffling over campaign
promises to cut spending and lower taxes.

If true, why ? Don't go "Republican" on us and fail to act on your campaign promises.
Elections have consequences and you won !

And Aylett District Supervisor Greenwood was returned by a popular vote landslide based
on his record as fiscal conservative.

He has consistently pushed to cut spending all four years of his previous term but was
out-voted every time.

Well, last November's ballot box revolt kicked out three of the old tax and spend crowd.

Now, Mr. Greenwood has allies and all it takes is three of the five member Board to pass
much needed and loudly promised reforms.

Last budget cycle he voted in vain to cut the Forestry Land Use Tax Exemption. But now
that it's doable, he's straddling the fence.

Why ? Is he caving to pressure from powerful interests, does he have a personal stake in
this indefensible exemption, or is it contemptible "bait and switch," hiding until after the
election to expose his real intentions?

A clear majority of the five Supervisors serving now publicly promised to cut spending and
reduce taxes.

Elections have consequences and YOU WON !


Robert "Sarge" Bruce
Aylett, VA



Dear Editor


As the school budget debate heats up and the newly elected members of the KW B.O.S weigh in
on the topic, voting this past week on a approach that allows the B.O.S to channel funds into
specific categories ( the measure lost 3-2) School Board Member Kathy Morrison made the public
statement “we’ve done nothing to deserve this”, referencing of course the
measures intended effect , to instill tighter controls over how funds are spent within KW Schools.
Of course the defenders of the status quo will support Ms. Morrison’s statement, and setting
aside the self -serving interests of those who benefit by current practice of unfettered spending,
let’s take a look at it from another point of view----the taxpayers.

All of 2015 the KWTP made it a major point to contrast the KW Schools spending some $90,000
a week more than Nottoway County Schools, with some 300 more students and 2 more schools
than KW’s 4. This is a very generous comparison since our analysis excluded the
2.3 million KW Schools spent last year on just debt service ( Nottoway allocated $230,000.00
for debt service, 1/10 th the amount spent here).

In 2014 our group distributed copies ( Ms. Morrison and all SB Members received a copy )
of the Heritage Foundations report entitled “ The School Staffing Surge” which
documents over a period from 1950—2009 the increases in the number of students ( 96% )
Teachers ( 252%) and Administrative Staffing ( 702%) This data has also been prominently
featured on a number of our beloved yellow signs over the last year.

To date not a single member of the school board, nor the former Superintendent
has said a word about the Heritage Foundations report. Many elected officials ,
to include members of the previous B.O.S admit to not even reading it . One might ask
an obvious question as to why the side always advocating for more money and higher school
budgets always gets an audience, when a contrarian point of view doesn’t even
merit examination ? It is a fair question. Since the issue of the additional $90,000.00
a week that KW Schools spend above and beyond a system larger than our own was also
so prominently featured all of 2015 why not any objections or push back from Ms. Morrison
on that point ?

“We’ve done nothing to deserve this” If November's
election results mean anything, taxpayers think otherwise Ms. Morrison.

Bob Shannon
King William, Va



Dear Editor

Subject: The Real Work Begins.

I wish again to Thank all of you who wrote “Letters To
The Editor” addressing our local King William election and
all the candidates who ran for office.

I want to point out – If you voted for change – Election Day was Step one.
The forces who wish to increase or at least keep county spending at
present levels are out in force and influencing the budget decisions
of the new Board of Supervisors by Emails, Letters,Phone calls, Facebook
posts, Twits on Twitter and Letters to the Editor.

Wanting Change means - You have to go the next step. Use the means of
getting your message across that works best for you (Emails, Letters,
Phone calls, Facebook posts, Twits on Twitter and Letters to the Editor).

This is not a one shot deal and you need to learn from history. We got
to where we are because the big government types did not give up after a
defeat – They just made more noise until they got what they wanted
and then they wanted more. It mattered not that what they got did not work
(the goal was to just get more).

You want Change? Do not sit on your laurels. Start making your opinions
known to your district supervisor now - before the budget is set and
voted on.


Paul Jamerson
King William, Va



Dear Editor

Subject: Another G.O.P Promise?

Listening to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan Tuesday when he
pledged that come September the Congress would return to the
normal Appropriations process, funding the next budget with
12 separate appropriations bill left me cynically pondering
recent history.

In 2010 it was ..........." if only you give us(Republicans)
back control of the House we will cut spending 300 billion dollars"

We Delivered the votes---they didn't even try. Within days the
promised spending cuts were whittled down to around 30 billion,
and even that piddling amount never materialized.

In 2012 if "We had control of the Senate we will defund ObamaCare"

We delivered the votes---they broke that one as well. Their exists
a number of ways they (Congress) could have defunded that program.

Now Ryan talks of how " if we control the White House next year,
things will be different"

Regardless of what readers think of Paul Ryan, it is insulting
to hear this from someone who knows all too well how many recent
promises were made in exchange for patriot votes at election time,
only after the ballot count to see the truth.

September will still allow time to see if "this time" is going
to be any different. Ryan either knows he intends to insist on
"normal order", or he is simply doing what politician's do, lie
yet again in hopes that we have morphed into idiots, or have
failing memories.

It will still allow those of us with our eyes wide open
to write in a name come November , regardless of the outcome.
Principles matter, and they should. Either we as Patriots
have them, or we are no better than the elected officials who
lie to us, betray us and bury our children & grandchildren under
larger mountains of unsustainable debt. In September should
Ryan keep his promise, perhaps that will warrant voters to
forgive past sins and elect a republican. If not then I will
do for me personally what I must, and that is remain true to
my principles, regardless of the outcome.

Bob Shannon
Central Garage



Dear Editor

Subject: All Tax Exemptions are...Tax Shifting

A good starting point would be to ask why Mr. Mills made
no attempt to explain why KW County already has one of
the highest real estate tax rates per hundred in the area
and one of the highest in all of Virginia's rural counties.
He didn't mention that, and one might ask why? No mention
of a county just next door with no Land Use Tax exemption
program and a real estate tax rate per hundred of .54 vs.
KW at .95 ?? Tax increases Mr. Mills..... we are already
there Sir.

Land Use Tax exemptions are a example of the abuses in
the tax code at every level of government. Land Use Tax
Exemptions just happen to be one example that benefit farmers.
I have repeatedly described Land Use Tax Exemptions as the
local version granting tax breaks for the political patrons,
the large donors who in turn receive a bevy of tax breaks
in return for their political support. This is what Dr. Laura
Ingrahm coined the " donor class" when she was in Richmond 18
months ago. Does anyone remember farms in King William
going broke BEFORE this scheme was enacted ? More on that
in a moment.

I would like Mr. Mills to explain for the readers how in
one paragraph he disputes the elimination of the Land Use
Tax Exemption program would increase the County tax base
and then say's in the very next paragraph.....

"Consequently ,an increase in our counties tax revenue
(should land use be eliminated) would subsequently lead to
what would likely be a substantial reduction in State funding".
His own words.

Apparently picking someone else's pocket (state taxpayers)
to make up for any local tax scams is A okay with Mr. Mills?
I am very familiar with the State funding formulas that determine
what is kicked back to each locality, further evidence of how
the tax code itself has become the dirty currency of elected
officials . Conservatives want government, including collection
of revenue to be kept at the local level, where elected officials
don't have to go hat in hand begging to the G.A for money that
originated in their jurisdictions to begin with. Sending the
money to Richmond, and then asking for it back....does that make
any sense to anyone ? It is about CONTROL, allowing the power
brokers in Richmond more control, nothing else. Let the folks
in Richmond divvy up the pie. And we know today just how it is
sliced, political patrons always get bigger slices, using the tax
code to do it. The K.W TEA Party has consistently fought and
argued for spending cuts and reduced taxes for everyone, not
just the donor class.

His attempt to confuse readers with asserting the numerous
new homes currently being built , then contradicts his own words
with his assertion that Land Use Tax Exemptions are a form of control?
So to buy into Mr. Mills version of how this all works one would
have to accept his statement that new home construction is already
occurring , which contrasts quite starkly with the large tracts of
idled land that has been for sale for 15 or more years, ....... is
all a fiction of my imagination. How about some facts to clear up
some of this purposefully misleading mishmash?

In 2015 the number of building permits issued for single family
homes in KW County was 93 . In 2014 the number was 65 , 2013 it
was 57 , hardly the growth that Mr. Mills asserts is actually
occurring. McCauley Park had planned according to Bret Schardein
Director of Community Development some 247 homes , and only 136
have been built to date. This " boogey man " argument has been
debunked too many times to warrant even discussing it again.
King & Queen County ( with no Land Use Tax Exemptions) would be
Brooklyn by now if it had a modicum of economic truth. Spending
is restrained in King & Queen County because everyone has a stake
in keeping it restrained. Anyone seen large farms in King & Queen
being developed ? No, you haven't, King and Queen remains much
like it was 40--50 years ago. And don't bring up the trash contract
revenue either , since that has been diminished by about 75-80% the
last 4 years. King & Queen Supervisors(showing some real Leadership)
not only cut their budget last year by 5%---but also kept their real
estate tax rate at the .54 per hundred-- noted above.

Student Population in KW County and nationally ( dramatic drop in
birth rates ) is and has been stagnant for 10 years. Student populations
across broad swaths of the U.S have been in some cases in significant
decline, That said, if Mr. Mills concerns that "runaway development'
would occur, should land use tax exemptions be eliminated , if that is
his genuine concern ,then petition the B.O.S to amend the County Master
Plan to only allow for a minimum of 10 acre home lots, since these would
not be the starter homes young people with children buy, eliminating
the school age children problem he claims to want to avoid ?

I don't support that because I believe in private property rights and
that includes someone who owns large tracts to do with their land what
they want, farm it, rent it out, allow it to sit idle or develop it. This
is America. Amending the County Master Plan to allow only a minimum
10 acre building lot would be economically unfair to large tract owners
who might choose to develop a subdivision of 1/2 acre lots. Freedom
comes with a cost, and efforts that ignore that diminish all of our
freedoms. Mr. Mills claims to want growth " controlled"----what he
leaves out is ......controlled by just whom ? Controlled by free
market forces, or those who craft clever tax breaks serving very small
numbers ? He might just visit the Library and read some of Dr. Milton
Freidman's works on Economics and how crony capitalism isn't capitalism,
maybe his version of it, but not mine.

Here are some additional facts that need an honest airing if this
debate is to have merit and integrity. The top 20 Farms in KW County
from 1995--2012 received $ 17, 191,000.00 in Farm Subsidies,
( http:/farm.ewg.org ). Farmers in KW County are exempted from
paying the County B.P.O.L Tax, ( nice tax break for them ) Farm
Crop Insurance is subsidized to the tune of .68 out of every $1.00
by tax payers. Farm Vehicles are exempt from that DMV annual
gouging when the rest of us have to renew our License plates to
the current tune of $40 a year. The Heritage Foundation and Cato
Institute have railed for decades about Corporate Farm Subsidies
being just another example of Corporate Welfare . On the specific
Federal Farm Subsidies Cato has noted that 74 % of those subsidies
are going to farms with annual incomes ranging from $250,000---
$1,000,000.00 a year . Let's stop with the nostalgic picture of
some man with sweat running off his brow behind a mule and a plow,
that isn't a realistic picture of farming today.

Unlike Mr. Mills baseless assertions, what I have stated is all
easily verifiable with numerous sources cited above. One may not
like the facts, but that doesn't change the facts.

Voters have heard the song many times Mr. Mills, and in November
rejected the status quo. It's time for some new music. Keep your
arguments for the simple minded , increasing numbers are awakening
to the tax scheme Land Use really is. In closing I might add I don't
recall Mr. Mills speaking out about spending excesses at a single
budget meeting the last 6 years. I don't recall Mr. Mills writing
Letters to the Editor in the past ? Perhaps he didn't care what the
B.O.S were spending , so long as the bill was being sent to homeowners.
Eliminate the Land Use Tax Exemption program and the spending restraint
you see in King & Queen will become visible in King William , for the
same reasons stated above .

Bob Shannon
Central Garage



Dear Editor

Subject: Election 2015

I wish to Thank all who wrote “Letters To The Editor”
addressing our local King William election and all the candidates
who ran. The time and effort they put forth is truly a gift to the
county and its citizens.

The various opinions on a candidate’s positions and reasons for
running came under review by Don Wagner and Bob Shannon.


Mr. Steven M. Tupponce ran for third District School Board and conducted
a write in campaign on Election Day for the position of third District Supervisor
and Mr C. Steward Garber, Jr. for the position of fourth District Supervisor.

Mr. Wagner felt Mr Tupponce did nothing wrong or illegal by conducting
a write campaign on Election Day. I agree - his write in campaign was
not illegal. The question I have to ask is “If Mr. Tupponce had
won both the School Board and Supervisor positions “ which would
he have given up and should all voters had known of both campaigns before
voting on election day ?

If Stephen Greenwood had done this – Would Mr. Wagner say
“Dirty Tricks” as did Mr. Shannon of Mr. Tupponce ?

Mr. C. Steward Garber, Jr. ran for the position of fourth District Supervisor.
This was a three way race between Dave Hansen, Terry Stone and Mr. Garber. Ms. Stone
and Mr. Hansen both did a Tea Party Questionnaire and participated in the debate as
well as providing a very public campaign.

Mr. Shannon felt Mr. Garber’s campaign lacked the commitment of a serious
candidate and was a vote splitter designed to benefit Ms. Stone. Mr. Wager felt
Mr. Garber could run his campaign any way he wanted to and I agree. I also feel
Mr. Shannon has a valid point.

I can understand not participating in a debate due to a conflict. I cannot
understand why a serious candidate would not take advantage of the free
advertising of his position on the Tea Party Questionnaire as did all his
opponents for all voters to see. If any citizen wishes to see the questionnaires
go to http://www.kwteaparty.com/ and click on the BOS Election Questionnaire2015
button near the top of the page.

Paul Jamerson
King William, Va



Dear Editor

Subject: latest letter from Mr. Don Wagner - Country Courier.

Thank you Country Courier for the public service of printing the latest letter
from Mr. Don Wagner, once again publicly beclowning himself by labeling
principled opponents of his liberal tax and spend philosophy as dishonest.

It brings to mind the old adage, "If you want to anger a conservative, tell a
lie. If you want to anger a liberal tell the truth."

His letter is tangible evidence as an overt element of counterattacks by the
county's "good old boy" power structure, stung so badly by fed-up taxpayers in
the political revolution of November's local election.

But we recognize that Wagner is doing his duty as one of its regular apologists.

So, I'll choose to skip the tedious exercise of responding to his many silly

Instead, let's note Wagner's most contemptible call for newly elected Supervisors
to put aside their campaign promises "and govern."

To all decent citizens -- and particularly those in the grass-roots conservative
movement -- this reeks of the same foul betrayals by elites of the two interchangeable
political parties who demand that solemn campaign vows must be promptly abandoned
once safely elected.

Robert "Sarge" Bruce



Dear Editor

Subject: Lies, Distortions & Propaganda ?

I have listened for years to the byline that if land use tax exemption
were ended KW would suffer “runaway development”. This bit
of propaganda has been promoted for years, reality being quite to the
contrary. Large tracts of land have been for sale here , some sitting
idle for decades with no takers. The anemic and well documented subpar
economic growth wouldn’t support runaway development to begin with.
Houses sit idle , some for sale for a year or more with no takers. Yet
we hear this over and over , as if , if only they say it enough it will
be true.

The “tight budget” line this Board has touted lost a little
of its shine this year when we learned single county employees were
receiving health insurance ( at an average of $765 a month) at taxpayer’s
expense, to the tune of almost 1 million a year. That came from official
e-mail correspondence between 2 county officials.

The $90,000 a week KW Schools are spending , above and beyond Nottoway , with
300-400 more students and 2 more schools, well, again that came right off
the 2 county websites. The $90,000 is actually more since the schools debt
service is 10 times what Nottoway County school budget this year will spend
( on debt service ).

Apparently if a voter listened to all sides of the debate and didn’t
agree with Mr. Wagner, then that voter is uninformed or ignorant ? Maybe
they just disagree with your big government approach ?

No political candidate is worthy of serving if they refuse to be vetted,
refuse to put their names on a ballot and answer voters questions. Too
many very bad legislators serve today , and much of the blame lies with
voters not vetting these candidates BEFORE they cast a ballot. What is
legal isn’t always right or even ethical. Absent the KW TEA Party
and the vetting we provide on behalf of voters, local candidates run on
a handful of slogans and platitudes. “ A New Direction” doesn’t
tell us much does it ? The reference to Arlington is a reference to the
sacrifices made to protect the system of self rule that begins with a
process, a process I might add that is worth defending.

Mr. Wagner and his progressive tax & spend philosophy lost last month.
Voters rejected the way things were being done here. The rest is just
sour grapes.

Bob Shannon
Central Garage



Dear Editor

Subject: More Bloodshed or a Modicum of Common Sense ?

Almost to the minute and perfectly on cue the media pundits, politicians,
gun control advocates are lined up to instantly declare…….”
if only we had some common sense gun control”. We all mourn and pray
for the victim’s families and for those injured in what happened yesterday
in California. As Christians we even ask God to forgive those that carried
out such a horrific act, regardless of their motives. There is however a need
for some clarity and truth on whatever possible remedies or changes in our laws
are needed if we are serious about doing something about this. More gun control
isn’t going to do a damn thing about it and it is time we face that truth
and implement what will work.

It is being widely reported that this man and his wife traveled to Saudi Arabia
in the spring of this year. If FedEx can track a package with pinpoint precision,
knowing exactly where that package is at any given point in time, then is it not
reasonable to ask why can’t authorities given the resources we have given them
since 9/11 track any person who travels to around a dozen nations that we know are
suspect ? Of course we could if the will existed and the PC nonsense was brushed aside.
This guy and his wife should have been under constant surveillance from the moment
they applied for a passport to travel earlier this year to a nation that is a hot bed
of Islamic terrorism. Reports of males tracking in and out of this guy’s garage
by neighbor’s , had they been under surveillance would have stopped this before
what happened yesterday got deep into the planning stages. What is the point in allocating
the volumes of money we have towards national security if it is being spent in vain ?

Mental health some 50 years ago allowed for the institutionalization of any person
deemed to be unstable or a danger to others physical safety. It is time to accept
the reality that efforts to mainstream the mentally ill has been a failure in regards
to any number of incidents occurring in recent years where the person committing the
violence was clearly exhibiting signs of dangerous mental proclivities . If we are to
error on the side of caution, of course there will be examples of abuse, detention and
institutionalization of people who should not have been taken out of society. That said,
remedies could be crafted to address that.

To suggest that additional gun control will solve or diminish the frequency of these
occurrences is simply bordering on delusional.

Bob Shannon
King William Virginia



Dear Editor

Subject: Response to Don Wagner

Thank you for the public service of printing the letter from Mr. Don Wagner,
attempting to rebut some points in my recent Commentary regarding the remarkable
political revolution that swept away a majority of King William's Board of
Supervisors in the November election.

His letter is tangible evidence as an overt element of counterattacks by the
county's power structure.

But we recognize that Wagner is doing his duty as one of its regular apologists.

So, I'll choose to skip the tedious exercise of responding to his humorous
assertions that the "good old boy" network, its cronies and minions, have not
benefited tremendously for far too many years from undue influence over taxing,
spending, regulatory actions, enforcement, and other functions of county government.

Instead, let's note Wagner's most contemptible statement that, "it is time to
put the campaign rhetoric to sleep and take the responsibility to govern...."

To all decent citizens -- and particularly those in the grass-roots conservative
movement -- this reeks of the same foul betrayals by elites of the two
interchangeable political parties who demand that solemn campaign promises
must be promptly abandoned once safely elected.

Robert "Sarge" Bruce
Aylett, VA



Dear Editor

Subject: The Voters have spoken

All citizens have a right to their opinion, just not their facts, as the old adage
goes. Mr. Wagner apparently has missed the underlying message voters sent on November 3rd.

Mr. Bruce can defend himself, but to call his letter on the election “Laughable”
is revealing nothing more than Mr. Wagner’s disappointment that his personal
endorsement of three of the incumbents apparently carried no weight and he needs to
either accept that, or continue to delude himself on what actually happened.

For a year voters had an opportunity to weigh both sides in the debate in order to determine
for themselves whether or not the tax and spend policies needed a different direction and 3
incumbents losing certainly is evidence of which side voters came down on. Voters want local
spending cut and homeowners want a level playing field.

Mr. Wagner is either very bad at math or hoping KW citizens are. If residential real estate
values declined 15-17% and the accompanying real estate tax bill went down 7%, most
reasonable people would conclude the actual tax did indeed increase since the assessed
value fell more than twice as much as did the decline in the bill they had to pay . The
use of the term “equalization” in and of itself is the“ lie” that
Mr. Wagner should focus on, since it hardly equalizes anything.

“Constant repetition of misinformation and downright lies” is what is laughable,
not anything Mr. Bruce said in the 11/18 Tidewater Review. The school budget numbers came
off the school website, ( and Nottoway County website ), the $765 a month local taxpayers
were paying for single county employees health insurance came from official correspondence
between two county officials, the .94 real estate tax and the comparisons with surrounding
localities came from the Tidewater Review.

Mr. Wagner has a progressive political philosophy that voters said no to loud and clear. The
election outcome was a convincing display rejecting Mr. Wagner’s views. His statement
that the new Board has the responsibility to “Govern in the best interest of the citizens”
should simply be understood that the views of too many citizens were indeed ignored for far too
long and voters pushed back. Perhaps Mr. Wagner resents that after January all citizens will
have a voice in how King William County is governed.

Bob Shannon
Central Garage



Dear Editor

Subject: Did the Tidewater Review sleep through the revolution?

A bloodless but violent revolution hit King William on election day, overturning decades of
"Good Old Boy" domination of the Board of Supervisors.

Oddly, the causes and implications of this extraordinary event seem to have largely escaped
notice in TIDEWATER REVIEW's post-election issue.

Congratulations to challengers Hodges (West Point), Hansen (Manquin) and Ehrhart (Mangohick),
for booting THREE BIG TAX AND SPEND incumbents off King William's Board of Supervisors !

Voters have sent a clear message; urging them to join with proven fiscal conservative Greenwood
(Aylett) for a strong majority that will stand up against more of the same taxing and spending
in King William.

Special thanks to challenger Linda Benson (Courthouse) for her hard-fought race against incumbent
Moskalski, who needs to think long and hard about the many reasons for his very small margin of

This bloodless coup was carried out by good challengers backed a small but energetic cadre of
volunteer, unpaid, grass-roots activists who informed, awakened and motivated enough of the
citizenry to effect monumental change.

This dramatic upheaval will have profound effects in the coming months on the politics, economy
and culture of this evolving county.

But the inevitable counterattacks -- some overt and some likely to be nasty and hidden -- will
be coming from those with their snouts deep in the public trough and others too long accustomed
to making back room deals.

This will be particularly evident in the coming battle over the county's next budget.

TIDEWATER REVIEW will have plenty of fireworks to observe and report on if it chooses to do so..

Now, while domination by the leadership of the two interchangeable parties at state and national
political level is well protected, the successful citizen revolt in KW gives some hope for saving
our country.

For those of us who are supporters of King William T.E.A. Party (Taxed Enough Already), along
with other patriot groups nationwide, the struggle continues on behalf of our children and
grandchildren, each and every one already burdened with more than $56,000 as their "share" of
the obscenely growing $18 TRILLION national debt.

Get off the fence, get off the sofa and join the fight to save America.

Robert "Sarge" Bruce
KWTP Secretary, Aylett



Dear Editor

Subject: Post Election Thoughts

This letter serves several purposes.

1) Serving on a Board or as an elected official requires time and sacrifice……
I liken the attitude of people/spectators to that of a sports referee….Sometimes, half
the people are mad at the call……To that end, I want to personally thank all the
departing Board of Supervisors for their time & dedication to King William County.

2) In the spring of 2015, the KW Tea Party conducted an online survey; of which 70+% of the
respondents said “no” to additional homeowner tax burdens……The
current Board placated the residents with the equalization rate. However, that did not stem
the tax frustration as evidenced by 3 of 5 incumbents losing.

3) Now the real work begins…..I want to thank the citizens who had the courage to say
yes to change and have the confidence in me to serve them. I also want to apologize to any
person(s) who I may have offended in the course of the campaign or who felt personally attacked
(i.e. Jay Brown)…. It’s time to roll up our sleeves and put partisan politics and
favoritism behind…..for the good of King William.

Bob Ehrhart
Resident Fifth District



Dear Editor

Subject: Defend & Respect the Process

After a heated election cycle , and much discussion on the tax and spending practices
of KW County the voters have spoken. In January a new Board will be seated with 2
incumbents coming back and 3 new Supervisors taking seats for the first time.

Allowing a few days to pass and reflecting on 3 specific issues that occurred it
warrants elevating the discussion to include perhaps a ounce of prevention ,worthy
of consideration so these issues not occur again in the future.

Steve Tupponce, the current 3rd Dist.School Board Representative launched on Election
Day a "write in" candidacy for the Supervisor seat of Stephen Greenwood. While perhaps
legal he failed miserably. What is troubling with an effort like this is the unseemly
style with which Mr. Tupponce did this, attempting to buttonhole voters on the parking
lot the day of the election and suggesting they write his name in for Supervisor, even
if they cast a ballot for him to retain his School Board seat. Maybe he just wants to
eye of the only sitting Supervisor who steadfastly attempted to rein in the local budget
each of the 4 years of his first term. It didn't sit well with me and I told him so. It
is an affront to voters that Mr. Tupponce didn't put his name on the ballot for Supervisor,
participate in the Candidate Debates, answer voters questions and explain his positions
in advance of asking for their vote. Does Mr. Tupponce have something to hide......does
he think voters should simply cast a ballot for him on the basis of his name ? Show some
class next time and let voters make an informed decision after learning what Steve Tupponce
believes in. Mr. Greenwood had to run the gauntlet, twice now, Tupponce isn't any different.
I predicted this would happen 6 months ago.

In West Point a month ago Mr. Bill Hodges , the Supervisor-Elect spoke at a event that I was
in attendance. He specifically made mention that evening that he had went back to work and was
working at the KW County Sheriffs Department. Now I raise a legitimate question that no one
else has at least to my knowledge ,publically asked. When did Mr. Hodges employment with the
Sheriffs office commence, what is he paid, and after filing the paperwork to run for the B.O.S
did it occur to him or Sheriff Walton that perhaps he might resign that position ? An obvious
conflict of interest is clear when someone running for an elective office, one that will have
budgetary discretion over what money the Sheriffs department would receive is collecting a paycheck
from that very department at the same time ? Perhaps the County Commonwealth Attorney Matt Kite
might care to weigh in on this, although in the past Mr. Kite has been reluctant to even investigate
other allegations of official misconduct that was brought to his attention. Transparency has been
lacking in how local government has operated for many years . This must change.

When one examines a typical candidate running for elective office you will normally note that
this person has some history of activism up to that point. They have been regular attendants
at public meetings, belong to one group or another advocating on public issues , served on or
in a appointed commission , planning department, Soil & Water etc. It is almost unheard of when
anyone just ups one day and decides to run for elective office. It doesn't happen......until
this year. Interests that grew concerned over possible changes to local government and the
possible loss of their iron fisted control for decades did a head count last year and found a
candidate to run in one of the races, a candidate that had no history in civic activism , no
past involvement in attending public meetings, no writing local newspapers or aiding any local
groups engaged in these activities. This candidate labored to avoid answering any questions,
skipped candidate debates , the typical voter forums where he/she has a chance to tell voters
just what they intend to do if elected. I joked that if elected would he even show up at the
B.O.S meetings or just planned on phoning it in ?

It is obviously legal, but unethical and an insult to the process. I hope since the strategy to
keep control of this seat failed it doesn't rear its ugly head again. Perhaps anyone considering
this might pay Arlington National Cemetery a visit and take into account that 1 million Americans have
made the ultimate sacrifice in preserving a precious process of self representative government, and
not treat the process with such distasteful disrespect.

Bob Shannon
Central Garage



Dear Editor

Subject: Response to "Look at the Facts"

In the course of my long involvement in civic activism it has become obvious how the
tactics of the opposition are so predictable. No sooner does the conservative opposition
make a modicum of progress than the swords are drawn. Fortunately the "swords" are
comprised of silly putty so no physical harm is done.

Mr. Wagner's diatribe is a combination of humor and hubris, in equal measure. He goes
through the laundry list of local government expenditures that deserve a closer examination
while attempting to advance the notion that every one of these expenditures are vital
government services that even adjusted would cause the sky to fall. The only thing he missed
was the allegation that I was observed drowning kittens as the Aylett boat ramp.

" Mr. Shannon's agenda".....getting elected TEA Party candidates would allow me to carry
out my nefarious wishes to drag old people away from their bread and water, and allow babies
to freeze in the coming cold winter weather. Discerning readers understand that administrative
staffing positions could be cut without doing any damage to class size or teacher count, that
the world wouldn't end if KW County removed itself from the Regional Airport Authority, that
somehow we just might still function if we leveled the tax playing field and stopped subsidizing
timber for Rock Tenn. These things could be accomplished without the alleged harm Mr. Wagner
asserts would come, if even 1 dollar was trimmed from any of these programs that are not legitimate
government functions to begin with. It is an insult to the excellent candidates running for the Board
to suggest they can't think for themselves or are so simple minded that they have somehow fallen under
a spell. What jibberish. Hold any one of them up to the members of the current Board for comparison.

Wagner has no appreciation for the fact that many citizens of KW County do indeed have a different
point of view than that of Wagner's ilk. To suggest that anyone, let alone candidates for public office
line up behind a pied piper is preposterous.

People are sick and tired of government at every level always attempting to justify taking a few more
bucks from their hard earned paychecks because someone like Don Wagner thinks it is a good idea. Maybe
Mr. Wagner might pause and consider not everyone thinks those programs he cites as " vital government
functions" are indeed as vital as he does.

KW Citizens that oppose larger local government and more spending have just as much right to publically
work towards reducing local government as does Mr. Wagner to advocate growing it even larger.

As for twisting of the facts.....perhaps Wagner might explain where the " meticulous cuts" he claims
this current Board has made when the budget grew from 49 M to almost 63M. If he can pull that one off,
then he can explain to readers just how the U.S has accrued 18 Trillion in Debt with unfunded liabilities
now reported to run into the hundred trillion range.

Mock the TEA Party Mr. Wagner, but recognize first our right to not subscribe to your socialist view
of government, and then express some appreciation for the TEA Party being the last group of citizens capable
of doing basic math, something you apparently can not.

Bob Shannon
Central Garage



Dear Editor

Subject: Education or Insanity

I wish to take you back to a time when the experts did not run the school system. The Years
1954 – 67 was when I went through the educational system and this will require you to
talk to Grandparents, parents or people who were in the school system in this time frame to
understand the following dialog. The anecdotal evidence presented is based on my recollections
and verified by any additional people you chose to talk to who lived in this time period.

Today’s solution for all educational problems seems to be “throwing more money”
at it or hire more experts. This has been tried and done since I left high school in 1967. The
results have been – problems not fixed - try the same failed solutions again (Insanity).
Reduce Teacher/Student ratio, hire more staff, build more schools and tell yourself it is working.

My Grade school had one principal, one secretary and a student messenger (rotated every hour).
High School had one principal, two secretaries and the business students did most of the day to
day office work. Grade school had 2 classes each for grades 1-7 and high school was grades 8-12.
Class size was between 28 and 34 students in grade school and in high school - size depended on
the class usually 20 to 30 students. One teacher per class and they also did double duty as
councilors, coaches and disciplinarians as needed. Get caught with a dictionary in a test and you
failed, Term papers and essays were written out in long hand with an eye to readability. Yes - you
could get expelled for not following the rules and more.

How well did we do with limited resources? Where are the Discovery Channel, History Channel, Learning
Channel and PBS channel programs telling us how much better our kids are doing today than we did
back in the 50s and 60s? The Federal Government should be blasting the air waves with data showing
the improvement on college boards. I must have missed it.

How do we turn it around? All levels of government love study groups and Blue Ribbon Panels - why not
one made up of Homeschoolers to look at, study and made recommendation on how to better educate our
young people. What a refreshing idea. Local informed citizens (who are doing or have done the job)
and not the professionals providing the ideas they feel are needed. As they say Size does not matter –
it is the quality.

Paul Jamerson
King William, Va



Dear Editor

Subject: King William BOS Spending Problem

The Board Of Supervisors debate held at the Mangohick Volunteer Fire Department October 24 was
very informing. A present board of Supervisor member Otto Williams made a comment that he had
worked hard to cut county expenses and there was nothing else to cut. Over the years business
and households in the county have had to make hard decisions to make cuts yet the King William
County Government spending keeps going up. How much more can you take with the present BOS
uncontrolled spending? Figures don’t lie, just politicians. As the present BOS member can’t seem to
find anything to cut in the budget, I recommend Bob Ehrhart as his replacement.

Fred Krauss



Dear Editor

Subject: Trick or Treat Scare Tactics

KW residents, some elected officials and career bureaucrats are trying to scare you this Halloween,
before the election with statements pertaining to funding cuts & impacts to services. Statements like
“taxes were essentially the same” just mean we’re essentially still the fifth highest. Don’t let them
trick you; instead, treat yourself by electing new representation.

Bob Ehrhart
King William, Va
Resident & Candidate of the Fifth District



Dear Editor

Subject: A Little Fact Checking

In the course of listening to your public statements , letters to local newspapers, each
of you have made assertions that others have been less than truthful or honest. As a target
of such assertions it becomes an obligation at some point for me to respond .

Disagreements exists on policy priorities. Conservatives, not some who run around professing
their conservative philosophy but those who live the philosophy will never agree with much
of what you promote as sound governing. It is our process of settling that with elections
that determine what ultimately gets done, or not.

Each time you diminish our sign messages , or what your opponents say on hand outs, dismissing
it as less than honest or half true you do nothing more than diminish yourselves. If the data
we pull from a county government operated and maintained website or a reputable institution
like Weldon Cooper is incorrect or not the version you prefer, that doesn't change that the
data came from a reputable source, perhaps not exactly the ones you would have used, but
reputable nonetheless. The school budget numbers, number of students, number of schools etc
are published on websites maintained by the same elected officials and administrators who then
turn and challenge the data when someone exposes it in a light or venue that causes discomfort.
Obviously the intent is to raise public awareness of how their money is spent and or decisions
that are made on their behalf as to how the money is spent. The fact that it isn't clear isn't
the responsibility of those that access it, but those that post it , often times with what is
apparently a purposeful effort to mislead the public.

I would be careful Supv. Stone on just how often you use the "difference in government accounting
rules/methods" citing it Thursday night numerous times of evidence of your expertise, since it
has often been observed that if private business or corporations used government accounting
practices those folks would be in jail.

As for your assertion on the walking trail, and if we don't use it (the grant money) someone else
will? How did the United States accrue what is closing in on almost 19 trillion in debt? One bad
idea at a time. To augment that fiscal stupidity is a disgrace, and each of you should be ashamed
of publically making such an outlandishly dumb statement.

It is however actual statements and public proclamations each of you have made that is the intended
purpose of my writing you. For a law enforcement officer to raise the spectrum in a letter to a
newspaper that public safety is automatically jeopardized by a spending cut to a law enforcement
agency, or a school system, social services, that response times are endangered or that teachers
will be dismissed , discounts both the possibility that the cuts could fall on administrative
positions that would neither impact classroom size, the number of teachers, nor response times by
fire/ems/police. It goes well beyond misleading to suggest anything of that nature. None of you
were elected to scare people or falsely lead them to believe that a single dollar couldn't be cut,
when evidence abounds to the contrary. If you are empire builders , public sector employees that
simply have adopted a mentality that government is always the answer , and even bigger government
is a better answer then so be it, it is who you are, it is the philosophy that governs what you do
and how you think. I can accept that. Scaring the public is out of bounds, or at least should be.

The suggestion last night that Ms. Benson received answers to a document that was posted online
(the ones returned by the clearly stated deadlines) for all to see within days of the return date
is made all the more insulting by the apparent memory lapse that Mr. Moskalski has since he first
informed me he was on vacation and had been in DC for a few days. In other words , his priority
didn't include returning a questionnaire that 7 others returned on time. It was only after the fact
that a family illness was ever mentioned. Since Mr. Moskalski only had to visit our website to read
Ms. Bensons answers, then sharing with her what her opponents answers were was not only appropriate
but fair to her.

The response time issue in King & Queen that was thrown around last night as some sort of justification
for the larger taxpayer funded budgets yet to come , and a retelling of the story on KWVFD past
funding left out a few minor details , such as the supplemental appropriation of several hundred
thousands of dollars made to the KWVFD off budget in 2013 . I was there that night listening to the
unfolding melodrama. Who holds title to a fire truck or pumper tank is irrelevant, it was taxpayer
dollars that bailed out a very foolish bank loan made under the most suspicious of circumstances to
begin with. King William VFD would have closed, the bank would have had to eat their own bad decision,
instead the KW BOS decided to act as a back stop for a loan circling the bowl as they say, regardless
of the rationalization that was offered for justification of the large off budget supplemental
appropriation made . Service to the citizens of KWVFD service area was used as justification, when a
few of us understood all along what was really going on. Color the facts , throw in some misleading
irrelevant points about who owns the trucks... and leave out what it really was. King William taxpayers
got snookered again by a deal that had all the typical " cover our derrieres "

Add to this the recent $440,000 loan ( Trent Funkhousers actual words in the TR ) that is now being
bandied about in a totally different light---economic development, extension of water/sewer which is
now bringing in the new businesses that might or might not have came to this area. If I am reading what
you are saying, is this the new official line ? Are we to conclude none of that $440,000 will be paid
back to King William, that taxpayers will just have to suck it up and eat that $440,000 that a County
official stated was a "loan " ? Is that being withheld until after the ELECTION is over ? What is
relevant is yet another example of how local government officials shill for politically connected
developers, who make their money , head down the road and stick local taxpayers for the tab of the
erroneous sloppy planning job, done all along with either incompetence or malfeasance serving as the
original motives. If their is to be an honest and open discussion of the taxpaying public paying for
expansion of infrastructure, then so be it, lets have that public discussion. But don't think that some
folks don't realize what has transpired. The Surety Bond released in 2010 on that project assured it
would be taxpayers of King William who would get stuck with the tab. Should the public before the election
know if they are getting stiffed for the $440,000 ? Taxpayers have a right to that question being answered,
particularly if the "negotiations" on the matter have been resolved or ended ? Is the County to get a
dime of that back, if so when and how much. This Board borrowed that money in our names, with an obligation
that we the people have to repay it.

Mr. Hodges, welcome to the world of politics, with one small difference. Here in KW County their is
organized opposition. Your statement last night about the response time in King & Queen County.......Let
me walk you down memory lane sir.

In 2003 Midway Grocery which fronts 360 burned to the ground in the middle of the night ( when it has
always been asserted that adequate staffing existed at the KW VFD ) In 2006 , almost across the road a
residence burned to the ground, total loss, and once again less than a 1/4 mile from the KW VFD. Now
if these two properties , both fronting 360 , and less than a 1/4 mile from the KWVFD burned to the ground
isn't that a reflection that when you live in any rural county that is one of those things that come
along with it ? Can you specifically cite,( besides the antidotal ) any data that King & Queen suffers
from this delayed response and it's relationship with funding levels, given what I just said, or are you
yet again another hopeful pol shilling for larger public safety budgets. My point Sir, is don't use scare
tactics or fear to drive the making of public policy. If you live here or in King & Queen you take some
risks that come along with living out here. Odd Mr. Hodges that I haven't read the stories about crime
in King & Queen being out of line with surrounding jurisdictions, or delayed sheriff deputies arriving at
the scene after the murder/mayhem has taken place. I haven't read of accounts of inordinate numbers of
homes burning to the ground because King & Queen is inadequately funding their emergency services. Maybe
you might share with me some evidence to support the assertions you made last night.......

On the issue of spending and specifically spending cuts, mock King & Queen if you like, it doesn't however
change the fact that with a loss of some 3.3 million in revenue over a 4 year period ( around 20% of that
counties total revenue ) they cut their budget from 19 million in FY 2015 to 18.3 Million in FY 2016 and
held their real estate tax rate at .54 with no increase, unlike the "equalization" that softens what the
Board actually did , raise taxes. To the best of my knowledge the sky hasn't yet fallen.

6 million, for clarifying what that number represents is the difference between 25.7 M ----King William
County School Budget this year, and 19.9M, Nottoways School Budget for this year. I don't think anyone
has challenged that those 2 budget numbers are not indeed what their respective school websites claim they
are. The 6 million is simply the difference between the two numbers, rounded off of course. Setting aside
the 2.3 million in debt service costs this year for King William Schools, then you are left with the 3.5 million
that still remains above and beyond the 19.9 Nottoway has budgeted. That (regardless of who's accounting /math
you use) works out to $90,000 a week more than what Nottoway county schools will spend with 2 more schools
and several hundred more students. I doubt anyone was confused by that, pretty straightforward, but the
paid ad stating $542,547 was what was confusing, and perhaps intentionally so, since one candidate had
previously spent 8 years on the school board and had a direct impact on what those budgets are today, and
have been for some years now. The 6 million didn't represent or suggest that local funding increased by
6 million, but then again -----who was trying to confuse the public , our sign messages or a candidate
who understands voters can subtract 19.9. million from 25.7 million themselves ?

Bob Shannon
Central Garage



Dear Editor

Subject: Election Time

I was pleased to see all the Letters to the Editor in the Sept 30 issue of the Country Courier.

When I came to Mr. Kite’s letter I was impressed with the listing of the duties and cases his office
handled. This is the type of information citizens need for an informed decision when they vote.

I do not know why Mr. Kite chose to attack : Quote “supposed “facts” being bantered around,
or painted on roadside signs.” and “using inaccurate or false assertions about salaries and insurance.”

Mr. Kite does not say if the true costs are “higher or lower” than posted – just either
inaccurate or false. At a” Meet the Candidate Night” on Sept 17, I heard Mr. Bob Shannon state to
Mr. Kite the numbers presented were from county budgets, county websites and reports. If these sources of
information are wrong – Why have they not been corrected and only now are a concern?

I would like Mr. Kite to present what he feels is the accurate information and his sources. The King William
Tea Party has a link on its Web page (www.kwteaparty.com) that will carry you to the FY2016 King William County
Budget adopted Apr 27, 2015. Under the Heading “Care to see where Your Money Goes?” I suggest all
voters look it over.

Paul Jamerson
King William, Va



Dear Editor

Subject: A New Meaning to Obscurity

Politicians lend new meaning to Obscurity. (to make dark)

Current Supervisor Terry Sims-Stone and County Commonwealth Attorney Matt Kite apparently have found that
others in the community are attempting to sway voters with half- truths and misleading statements. The local
TEA Party group took no position on the Pet Crematorium so she has lost me there.

Let’s start with her purposeful attempt to confuse voters with her example in her paid ad mentioning
the $532,547 and the $6,000,000 . Just what is Supervisor Stone hoping voters will overlook ? The KW County
School Budget, is a document that after 8 years on the School Board and 4 on the B.O.S - her fingerprints are
all over it. The messages on the “ugly signs” was the comparison of Madison & Nottoway counties
with similar size school systems , Nottoway has 6 schools ( KW has 4) and yet Nottoway with 300-400 more
students and 2 more schools spends some $6,000,000 less this year than what is budgeted for KW Schools. Nottoway
has posted on their County website a budget for this year of 19.9 million vs. King Williams of 25.7 million.
Of course Supervisor Stone would like to confuse voters with “per pupil costs” and other formulas
that obscure the additional $6,000,000 K.W. Schools will spend this year. The mention of bigger class sizes and
less teachers is an old and tired political scare tactic that discerning voters today are so weary of & she knows
it. Another budget fact that Supervisor Stone is so annoyed by is the posting on a sign on the debt service
costs comparison. This year Nottoway will spend $233,000 servicing their schools debt . King William on the other
hand has budgeted $ 2, 300,000, ten-fold what Nottoway is spending servicing past debt run up by just whom ….
the debt fairy ?

Supervisor Stone, and others who have been at the helm for the last 12 years have to own it. Cutting some
money from a budget out of control won’t entail cutting teachers, and had Supervisor Stone read the
Heritage Foundations “Staffing Surge in Public Schools “ ( which we gave her 2 years ago ) she
would know what we know,……. namely that from 1950 –2009 student populations increased
some 96%, teachers increased by 252%, yet Administrators/Staffing……702%.

Supervisor Stone wasn’t interested in reading anything that didn’t comport with her mind set,
born perhaps by a lifetime of government employment that embodies a philosophy that spending more money each
year is a simple function of raising peoples taxes to pay for it. Taxpayers have had enough , and she senses
they are about to express their dissatisfaction at the ballot box on November 3rd. For anyone doubting this
go to www.kwteaparty.com and read Supervisor Stones answer to question # 3 “ if the County needs additional
revenue this year where will you find it” ? A simple question—right ? Read how she dances around
the question, never answering it at all.

She will if re-elected go to the same source she has in the past—home owners and higher real estate taxes,
to feed the beast she refuses to put on a diet. To describe herself as Independent is humorous. She abides by
The Old Boy network that dictates her course of action, best depicted by her own dismissive manner when she talks
about anyone who isn’t from here, as if the County has a caste system still in place. She won’t tell
you where she will go for additional revenue, but we will. REAL ESTATE TAX HIKES ON HOMEOWNERS

As for Commonwealth Attorney Matt Kite, has he morphed into a budget analyst, stating how these agencies are
running on a ‘tight budget” ? How much time did this entail in study and analysis Mr. Kite ? With
such a caseload (cited in his letter) he must then be relying on another source. Is that source objective, or
are they as well predisposed toward an ever expanding government tab funded by taxpayers, whether it is grant
money or local funds, it was still taken by legal coercion from someone Sir. To suggest that eliminating a
staffing position in the schools that we could live without, or a efficiency incorporated into one of the other
county agencies would impact “ keeping the community safe” ? Mislead and misstate…..you
and Supervisor Stone surely know a thing about that.

Bob Shannon
Central Garage



Dear Editor

Subject: Selective facts .....when convenient

Amazing how elected officials really must consider most of us true dopes. I am now being instructed by
Supervisor Terry Stone that I correct a TEA Party sign message recently posted that states the 3 counties
Nottoway, Madison and King Williams number of students, number of schools and annual budget for all 3. Sound
pretty straightforward ...........

Supervisor Stone instructs me to state or use the "per pupil" costs ( or recalibrate the totals using
these numbers ) and forwarded to me a Virginia DOE link and a chart showing the "per pupil " costs that
apparently she prefers, perhaps for her own purposes . 3 signs now carry various messages, the first being
the as mentioned number of students, schools and the annual budget. Perhaps it was there that the data caused
some concern. After all, 2 schools with larger student counts, and one system with 6 schools ( KW has 4 )
had annual budgets of 19.4, 19.9 million , when KW Schools budget is posted on the Weldon Cooper site as
25.7 million. We used the data for all 3 schools that was on the Weldon Cooper site. No mention whatsoever
that the 19.4 19.9 or the 25.7 numbers are not accurate. Where it is spent, the various formulas.......are
the annual budget amounts or the debt service costs being disputed--------no they are not.

The second sign message , messaged just Saturday states this years " debt service costs" for both King William
schools and Nottoway county schools. Nottoway's schools being $233,000 and King Williams schools debt service
being $2, 300,000. Once again I took the numbers off the schools budget posted on their respective school websites.
No mention of these numbers being disputed either.

Last evening I messaged another sign that states the amount of money spent by KW Schools in excess of Nottoway,
expressed in both monthly and weekly amounts.

I was generous and allowed for King Williams budget busting debt service costs, subtracting the 2.3 million and
used the remaining 3.6 million(difference between 25.7 million KW budget and Nottoways 19.9) $3.6 million/10 months
= $360,000 monthly or expressed weekly as $90,000 more a week . Voters have a right to know how much more this
school system is spending, above and beyond a system with 2 more schools and 400 more students .

What is worthy of pointing out is how selective they always are when it comes to data or evidence that doesn't
comport to the sales pitch they use when they are left to explain or defend what they state as "factual"

Note how in defending the Land Use Tax exemptions they always uniformly state as if it is fact it helps "stop
runaway development", when every bit of evidence clearly shows this is pure fiction. Large tracts of open land
have been for sale in the County , some for 10-20 years. We have a entire subdivision in Manquin, started some 7-8
years ago that now sits overgrown with weeds , literally abandoned because of the soft market that shows no sign
anytime soon of recovering. Add to that what we often cite as additional evidence of this specious argument, that
King & Queen ( with no Land Use Tax exemption program ) hasn't morphed into Manhattan if you hadn't noticed. They
also tell the public that these tax exemptions are kept in place because it would create a "hardship" for farmers
and foresters who couldn't operate profitably without these tax exemptions. Odd how many profitable farms and foresters
operate just 8 miles from here. They don't mind at all of " tainting or slanting " evidence or data if it suits them,
but want to challenge anyone else. Facts and evidence be damned when it suits their desired outcome, they simply
won't stand up to the limited number of influential folks that benefit from the tax deferrals of this program, evidence aside.

Another equally blatant example was in FY 14 budget hearings this same Supervisor pushed for the schools request
for an additional $350,000 in local funding to fill some positions that had been cut a few years back and Supervisor
Stone stated that " we don't know if down the road their may be some consequences if we don't fill these positions"
One minute you have the school superintendent bragging in the Tidewater Review of how marvelously the schools had
performed, then you have a elected official responsible for being a good steward of public monies throwing $350,000
at what " might happen, maybe, possibly could....."

$100,000, the total costs of adding a proposed Resource Officer to the middle school year before last, a waste
of money no matter what twisted logic one might use, is still another example of trying to fit a "round peg into a
square hole" mentality that always prevail when they want to grow the empire.

Wait until the argument starts in defending the "walking trail" that has been proposed, or King William joining this
new boondoggle regional economic development that will suck money out of taxpayers pockets, always of course as being
worthy, defined once again by all sorts of "hypothetical" benefits the County will probably, likely, maybe, could
get from membership in another government program that will simple leave us with lighter wallets. Milton Friedman must
be rolling over in his grave.

If you challenge the status quo, expect blowback, it comes along with what we are trying to do, namely rein in the
spending that we have made a compelling case is a problem. What is so hypocritical however is the attempt to force
us to back off with this suggestion that the data we are using is somehow inaccurate. I suppose politicians would know
a thing or two about that subject.

Bob Shannon
Central Garage



Dear Editor

Subject: La-La land

Dear Editor

County government is at it again, a "Walking Path" between the Admin Bldg. and the Courthouse, costing
hundreds of thousands to construct. Federal Grant money, pennies from heaven and requiring a matching
contribution from the County.

Does it occur to those folks down there in La-La land how the Nation accumulated 19 trillion of debt?
One bad idea at a time.

Bob Shannon
Central Garage



Dear Editor

Subject: Change

In last election for our county’s Leaders there was a feeling of excitement and change in
the air. We had (what I believe) were a lot of firsts. The first meet the candidates’ night,
debates and a newspaper insert with candidate information (Thank You - King William Tea Party). When
the election was over we had three new members on the Board of Supervisors (BOS). It looked like our
new BOS would finally start to govern with an eye to the new realities of change our tax paying
citizens have been handed.

There were citizens input meetings held in all districts and at a BOS meeting in the Board Room of
the King William County Administration Building. I spoke at two of the meetings. At the BOS meeting I
addressed the realities of health care facing our tax paying citizens because of the Affordable Care
Act (Obamacare). For businesses to stay in business coverage was either dropped, reduced to just the
employee and not family or dropped with a pay increase to help offset the new expense.

Our county government is big business. In light of the fact - health care costs have exceeded anything
promised and is and has created a financial drain on our citizens – Fairness would also demand
healthcare for our county employees be shouldered by the employee as in the private sector. I was
surprised to see on a Tea Party sign - our county pays $765.00/month/employee for Healthcare. If the
BOS had addressed this when I suggested health care spending be brought in line with what was happening
in the private sector – How big do you think the new Real Estate Tax Rate increase would be?

Third District Supervisor Stephen K. Greenwood has been the only Supervisor who consistently votes on
all topics with an eye toward is it a government defined job, can we afford it and the courage to say
no when it is warranted.

Bob W. Ehrhart II is running for the Fifth District Supervisor seat and David E. Hansen is running for
Forth District Supervisor seat. I have known both men for a number of years and I feel they will bring the
same qualities to the Supervisor’s job as Stephen K. Greenwood. I encourage your support for All three
in the coming election.

Paul Jamerson
King William, VA



Dear Editor

Subject: Local TEA Party subjected to Official Criticism

This week the King William TEA Party celebrates it's 6th anniversary. The people who have labored
away for these 6 years have done so without any compensation or reimbursement of the personal expenses
they incur. Unlike some groups we have never asked for a single dime of taxpayer funds. We support
ourselves with our own money and the kind donations of folks who believe in what we are trying to do.
This is a true non -partisan group, read our meeting announcements, neither of the two major political
parties escape our often harsh commentary.

Over that 6 years our roadside yellow signs adorned with the American & Gadsen flags have been
(or perhaps the messages) subject to equal amounts of criticism and perhaps a dose of appreciation
from those who, while not active in our group appreciate our efforts. Messages questioning spending,
or decisions such as paid fire/rescue personnel, real estate tax burdens on homeowners (the Boards
favorite punching bags), suspect expenditures such as the silly " alternative seating", (taxpayer
money spent to purchase bean bags chairs for elementary students to sit on ) has had folks either
cheering or booing us, depending on one's political point of view.

I've often referred to the TEA Party movement as the last bastion of opposition to both of the political
parties endless quest for more spending, bigger government, higher taxes, and increasing losses of our
civil liberties. From private property rights ,privacy issues and the abusive treatment by the I.R.S of
groups like ours, absent the TEA Party speaking up---who's left ? The tax code, which is at every level
of government ( including local ) the dirty currency of politicians--and we haven't shied away from saying so.

What is disturbing however is the direct criticism of our group coming from Supervisor Terry Stone,
specifically why she has taken to describing anyone involved with our group as somehow suspect ? In 2009
when I first met her she told me how " supportive" she personally was of the TEA Party movement and what
we were trying to do. What has changed ? We support limited government, spending cuts and protection
for our Constitutional rights. We have labored hard to get the KW B.O.S to cut spending, and are quite
vocal about it. We have drawn distinctions between essential government services and non -essential,
spending that should be cut before another penny is asked of homeowners or small businesses in the County.
We have when warranted pointed out the reckless examples of where they could have cut spending---yet didn't
have the will or inclination to do so.

We drew the ire of some local folks when we raised the issue of land use tax exemptions pointing out
that neighboring localities did not permit this clear example of tax favors being doled out to select
groups, when Foresters and Farmers right next door in King & Queen harvest trees and farm quite
profitably without these tax schemes. That may have raised the ire of certain folks who want to retain
this tax benefit, but why a public official, one who is supposed to be impartial in these matters now
publically lambasting our group for doing what no one else will ?

I was referred to by Supervisor Stone as a " recent arrival ", in spite of the 17 years I have been
here, long enough I might add for the KW BOS not once, but twice to empty my mortgage escrow account
with real estate tax increases.

Her casting aspersions toward candidates running for the BOS as being associated with the TEA Party
as if they are somehow associated with an organized crime family is not surprising. Our criticism of her
propensity to tax and spend apparently qualifies our group as somehow nefarious in nature, and a target,
for no more than raising a legitimate objection to her record the last 4 years.

If a elected official is inclined to use such tactics, is it linked to the TEA Party specifically,
or a result of our refusal to shut up and refrain from speaking out. Perhaps if the local Republican
party took on some of the responsibility we wouldn't have to do all of the heavy lifting. In any
event the resistance to wasteful spending isn't going anywhere. Supervisor Stone's attempt to slight
candidates associated with our group aside, these candidates running are some of the best qualified
and most intelligent I have ever met.

Bob Shannon
Central Garage



Dear Editor

Subject: Empathy & Public Money

In researching the KW B.O.S meeting minutes of April 27th 2015 ( page 42 ) I came across the
following comments by 5th District Supervisor Otto Williams regarding a change in County policy,
asking for the first time County employees to pay 10% of their health insurance costs, paid to
this date 100% by taxpayers for single employee coverage. Mr. Williams said and I am quoting " he
was disappointed county employees did not have a choice of a health insurance plan that did not cost
them in their take home pay"

What a swell guy. Possibly a little self serving as well.

Written comments on this very topic by then acting County Administrator Dan Stuck in preparations
for the 2015-16 budget discussions, that after reviewing other localities , King William's practice
of paying 100% was " out of line ". Cost for County employees health insurance was approaching $900,000.00
a year. The average monthly costs, per employee was according to Mr. Stuck now at $765 ---yes $ 765 a
month per County employee. One would think a Supervisor on the Board for 12 years would have known this ?

Someone once reminded me that it is easy to be generous with " someone else's money". Folks who have seen
their health insurance premiums take gigantic hikes the last 3-4 years certainly appreciate how fortunate any
person would be to have their employer pick up 100% of their premiums as a condition of their employment. How
much of your health insurance premium do you pay ? 50% 75% 100% ( for those of us self employed ).

Supervisor Williams , Moskalski and Redd, 3 of our Supervisors currently take advantage of this extremely
generous arrangement. That also might help explain why this taxpayer generosity was extended for so many years.
Most private KW citizens pay 50% or more of their health insurance premiums. I have implored this very Board
for years to address this . I recently pointed out during a public comment period when I spoke that the unfunded
( public sector ) healthcare and pension liabilities for the 50 States ( just over the next 10 years ) is a staggering
1.16 Trillion dollars. Since the Federal government is clearly broke it will require massive State & local tax
hikes to fix this problem, exasperated by the mentality of Supervisor Otto William's statement on April 27.

In King William County, homeowners typical monthly mortgage payment is now comprised of real estate taxes that often
are 15- 20% or more of the total monthly payment. It is a travesty that Supervisor Otto Williams compassion and empathy
doesn't extend to the homeowners who are stuck with his benevolent gifting of others hard earned money.

In conclusion, ( having done the math ) had the current Board implemented this new policy in 2012, asking County
employees, including the 3 of the Supervisors mentioned , to pay a measly 10% of their health insurance premiums,
the taxpayers of King William would have saved $300,000.00. It bears noting that Supervisor Stephen Greenwood has
been the only one even attempting to rein this egregious wasteful spending in. It also helps explain why KW has one
of the highest real estate taxes among rural counties in the entire State of Virginia. In 3 months citizens will have
an opportunity to do something about this. This Board raided the County Reserves this year in order to pay's the bills.
What do you think they will do next year ?

Bob Shannon
King William, Va



Dear Editor

Subject: Confused Supervisor

At the B.O.S meeting on Monday June 22nd while discussing new regulations to insure compliance
with the Land Use Tax exemption program Supervisor Travis Moskalski referenced the fees associated
with certification of said compliance as " onerous"

Giving Mr. Moskalski the benefit of the doubt, perhaps he isn't aware of the following.

The annual tax savings for those that have land in these programs, now being restricted to Agriculture
and Forestry are some $1, 200,000.00 each year. In addition to that the dollar amount last year in
Federal Farm subsidies just to King William farmers totaled approximately $ 2,200,000.00. Add the "exemption"
from the KW County B.P.O.L tax for this select group, the subsidies for crop insurance ( around .65 of every
dollar of the costs ) Seems as if the tax code at every level has become quite friendly to a select group.

What strikes most as odd is how Mr. Moskalski was comfortable hitting homeowners again last year with
another onerous .12 per hundred on the real estate tax rate. Apparently Mr. Moskalski feels with millions
in transfer payments and tax deferrals already going to a handful of KW citizens , that isn't sufficiently
taking into account the onerous fees he cites. Nationally .74 out of every federal farm subsidy dollar
goes to households with annual incomes between $250,000---$1,000,000 per year. Maybe Moskalski doesn't know this?

On the topic of onerous , one might examine a small change Mr. Moskalski could have implemented in
January of 2012 when he was first seated. Had the B.O.S asked the county employees to pay just 20% of their
health insurance costs ( the county paid 100% for single employee up until this year ) the aggregate savings
over the last 4 years would have been in excess of $1,000.000.00

Besides the issue of currying favor with select groups ( farmers and public employees ) Mr. Moskalski
personally benefitted by having you pick up 100% of the costs of HIS HEALTH INSURANCE, while many of you
out there are paying anywhere from 50%--100% of your own health insurance costs. Asking County employees
to pick up 20% in lieu of those facts isn't at all out of line. Mr. Moskalski is totally comfortable with
raising homeowners taxes, yet he is troubled by these onerous fees put on a group that is already eating
from every side and end of the tax buffet table.

Maybe in November voters in King William & West Point, who are paying what can only be described as "onerous"
real estate taxes might remember where Mr. Moskalski's sympathies lie. He, like most politicians think voters
are stupid and won't catch the duplicity in their words and actions. Voters need to correct the mistake they
made four years ago, an "onerous " mistake at that, in electing this guy to the Board in the first place.

Bob Shannon
King William



Dear Editor

Subject: On Your Dime...Always on your dime

In the course of reviewing documents pertaining to a request I had made to KW CA Matt Kite I came
across some rather disturbing information. Health Insurance costs , which the County was paying 100%
of costs for single County employees ( until the small change this year ) was approaching some
$900,000.00 per year, a monthly average of some $765 per employee.

Assuming the B.O.S had made this change 4 years ago, ( and I have made the request almost each and
every budget year ) they could have actually saved a substantial amount of money, yet they allowed
the rip-off of County taxpayers to continue. Three of the Board members Tom Redd, Otto Williams and
Travis Moskalski receive their own health insurance through this cozy arrangement.

Suppose the Board had addressed this 4 years ago......the savings alone would have been a staggering
$300,000.00 or more. Had they asked county employees to pay 20% of their health insurance costs 4 years
ago, the savings could have potentially been $1,200,000.00 or more. Does any thinking person out there
believe that the 3 board members themselves were inclined to make this change ? Of course not, they
themselves were benefitting by the status quo. Hit homeowners again is their motto. It defies logic
when you hear them every spring proclaim they squeezed every dollar they could, or made "tough decisions"
Baloney !

This self serving crowd lies each year when they make statements they know are not true.

In the private sector today employers more often than not pay only the mandated 50% of the employees
cost. Most private sector employers pay little to nothing towards spouse and or family coverage . Small
businesses across Virginia have dropped their group health insurance all together. Government on the
other hand ignores all reality and spends your money as if they have some right to do so.

Next time you receive your pay stub or write the check for your own health insurance premium remember how
the " royal family " treats themselves, and remember who's dime is it on. Most important however is

Bob Shannon
Central Garage



Dear Editor

Subject: War on Religion - Separation of Church & State

Dear Editor

Separation of Church & State is the nonsense the liberal Progressives would insist you think is the
meaning of the First Amendment. I find it ironic their actions actually violate the first amendment.
They do this by establishing a national religion called Atheism - by “prohibiting the free
exercise thereof”. Think “Prayer” said out loud in any public building/gathering
or removing the “10 Commandments” from view in any public/government building.

The removal of any reference to religion in schools and governments buildings is where Political
Correctness has led us. Even A “Moment of Silence” anywhere violates the “Separation
of Church and State” mandate. Add the “Hate Crime” laws and is “Freedom of
Speech” far behind?

The same Democratic Party that voted at the 2012 Democratic Convention to remove reference to God
from the party platform decided to put it back only because it might cost them votes. If you listened
to the voice vote at the time – it would be hard to believe the delegates at the convention
wanted to put the reference back.

Amendment I

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free
exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people
peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

The Supreme Court has become a co-conspirator in achieving agendas rather than deciding the
constitutionality of laws. The “Separation of Church and State” is just one of the bullets
used to promote the “War on Religion”.

It seems “Same Sex Marriage” needs “ The Supreme Court’s Blessing” to
become the law of the land. If the past decisions are used in deciding this issue where religion is
a driving force - it should be a no brainer. A second school of thought says “Same Sex Marriage”
is a welfare program for lawyers. A large percentage of first marriages end in divorce and the crop of
new lawyers each year will need an income stream.

Marriage is an invention of the Church not the state. Since the Supreme Court wants separation from
“Church and state” then it stands to reason they have no authority to deal with a belief
and practice the Church has promoted since there was a church. Even today I suspect the majority of
weddings take place in a church or under God’s sky.

Unfortunately the Supreme Court’s rational thought processes have been abandoned and replaced
with a dysfunctional logic used to achieve political agendas rather than decide the constitutionality
of laws.

We have seen the results of the “War on Religion” in all areas of life. The rise of the
liberal Progressives agenda has resulted in a moral decline reflected by the number of unmarried single
mothers and a high crime rate in cities like Chicago and Los Angeles among other unintended consequences.

Paul Jamerson
King William, VA



Dear Editor

Subject: Sour Political Grapes

This past week , KW B.O.S Chair Terry Stone laid bare her frustrations that illustrate the message of
the opposition is indeed getting through. In a letter responding to my comments the previous week on
this years Budget Theater she drove home two points that apparently have the status quo shook up.
Supv. Stone alluded to me being a recent arrival to the County and not understanding the complexities
of the controversial Land Use Tax Exemption program, nor the "culture or the services we most value".

I have lived here in the County since 1998, some 17 years now, long enough Supv. Stone to twice have my
mortgage escrow account emptied by the Tax & Spend mentality of previous Boards, to include the one you
now Chair. Long enough to watch the championing of a never ending river of money you have either advocated
for ( while serving on the School Board ) or actually served dispensing, as an elected official . You
have used other peoples money to shore up the only political base you have, the public sector & school
employee's that enjoy annual raises ( regardless of what is happening in the real world ). Add health
insurance that continues to be paid to the tune of 90% of the actual costs by dipping further into
KW Taxpayers pockets , the luxury of benefits that include 11 paid holidays a year ( in addition to their
vacations ) and a defined benefit pension plan, paid largely by taxes collected from hard working homeowners.
Your rationalization last year in advocating the additional money you gave the schools, with stagnant student
populations and Dr. Jones declaration of the schools achievements with current staffing levels ,was
ample evidence of the political machinations you engage in and the very low regard you have for others money.

If that isn't enough, when these same homeowners see their single biggest asset (homes) decline in value,
just what do you do? Raise the rate because you and your colleagues on the Board can't cut any spending or
say NO to anyone.

The comment on Mr. Shannon " not understanding our culture" is quite to the contrary Supv. Stone, much to your
chagrin I understand it all too well. What I believe Supv. Stone is saying is that I have continued to openly
and without reservation expose the wretched tax schemes that have been promoted under the noble guise of
"conserving open space", or the equally silly proposition that we would somehow have runaway development if
these programs were curtailed or ended. It is now becoming a bit uncomfortable for the Supervisors because
citizens of the County, including the Town of West Point are indeed better informed of these tax scams
because of the exposure I and others have shed on the subject. Homeowners have been punching bags long enough.

The Tidewater Review in it's Edition of May 6th, page 8A did a tremendous service to KW Taxpayers with the
Tax Map that showed the per hundred real estate tax rate for King William, including all of the other
surrounding localities. Explain that tax rate to voters Supv. Stone .

In closing I might add Supv. Stone owes an apology to the various candidates that have stepped forward to
run this November, by suggesting these fine people didn't come forward on their own. The portrayal that I
somehow orchestrated a clever campaign to hand pick candidates is an insult to them. One of them has run
twice before, and the other two are superior individuals with extraordinarily impressive resumes . As for
the voters who were not born and raised here you might be a bit more careful with your chosen words
suggesting their opinions are not somehow valid or relevant in having a equal say in County matters. You
represent the Oligarchy and the public sector, and voters are more aware of that than you might be comfortable
with. At least that is what Voters in increasing numbers are saying. When someone moved here is immaterial,
unless of course you still have the mistaken impression that King William County is a Monarchy ?

Bob Shannon
Central Garage



Dear Editor

Subject: Mozart & Celeste Kellogg

Kristi Reynolds suggest that I listen to some Mozart and see what happens......When you can't defend
nonsense or waste, this is what your detractors resort to.

Studies as Ms. Reynolds suggest do indeed find that infants exposed to classical music later have
developed a higher capacity to learn, I've read the various studies and that is indeed true. What
is puzzling is that I can't find any infants attending KW Schools, and I certainly know the difference
between classical music and Celeste Kellogg , as does Ms. Reynolds.

The point raised by the TEA Party sign is to awaken parents to the danger embodied in efforts to
diminish the importance of instilling a sense of our own history, namely that America is indeed an
exceptional nation. The collaborative effort by many on the left has been and continues to be to
paint America as just another nation, without any significant difference. Some Europeans now in their
80's and 90's might beg to differ with that point, which I am certain Ms. Reynolds would concede.
I can defend that America is indeed an exceptional nation and our children need for a variety of
reasons that historical truth to be instilled in them, the earlier the better. It is much easier to
dupe and control ignorant citizens, certainly citizens intellectually void of their own nations history.

A few years back I was informed that our schools now had "instructional time & non-instructional time".
I found it then , and still do, somewhat odd that with an apparent need for Master Reading Teachers,
some 28 instructional assistants in just 4 schools, declining test scores in Math, Science and Reading
Comprehension that such Non-Instructional time even exists. Other than recess the Nuns must have believed
in error ,that all the time from the ringing of the opening bell to the last one at 3 was instructional
time. I would have loved sitting and listening to Celeste Kellogg, but apparently Sister Stella Marie
thought their was more important things to focus on.

They can watch Ms. Kellogg all they want at home on their own time. If taxpayers are spending some $11,000
a year per student to educate them, then focus on the skill set they will need to function in the real world.
The exalted status already bestowed on air-head celebrities and sports figures does enough damage without our
public schools spending even more time inflating their status among young impressionable minds.

As for Ms. Reynolds comments on S.O.L tests, isn't it now obvious, whether it be NCLB (No Child Left Behind)
or S.O.L ( Standards of Learning ) so many teachers find the testing itself always problematic. Testing is
one tangible manner with which to measure a students definitive progress-----and some measure of accountability
regarding the job our school systems are doing. Maybe letting kids spend time listening to another celebrity is
a respite from the obvious work that needs done , it sure isn't what I expect given the $11,000 a year that's
being spent.

Bob Shannon
Central Garage



Dear Editor

Subject: Quotes from Mao

Mao once said "Revolution is not a dinner party" and he demonstrated that with the ensuing decades of
killing millions of his own people to make the point. While one would hopefully not suggest following
Mao's methods , one can defend the principle that a re-set of American politics will not at this late date
be achieved before the roof collapses onto our heads. Unless.....

In King William this year the BOS decided they might have a chance of shutting us ( KWTP ) up by closing 2
of the Land Use Tax Exempted classes, Open Space & Horticulture. For those following what the KWTP has been
up to, this group has been relentless and are now seeing some tangible results. How many school systems in
central Virginia received "level funding" this year in the current budgets? That is what happened in King
William County and it happened for only one reason--the relentless pounding we have given the BOS and the
Schools for the last several years over wasteful spending.

In this weeks Tidewater Review newspaper New Kent County had a classified ad, announcing a public hearing on
New Kent's Land Use Tax Exemption programs that are under review for possible closing. Does anyone think that
the New Kent BOS just up and decided now was the time to address this 40 year old tax scheme? I have received
e-mails from several folks in Essex County thanking our group for raising this issue and keeping the pressure
on because real estate tax rates in Essex have climbed through the stratosphere and a laundry list of exemptions
including abusive rip-offs like Land Use are the obvious culprits. Hard Ball works and the evidence cited above
is ample evidence of it's effectiveness. Hanover County's Land Use Tax Exemption program is as bad or worse,(on your watch)
now allowing parcels to be sold, rezoned for development and still remain in the tax exemption program. That is an
expansion of the abuse.

Contrast that with a quote I read in an e-mail this week that regarded the discussion of what to do about Del. Peace.
One of these "leaders" of a group said the following " lack of support causes lack of challengers..... learn to like
Mr. Peace until you learn to support someone that will oppose him" ?????? Now maybe their is someone out there who can
decipher this jibberish but I can tell you from both practical experience, knowing what works and what doesn't. A statement
with this silliness and disoriented, discombobulated nonsense is a clear example of why the Patriot movement has barely
moved the needle. This advice is coming from the same voice chanting UNITY=VICTORY, a guy who can't define with any
sense of clarity just what VICTORY means, other than winning. Maybe this person can show a specific example of how under
his leadership Hanover County has been forced to cut any spending, or eliminate any personal taxes or rip off exemptions.
My understanding is that Hanover County has rolled on without interruption and the group this guy leads has been led almost
into the ground.

This same individual advised me some 19 months ago "that you got to get along with the Indians running the reservation"
his words not mine. No Sir, worrying about " getting along with them" is exactly the problem. You can not arouse the
publics interest or increase their level of involvement without waging a relentless war of exposing the conduct, votes and
behavior of the miscreants. A survey ( petition drives collecting signatures ) of some 600 in King William this past
month has shown taxes unanimously the top priority on voters minds---and like us or not, they credit the KWTP for the
exposure of the issue.

I would rather get something done (cited above) than worry about getting along with them. To defeat an incumbent you ding
them up. Anyone remember our signs criticizing Eric Cantor? Give voters a reason to vote out an incumbent and they will
do it. Contrary to the nonsense this person cites as sound political advice--- challengers only come forward when they sense
an incumbent is vulnerable. I know because I've now done it several times over, helping to defeat entrenched local incumbents
that had been the subject of hard hitting truthful messages on our signs down here prior to the election. Watch what happens
down here this November if you doubt the strategy works. Until then play Mr. Nice Guy, worrying about getting along with them
while they continue to pick your pockets.

You just might win some elections and have folks with an R next to their names---just be honest and recognize you've not won
a damn thing.

Bob Shannon
King William



Dear Editor

Subject: Free Lunch Anyone?

I was at the public comment session on Monday Apr 13, 2015. The King William County Board of Supervisors
was in the process of listening to the county citizen’s comments and suggestions concerning the
future budget. The county’s largest expense is the cost of educating the county’s children.
The big education elephants in the room were not talked about.

One – In 2013-2014 school year - $23,437,049.00 was spent. This is $10,477.00 per pupil based on an
average daily enrollment of 2,237 pupils in one elementary, one middle, one high school and does not include
preschool students. (Source – Mark R. Jones, Ed. D. - Division Superintendent - King William County Public Schools)

Two - "Our Children, Our Schools" is the annual publication produced by our school system. The goal is to
keep the county residents informed of the school system’s policies and changes.

It seems US History to 1865 and from 1865 to the present will be taught and the usual SOL test for history
will no longer be given (page 5 of the publication). It seems our country’s history is no longer a
priority. On the same page – addressing the new Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) it stated if a student
got a question wrong – The student would be given a less demanding question to answer and the first
answer will not be scored.

Three – If a school age child’s parents were given a $10,477.00 voucher per child – Would
it be spent on tuition for the child to go to the local public school?

Four – Homeschoolers have decided to skip this Free Educational lunch, pay for their child’s education
expense out of their budget, while bypassing the social experiments and focus on providing the values, needs
and training their children need to be successful citizens.

I recently asked the parents of homeschooled kids “How much do you budget per child?”. The answer
was $1,000.00 each and it could vary depending on the age, requirements of the grade level and the various
homeschooler education classes which can be purchased.

It seems there is a whole industry devoted to home schooling kids. It is just like taking “On Line”
University Courses for credit – Your home schooled student can take their needed courses on line. Costs will
vary depending on your perception of the course’s value and decision on how to proceed. Look at the below
site for just one such option.

Example (One of many such sites): http://www.homeschool.com/OnlineCourses.

Four – How to bring about meaningful change. Homeschoolers are viewed as more of a problem to public schools
than the assets they are because monies from Federal and State government that go to the public school systems
for education is based on the number of pupils enrolled in the public school.

It is past time for our public education system to put back into the mix the values our Homeschoolers bring to
the table. The Homeschoolers pay taxes too, their children will have to live and work with the public school kids
and both are our future citizens we will all need to make our country great.

Since all levels of government love study groups and Blue Ribbon Panels - why not one made up of Homeschoolers
to look at, study and made recommendation on how to better educate our young people. What a refreshing idea. Local
informed citizens (who are doing or have done the job) and not the professionals providing the ideas they feel
are needed.

The results could be posted on the county’s website along with a survey for all to see and take. The county
could on the next election cycle have informational questions on the ballot to get a measure of how our citizens
want to proceed with our educational processes.

Paul Jamerson



Dear Editor

Subject: Tax Reform Anyone?

In the April 13 edition of Barron's is a story titled "The Buffet Loophole" and regardless of what
one's opinion is of the masters investment skill you have to read this and absorb just how convoluted
the tax codes are, and why they need scrapped for a simpler , more equitable design. While Buffet has
built a fantastic track record as an Investor, one comes away from this story with a diminished level
of respect for him and his hypocrisy of constantly calling for higher taxes on the wealthy, when the
reality is he avails himself to paying miserly amounts of taxes by utilizing the Buffet Loophole & the
Buffet Model , detailed in this piece . Sections 531 & 532 of the Federal code for those of you who
like reading tax code (I personally don't) will go into detail, for our purposes, I will summarize how
the scheme works.

Three examples cited in the article lay out specific acquisitions his company has made in the last 5
years and the tax revenue that had previously been paid to shareholders receiving dividends from t
hese 3 companies, and how after the acquisitions they stopped ,( the dividends & the tax revenue).

In 2012 before he acquired H.J. Heinz for 28 billion H.J. Heinz paid 600 million in dividends. Those
dividends were then taxed and provided revenue to the U.S. Treasury. After the acquisition the dividends
were halted--and so were the taxes that had been previously collected. In 2010 Lubrizol, another
acquisition paid 90 million in dividends to shareholders who paid the tax , after the acquisition
the same thing occurred, the dividends were halted, with the ensuing lost tax revenue. In 2009 Burlington
Northern Santa Fe Railroad , which the year before the acquisition had paid some 546 million in dividends
(once again distributed and taxed) the dividends stopped as occurred in the other two examples, along
with the tax revenue that had previously been collected.

Section 531 of the Tax Code imposes a 20% tax on accumulated , but undistributed income of a corporation.
Section 532 essentially states that the "tax shall apply to every corporation ...availed for the purpose
of avoiding of the income tax with respect to its shareholders...by permitting earnings & profits to
accumulate instead of being divided or distributed".

In summary the halting of the payment of dividends, is referred to as the " Berkshire Model" in the article.
The model is to buy companies rich in cash flow with histories of paying dividends, then cancel the dividends
and retain the cash flow going forward for future acquisitions . The key question then becomes : is it being
retained for legitimate future acquisitions or simply a clever manner with which to circumvent Section 531
and avoid distribution and hence the past taxes that had been collected on that same revenue ?

In 2014 Berkshire itself recorded a provision for $7.9 billion in taxes, most of which was "deferred".
This is money it acknowledges it owes the government but has yet to pay. The article also states that
enforcement of Sections 531 & 532 has been sporadic subject to the judgment of the I.R.S. The ambiguity
is in their ( the I.R.S ) having that wide of a discretion in who and when they chose to enforce this,
in a more literal sense.

Had Berkshire paid out dividends ( following the S & P 500 dividend yield of around 2% ) Buffet
himself would have received around $1.2 billion in dividends , and at a tax rate of 23.8% his tax
bill would have been $280 million or 40 times the taxes he actually paid in 2010, $6.9 million.

President Obama and Warren Buffet play to the "wealth distribution crowd" every chance they get. As
Barron's points out " how strange that it is it isn't his wealth they are spreading around".

Taxes are indeed a necessary evil, made worse by this type of absolute and clear evidence of how the
tax code , at all levels is now nothing more than the dirty currency of corrupted politicians.

Bob Shannon
King William



Dear Editor

Subject: If it Walks, Quacks and Looks Like A Duck - It's A Duck !!

KW Board of Supervisors met all day Friday April 17th, I was there and it was a colossal waste of time,
if for not the feigned drama that played out for the handful in attendance. If Ronald Reagan was a B actor
there has to be a C class for these folks.

Much of the morning was spent wrestling (that is what they wanted the public to think) over the issue of what
to do about land use. As the morning unfolded it appeared that Tom Redd was leading the charge to close all
but the Agriculture tax exemption. Otto Williams and Travis Moskalski were opposed, citing among other
intellectual arguments that " trees don't go to school" (Otto) and "remember the $200,000 the County had to
spend on roads when Marl Hill was built" ( Travis ). At least Otto can always be counted on to lend some
levity to these meetings, and hey, their may indeed be some folks out there that didn't know trees didn't
attend school. Maybe Otto can explain how the trees in King & Queen County use more county resources than
do the trees in King William. As for the road expense perhaps Travis might bone up on the topic of proffers
and how taxpayers got stuck with the tab, only because of poor planning by the County in the approval of
Marl Hill.

The irony is so rich you can cut it.....Travis, the Democrat, the party that constantly cries "income inequality"
the wealth accruing to the top 1% , now carrying water for the same crowd democrats eviscerate every chance they
get in the press. When push came to shove Travis apparently forgot the party mantra. Slowing down development has
been debunked as justification for the tax scheme. It will be interesting to see how his democratic brethren handle
Travis's apparent defection from the fold. I have pointed out for years now how both parties shill for the donor class.
Maybe at the next county democratic meeting Travis can explain to hard working homeowners how he chose to raise
their taxes again, rather than stand up to the privileged class. He is about as obvious a politician as I have
ever observed. I don't use the word politician in a flattering light.

The "story" however isn't Travis or Otto, but Tom Redd and Terry Stone. Redd never intended to close
Agriculture and everyone knows it. Tom Redd was first elected just a few years after Land Use Tax Exemptions
were adopted in King William ( 1981) and has had 30 years to stop this rip off if he was of a mind to. The
truth is he may face one or more serious opponents this November and this was nothing more than a half
clever political ploy so that he can say " I tried " . He has had 30 these years to do something about land
use and he decides this is the year ? It is an insult to the intelligence of the hardworking taxpaying
homeowners in West Point. I hope they remember in November and throw this guy out of office. He has been
there about 29 years too long.

Stone feigned angst over what to do, back and forth she went, initially before lunch indicating she was
willing to close all categories but Agriculture, only after lunch to conclude we can "tighten up the requirements,
because I believe a lot of these parcels will fall out of the program". If Stone really believed that ask
yourself this one question. Why now Mrs. Stone (if you think there is that much fraud in the program) you
have been on the Board for 3+ years? Stone has lived here all of her life, is a CPA, understands the program
as well as anyone....she is politically ambitious and won't dare anger the oligarchs who she will have to go, hat
in hand for campaign money, whenever she decides the next step in her political ladder climb. She was , like
Tom Redd doing what politicians do. Both of them embody what is wrong in our system of government, even at
the local level.

I observed at the Public Budget meeting last week April 13th, and again on Friday the obvious strange absence
of the Land Barron's. Why show up at a meeting when they already knew the outcome. If their had been even a
chance of a actual discussion, an honest debate on the topic------they would have been there in droves. The
outcome was already determined.

What happened in November 2011 should be on their minds. Term Limits are broadly supported by both Democrats,
Republicans, and Independents. In 2011 taxes were on voters minds as they sent 2 of the 4 incumbents running
for reelection packing. If taxes were on their minds in 2011, certainly it is on even more voters' minds today.
Our homes declined in value, and what do they do -- raise the rate. Not CUT SPENDING OR ELIMINATE TAX SCHEMES.

Supervisor Stephen Greenwood has consistently been the only Supervisor that has fought to cut spending
and level the tax playing field. His proposal to get rid of the BPOL tax should have businesses in the
County excited. Dropping the BPOL tax has been a business and jobs boom for Stafford and Hanover County.
Promote King William as " business friendly", if they truly want to bring more business here. Existing
businesses also get the tax break, so both existing and new businesses are treated the same. Greenwood should
be commended for suggesting this smart idea. Let's get him some help this November. Citizens of King William
will be well served to replace the other four.

Bob Shannon
Central Garage.



Dear Editor

Subject: They What?

An annual publication put out by KW Schools, "Our Children , Our Schools" has recently went out and
I plead with parents to read very carefully on page 5 the announcement of the new testing method called
CAT ( Computer Adaptive Test ) This test is now being applied to 6th grade Math & grade 6 Plain English
Mathematics. Rest assured other subject testing using this system is sure to follow.

Note the statement on how the system will work. Quoting directly from the publications text on page 5 it say's
"if a student answers a question incorrectly ,the computer will follow up with an easier question , The CAT
measures a students ability in a content area"

Didn't we used to call a measurement of a students ability a GRADE ?

It further announces that SOL testing on U.S History to 1865, & U.S. History 1865 to Present ( grades 5-7 ) has
been eliminated by the General Assembly. I question my School Board Rep, Steve Tupponce on this last Monday night,
asking specifically if King William could have chosen instead to ignore the G.A and continued SOL testing on
American History, which he said yes, they could have. Apparently they have decided U.S. History doesn't warrant
the energy and effort in making sure students are given the same emphasis on this subject. Does that bother anyone
else that U.S History is being given a 2nd tier priority ? Makes it easier for the folks who argue America isn't
an exceptional nation to convince young American's that is the case, particularly if they don't have a solid
understanding of their own history .

On the previous page 4 it states " The division has maintained a laser -like focus on what students need to know"
Apparently U.S. History isn't included in what they "need to know" . Given the disdain for the SOL's and the
No Child Left Behind by many in the Education establishment perhaps a testing method that gives a student an
easier question if they answer a question incorrectly then perhaps we may move closer to a system the establishment
favors, I just doubt the students are really benefitting by this approach.

Testing students is a form of measuring schools accountability ,as well as the students actual progress. Since we
now spend such large sums on the education system, should we expect the bar to be set at least high enough to have
some tangible measure of answering "are we getting what we are paying for" These changes appear to imply we
are indeed not. I don't want Johnny's tests to be made easier, I want Johnny to learn.

Bob Shannon
Central Garage



Dear Editor

Subject: Have We Run Out of Other People's Money Yet?

In the "Cost of Country Living", headline article in the April 15th edition quite a few comments were
made by County officials and others that have no basis in facts and this must be met with a measure
of challenge. It began with the very first sentence "preserving the rural character of King William is
costing the county about $1.2 million in annual revenue" Let's start there.

It should be properly stated that the cost isn't to the County, it is to the homeowner and other businesses
that have to make it up. Tax exemptions are tax shifting, always, and it is important to note that distinction
in order to have an intellectually honest discussion.

"If you do away with land use - will there be more land for sale"? What evidence can Mr. Piersa point to besides
his theory ? If it indeed were true, then perhaps he can explain why King & Queen County is as open as it was 40 years
ago, a County with no land use tax exemptions. Parcels of land have been sitting idle in King William , some now
for years , so it is clear that abundant land is already available, yet runaway development, the boogey man they always
trot out to defend this tax scheme won't play any longer. Land , like any other asset in a free society allows the
owner to use as they see fit. If it isn't profitable to farm it, then rent it, sell it, develop it, or allow it to
sit idle. That is a choice any property owner has , regardless if it is land or something else. Don't ask others to
subsidize your free choice . Farmers in counties without land use tax exemptions seem to be able to farm or engage in
forestry and make a profit without the other taxpayers to subsidize their choice.

"We need to look at where the burden is and tax the burden" . Using that logic then any childless adult in the
county should be spared from paying for the burden, since a good portion of the county costs are schools, yet childless
folks still pay the same rate as someone with children. One might add that Federal farm subsidies, paid to many in
this County to the tune of ten's of thousands a year, the subsidies for crop insurance, the lack of any means testing
for land use tax exemptions, (while we means test the elderly and disabled ) isn't taken into consideration in
the discussion. Tax dollars are tax dollars and many of these folks crying poor mouth are doing quite well considering
how many ends of the tax buffet table they have seats at. Farming is one of the most politically powerful lobbies
and if one wants evidence of it consider that almost every campaign sign of Congressman Wittman last election cycle was
on large tracts of farm land across the entire 1st Congressional district.

Chair Terry Stone said " land use parcels ideally have less of a draw on county resources, warranting a tax
deferral under the program" Perhaps Mrs. Stone might then explain why the real estate tax rate in this county is
so much higher than right next door in King & Queen, where farmers and foresters are doing just fine without this
tax scheme. Measuring the draw on County resources is another example of a worn out justification, as is the
"conserving open space" argument . New Kent was cited as having a budget 1/3 larger than King William, but only
400 parcels and total tax exemption dollars of less than half what it is here. Do farms in New Kent or King & Queen
draw more County services Mrs. Stone ?

Commissioner of Revenue Sally Pearson cites that " it would be hard for someone in the forestry program to hold
on paying the full rate without seeing a return for 15 to 20 years " ? 31 other Counties have no forestry land
use tax exemption , yet seem to have ample numbers participating in forestry profitably, so why is King William
somehow different ? Economically speaking entire industries have vanished in the U.S. the last 30 years and that is
the natural evolution of a business cycle. When it was no longer profitable to make shoes here, the industry moved
offshore. Why is forestry somehow an exception. Dr. Milton Friedman would scoff at such a suggestion. Political
influence drives tax code and it certainly is driving this.

Supervisor Moskalski also lends to the falsehood by stating " the program has been beneficial in curbing too rapid
development and preventing hardship on rural landowners trying to make a living with minimal impact on county resources"
Perhaps Travis might visit ewg.org and then reconsider throwing the term "hardship", or "catastrophic" around so lightly.
Most people in this county have annual incomes less that just the Federal subsidies these down trodden receive. Put
the "rapid development " lie to rest as well Sir, it just doesn't fly anymore. What is a disservice to residents
in your district is your willingness to curry favor with your future campaign donors and ignore the average homeowner
who has had enough of this nonsense.

Bob Shannon
Central Garage



Dear Editor

Subject: And The Games Go On.

At the King William County Public Budget Hearing (Monday April 13th) the greatest of human qualities
were on display. You had drama, greedy self serving pleas to be spared from the budget axe (as if this
Board even has one) and the usual display of pure emotional appeal to spare the "children". I have
wondered how hard the advocates of unlimited budgets have to search for the talent exhibited by these folks
who step up during the public comment period with their sky is falling portrayal.... if even a penny is cut
from any budget.

One of the defenders of Land Use Tax Exemptions in particular had such a discombobulated explanation in
defending this tax scheme which started with "leave our land alone" and then the claimed that new homes that will
sprout like spring dandelions if this vaunted tax scheme is put to bed. I wonder if this gentleman can
perhaps explain why King & Queen County hasn't become the Brooklyn of the South since they have no Land Use
Tax Exemption program and have remained as rural and open as they were 40 years ago? Maybe he can tell us
why all of this open land for sale in King William that has been sitting on the market for years with no
buyers or developers? When you have nothing else, baffle them with ....... Land Use Tax Exemptions are
just another example of how the tax code has become the dirty currency of politicians. Let's stop pretending
it has some economic justification because it does not and it never did.

Maybe the readers might want to visit ewg.org and see for themselves how these dirt poor farmers have been
eating off both ends of the buffet table, receiving often times tens of thousands of Federal subsidies every
year , and getting unlimited amounts of local tax relief and all the while taxpayers also subsidizeing a very
large portion of their crop Insurance. Some 74% of Federal farm subsidies go to Farms with annual incomes between
$250,000--$1,000,000.00 a year. One consistency about welfare - no matter who it goes to - once they have grown
accustomed to receiving it - try taking it away.

My favorite of the evening was the lady who spoke about her concerns as to what might befall the schools if
funding isn't maintained or increased. With no facts, no data to support she even knows a thing about the schools
budgets and the existing staffing levels - it is just pure emotional blather. Her biggest concern seemed to be fixated
on the lack of an Auditorium in the current 4 schools and how this is impacting education?? "An Auditorium would
draw large crowds and bring revenue to the County"? Is that now a part of the school's mandate -- to bring revenue
into the County? Since she stated she has 4 children allow me to give her something to really worry about. Lady,
you have bigger problems than the lack of an Auditorium. She decried the teachers fleeing for better pay elsewhere?
It would be interesting to know just what the facts are on that. What is the exact teacher turnover in King William
Schools (specifically detailed with only teachers who leave to teach elsewhere -- not retire or change professions )

Have you received your "Our Children, Our Schools" the annual publication produced by our school system, updating
us on what is happening in the schools?

NEWSFLASH : King William has went along with the G.A and announced that U.S. History to 1865 & U.S. History 1865
to Present ,will no longer be subject to SOL testing (page 5). The history of an exceptional Nation is no longer
worthy of emphasis in the public schools. Always easier to control a dumbed down citizenry and the public schools
are doing their part in the effort. This publication on the same page also introduced us to the new CAT system
(Computer Adaptive Test) which - should the student answer a question incorrectly, gives the student an easier
question ---- how nice. Have you noticed whether it was SOL's or No Child Left Behind - the education establishment
always has objections to a testing system, a genuine measure of accountability --- until they can cook up the testing
methods like this one (so obviously ridiculous). Have you heard any objections from your school board members?
Not a public peep. Did they publically discuss this at their meetings? If they are going to just be rubber
stamps for the Superintendents agenda, let's disband them and save the money. When was the last time you heard
any one of them publically disagree with the budget - with a spending item they thought should be cut/eliminated?
Have you ever heard one of them question a curriculum issue like this abandoning of SOL tests for U.S. History?
What does their silence say ?

We find time in the school schedule to bring in entertainers (Celeste Kellogg), former football coach and motivational
speaker (Bill Curry) when the time would be much better spent on some remedial Math, Science, History and Reading lessons.
Maybe then we wouldn't have to design test modules that allow an "easier" question because they can't answer the
question they should know.

Bob Shannon
Central Garage



Dear Editor

Subject: Action speaks louder than words

Informed voters who sit at home whining about the state of affairs are as much a part of the problem
as are those that know , yet remain silent. Overriding Obama's veto.......Mr. Breeden must have missed
McDonnell's 6 billion dollar tax increase or any other number of republican politicians in Virginia
that have been instrumental in the doubling of the State's budget over a 10 year period. The only
difference in the two parties is at election time and their spouting of campaign slogans. When elected
both parties govern in a progressive manner.

Mr. Breeden finds the time, inclination and energy to write a letter responding to my statements that
conservatives have had their fill of campaign slogans, broken promises, candidates that are stooges for
their crony capitalist paymasters and half hearted attempts to really do anything about it. Talk is cheap

Where has John Breeden and the vaunted KW Republican party been the last 10 years ? Have you read any
critical letters from Mr. Breeden over local spending ? Has Mr. Breeden or any local republicans publically
came out and pushed for spending restraint at the numerous budget and B.O.S meetings the last 5-6 years ? I have
been at almost every one of them and have never heard a peep. Any word on the local republicans position on paid
fire and rescue, land use tax exemptions, school spending ?

Establishment types are running on empty, constantly using Obama as some sort of excuse for their own lack
of leadership, their failures, and cowardice. If one looks at how KW real estate taxes are some 40-100%
higher than other similar localities ask this simple question.........
When was the last time the local republican party said a word on the subject ?

As for Obama spending and redistribution maybe John can explain Medicare Part D to those of us dummies. Republicans
have been borrowing from the Chinese and indebting our grandchildren for years. The only conservatives left belong
to a handful of groups who won't drink the kool-aid anymore. Mr. Breeden has a tough job of attempting to carry out
the dual objective of pretending to be doing something about the out of control spending while at the same time
not upsetting the handful of Oligarchs .

Sorry Sir, but talking about it isn't the same thing as trying to do something about it.

Bob Shannon
Central Garage



Dear Editor

Subject: Compromise or Unconditional Surrender?

Compromise is a settlement of differences by mutual concessions per the dictionary.

Unconditional Surrender is a surrender in which no guarantees are given to the surrendering party per Wikipedia.

Compromise works when all of the parties who were part of the compromise have a vested interest in making
it work and have agreed to abide with the conditions of the terms. Over reach by either side voids the deal.

When Government says we must compromise it should scare the devil out of you. This type of compromise leaves
out the parties who have to abide by the compromise. The “Affordable Care Act” known as Obama Care
is a perfect example. We have two political Parties driven by getting their Political agenda implemented –
You the citizen are the one left having to abide by the compromise or lack of with no recourse. Even the
Supreme Court has become a co-conspirator in achieving agendas rather than deciding the constitutionality of laws.
In short – Once a law has passed - The citizen is viewed as having agreed to Unconditional Surrender terms
and it will be enforced by the power of the government.

The above example is now shared by the State and local governments. One only needs to look at how our state’s
seat belt law went from suggestion (warning) to a traffic offense earning you a ticket.

The counties - Once a reflection of how citizens viewed their rights is now in lock step with state and federal
mandates with almost no regard to the citizens’ view or rights.

Last year in King William there were Meetings held in all the voting districts asking for citizen input on “Ideas
to balance the budget”. I attended two of the meeting held and I only heard one citizen ask to raise taxes.
This is the only suggestion I know of that was implemented. I suspect if other suggestions were implemented –
there would have been coverage in our local papers.

Example: Extra, Extra - KW Board of Supervisors are cutting spending and reducing taxes reflecting the state of the
true economic realities in which we live.

I must have missed it.

King William County is again facing a revenue shortfall because of decreased property values. Does anyone care to bet
against a real estate tax rate increase to make up for this lack of revenue? A Compromise would be to review the
minutes of last year’s meetings and start implementing suggestions that advocate reduced spending along with
this year’s suggestions that warrant consideration which are in line with the economic realities of our county.

If not - Then it is Unconditional Surrender and spending as usual again.

Paul Jamerson
King William



Dear Editor

Subject: And the Game Goes On !!

Five consecutive years of County budget meetings, often times the only one in the room and I've often wondered
why more people didn't attend the one opportunity each year to voice their concerns over the ever increasing
spending and annual raising of real estate taxes to pay for it. People often tell me... " Bob, you can't
do anything about it" , an expression of quiet resignation that the Supervisors were going to do the same
thing , figure out what they intend to spend, and then adjust the real estate tax rate accordingly. For the
most part that is exactly what they do. While it isn't their only option, apparently it is the easiest --or
has been until now.

In the spring of 2010 the local TEA Party group held a series of meetings on the topic of real estate
assessments and the significant problems uncovered. I observed at that time a influx of new attendees
at these meetings, people I hadn't seen before or since, very animated and outwardly angry over the topic,
which I found peculiar. Their anger and agitation seemed to be directed at our group for raising this issue.
Why were these folks now coming to our meetings ? Little did I understand at that time just what these folks
were concerned about. Any broad formal discussion on local taxes would lead to a larger review of Land Use
Tax Exemption Programs, their costs, and the pressure it puts on already burdened homeowners. They supported
the TEA Party ( or so they claimed ) as long as we didn't raise any local issues ? In time the reason for their
aggravated behavior became clear.

A quiet tax scam has gone on for decades, a program called Land Use Tax Exemptions. Until recently elected
officials have quietly buried their heads in the sand , fully aware of the problems associated with it, yet
unwilling to address it until enough hell was raised. The KW Board of Supervisors are now considering changes
to the program. The informally proposed changes are a joke, intended to construct a façade of having actually
done something about the program, when the reality is they will close off the programs eligibility for a handful
of very small benefactors, while shielding the large tract owners compiling the lions share of the tax dodge.

These programs start with the noblest of intentions, preserving open space, providing farmers with a buffer
against the pressure to develop their land instead of farming it, always labeled under the most noblest of titles
"conservation" Nothing could be further from the truth. It is now ,and always has been a tax fraud carried out
under the respectability of state statute, allowing special exemptions for select qualifying groups.

Ask the question why some 31 counties do not have Tax Exempted Classes for Forestry and Open Space, and a significant
number of counties have no Land Use Tax Exempted programs at all. It is within the control of our BOS to amend, end
or make changes at their discretion. Just a few miles down the road, King & Queen County has no program, everyone in
King & Queen pays the same rate on any land they own, and plenty of folks seem to grow trees profitably , without
having to ask homeowners to subsidize the venture. So what is this really about ?

Every locality has a very small number of citizens who have inordinate amounts of influence in local government. In
King William the BOS last Monday night presented some very telling data on the Counties Land Use Tax Exempted classes.
King William has 1,032 total parcels in all 4 of the categories, Open Space ( 15) Horticulture ( 3) Agriculture ( 267)
Forestry (483) and a 5th category titled Multiple (309) Multiple is a parcel where part is in one category and other
part(s) in another category.

Rest assured single owners own multiple parcels, funneling the dollar benefit to an even smaller number of recipients.
A handful of individuals who own large multiple tracts reduce their total tax bill by tens of thousands of dollars and
cleverly made sure the qualifying criteria would allow a few dozen of folks with small parcels to get some benefit ,
concealing the fact that the majority of the dollars went to these large tract owners. Much like Federal Farm subsidies
which were intended to help the small farmer, some 74% of these subsidies go to farm households with annual incomes
between $250,000 to $1,000,000 a year. So much for helping the small farmer.

Supervisor Terry Stone said in January of 2014 that she had met with a group of land owners disturbed over rumors that
the Land Use Tax Exemption program was coming under possible review for changes. Stone told me that she had advised these
folks concerned they needed to go to the public and " sell the benefits of the program to the people of King William".
I personally never received the meeting the local Farm Bureau promised me two years ago to discuss this issue.

At all levels of government the tax code is nothing more than the dirty currency of elected officials. Tax breaks are
distributed , often under the guise of some noble purpose, but the net effect is a reduction of one groups taxes---and
always at the expense of another. It also explains why so very few attend these budget meetings. They dare not complain
about local spending for fear that their own vested interests of continued tax breaks be perhaps taken away or reviewed
for possible adjustments. It is a quid pro quo matter, the BOS spends what they want and the tax increases get passed
onto homeowners.

Supervisor Chairwoman Terry Stone is doing what elected officials at every level of government have now made customary
conduct, they are looking out for the big shots , the handful of folks who they dare not disturb. The question then --- who
is looking out for the rest of us ? We have consistently fought for 6 years for less spending and lower taxes for everyone.
If the BOS will not cut spending then the little guy isn't going to take the never ending tax increases when the Supervisors
have other options. You folks should have stood with us to fight for spending cuts---maybe when they start closing your
coveted tax loopholes you just might join our fight.

Bob Shannon
Central Garage



Dear Editor

Subject: The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight !!

The Editorial in last weeks edition of the Tidewater Review ( Washington Post ) had to have been written
by one of the republican establishment folks hell bent on destroying the slowly growing influence by the
last few remaining conservatives willing to roll up their sleeve's and fight.

Gillespie's loss destroys this writers own thesis since Gillespie was clearly the establishments choice,
regardless of the nomination process , it was the moderate candidate that was on the ticket. Romney, McCain
both moderates lost . Whether it be a convention or primaries the point is a de-energized base either
stayed home, or in the case of Gillespie left the ballot blank rather than cast a precious vote for a candidate
who represents most what conservatives are sick of. It indeed was just reported in recent days that Gillespie
received some 87,000 fewer votes than did republican candidates across the State. The only explanation is the
one that is obvious.

To attribute Cuccinelli's loss to him being a hard liner overlooks a few inconvenient facts. The candidates
own ethical questions led to a considerable number of former supporters to cross over to a candidate who's
personal Integrity was never challenged, Rob Sarvis. The republican establishment themselves did more damage
to his chances than anyone else, from money and other resources, the party pulled the rug from this guys very
feet. Apparently the new creed of the republican party is to support the ticket----so long as he/she is a
moderate ?

Several times in the article the author uses the terms "hard liners" . If the writer defines hard liners as
people tired of being lied to, or folks who are well informed as to what the term "moderate" has come to mean
then so be it, we are hard liners .

My own observations have led me to reach a few well thought out conclusions about republican voters. Often,
too often in fact the term low information voter is linked to the left. While the left certainly has far
more of these types, the republicans have an excess of their own. People however well intended either lack
the desire or intellect to better arm themselves with facts or they simple belong to the "winning team " faction.
Having an R next to a candidates name is hardly progress, something the hardliners understand and are now acting

No one holds a gun to someone's head forcing them to run for public office. Once there in the current climate
one must be willing to make very tough decisions, using entitlement reform as an example .These vaunted moderates
simply don't have the stomach or the backbone , perhaps hindered by their desire to simply remain in office as
long as they can, perpetuating the decline and financial nightmare on the horizon for our nation. Leadership
requires courage.

Perhaps principled could suffice in lieu of the term hard liner. I have often joked that the TEA Party is the
"last group of Americans capable of doing math" .

Bob Shannon
Central Garage



Dear Editor

Subject: The Never Ending Appetite of Public Schools for More Money!!

Reading Mr. Wagner's defense of the never ending appetite of public schools for more money each
year one might assume Mr. Wagner was not aware of facts that paint a rather clear picture that demands
spending restraint. As such, let us examine a few facts. Categorizing the Heritage Foundation as an
ultra conservative organization doesn't change the math Sir.

From 1992 -2009 , in Virginia student population in public schools increased 21.6%. The increase in
Administration and other non-teaching staff increased 100%. During that exact same time frame administrative
staffing in any private sector business decreased drastically, as a result of constant strides in technology,
technology I might add that is available for even public schools.

Also noted in the Heritage Report ...

" if the ratio of students to non-teaching personnel had remained constant between FY 1992 & FY 2009, and
if the growth in the teacher force had been only 1.5 times as large as the increase among students , there
would be $37.2 Billion in annual recurring savings in the public school system. That $37.2 Billion could be
used to give every public school teacher a raise of more than $11,700 per year, or taxpayer funds could be
used for some other needed purpose.

Specific to King William County visit the website and look closely at student population in King William
over the last 5-6 years. In 2009-10 the total was 2191, in 2013-14 it was 2193 ? It is hardly a surge in
student population driving these annual demands for more money.

In closing Mr. Wagner notes the different funding mechanisms between the public and private sectors, which
conveniently leaves out the most telling point. Private enterprise has to compete to survive, their prices ,
contrary to Mr. Wagner's assertion isn't completely within their ability to raise at their will, but the service
and the quality of their finished product that competition drives sets prices. Something a monopoly like public
schools knows nothing of.

As for the pay raises Mr. Wagner promotes, apparently he hasn't followed national trends and is unaware of
wage stagnation for the last decade. Ask anyone in the private sector if they get 11-12 paid days off each year
in addition to their vacation, or if their employer is still paying for their health insurance at the levels
public sector employees enjoy. Perhaps coming from the public sector taints ones views. Picking more from
taxpayers pockets is getting a bit old.

Bob Shannon
Central Garage



Dear Editor

Subject: Opposing The Reclassifying of M855 Ammunition as armor piercing!

I oppose the reclassifying of M855 ammunition as "armor piercing."

Because of the high lead-content of its bullet, M855 does not meet the BATFE's own definition of
armor piercing ammunition.

M855 is accurate ammunition that has been used for sporting purposes for many years. Nothing, including
new handguns that are capable of shooting M855 ammunition, changes that fact.

Finally, the recent rulings by the United States Supreme Court that the Second Amendment protects an
individual's right to keep and bear arms, by necessity also protects an individual's right to have
ammunition designed for use with those arms.

Robert L. McIntire, III
Aylett, VA 23009



Dear Editor

Subject: A Balanced Budget Amendment

I received an Email suggesting a balanced budget amendment as one of the few viable options to curb
government spending.

Up front - This sounds good. Unfortunately the devil is in the details and what is not said.

Just like today there is no way to know if the new amendment or amendments will be followed
as intended. Example - The Federal Government could pass legislation to put 3 piece suits on all the squirrels
in Central Park in NYC. The balance budget amendment would mean - they just raise taxes to pay for
it. The only difference is - it does not go on the National debt and you get the bill now in a tax

The only way to make a balanced budget happen (As intended) is to vote & support people who know
the difference between legitimate government responsibility (Roads, limited interstate commerce
interference, mail, Military, courts, etc.) and do not see the government as an unlimited charity.

Government will never solve problems you create. Example: Redistribute the wealth or pay for your
obligations when you make a bad decision (Student loans, Buying too much house for your needs,
Credit Card debt, etc.).

Our elected officials and our citizens need to learn to say "No" more often to our wants and yes
to a time frame for limited assistance. This would be a Hand up - Not a Hand Out.


Paul Jamerson
King William, VA



Dear Editor

Subject: The Absurdity of Government

Back in 2007 then Planning Department Director of King William County came under criticism for having
accepted a $50,000.00 U.D.G ( Urban Development Grant ) which then obligated the County to follow certain
development restrictions regarding the corridor of Routes 30 and 360. Like many in local government
securing State & Federal Grants has become in some instances the almost singular purpose of some of these
people employed in various planning and development capacities. The KWTP launched an effort shortly after
that to ask the County B.O.S to put orders in place that Grants going forward could only be accepted by
elected officials, similar to what the B.O.S did in Goochland county. The logic was and remains that we
believe only those elected should accept grant money since it often comes with a string of new obligations
that inevitably down the road lead to higher local taxes, once the grant money runs out. To date the
King William B.O.S has failed to act.

These particular grants are designed with the purpose of corralling development that somewhere someone in
government thinks is undesirable. Besides the unelected county officials possibly putting taxpayers on the
hook for future tax increases it was our view that those decisions were best made by the people impacted by
them, those living within those communities. These developments are often referred to among critics of these
policies as "stack and pack" type developments ,such as the ones being built with apartment complexes that
are assumed to provide affordable housing, or at least that is often the reasons cited. We saw in 2008-09
the unintended results of government injecting itself into promoting housing policy. That didn't work out
so well. The overall goal of these government dictates is to stop the spread of "suburban sprawl", or so
they say...... Now today we have a almost chorus pitch at every level of government to build out (using tax dollars of course )
broadband width , far into the most rural of communities and the justification is that these folks need that
access to high speed internet, for among other reasons -- economic development. See where I'm going with this?

In the abstract one might think that our government officials are conflicted beyond imagination. Which is it---they
want to centralize development in the urban corridors or they want to expand broad band and high speed internet
for rural development ? But wait....perhaps we might examine who is really driving this expansion of broadband
using taxpayers money ?? Could K Street be at work here ? Who benefits by this taxpayer funded expansion?
Is it the companies who will provide the broadband ? Follow the money--always follow the money. These same
companies are a who's who list of very large political campaign donors. What else explains this clear distortion
of using tax dollars in the first effort to curtail suburban sprawl--while at the same time using other tax dollars
to expand it ?

Remember the reasons why the government thought everyone should have a free cell phone , ( or a cell phone paid
for by someone else )? After all the rationale went , how else could these folks stay in contact with potential
employers, call for emergency services when needed. It was those manufacturing cell phones and the carriers
providing service that saw the financial bonanza , if only they could rationalize why tax payers should fund this.

Homesteading in Alaska is looking better everyday.

Bob Shannon Central Garage



Dear Editor

Subject: Schools & School Budgets are not Sacred Cows

In a few weeks another County budget season gets underway and as in the past I anticipate attending
and listening to just how the 5 Supervisors will spend our money this year. It helps to look back
at last years deliberations and see what if anything was learned , or at least revisit a few past
observations that can give us some idea as to what we can expect this year.

Remember the Citizen Input meetings, held in all 5 of the districts in January 2014, intending to
solicit what citizens thought ? I attended 4 of the 5 , recorded a few of them and just what citizen
input did the BOS act on ? Nothing, unless of course you include the handful who thought we should
have higher taxes ( so long as they kept their own land use tax exemptions , of course). The folks
like myself who wanted some spending restraint shown, and the line held on any tax increases got just
what we have come to expect---ignored. At least this year the farce of Citizen Input was limited to
one road show at the Administrative Bldg. sparing us from having to listen to the same tired dribble
5 separate times.

Last year Dr. Mark Jones Superintendent of KW Schools recounted in local newspapers how the school
system achieved rather remarkable test scores and specifically he mentioned that they had accomplished
this " in spite of the staff reductions of some 16 or so positions over the last few years" I asked
then during the budget meetings the obvious question, since student population hadn't increased appreciably
and Dr. Jones achieved these marked improvements with less staffing , why wouldn't we just hold the line
on adding back any positions ? A fair and logical question , given the particulars I've just stated ...right?
Hold on - I'll come back to that in a moment.

At a BOS Meeting some 19 months ago during a public comment period I addressed the Board and gave each
Supervisor, along with Dr. Jones , each member of the school board and each school Principal a copy of a
report from the Heritage Foundation ( a reputable institution ) that detailed the STAFFING SURGE IN PUBLIC
SCHOOLS OVER A 20 YEAR PERIOD. This report went into very detailed examples of just how much administrative
staffing had increased relative to student population, and even teacher staffing. Any objective person
reading it would have had the same question......are resources being needlessly wasted ? Why would we add
any positions that are not necessary to the mission, one that I will repeat Dr. Jones said current staffing
were doing well? Is this yet another example of "empire building "? No executive in the private sector
would approve additional funding for more employees under these exact same circumstances. Only in the public
sector is this absolute nonsense tolerated. To this date, not one Supervisor, Dr. Jones nor a single member
of our school board have either publically refuted or argued that the STAFFING SURGE report was flawed or

To add insult to injury in explaining her decision defending the schools request for more local money Supv. Stone
said: " I believe we should add back these positions since we don't know that down the road their may be
effects of being understaffed" or words to that effect.

Now stop for one minute and weigh this logic carefully. We have documented evidence of over staffing, we have
the Superintendent himself stating publically that the schools test scores and achievement on standardized
tests had been stellar ( with a reduced staff )....... yet Supervisor Stone approves additional hundreds of
thousands of dollars in expenditures on " maybe" ?

I have argued for several years now, and this is actual evidence supporting my position that elevating former
school board members to the Board Of Supervisors is a mistake, and this example amply demonstrates that. After
a term or two on the school board the apparent affinity they have for the schools is simply too colored to
objectively weigh appropriate funding levels. It flies in the face of reasoning that if Dr. Jones is carrying
out the mission of educating our children with the current level of staffing, if we the citizens who pay for
this come forward with documented evidence that public school staffing has been a literal jobs program without
actual merit for having added many of these positions, then it is incumbent on elected officials to have much
sounder reason before spending hundreds of thousands of additional tax dollars without cause, other than the
aforementioned affinities.

All of us want good Public Schools. That said the emotional blackmail often used towards anyone who speaks out
about waste and overstaffing has gone on for far too long. Look at the student to staffing ratio in King William
schools. It is preposterous. Schools and school budgets are not sacred cows, and it's long overdue we stop acting
as if they were.

Bob Shannon
Central Garage



Dear Editor

Subject: Small World

Having the responsibility of staying abreast of the economic happenings around the globe I am
always on the watch for not just what is happening , but equally important--who are the people
we entrust to make these vitally important decisions on our behalf.

Reading the February 2nd edition of Barron's I came across the article on what is currently happening
in Greece, that basket case of a once proud nation, often referred to as the cradle of civilization.

For those of you not following Greece as closely as I am , they had a national election a few weeks
back where the Syriza party won a resounding victory. The leader of this political faction in Greece
is one Alexis Tsipras, a real firebrand who ran on an anti-austerity program , vowing at one point in
his campaign to pull Greece from the European Union, you know the same folks who lent Greece 269 billion
recently to pull their sorry butts out of the economic drowning that is taking place in Greece.

Tsipras however isn't the story, it is his appointment to the apparently important position of
Finance Minister, one Yanis Varoufakis. In the article it states and I quote " Varoufakis describes
himself as a libertarian Marxist ? "

Now I won't even attempt to explain or define just what a Libertarian Marxist is, or without incurring
a self imposed stroke try to wrap my mind around such a definition. It does however bring to mind that
perhaps Mr. Varoufakis has a long lost relative in King William County serving on the Board of Supervisors
who last year described herself as a " fairly moderate fiscal conservative"

The world just keeps getting smaller by the day. And more stupid.

Bob Shannon
Central Garage



Dear Editor

Subject: Government Trust

Last September 2 ,2014 King William County sent out a letter , signed by the Finance Services
Manager Troy Bingham announcing a new policy with regard to the use of County facilities after
4:30 pm . More than a few groups had used the old courtroom for their meetings, some going back
many years. It warrants noting that the letter stated "all after hours users" would be impacted by
this new policy. It was later learned that Crime Watchers would be the sole exception on the
basis that this is a public safety group and that Sheriff Walton or someone from the Sheriff's
department would be in attendance at each meeting, facilitating any security concerns. No one
objected that I know of to that exception, it made sense for the obvious reasons.

Sunday before last however a local Historic group used the very room denied others , and a
featured news story accompanied by photo's appeared in both the Tidewater Review and the Country Courier
on this very meeting.

I placed a phone call to my representative on the KW BOS Stephen Greenwood, and was informed
that Mr. Greenwood knew nothing of the event , nor any change with respect to the County policy
from last September denying all groups use of the facility.

A subsequent phone message later that same day from Supv. Greenwood explained that the use of this
local historic group was facilitated by the presence of a County official who opened the building
and stayed for the duration, securing the building after the group was finished.

This meeting of this historic group, was attended by many local folks, but as stated in the
accompanying newspaper article by others from outside King William , some even from outside of
the State. Since this was clearly not by any stretch "official government business" one can only
conclude that the "all users" language was incorrect or served only for the purpose at that time
to mislead the public in believing no outside group would be permitted use of the facilities after
the stated 4:30 PM timeline. The attendance of a County official isn't material at all, unless of
course the County has this exclusion in writing .

The letter from last September 2, ( Troy Bingham) also noted in it's closing paragraph and I
quote...... "During the next few months, County staff will formulate a new method of securing the
County facilities after hours that will insure citizen/groups the proper access to these facilities
for their own private affairs ".

The citizens of King William pay for the maintenance and other costs associated with public
property, it is their property. Reasonable people will agree that certain safety and security
measures must be taken to assure the property isn't damaged or abused . Five months have now
passed and no new policy to accommodate taxpaying citizens use of the facility leave those of
us who refuse to ignore this selective policy little choice but to pursue other measures, unpleasant
as they may be, in order to receive the same treatment afforded others.

Bob Shannon
Central Garage



Dear Editor

Subject: A Good Man

In September 2009 I first met Gerry Baugh. He approached me at the end of our packed meeting, probably
our fourth and handed me his business card and said the following words

"If you need anything, I don't care what it is, I want you to call me".

Now I didn't know him and was in a hectic state because we had at those early meetings in King William
often 150 or more people turning out. It was a zoo like atmosphere in those days at the end of a meeting
when numerous people would approach you with suggestions or just wanting to discuss various political
topics and or their observations. Among the dozens of folks who would approach me, shake hands and speak
to me I wondered to myself why this man stood out. What was it about him that instantly identified him as
a leader ? Perhaps it was his sincerity, or the passion in his voice. Over the next two years I learned
that my initial instinct about him were spot on, he was a man who meant what he said--period. Regardless
of any difference in opinion he was the one guy I knew would stand up--each and every time. I admired no
one like I admired him.

Gerry went on to lead the Mechanicsville TEA Party from the very beginning. I never turned around that he
wasn't standing there wanting to help, wanting to lead. Long hours in running his successful business did
not impede or slow down this human freight train, he was determined to step up and serve the cause, few have
lent so much of their time, energy or talents as has he. History is recording the efforts of men like him.

Today , once again Gerry leads, stepping out of his sincere and genuine effort of attempting to work within
the republican party to reform and restore order, recognizing that that approach is not any longer a viable
one. The party establishment is run in stark contrast by men and women who do not have the integrity that
this mans action clearly demonstrates.

The bad news for the republican party establishment is they have lost the voice of a man who is widely respected
and admired by hundreds. He is a demonstrated leader, someone who knows now what must be done. Gerry lives the
words of Adams on " the tireless relentless minority" that toil without reservation towards the goal of restoring
honor and sanity to our political system.

Those of us who have been hard liners, often criticized for our tactics know in our hearts that the fight must
be waged, it must be fought with vigor and without reservation. It must be fought by men and women who refuse
to cower and be intimidated by those within the power structure, the crony capitalists who attempt to coopt our
efforts for their own self serving purposes. It must be waged by those untainted and distanced from the elected
officials and members of their apparatus who have cleverly manipulated well intended and honest people who
could not or refused to see the real and often sinister efforts at using the Patriot movement for their own
nefarious purpose. Their lust for holding on to or controlling those in power supersedes their professed desire
to solve our communities or our nations problems. Gerry now sees and recognizes that---and so will the others
who admire and follow this brave soul.

Bob Shannon
Founder Mechanicsville and King William TEA Party.



Dear Editor

Subject: What Change ?

Reading all of the commentary on the recently passed CromniBus bill one might ask what all of the
feigned shock is about. Did informed citizens expect snakes to not bite? The Republican party establishment
are what they are, and the uninformed might be surprised but then again, I have advocated for some years
now that all of the low information voters are not on one side of the aisle.

I watched in disdain at a recent TEA Party event when one gentleman stood up and proclaimed " look at how
the Country turned around last month" referencing of course the number of gains made by the republican party
in Novembers elections. I no longer feel my heart sink when I hear such utterances, for I have come to expect
the ignorance displayed over and over when republicans "win". What they won was exhibited by last weeks vote
on this spending bill---more of the same.

If one were serious about reforming the republicrat party, recognizing it's current make up of crony capitalist
types, the folks who enlist the TEA Party members every election cycle to do the door to door, man the phone
banks, hand out literature etc etc, then leaders of these groups ( and I use that term with reservation ) would
tell them when they come knocking at the start of the election cycle to go straight to hell.

This refusal to be used in this manner, or better put , exploited is already occurring---these leaders just don't
recognize it yet.

Measure the record low turnout a month ago , the lowest voter turnout in a mid-term in some 70 years, add to that
the 4 million fewer voters who turned out in 2012's Presidential election,........ the push back is naturally
occurring without any leaders leading. These facts alone might help also explain why the Patriot movement has
lost it's mojo. In 2009 the folks who got involved wanted reform, they wanted to see progress made in turning the
tide. What did they get instead, a bunch of groups simply morphing into quasi- republicrat establishment social
clubs. Tom Robinson has referred to many of them as cookie and coffee gatherings, not much else.

I have listened to the reasoning and twisted logic of these "leaders" who don't want to ruffle any feathers, opting
instead to try and get along with the republicrats, almost a begging for crumbs mentality, and now , once again you
see the inevitable results. If your head is once again feeling a little wet, rest assured it isn't raining.

Bob Shannon
Founder Mechanicsville & King William TEA Party



Dear Editor

Subject: Legislative Priorities

Reading from one of the local TEA Party groups website announcing the Legislative Priorities for the
coming 2015 session of the G.A leaves me wondering just who decides on what is or isn't a top priority.
That isn't said with the intentions of questioning the hard work done by the folks who labor each year
in tracking the various bills making their way through the process, quite to the contrary. I commend all
of them , particularly Carol Stopps and the countless others who have toiled relentlessly to do this often
thankless work.

My point is directly aimed at the process with which we arrive at "priority". The topics listed in the
announcement as priorities, were Civil Asset Forfeiture, Privacy, and Property/Water Rights . One might
argue that these are appropriate priorities and deserve the efforts assigned in making them our more important
issues deserving of the G.A's attention for the very brief period they are in session. Contrary to that view
I would argue this is yet another example of good intentions, but playing what I will define as small ball.

Each of these issues mentioned above are serious issues, ones deserving of legislators attention , but hardly
deserving of priority status. Ask this one question: how many Virginians are impacted by any one of these
issues, 100, 500, 1000 " ?.

Now before anyone goes off on a tangent that "even 1 Virginian having their assets illegally seized is 1 too
many", which I happen to agree with, consider this. I don't want my license plate monitored to allow some
government snoop to track my movements, or to instruct me on how to clean out my drainage ditch, but I want
more than that the ability to make real substantive changes that could be realized with Referendum Reform
passed in Virginia.

How many of you are aware that the 15 States that passed Term Limits--all 15 did so with Referendums ? Of
the 35 remaining that require term limits be passed by their legislative bodies ( including Virginia) not even
1 has done so. If you want to put in front of voters , (say for example ) that a County Board of Supervisors
must allow voters a say in hiring paid Fire/Rescue personnel on a local ballot before they implement something
as costly as this ? Well, guess what, in Virginia you can't. I researched this when I tried to get this on a
local ballot here in King William, and learned that Virginia is ONE OF THE MOST RESTRICTIVE IN IT'S USE OF REFERENDUMS,
in the entire U.S.

Why is that ? I asked State Senator Tommy Norment that very question when he spoke to the KWTP back in late
summer of this year. Among his points was his statement " well, look at what some states have done that have
this use of referendums" . I responded that citizens could not come up with anything sillier than some of the
legislation that comes out of the G.A, so why not let citizens have a say. After all, wasn't it the intent of
our Founders to keep government as close as possible to the very people being governed ? Besides, after two terms
in any elective office their are plenty of ways to perform "public service" Just ask anyone who ever ran a local
TEA Party group. Their declarations of wanting to "serve the public" rings hollow by now for me

You don't hear much about Referendum Reform in Virginia for a couple of obvious reasons. The fact that not even 1 state
requiring that term limits be passed by their legislative bodies has done so speaks volumes on the topic. These folks
are not inclined to term limit themselves. The other primary reason referendum reform gets scant attention is that local
governments hate the idea. Why is that ? Because with the ability and use of referendums we could put for example a
referendum on the ballot capping real estate /property tax increases . I can't think of a more open and democratic use
of this valuable tool than to slow down the tax and spend freight train we see in many of these localities. Let's stop
the incessant whining about localities spending and taxing and do something about it.

The point is, Referendum Reform could do much good for all Virginian's. The possibilities are endless, real power to rein
in local governments taxing and spending authority, Virginia could pass Term Limits ( surveys show support over 80% )
ending the 30 year career politicians powerful reins---reason alone why it doesn't get any attention among legislators
who's self serving priorities will never include this as a legislative priority . My question for the readers is why
isn't the Patriot movement out front on this ? Who is deciding in our name what the priorities are , and why ?

Is it possible that the cart is pulling the horse ? It's a fair question.

Bob Shannon
Founder Mechanicsville & King William TEA Party



Dear Editor

Subject: Hypocrisy and Ethics in Politics

Anyone running today for public office or been intimately involved as a volunteer knows
all too well the sacrifice these candidates make. 18 hour days, living often out of a
car, eating fast food, getting home, if at all at very late hours. It is not an endeavor
for the feint of heart, or those not committed to try and make a difference, regardless
of their political persuasion.

I have often argued that a candidate that has qualified to get on a ballot ( no easy task itself )
must have their voice heard. Couple that with the total failure of the 2 major political parties
unwillingness or ability to address the nations most pressing problems and one has to examine just
why rivals would deny voters the opportunity to make an informed decision when asked to cast a
sacred vote for that office. This is only achieved and made healthy by having the candidates
openly and in public debate the issues and clarify for the voters their policy positions.
Some debates are better than others in terms of format, protocol being adhered to and
intelligent questions, whether they be from an audience or a written list of questions screened
and vetted in advance by the organizers only.

Two separate newspaper quotes attributed to Congressional Candidate Dave Brat (R) bear noting. He said
on Sunday April 12th 2014, when still contesting the nomination in his primary against former
Congressman Eric Cantor, " The people want to hear from the candidates themselves, and a debate is
the perfect format to assess the ideas and candidates face to face" On September 17, 2014 political
science professor from the University of Mary Washington , Stephen Farnsworth noted " what a difference
a nomination makes" citing the flip of Dr. Brat in chastising Cantor for his refusal to debate and
now minimizing them.

Campaigns have become such choreographed manufactured cinemas and the public is sick and tired of it.
Platitudes and slogans do not make for a sufficient opportunity to intelligently evaluate the candidates
actual beliefs. How will Dr. Brat articulate and defend his views in Washington if he can't against a
couple of competing candidates ?

One of the most intelligent arguments I heard in the early 70's on why racism was so utterly stupid
was from a philosopher who said :

" Think of how few very good friends one makes over a lifetime, it is for most of us a very small
number. Then think just how stupid it is to deny yourself an opportunity to make what perhaps could be
one of the best friends you might ever have, and did so on the grounds of closing off an entire race
of people" It was profound and stuck with me since then.

The point of this example is the following: Republicans and Democrats have controlled every political
office, every agency, every lever of government at the local ,state and federal level throughout the
entire history of the nation, certainly dominating that control almost exclusively for the last 50 years.
The egregious abuses from some of these agencies, common today, is only compounded by the failure of
those in control to do something about it. Whether it be the issue of debt, education, tax reform,
immigration ,republicans and democrats have had ample opportunity to address any or all of them, yet
the problems worsen by the day.

Restless discerning voters need ask the question why James Carr is being denied to share with voters
in the 7th district what his thoughts and ideas are on these and other issues. Dr. Brat must decide
whether he wants to sit on a lead or keep his own integrity intact by insisting each candidate who
qualified and is on the ballot to also be onstage.

Citizens, regardless of who you support must act responsibility and stop this maddening hero worship for
either of the political parties. After all, much like that great friend you may have passed by, James Carr
might have something to say.

Bob Shannon Founder
Past President Mechanicsville TEA Party


The following was sent as an Email and I felt its message needed to be shared.

Good Morning All !

Subject: Responding to Congressman Wittman's Mailer

The power of the pen, so they say is mightier than the sword. The mailer that I received the other day from
Wittman's campaign was something I read twice, because I simply could not believe what I was reading.

Would any of you consider Human trafficking a top priority on your list of concerns ? Protecting women
from domestic abuse, is that ranking up at the top of your National to do list ? Rob is now engaged in
telling private sector employers what methods they should use in work scheduling arrangements, certainly
a Federal function ??? Of course I can't shut my eyes at night without pondering the plight of Military
spouses who have to move their professional licenses when they relocate to another state ( Rob's solution
to a problem that doesn't even exist, is to offer a tax credit)

This is the same guy who railed about the convoluted tax code and all of the exemptions and tax credits
just 2 weeks ago when I attended his Town Hall meeting at the 99th District TEA Party meeting in Lively Virginia.
I asked him that night " who writes the tax code Congressman" ? , and yet here he is pandering to the military
personnel in his district with another hand out. Rob advertises his support for a litany of higher education proposals,
window dressing , when we all know the solution to rising tuition is to end federal funding, phase out student loans
and allow these colleges to actually compete for the students own money.

Not a single word on the tepid response to the growing threat of radical Islam, nor the National Debt, set to
explode after next year, no mention of the ongoing train wreck in our public schools, entitlement reform must
have just slipped his mind I suppose. Federal farm subsidies in the billions going to farm households with
$250,000--1 million in annual incomes. Naw.....but Good Ol Rob is going to do something about human trafficking.
I actually considered that some bored Democratic staffer sat down and wrote this for him hoping to maybe capture
a few of Norm Mosher supporters.

Do the TEA Party groups in the 1st District have a plan ? May I propose one, even a small one that perhaps can
send this politician , (and he is a politician ) a message , even if it is a symbolic one ? Can we get our members
to write their local newspapers Letter to the Editor section mocking this tepid & utterly sickening mailer he has
sent out ? If not then , what do we exist for, why are we still holding meetings if we can not come up with a
cohesive , albeit small plan to show this guy how sick we are of his gutless cowardice exhibited in this mailers content.

The newspapers are sick of hearing from me. And besides, it isn't my job to speak for the hundreds that could pick
up a pen and write their own letters disparaging this guy for this nonsense , and waste of your tax dollars for
sending this out.

If local newspapers were inundated with letters, they would have no choice but to print them, and then maybe the
public rancor might just create an atmosphere where a qualified candidate would step forward next cycle to " Cantor"
this charlatan posing as a leader. How about at your next meeting you spend just 5 minutes holding up this mailer and
openly ridiculing him, using that as a opening salvo, then ask your members to write a letter and write in someone's
name in November.

The campaign platitudes and slogans , are you sick of it yet ? Or are you going to play that election cycle game of
" well ,he's not as bad as the other guy" If that is your choice, then at least be honest and admit you are an " enabler".
Rest assured I will write in one of your names next month , and at least know I didn't contribute to Rob Wittman's
ongoing fraud.

Bob Shannon
Central Garage


Dear Editor

It seems like just yesterday that Dr. Dave Brat first spoke at the MTP meeting in early 2010 on the topic of
Crony Capitalism. His profound understanding of economics and history was and remains why he is such an
interesting and intellectually stimulating person to listen to. The members liked him so much that he was invited
back numerous times and featured at some of the larger events we did in 2013 at Life Church in Mechanicsville.
Some might even say that the MTP gave him a much larger stage to exhibit his obvious talents and knowledge on the
subject matter he has such a wonderful mastery of. Certainly many of the volunteers that manned his volunteer
campaign staff came from this very group, that instantly liked the Professor and saw him as a potentially
fantastic candidate.

What has happened since however has given me pause for curbing my enthusiasm for Brat. Almost overnight the
professional political hacks took over, we all know the types, carefully crafting and nuancing every syllable
coming out of his mouth so as to minimize any chance of offending even the tiniest sliver of the electorate.
While I understand and appreciate the need for that, I remain troubled by another facet of the obvious change
in Brat's behavior.

Word got out that in a debate set for late October at Randolph-Macon College would exclude Libertarian
candidate James Carr in the scheduled event, only the republican and democrat candidates would be on stage.
My question for Dr. Brat is very simple. If competition, and free market forces ultimately result in a
better product coming to market, then how is it Dr. Brat refuses to allow Carr to be included in this debate?
Are intellectual pursuits somehow different ? Would voters and political solutions to our problems not be
better served by hearing all sides, including Carr's ? What has changed in the last few months since Brat
secured the nomination that rationalizes the very free market principles he advocated for just months ago now
are not relevant ? Do free market principles get lost in the political machinations of todays environment?
Does a candidates Integrity come into the equation?

Brat could silence this with his insistence that Carr be included. Carr managed to secure a spot on
the ballot and voters deserve to hear his views. This may in fact be Brats first test on how much
competition matters , in of all arenas, the arena of ideas.

Bob Shannon

Founder Mechanicsville TEA Party


The following was sent as an Email and I felt its message needed to be shared. You will never know when
someone will reach out, touch you and what you do.

Good Morning All !

Yesterday when I was out front messaging the sign in front of my place a pick up truck pulled over
to the side of the road and a gentleman about my age got out and walked down to talk to me. I never
know what to expect when someone does that, occasionally I get one of our critics who want to tell me
how full of crap the TEA Party is, or sometimes I get someone upset over a particular message so I
gird myself for everything from a mild rebuke to preparing for hand to hand combat !!

In this case a local man who owns a small business introduced himself, and said he just wanted to say
"Thanks" for all the work we have done the last 5 years here in KW, not just the signs but he mentioned
the signs specifically telling me that for him the signs represented that at least a few of us understand
what is happening and are willing to try and do something about it. I was moved by what was his genuine
and heartfelt appreciation. I thanked him for stopping and before he turned to leave he reached into his
back pocket and pulled out his wallet ,giving me a $20 bill and said " I want to help buy some paint" .
I told him how much I appreciated that since we have run this group for 5 years now and run it on an
annual budget of about $1700-$1800 a year, so $20 goes a long way helping to cover our expenses.

I invited him to our next meeting , explaining that we meet as we have now for 5 years on the 2nd & 4th
Thursday each month, the newspapers usually cover our meeting dates/topics and we would welcome his
involvement if he choses to join us.

As Sarge has often reminded me, it isn't just the "people in the benches" that count. Our support runs
much deeper in the community than most of us realize. The symbolism of the Patriot license plates is just
one such example, yesterdays event with this stranger stopping to Thank us was another. The old John Adams
quote about a "relentless tireless minority being all that is needed to prevail" came back to me as I
continued on messaging my sign after this guy left. It was a beautiful day to be out there doing this, and
the fairly constant blowing of the horns as I worked served as fresh evidence that many do indeed support
the quiet often thankless work so many of you have contributed for the last 5 years. It also reminded me of
the need to say "Thanks " to each of you addressed in this e-mail.

See you soon,
Bob Shannon


Debates – The Infomercials of Politics

Dear Editor

Congressman - Rob Wittman the Republican, Xavian Draper the Libertarian and Adam Cook the Democrat
are all candidates for the 1st Congressional District seat at this date.

The King William Tea Party is attempting to have a debate here in King William either in late June
or early July featuring all three. Now is the time for all concerned citizens to demand an appearance
in our locality from all three candidates and having the questions debated which are required for an
informed decision and vote by the King William Citizens.

Business as usual will no longer be tolerated. Show up – Debate – Leave the Sound Bites At
Home – Bring the Facts good or bad. A No Show simply means - You are not the person we need to
hold this seat after 2014.

I wish to challenge our school system to assign our High School Juniors and seniors to attend the
debate and look at the candidate’s Websites as a class project with an eye to verifying that the
points made by all the candidates are backed by facts with no half truths. Their feedback in letters to
the Editor or a project report by the students posted on our county’s website will tell all how
serious they see their obligations as the citizens of tomorrow.

Let us face it – these young people will have to reach into their pockets and pay their portion
of a $17 Trillion debt that is still climbing and we will not mention the unfunded mandates.

It is time for “The Infomercials of Politics” to begin.

Paul Jamerson
King William, VA


Mission Creep In KW County

Too often we overlook how government growth and wasteful spending occur right under our noses. Case
in point, the request by Dr. Mark Jones and Sheriff Jeff Walton for another Resource Officer for
Hamilton-Holmes Middle School.

At the Budget Hearing on Saturday March 29th Sheriff Walton spoke of this new position requiring a full
time Deputy and vehicle, in the event an arrest would be made. I questioned Jeff during a recess to
inquire as to how many arrests were made on school property during school hours last year. His answer
was zero. Sheriff Walton told the BOS that the salary would be paid for this position by a "grant", that seemingly
free money that just falls from the sky , and is outside the discipline of elected officials who seem to
overlook - A. The position isn't needed - B. Taxpayers are stuck with paying for this outside of what the
grant covers After the grant money runs out
. This is money that could go towards the list of long
neglected maintenance needs Supervisor Stone alluded to last week.

How can the School Board and the BOS be taken seriously when they make the statement that they have made
the 'Tough Choices" when a casual observer sitting through these meetings can easily detect how money is
being wasted at the local level. Why do we have a school board if they are going to sit silent in face of
excess like this example ? Perhaps another savings might be just disbanding the KW School Board,
what has become nothing more than a rubber stamp for the school Superintendent's grandiose wish lists.

Bob Shannon
Central Garage


Tight School Budgets ?

When an article begins with the following quote “ As two teachers teaching in a
collaborative classroom” that alone should catch one’s attention, but when the
story is about “Alternative seating in the Non-Traditional Classroom and how KW County
schools squander money on the purchase of “alternative seating” it is enough to
make a rational person scream.

I read in utter amazement that a ‘grant” had been approved ( by our vaunted School
Board ) that the alternative seating including stability balls, stools, moon chairs, rockers,
lawn chairs, and balance discs ? This coming at a time when the schools are asking for the
hard working County taxpayers to give them $725,000.00 more than last year. The overall proposed
school budget is some 24.9 million, 5% more than last year’s budget.

The cockadoodle logic for these “ alternative seating choices” is and I quote
“ increasing time on task and decreasing time students spend out of their seats”
The Nun’s that taught me 50 years ago had a tool for that which hung conveniently on
the wall just behind their desks in full view and served as a reminder to stay in our seats
and remain focused on the task at hand.

Straining the credibility of their teaching philosophy is their own admission that they didn’t
receive the new seats until March 18th, and by the time the article ran in the March 26 newspaper
story they had already noticed an ‘ increased focus and excitement” .

We spend enormous sums of money of public education, and this example brings to the forefront
two issues we should all be focused on as the BOS considers Dr. Jones request. If our hard
earned paychecks are squandered in this silly & irresponsible manner should we not question the
wisdom of giving them a dime more ? Should we simply disband school boards altogether ? What
purpose do they serve us if they are mere rubber stamps for a system that allows this kind of
nonsense to continue.

Bob Shannon
Central Garage


Clarify, if you can Del. Peace

Often times elected officials speak volumes without really disclosing much of anything. This
was on full display in Del. Chris Peace’s statements regarding the Local article on
Medicaid Expansion February 5th.

All Del. Peace need do is point out where in the Budget language that it says the implementation
of Medicaid Expansion requires that the G.A must then vote on the Commissions reform measures before
it is indeed expanded . In typical legislator speak Peace alludes to the commission being established
to “ retain legislative control” the very process that will allow legislators like Peace to say he opposes
expansion without having to actually vote on it, the Commission will do the deed, which was the design
from the beginning.

It takes gull in the highest degree to suggest anyone is “misleading the public” when the
reality is evidenced by Peace’s attempt to divert attention away from the topic by mentioning his
patroning a bill to “ put Virginian’s in a posture to keep their own health insurance if they
like their plans and Congress allows it” . An example of showboat legislation if ever there was one
since these plans are already gone.

To mention “honor” or “civility”, resurrects one more failed effort to silence the
messenger. Anonymous attacks ? I never ran from the message on the sign - so I am not sure if this has
much merit. The TEA Party has been championing reform of Medicaid for over 3 years , not expanding it.
Where has Peace been ?

To conclude that holding elected officials accountable is tantamount to “bullying” is yet another
example of what happens when you disclose their nefarious legislative methods they employ to pass controversial
legislation.. The leadership in Richmond wants those Federal dollars, borrowed dollars I might add, and they
thought they could slip this by us. When you call them on it they resort to attacking someone who stood
up to them.

Bob Shannon
Central Garage


Who’s Voice Matters in KW County ?

Endeavoring to attend all 5 of the Citizen Input meetings being sponsored by County officials
at various locations , an observation I’ve heard repeated now on 3 separate occasions left
me wondering if the caste system isn’t alive and well in King William County government ?

Last year Supervisor Terry Stone commented on the number of calls she received after rumors
spread that land use exemptions were coming under closer scrutiny. Again last Thursday evening
at KW High School Supv. Stone made mention of the turnout at a recent meeting sponsored by Va.
Farm Bureau where opposition to any changes was again rather vigorous when she was in attendance.

Tuesday evening at the KWVFD I raised the point that some 31 Virginia Counties had no Open
Space or Forestry tax exempted classes and County Administrator Trent Funkhouser made particular
mention of the same calls the County received last year on this topic.

What is most puzzling is that at a County budget meeting last March some 60 of the KWTP members
turned out and it was obvious who they were since they all were wearing our bright yellow KWTP
sticker on their lapels, clearly visible for all in attendance, particularly the Board members who
sits facing the attendees. Those 60 , opposed to increased spending or any tax increases apparently
are either invisible , or don’t carry the political weight of others.

The emphasis seems to be on one opinion clearly holding sway with our elected leaders. Only time
will tell. Perhaps when citizens see that the BOS wants another increase in real estate taxes, rather
than closing some tax loopholes that should have never been given to begin with the question will
then be answered.

Bob Shannon
Central Garage


Taxes Again

Dear Editor

Who says God does not have a sense of humor?

A Republican Governor in 2013 signed into law a $6 billion VA State Tax increase, the Democrats elected a new
Governor in the Old Dominion and now for the punch line.

In a previous Letter to the Editor I wrote the following.

Willing Fools or Useful Idiot depending on how you translate the Russian has been attributed to Joseph Stalin
as a pejorative term for people perceived as propagandists for a cause whose goals they are not fully aware of
and who are used cynically by the leaders of the cause.

The “Willing Fools” are everywhere. Here in Virginia we just had a $6 Billion State tax increase.
Almost as many Democrat legislators voted for it as did Republican legislators. The democrats screamed (while
thinking “Happy Days are Here Again”) and the republicans were stunned into silence (while thinking
“Stabbed in the Back Again”). Either Party could have killed it by not voting for it. Have you heard
any of the “Willing Fools” of either party demand the repeal of the Tax increase they claim to hate?

Newly elected (Tea Party favorite) Del. Ben Cline has already hit the ground running by bringing to the floor
for consideration the very first bill for the new General Assembly that convenes in January 2014. Del. Ben Cline’s
bill HR 3 is calling for the total repeal of the 6 Billion dollar Transportation Bill passed and signed by Governor
McDonnell in 2013. (2013 Session omnibus transportation bill (HB 2313) - all provisions of this act shall expire on
July 1, 2014.)

The New Governor elect needs to work with the new legislators and encourage a vote for bill HR 3 to kill the largest
tax increase in VA history. (Anybody care to guess how much support HR 3 will get from the Democrats and Republicans
who voted for it?) Governor Elect Terry McAuliffe has an opportunity to show if he is just another “Tax and
Spend” leader or a real change in the way government business is done.

See the humor Yet?

Paul Jamerson
King William, VA



I ran into a republican party official Tuesday night as I was out collecting campaign signs
and the analysis was already underway as to “what went wrong”. Now mind you the
results were not yet in, and at the late hour of 7 pm Cuccinelli had a narrow lead. This
official noted as I listened that “ had Bolling been the party nominee he would have
cleaned the floor with McAuliffe” . His assertion that Cuccinelli was too conservative to
win statewide office was interesting since Cuccinelli had done just that 4 years ago ? Didn’t
we run “moderates” in the 2008 & 2012 Presidential elections ? 12 million fewer
turned out last year to vote and it wasn’t because they were enamored with the job Obama
is doing or the moderates in the race.

The republican party of Virginia would like nothing more than to use this loss as an excuse
to distance itself, and disarm the TEA Party movement. They have resisted as Rush Limbaugh pointed
out the push by the TEA Party to cut government spending and return to Constitutional principles.
As Mr. Limbaugh noted “ republicans don’t really want smaller government, they just want
to take turns running it”

This loss was predictable months ago when the 6 billion tax increase passed, followed by
McDonnell getting his hand caught in the Johnnie Williams cookie jar, then Cuccinelli himself
caught “tasting the treats of higher office”.

Perhaps as what occurred in 1992 when Ross Perot received 18-19% of the popular vote the
question might be asked again. Why did 18-19% of voters abandon George H.W Bush in that election
and go to Perot ? Why did 7% of voters, many who had been Cuccinelli supporters themselves ,
cross over and support Sarvis Tuesday ?

Keep raising taxes & expanding government, keep your ties to the crony capitalist masters, and
this will be your reward. More conservatives are waking up to what must be done, that the
badly needed reform of the republican party will indeed come, painfully, with more elections
losses, until they recognize we won’t stay obedient any longer to party labels.

4 years of republicans running State government. School choice, Illegal Immigration, Tax reform
and Medicaid Reform---we got nothing. We did get a gargantuan tax increase and new spending.
Broken promises must carry a steep price .

Many still stubbornly cling to the notion that winning is a solution, when winning as Mr. Limbaugh
pointed out is defined as “taking their turn running it ” . Blame the TEA Party revolt
if you will, but don’t overlook this simple truth. We are the last voice of real reform
left on the political landscape. We are no longer interested in hollow victories. We distinguish
between winning and actually accomplishing something . We are not going anywhere, and rest assured
we intend to fight.

Bob Shannon
Central Garage


$324,000 ARMORED TANKS ?

I read with amazement this week that Essex County would be getting its own $324,000
Armored Tank, ( Caroline County has one---why not Essex ) courtesy of the Seized/Forfeited
Assets doled out by the Attorney General’s Office. Set aside the squandering of money,
the absurdity of why any County needs such a vehicle ( I ‘m sure the Sherriff can
rationalize his new toy ) and the question keeps coming back to just who “ doles this
money out” ? Is this the Virginia Attorney General—Ken Cuccinelli ? If so , then
how conservative is this guy ? He claims to be the guardian of our civil liberties, and
a fiscal hawk ? Then how do you explain this ?

Those of you who will seize upon the standard response that “ it is mandated how the
money be spent on law enforcement” allow me a few probing questions.

If a guy who sued the Federal Government to stop the Affordable Care Act stood up on that
occasion, what stopped him from declaring ( in this instance ) ‘ I won’t stand to
see money wasted in this manner” , and simply refuse to spend the money ? Will the
Counties have to hire a new “specialist” to operate them ? What is the annual
costs for maintenance County taxpayers will now be on the hook for ? Anyone asking these
questions ?

Just who builds these “tanks” and what political donations can be traced to
expose who receives the money ? I am willing to bet whoever builds them has donated
a ton of dough to someone who naturally rationalizes this expenditure, stupid as it is.

Let’s ask those questions before Tuesday November 5th when we walk into the voting booth
to choose our next Governor. Or bury your head in the sand and vote your blind allegiance
to a political party . Your choice…choices however have lasting consequences.

Bob Shannon
Central Garage


Wasted Votes ?

Dear Editor

I have heard it said in every election “Don’t Waste Your Vote by Not Voting for Us” by
both major parties.

I think the time has come to see where that wisdom has led us and ask anyone who has plans Not to vote in
the coming election to consider the following.

We have become a debtor nation and the mighty dollar has so fallen we will see a time when it is not the
world’s preferred currency. The Arab states started talking a few years back about switching to Euros
only for oil payment. This means we have to use our dollars to buy Euros to buy oil. There may come a time when
they and the rest of the world will want payment in a hard asset like gold, foodstuffs or services. Care to
guess what that will mean for the cost of your purchases and the value of your money?

The Republicans controlled both houses the first two years under Bush. No plan was put in place to balance
the budget, pay down the National Debt or fund the unfunded mandates. They had (unbalanced) budgets for both
Bush terms while expanding spending and adding programs they could not pay for.

The Democrats controlled both houses the first two years under Obama. No plan was put in place to balance the
budget, pay down the National Debt or fund the unfunded mandates. They have not had any budget since Bush left
office while expanding spending and adding programs they could not pay for.

The Federal Government shut down and the major parties were blaming each other. Depending on who you want to
read or listen to - we have either gone over the financial cliff or are about to. Our elected officials of both
parties have been running a bait and switch scheme that would make the best con-man green with envy. The time
has come to cut spending and pay the bills.

I suggest if you had planned on Not voting because it would make no difference – You Do vote and instead
of holding your nose and voting for the lesser of two evils – “Write In” the name of someone
you think has the values you consider important.

The winner of each election is getting less than 25% of the total eligible vote. If more non voters actually
voted for someone not running - a message would be sent that will not be ignored by local, state or federal
candidates running for office. The winning candidate will see the “No more Business as usual “ or
“None of the Above” message you are sending.

When people vote like this it will mean “If you want my vote – you change”. Fifty per cent of
eligible voters do not vote, if just half of the non-voters do this, then neither political party will receive a
majority of the vote and cannot claim a mandate to take your Constitutional Rights in their “Bait and
Switch” schemes.

If your vote causes a person to run with your values next time – You did not waste your vote and did
your duty as a citizen.

Paul Jamerson
King William, VA


War on Religion - Separation of Church & State.

Dear Editor

Separation of Church & State is the nonsense the liberal Progressives would insist you think is the meaning
of the First Amendment. I find it ironic their actions actually violate the first amendment. They do this
by establishing a national religion called Atheism - by “prohibiting the free exercise thereof”
of something like a prayer.

The removal of any reference to religion in schools and governments buildings is where Political Correctness
has led us. Even A “Moment of Silence” anywhere violates the “Separation of Church and
State” mandate. Add the “Hate Crime” laws and is “Freedom of Speech” far behind?

Amendment I

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise
thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble,
and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

The same Democratic Party that voted at the 2012 Democratic Convention to remove reference to God from the
party platform decided to put it back only because it might cost them votes. If you listened to the voice vote
at the time – it would be hard to believe the delegates at the convention wanted to put the reference back.

The Republican candidate for Lt. Governor E. W. Jackson the founder of Exodus Faith Ministries, a nondenominational
Christian church in Chesapeake, Virginia has been mocked for a statement about praying for a resolution to the
shutdown in Washington. His opponent Ralph S. Nor¬tham in both debates said there was no place in Virginia for
someone who believes what E.W. Jackson believes.

This is just another bullet fired at Religion by the Democratic Party. We have seen the results of the “War
on Religion” in all areas of life. The rise of the liberal Progressives agenda has resulted in a moral
decline reflected by the number of unmarried single mothers and a high crime rate in cities like Chicago and
Los Angeles among others. I maintain there is no place in Virginia for someone in political office who believes
the Ralph S. Northam’s vision of Virginia and the USA.

Paul Jamerson
King William, VA


Willing Fools or Useful Idiot

Dear Editor

Willing Fools or Useful Idiot depending on how you translate the Russian has been attributed to Joseph Stalin
as a pejorative term for people perceived as propagandists for a cause whose goals they are not fully aware of
and who are used cynically by the leaders of the cause.

The current President, his administration and supporters have called his scandals phony. Since his first
election we have seen Fast & Furious, Solyndra, Pigford, Fisker, New Black Panthers, Lightsquared, Acorn, Siga,
Sebelius-Gate, Navy Seals Leakgate, Bendhazi, Dealershipgate, IRS-gate, AP-gate, Blago, Drone Killing,
Project Gun Runner, Tony Rezko and Fox blocking among others I am sure that will come to light.

How do you make the scandals go away – go to war? Syria’s use of gas against her people has been
called the use of a “Weapon of Mass Destruction” by that country’s President. Saddam Hussein
did the same thing against the Kurds in Iraq. The “Willing Fools” claimed “Bush Lied about WMD”.
I guess the status of gas has been upgraded to “WMD” just for President Obama.

The “Willing Fools” are everywhere. Here in Virginia we just had a $6 Billion State tax increase.
Almost as many Democrat legislators voted for it as did Republican legislators. The democrats screamed (while
thinking “Happy Days are Here Again”) and the republicans were stunned into silence (while thinking
“Stabbed in the Back Again”). Either Party could have killed it by not voting for it. Have you heard
any of the “Willing Fools” of either party demand the repeal of the Tax increase they claim to hate?

It seems the campaign theme for either major party’s governor candidate is “My guy is not as slimy
or bad as your guy”. Robert Sarvis “Libertarian Candidate for Governor” is the only candidate
for governor talking about the issues we need to be concerned about as opposed to slinging mud. He also is the
only candidate with no ties or obligations to the two major parties, big business or special interest groups. You
can believe him when he says “This is what I believe and will work to preserve the government our forefathers
gave us”.

It is time for both major parties to realize their bad actions will have a consequence. We are lucky to be able
to vote for the individual per office as opposed to the party for all three offices (Gov, Lt Gov and Att. Gen.).
Mr. Sarvis as Governor will provide the people’s Veto needed to stop bad legislation like the $6 billion tax
increase. If Mr Sarvis is wrong - then the 2 major parties can work together to make it happen. Is that not what
they claim to want “Teamwork and Compromise”?

Do you trust Terry McAuliffe who is friends with President Obama and Mayor Bloomburg to protect your
Second Amendment (Gun) Rights or either Terry McAuliffe or Ken Cuccinelli not to raise taxes?

Can you say “Fool me Again”?

Paul Jamerson
King William, VA


Compassion ?

Last week’s editorial hit several points regarding the KW BOS spending priorities and
whether or not the board members were correct in how it was allocating public monies.
Excellent points raised by the editorial, but let’s examine it from a taxpayer standpoint.

Last year the TR covered the closing of the local Kiwanis chapter after some 65 years
of operation. I don’t recall the gentleman’s name but he was quoted in the
article as pointing out how government today has stepped in and filled many of the charitable
volunteer functions the Kiwanis filled for decades. Forget for the moment why this has happened
and focus on government's role in society.

While the editorial and Kathy Vesley-Massey made impassioned pleas for restoration of funds
that had been cut - one question was never addressed? When did it become a government
function to “keep people employed “? For that matter is getting people to the doctors
or grocery store now a government function?

Follow that logic and where does it end? One could argue under this premise - why government could
then do almost anything. Much like the fathers who abandoned their responsibilities when they saw
government could become the new ‘daddy” and how has society benefitted by this? Can government
do this more efficiently than the Kiwani’s ?

The addition of another “Finance Person” has us scratching our heads, as well . The
editorial pointed out we have a Finance manager, a County Administrator (who has two executive assistants),
a Treasurer and a Commissioner of Revenue --- one has to ponder how many “ Finance “ people it
takes to run a County this size ?

Tom Redd’s comments on Park’s and Recreations “Baby Sitting” service is at
the same time dead on and full of duplicity. May I remind the readers Mr. Redd has been
on the Board for 29 years and responsible for this bloated county department.

I just wish Mr. Redd’s heartfelt compassion extended to the folks who have to pick up
the check for his heavy heart.

Bob Shannon
Central Garage



Last night I drove to Lively, Virginia to attend the 99TH District’s meeting and
watched unfold before my eyes one of the saddest episodes of any single meeting I
have attended in 4 years. I have as a group leader conducted some 200 meetings myself,
participated in at least several hundred more and so it takes some doing to characterize
last night in the manner I am about to.

In 2010 Congressman Wittman refused to sign onto Duncan Hunter’s bill that was
attempting to halt the implementation of the repeal of the “Don’t ask,
don’t tell” policy that the Obama administration had orchestrated . We met
with Mr. Wittman and presented him a binder on the report of CMR (Center Military
Readiness) that raised 16 serious issues that had not received adequate consideration
before ordering this repeal. A delegation of numerous group leaders attended the meeting
we had arranged with Mr. Wittman and those in attendance listened patiently to him
explain why he would not sign on to Mr. Hunters bill. He explained it was just a
“symbolic gesture”.

In 2011 I once again coordinated an effort to get Mr. Wittmans assistance is co-sponsoring
an Amendment that Congressman Steve King had attached to an Agricultural Bill that would
have delayed payment of the 2.3 Billion dollars stolen (and no one argues that point) by the
Trial Lawyers and the unethical Black “ Farmers” who committed fraud in the filing
of false, and in many cases ludicrous claims that they had been discriminated against. It
was well documented fraud and outlandish abuse of the Tort system. Again Mr. Wittman declined
on the grounds that a settlement had been reached and it would be “ just symbolic”

Rep. Mark Meadows of NC on August 12th 2013 wrote a letter to the Speaker of the House
Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor pledging he would not budge from his stand that no
house appropriations bill will get his vote unless it Defunds ObamaCare. 79 members of
Congress have signed the letter. Mr. Wittman refuses. I suppose once again it’s “
just symbolic”.

Last night after he ( Mr. Wittman) outlined his bill to get rid of the IRS, and the
Income tax replacing it with a consumption tax of 23% he took questions from the well
attended audience. I will come back to this particular issue in my closing so keep this
in mind. A bill to get rid of the IRS, the Income tax ???

When a politician gets into trouble they often go back to a very basic well honed technique,
let’s call it “ the red meat head fake” Who doesn’t absolutely hold the
IRS and the current tax code in utter disdain ? How better to get the folks on your side
(and distract them from some of your votes) than to suggest something that has less of a chance
\ than the proverbial “snowball in hell” of ever becoming law. Politically this is very
clever indeed of Mr. Wittman to pick this point in time to champion a bill on getting rid
of the hated IRS & tax code. And Boy, did it work it’s charm on the faithful ! Those
that fell for that nonsense are beyond being of any benefit to the Patriot movement other than
filling chairs in a meeting hall. These folks are known in the substance abuse field of study
as “enablers” .

The startling point in the meeting however wasn’t a politician coming in and offering
platitudes and campaign slogans, ( we expect that) but what happened when the question & answer
segment got underway.

After a few questions from a variety of guests Catherine Crabill got up and passionately brought
to everyone’s attention the duplicity and clear unwillingness to lead that Mr. Wittman has
demonstrated over and over again. That certainly did not surprise me or anyone that knows Catherine.
What shocked and saddened me was the dozen or so folks that heckled and attempted to silence her.
I understand meetings must have order and protocol, and I think Catherine should have practiced
some more disciplined conduct when the Chair told her she was “out of order” Take a
few points away from her on that, but anyone who isn’t a republican party apologist knew
every word she uttered was absolute unvarnished truth. I watched a heroine treated like a
subversive. I left the meeting at that point very disgusted at what I had just witnessed.

Long term progress of the Patriot movement is in serious jeopardy. It stems from a troubling
refusal to see the truth explicitly stated by none other than John Taylor on Tuesday August 13th
at the Bull & Bear Club in downtown Richmond.

“ Republicans won’t change until one thing clearly happens, they must know we will
not vote for them”.

The Patriot movement is comprised of two distinct factions that are fracturing. One side continues
to cling to the misguided notion that so long as we elect someone with an R next to their name
we are winning ? I have cited numerous times in the past the hollow lie that notion contains.
Republicans have run Virginia for the last 4 years…….need I say more.

The other side (or faction ) understands very clearly what must be done. John Taylor said the truth
and if we understand and accept that - then a hard line - albeit with short term political losses
must be endured in order to further the bigger goal. Here comes the ‘ Bob, this election is
too important” or “ we gotta win” (win just what—another 6 billion dollar tax
increase ?) and last but not least my personal favorite “ well Bob, our guy isn’t as bad
as their guy” ( sounds like Cuccinelli’s campaign theme )

We must reform the republican party, and the soft ball approach many of you advocate, at times for
perhaps your own self serving reasons has not worked. Smarten up, toughen up, or step out of the

Bob Shannon
Central Garage


When is a Vote wasted ?

Conventional wisdom says that when you cast a ballot for a third party candidate you are
wasting your vote. That prevailing wisdom has stood for most if not all of our lives. Given
the current state of affairs, raging scandals, personal questions of integrity of our elected
officials perhaps it is time to revisit that philosophy.

Solutions to pressing fiscal and social problems, some of which have lingered for decades
now seem to be outside the grasp or political will of our current legislators. Virginia
has been effectively run by the Republican party for the last 4 years yet one would struggle
to advance the notion that fiscal responsibility or spending restraint can be pointed to as
evidence to support blind allegiance to a party that has broken promise after promise to
restore conservative or Constitutional principles. Tax increases & ever expanding government seem
to be the order of the day regardless which of the two major parties are in control.

It warrants perhaps at this point in time with the election still 2 months out a close
examination of the 2 party candidates for Governor and just what they intend to do if
elected. Anyone paying attention would have observed the never ending name calling dominating
their campaign ads and speeches. Surely I am not the only one wishing to hear some specifics.
Why is it that you don’t you may ask ? It is the nature of the beast.

Before you run off in November and cast a ballot ask yourself honestly one question. What
really is a wasted vote, one cast for the “less of two evils” or one cast out
of conscience, regardless of the outcome ?

It may lead you to examine your own political philosophy and stop the sheep like mentality
that has led to where we are today .

Bob Shannon
Central Garage


Debate ?

Dear Editor

There will be an election for Governor in 2013 and the media on the subject of debates have left out one
of three possible choices - Robert Sarvis the Libertarian Candidate. Robert Sarvis has met the requirements
to be on the ballot as a candidate for Virginia’s Governor.

The requirements are “1. For a candidate for the United States Senate, Governor, Lieutenant Governor, or
Attorney General, 10,000 signatures, including the signatures of at least 400 qualified voters from each congressional
district in the Commonwealth;” code of VA § 24.2-506.

Any person that meets that bar deserves to have a seat at the election table and that includes the debates (if
any are held again). This is a position all political parties and citizens should support.

The two major parties we have seem to have forgotten they need to earn our vote. The approval rating of elected
politicians is approaching nonexistent while usually less than half of the all eligible voters vote.

It might just be time to listen to a fresh approach from a new source. No one will agree with every position a
candidate takes and that means a decision on your part must be made. The positions we need are the ones that
address and fix our current problems while not infringing on our rights.

I can hear the news media screaming bloody murder if they even imagine that they are going to be censured. The
market place of ideas (All News Media) will allow you access to only the ideas “They think you want or
need to hear”.

If I have not had the opportunity to hear the idea and see how the owner of the idea sells the idea - then how do I
know I may not like the idea?

The citizens need to hear all the ideas and possible solutions and then make an informed decision on which candidate
to vote for and who is best for the job.

Think I am Wrong? Have you ever said “Why didn’t somebody tell me that earlier” or “If I had only known”?

Paul Jamerson
King William, VA


Hey Big Spender!!

Dear Editor

A few months ago I was at the King William Board of Supervisor’s Meeting at Landing Horse Road.
The meeting room, lobby and halls were so full of people they were backed out into the parking lot
and speakers were set up so the comments could be heard.

Did the Publisher’s Clearing House declare King William County a winner? No. The topic was the
new proposed Real Estate Tax rate for the county and town of West Point. Needless to say most of the
citizen of West Point (the majority) who were there had decided this was not in their best interest and
spoke against it.

Unless that same passion and concern can be rekindled there may be a need for the Board of Supervisors
to increase the Real Estate rate again. This time to pay for a new county emergency services department.

We have a paid position “Emergency Management Coordinator” and there is talk of changing the
local Fire/Rescue Squads from volunteer status to a paid daytime position status with an estimated cost
of $300,000.00.

What does this money buy? The breakdown of spending could be put on the county’s website under a
new heading of “New Proposed Spending” along with any other “Need to Know” proposed
new spending.

The July 24 Editorial: Time is critical - King William should hire paid emergency personnel stated
“The county's Insurance Services Organization rating will go from a class 9 to a class 7. Lindsey
said homeowners with a home value of $150,000 could save as much as $572 a year.” I only paid $462.00
in 2012 for Home Owner’s insurance – Does that mean Farm Bureau will pay me to have their insurance?

Hear all the facts, verify what you hear is correct and decide if you want a tax increase now or in the
future to pay for this or some other solution.

Let me connect the dots. Increased county spending means increasing your Real Estate tax rate or Personal
Property tax rate (or both). Does anybody believe that the cost is going to stay at $300,000.00?

It goes without saying the citizens of our county owe a Great Big “Thank You” to all those who
sacrifice their time and make us a safer place by volunteering with the King William Fire/Rescue Squads. Their
time is just as important to them as your time is to you.

First - what is the present work load (number of calls) of the local Fire/Rescue Squads? How many of the calls
were legitimate, how many of the items were just not covered by Fire/Rescue and how many were calls coming in
during the daytime when most of the people are at work. Where is the most need? (Time of day and which days)
I have heard of people calling because a snake crawled in their home and wanted help removing it. Does that qualify?

Is there a solution other than paying for the daytime position status? Yes. It has been suggested to me: 1. The
people who already receive government support could return the favor by taking the classes and filling in where
the abilities and needs coincide. 2. You could provide the people who volunteer to do these jobs an incentive
for their time (A reduced Real estate or Personal property Tax rate for a certain number of volunteer hours is
one idea that comes to mind – A Way to Say “Thank You” and not cost $300,000.00).

We have a population of almost 16,000 people. This is no different than going grocery shopping. Are you going
to buy the $0.99/lb chicken or the $7.99 /lb beef? We have to get the best value for the dollar.

Call or write your County Supervisor with your suggestions and decision. Better Yet - go to the Aug 26 Board
of Supervisor’s meeting and speak out in the public comment session.

Paul Jamerson
King William, VA



Justice is Blind

Dear Editor

The Zimmerman trial is over and Mr. Zimmerman was found not guilty of murdering Mr. Trayvon Martin. The
President and the Attorney General said it would not stop there. Possible Hate Crime and Civil Rights
charges may be coming.

I wish to present two concepts that I suspect may be in conflict with the “Waste No Good Crisis
Agenda” of the current administration. First Justice is blind and second we are all equal under
the eyes of the law.

The Attorney General is looking into possible Hate Crime and Civil Rights violations that may have happened
to Mr. Trayvon Martin that the Florida Prosecutor could not find reason to pursue.

While he is on his Hate Crime and Civil Rights violations campaign he might look at whether the news
media’s actions rises to the level of a Hate Crime and Civil Rights violation against Mr. Zimmerman.
(In particular the doctored 911 call that was reported as news that led to him being called a racist and
the White Hispanic label)

The bounties that were put out on Mr. Zimmerman by various people which endangered not only Mr. Zimmerman,
his family and other people with the same last name while he was complying with local law enforcement should
at the very least be considered Reckless Endangerment and action should be taken since this happened across
state lines (just to make sure it does not happen again).

The President and the Attorney General have made it known they wish to see Stand Your Ground laws and your
Second Amendment Rights either go away or be so watered down as to be useless. I suggest we look to a city
that already has already achieved the dreams of the current administration’s agenda.

In Chicago 6 Dead and 25 More Injured (July 4, 2013) By Weekend Gun Violence City-Wide as reported by the
Huffington Post. Read the full story at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/chicago-gun-violence. What
policies were in place that made these people safer? Where are the Hate Crime and Civil Rights violation

Paul Jamerson
King William, VA



Dear Editor:

Let’s Take a Deep Breath

I wasn’t surprised when I read in the TR 07/24 of the proposal for a “new
department” coming on the heels of the creation of a “new position” the
Emergency Management Coordinator. How did King William survive for 300 years without him ?

Let’s start with a few of the “claims” made that jumped off the page .
Please show me the proposed $572 a year savings on homeowners insurance with a $150,000
home ? Those promoting more government often trip themselves up using such embellished
claims to bolster what is a weak argument for their proposal. Remember the touted 5.8 %
increase in Virginian’s annual income promoted last year by Chairman Moskalski as he
pushed to raise taxes, the real number for KW residents came in around….. $38.
Check claims made by officials before you open up your wallet. While we are at the
“fact checker” will someone verify that the County is now mandated to even
have this position ? The age old fall back answer we get anytime we inquire as to why
a new position is created---“well it’s mandated” Where and by whom ?

Missed calls-- specifics please ? I have seen months when the TOTAL number of calls for
KWVFD was 8, yes 8 calls for the entire month. So instead of getting our shorts into
knots may we have the types of calls missed, & where they occurred ? The article stated
in June , 22 of 55 calls were missed, let’s start there. What type of calls ?
Before we plunk down another $300,000. let’s address the statement in the article
that this is a “concern of many” . I recall the “large number”
cited last Spring that turned out over rumors of cuts to Parks n Rec’s budget
when the truth was it was a handful , most of whom were folks with an interest in
keeping taxpayer dollars flowing. I don’t know what constitutes or defines “many”
in government parlance. The “huge volume” of emergency calls ? What defines huge ?

Last but not least , is the old cry “ New Kent & King & Queen has it” or
even better , it COULD attract new businesses ? Anyone in the private sector knows you
do not spend $300,000 and Lord knows what it will balloon to on such specious grounds as
“ the other Counties have it, or it maybe- might- possibly-could bring new business
to the County . Many localities over the last several decades justified new programs and
expenses with “ well, Detroit is doing it”. We see where that leads.

Bob Shannon
Central Garage.



Dear Editor:

Taxpayers should be up in arms after reading the story (July 17th edition of the TR ) on the 12-Week
parenting program, the free meals and stipends being offered. What troubles me the most is the way
it is being advertised as "free." Free for whom ?

The class touts among its goals teaching parents and adolescents how to handle feelings, communicate needs,
understand each other better, take charge of their own behaviors and emotions …… It further
states participants are eligible to receive stipends for regular attendance? Taxpayer money to pay people
to do what nature has taught us to do for millions of years.

Programs like this are sterling examples of government waste. The Prevention Services Division of the MP-NN
CSB is offering the classes.

Here is how "prevention" should properly work. Whenever the consequences of behavior are mitigated the
behavior will continue. The magnitude of children being born out of wedlock into single parent homes is now
well documented and clearly epidemic. Some 40% nationally and 73% among black children are born without
two parents, married & living under the same roof. You subsidize this conduct and guess what…..you
get more of it.

Until these young people and their immediate families are left to experience the consequences of their own
voluntary behavior nothing will change. From housing - to education - to health care, food, cell phones, an A-Z
list of providing for their every need, to include apparently instructions on how to parent.

Among the many liberties we enjoy in this Country is the liberty to say enough is enough. If you are sick
of being asked to pay for someone else then speak up. The availability of, and variety of birth control, the
ease of accessing it at little or no costs leaves one with no excuse today to have an unwanted child. If
however you elect otherwise then at least concede I shouldn't be asked to pay for teaching you how to
be a parent.

Bob Shannon
Central Garage


Why Tolerate This ?

At a little league baseball game Friday night I heard for the second time an
announcement over the loudspeaker that in lieu of the National Anthem we would hear
the Little League Pledge. As quaint as the Little League Pledge may be it left me
wondering why the abandoning of our National Anthem seems to be spreading to other localities.

Prior to the start of the game I introduced myself to a young man who was a former
Marine ( t-shirt said so ) and had served in Afghanistan in 2006. The prosthetic arm is
his daily reminder . We chatted briefly discussing the pending game where his son and my
grandson would be facing off against one another.

When the announcement was made stating the Little League Pledge would be said in lieu of
the National Anthem I happened to look over and catch the expression of sadness and a quiet
anger that was clearly visible on his face . I pondered what was going through his mind at that very
moment, perhaps asking why he along with thousands of others made sacrifices only to come home to a nation
that is visibly running from its own heritage ?

A century ago immigrants came here and assimilated over a generation or two, coming to
love this country as much as any native born citizen. Today we set aside our own American
culture in the mindless pursuit of not wanting to “offend anyone”.

If you have no appreciation for the liberty and opportunity this nation provides for you and the
sacrifices made by young men and women in uniform that made it possible then go back to wherever you
came from. You simply are not welcome here.

Then the rest of us can go back to some semblance of being normal, including enjoying our
National Anthem before ball games. That young man’s sacrifice requires we insist on this.

Bob Shannon
Central Garage


Thank You - HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius

Dear Editor

I wish to Thank President Obama’s Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

Her actions concerning the fate of 10 year Old Sarah Murnaghan who has cystic fibrosis should speak
loudly about the fate of the American citizens when the IRS starts enforcing the 20,000 pages of rules
and regulations of the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) in 2014.

Sarah’s parents wanted their daughter put on the adult transplant waiting list to increase the
chances of saving her life. This was the consensus opinion of her doctors. The request was turned down
because it would violate the rules. A Federal judge decided it was not against the rules to put her name
on the list and issued the order to do just that.

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is responsible for implementing President Barack Obama’s health
care law. The law requires the IRS to enforce the rules. I had no idea the IRS was so informed about
Health Care and medicine. I guess their forte is enforcing the rules.

Do you think your doctor or a Health Care Advisory Panel will over rule the IRS? You will get to find
out in 2014.

Paul Jamerson
King William, VA




I watched the local news on Friday to see what if anything was being reported on
the State wide candidates running this fall. I wasn’t at all surprised to see the
reporting of Terry McAuliffe at a campaign stop somewhere in Northern Virginia and contrasted
that with the following story of E.W Jackson, not of a personal appearance Thursday night in
Mechanicsville where he received a standing ovation, but the reporting instead of a failure to
meet a deadline on a loan to his campaign. A technical violation at best and not at all uncommon
in the hustle of manning a state-wide campaign with what is largely an all- volunteer staff.
McAuliffe in a positive light, and E.W Jackson as negative as they could find.

What should trouble all of us is that I sent the 3 local news outlets in Richmond an
advance on Wednesday that Jackson would be making a surprise appearance at the Thursday night
event in Mechanicsville. I understand that this is one of the mountains this man will have to
climb. What’s troubling is why? He is by any measure a true conservative Christian who
believes in God and the greatness of our Founders wisdom and the U.S Constitution. He does not
couch or parse his words, a refreshing departure from today’s candidates for elective office.

If you profess today a belief in our Creator, or His word, if you state unequivocally that you
think the Constitution should be adhered to, if you profess the philosophy that free markets are
the best route to national prosperity, or dare to say that big federal government is an impediment
to solving our nation’s problems---you are an “extremist”. Is this evidence of the upside
down society we live in today, or an ignorant one ?

As the campaign progresses rest assured the same miscalculation made at the RPV convention
a few weeks ago, believing they could deny the people’s choice of E.W Jackson as the
nominee, the political pundits will do the same. All the talking heads will endlessly pontificate
how this man won’t be able to raise enough money, his views on this subject or that subject
is “too far out of the mainstream” ……. If you had been in that room Thursday
night you would have witnessed what is to come. It is just a shame the TV media wasn’t there
to do what used to be their job---report the news. Truth is about to give spin the comeuppance it
deserves---long overdue.

Bob Shannon
King William




Dear Editor

The sounds of silence have been broken regarding any of President Obama’s (and his administrations) bad
calls by the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party (ABC, NBC, CBS, New York Times and Their Spin offs). You can
say “Thank You” DOJ – AP phone records scandal.

The second they found out being his protector did not keep them from having their Constitutional Rights abused has
resulted in their discovering abuses of power in all the usual places and a lack of good judgment in crisis situations.

One has to ask if they had done their jobs as journalists instead of being the protectors of the liberal progressive
agenda would their First Amendment rights have been violated? It seems this is the only right they care about being
abused and you can forget about them protecting the Second Amendment right “The Right to Keep and Bear Arms shall
not be abridged”.

From day One with the BP oil well blowout scandal (taking The President almost 6 weeks to get actively involved) the
News reported by the AP was in the form of statements by others who called anyone criticizing President Obama or his
administration a radical, an extremist, a racist or was politically motivated. I do not recall hearing a statement that
these were the views of the speaker and not necessarily the views of this media outlet.

Since then we have seen Fast & Furious, Solyndra, Pigford, Fisker, New Black Panthers, Lightsquared, Acorn, Siga,
Sebelius-Gate, Navy Seals Leakgate, Bendhazi, Dealershipgate, IRS-gate, AP-gate, Blago, Drone Killing, Project Gun
Runner, Tony Rezko and Fox blocking among others I am sure that will come to light. I guess it would have been too
much to ask to hear the side of the story as told by the victims of the scandals.

None of which was the fault of the “Asleep at the Switch” administration, Department Heads or the President. It
is always someone else’s fault and the Elected Officials were never seen or held responsible for not doing the job
in a responsible manner.

The AP could use coaching from the National Enquirer to see if their Journalistic standards can be raised.

Paul Jamerson
King William, VA


> 5/14/2013



Anyone who has visited Arlington National Cemetery or has knowledge of the 1 million
courageous Americans throughout our history, who have paid the ultimate price protecting
our freedoms and our way of life should be outraged by the revelations that the I.R.S
has conducted themselves in the manner being reported. TEA Party and Patriot groups who
have labored for 4 years attempting to resist the abuses of power at the Federal level
are now under clear political assault for doing nothing more than publicly exhibiting the
very freedoms defended by those 1 million mentioned who gave all to protect the very
liberties now being abused by our own government.

To simply suggest that the Department of Justice will investigate this is laughable. Either
the F.B.I or an Independent Counsel must be appointed if any legitimate investigation is
to be done. No one, particularly in the Patriot movement has an iota of trust in Eric Holder,
let alone this corrupt and morally reprehensible administration. The feckless cowards in Congress
of both political parties can’t be trusted either.

Absent a thorough investigation litigation might be our only resort. We can’t afford, given
what is at stake to trust the word or assurances of a President who is clearly a political animal,
if ever there was one.

Bob Shannon (Founder Mechanicsville & King William TEA Party.)
Central Garage



I watched in amazement at the ever growing throngs of people Monday night at the KW BOS
meeting. Democracy in action, the way our Founding Fathers intended our system to work.
Only one problem , they were at the wrong meeting.

Having attended almost every single budget meeting and hearing the last two years I
didn’t recognize a single face. Strangers , mostly from West Point coming out to
protest the possible tax increase coming their way as a result of the split levy system

If you allow non-essential government services to grow then eventually the revenues will
have to be collected to pay for these services. Where were all these folks when they
really could have done some good ? People need to recognize they are coming out after
the fire has burned the building to the ground and little can be done. No measurable
spending was cut in this year’s budget. Spending requests may have been reduced
but the budgets of non-essential services grew and all of those folks came out after
the “milk had been spilt”.

A town of 3300, with a school population of less than 500 can hardly afford a separate
school system and law enforcement with anemic economic growth of 2%. Spending reductions
would have been made if crowds of that size had turned out for the budget meetings
demanding cuts to non-essential services.

Show up at the meetings that count. An ounce of prevention……….

Bob Shannon
Central Garage



Hubbard Letter raises questions.

Two weeks ago the KW TEA Party distributed copies of the Friedman Foundations report “The
Staffing Surge in Public Schools” detailing the surge from 1992-2009 in public school staffing.
Copies went to Dr. Mark Jones, members of the School Board, school Principals, and each member of
the KW B.O.S. I’ve yet to hear any response.

Ms. Hubbard stated the schools had not received an increase in LOCAL funding in 6 years. What she
didn’t mention was that funding from the Federal Gov’t to K-12 from 2002-2012 increased 144%,
the single largest increase of any entity receiving federal funding during that decade or that Virginia
increased state funding 34% during that period. It warrants noting that the Obama Administration doled
out 2 million dollars with the Stimulus Funds in 2009 to KW Schools, which comprised the much heralded
surplus cited during the B.O.S race in 2011. Viewed solely through the lense of local funding one might
draw the false conclusion that school funding has been starved.

42 positions eliminated since 2008 only buttresses the point made in the Friedman report,that school
staffing had exploded (copy provided upon request ). I asked Dr. Jones last year at the budget
hearing, if he could eliminate the 11 positions in 2011 , why not the year before ? He presides over 4
schools and has recently hired another assistant ?

The response people in the public sector have , positioning the dilemma by stating “it’s only
$5 a month or $60 a year” to give them the requested increase is insulting. The Private sector
Ms. Hubbard ( where the money comes from ) has been pounded, millions have lost their jobs, significant pay cuts,
cited in the media, small businesses dropping their group health plans all together. Yet in the last few years
we watched County employees and teachers , state employees get pay raises, very little job lay- offs, health
insurance premium increases passed onto taxpayers.

School teachers work hard, we recognize and admire that. That said, the funding question is hardly as open and
shut as Ms. Hubbard would have us believe. I sincerely hope at least the members of the B.O.S read the report
we gave them, paid for with private donations. I wonder if KW citizens are aware of the 24 million dollar
liability local taxpayers are on the hook for with the Teacher’s pensions. No one seems yet willing
to talk about that, at least out in the open.

Bob Shannon
Central Garage


> 3/21/2013


Show that you care!
By joining in this effort to demand answers for this national disgrace, you will announce that
Americans are not as apathetic as the media and government think we are.

My fellow Americans and Patriots,

I am very angry about the investigation of what went wrong in Benghazi, Libya on 9/11/12. Four of
our fellow Americans were left to die with no one in our government attempting to help. They were
under attack for seven hours and nothing was done by the White House, the State Department, the Central
Intelligence Agency, or the Department of Defense to mobilize a rescue of the personnel that were being
attacked by terrorists. President Obama was briefed by DOD Secretary Panetta and Joints Chiefs of
Staff Gen. Dempsey for 30 minutes in the oval office while the attack was underway and what was
done? NOTHING!

I think the American public, and especially the relatives of the four victims are due answers as to
why our country didn’t attempt to help them. Instead of giving truthful answers, the Obama
administration attempted to deceive the world for weeks after the attack and is still trying to sweep
this national tragedy under the carpet.

I could go on for another 4 or 5 pages about what transpired the months preceding this attack and the
months of delaying, minimizing, and spinning the investigation, but I won’t.

The purpose of this letter is to ask YOU: Are you mad enough to do something? If you are, there is one
little thing you can do. Tie four black ribbons on your auto radio antenna. Then, when your neighbor,
friend, or fellow motorist asks why, tell them,” in remembrance of the four Benghazi
victims.” Or, if you would like to expand on this idea, put a sign on the inside dash of your
vehicle stating, “Remember Benghazi”.

If enough citizens react and protest this cover up, perhaps our elected representatives and maybe the
media will also demand answers as to what happened in Benghazi.

Please don’t let this travesty die.


Below are photos depicting ribbons attached to antennas?

Pat Weakland

Ribbons may need to be secured with small nylon ties, floral wire, or a small piece of black tape to keep them in place

Car1 car2 car3


Government Land (or lard )

Trent Funkhouser, County Administrator cited this week as the need for another real
estate tax hike that “ our tax rate is as high as it is because our revenue
base isn’t growing” Only the ignorant would accept that premise. Odd how
it is never a spending problem with government, always a revenue problem. Mr. Funkhouser
belongs in Congress. The average citizens income has declined $4500 a year, yet take
a close look at Mr. Funkhousers taxpayer paid salary, what it is today and what is
was 3 years ago when he was hired. Very nice increase in just 3 years in an economy
that everyone else is getting pounded. He is doing very well as a salaried government
employee----in spite of the revenue base stagnation he cites. And he has the nerve to
advocate taking some more money out of your pocket.

Perhaps Mr. Funkhouser could cite just what localities tax revenue is growing ? I’ve
sent the individual members of the B.O.S articles of localities around the Country that
have cut taxes and spending at the local level. Stafford County has done both. Henrico and
the city of Richmond announced this week their planned budgets and no real estate tax increases.
Adding insult is the fact that the assessed values are already inflated, not reflecting the
decline in home values since KW uses a 3 year assessment cycle and current assessments that
the tax will be computed on is based on these already inflated values.

We heard that the increases in health insurance premiums on county employees will be absorbed
by guess who----you. When almost every employer is passing the increases onto the employees,
if not dropping group health insurance all together somehow those employed by government are
receiving such generosity.

He furthers states that Parks n’ Recs budget won’t be cut, in spite of Supervisor
Tom Redds statements last year on March 28th that “ I can remember when their
budget wasn’t as large as their requested increase” Homeowners are seen down there
as suckers, and why not ? This is why we have these rates, you sit on your hands and
expect someone else to do the work . When some 60 members of the local TEA Party showed
up at the BOS budget hearing on February 28th County officials pretended they were not there,
yet they publicly acknowledge the handful who show up to protest any (taxpayer paid )
reductions in their pet programs.

I warned homeowners a year ago this would happen if they just sat on their hands, and the
warnings went unheeded. “ We get the government we deserve “ rings true.

Get off of your behinds, pick up the phone, show up on Monday March 25th at 7 pm or get
your pockets picked again. Stop relying on a handful of others to do the work as citizens
you should be doing for yourselves.

Bob Shannon
Central Garage


Facts or Deception

Mr. Wagner in his letter March 13 stated I had “displayed a surprising lack of
knowledge /understanding of the budget process, and the administration of the County.
“ I also displayed a lack of knowledge of the benefits to our schools, Art’s Alive,
Parks n’ Recreation, and other programs by my “meat axe approach to cutting
funds for these programs”.

KW property tax take doubled over a 10 year period. Only in government could a 5% spending
cut after the explosion in taxes/spending be considered draconian. He spent too much time
in the gov’t cocoon where other people’s money is just for the taking when you
need more.

I asked Mr. Funkhouser for the budget requests on January 5. I received the copy on
March 8 , 64 days later. Mr. Funkhouser can prepare a budget and have it ready with the
tax increases mapped out, on the same day I get my copy ? Maybe my assertion that the
budget decisions were already made isn’t so far - fetched .

Define Essential / Non - essential services for us Mr. Wagner ? $30,000 a year for years
on an economic development consultant “ and we have what to show for it , besides
the natural gas pipeline that everyone but the clerk at Food Lion has taken credit for ?
He glosses over this with “ while there may have been some issues with the economic
development consultant”… typical dismissal of those who ignore government waste.

Dr. Milton Friedman ( Nobel economist ) said you need 3 things for economic development ,
infrastructure, educated workforce and reasonable taxes. Dr. Friedman never mentioned “
economic development consultants “ How did this Country develop for its first two
centuries without boondoggle jobs such as this ? I’ve asked for 2 years ----someone show
me where all this money resulted in the businesses that came to King William ? Mr. Wagner ,
when did the TEA Party object to building infrastructure ? The suggestion is absurd and
self- serving.

Odd Mr. Wagner describes our messages on our signs as deceptive . As a patron of the Art’s
does Mr. Wagner just enjoy taxpayer’s subsidizing his interests ? You might disclose that
when you advocate subsidies for your pet project, or advocating an increase in the real estate
tax rate while benefitting from the open space land use exemption ..Would he be so quick to
raise real estate tax rates on everybody else if he wasn’t enjoying the tax savings
subsidized by other KW citizens ? 31 Counties do not have Open Space as a exempted class…

Our “ deceptive messages” he refers to is information from the Heritage Foundation,
Cato Institute, Friedman Foundation, & Weldon Cooper Center at U.V.A. . We don’t advocate
higher taxes and spending and then hide behind our own tax subsidies & exemptions Mr. Wagner.
You might be less deceptive the next time you want to mischaracterize others views.

Bob Shannon
Central Garage


Where Does The Money Go?

Dear Editor

On January 12, 1984 a report by J. Peter Grace and over 2,000 volunteers was prepared and presented to
President Ronald Regan. He had Peter Grace come in and look over the way the Federal Government does business
and find ways to create savings without affecting needed services. The results were 2,478 recommendations on
ways to save $424 billion of "waste" in the Federal Government over three years starting in 1984. System
failures and personnel mismanagement together comprise well over one-half, 57.1 percent, of the total
savings possibilities.

On Thursday 7:00 PM Feb 28, 2013 - I was at the King William County Court House listening to the Board of
Supervisor’s Budget meeting. Third District Supervisor Stephen K. Greenwood had proposed a 5% spending
cut across the Board at all levels. What I did not hear was any suggestions from County Manager Trenton Funkhouser
on how to achieve this. His main contribution was “We need to keep what we have and you tell me what to
cut - then I’ll do it”. I did not expect a Peter Grace type report – I did expect a list of
areas that could be trimmed 5% by various methods.

In a past letter I suggested Supervisor Greenwood should start an employee suggestion program. The proposed
suggestions will go to the employee’s supervisors, elected school board members (if appropriate) and the
board of supervisors. If the suggestion is implemented - the person making the suggestion should get 10% of the
saving as a reward for having the courage to do the right thing. Since our County manger has no suggestions on
how to make a 5% cut happen – It is time to get the ideas of the employees of the county, county’s
school system and any outside suggestion from the people the county entices work with (this was suggested to me
as a good addition – I agree). Just think – Who better to ask than the people who have to deal
with the problems.

Change will only happen after the bureaucratic financial maze and procedures are unraveled and streamlined with
an eye toward simplicity and understanding geared to the citizen not the bureaucrat.

One problem we face is the funds once given to the school system by the Board of Supervisors cannot be taken back.
Their only function is to decide “How much to give them.” based on the school system representatives’ request.
The only way the Board of Supervisors can achieve a cut is to give them 5% less and say “Figure It Out”.

If you like still the idea - contact your supervisor.

Paul Jamerson
King William, VA



Last week’s Tidewater Review carried a front page article on King William County’s
decision to possibly eliminate the annual expense of its litter prevention program. While
taxpayers welcome any spending reductions the leak of this tiny cut hardly can be seen as
anything more than what it really is, public relations blasted on the front page of local
newspapers . Token cuts hardly suffice for the real reductions hard working taxpayers
want to see in local government spending. The significant savings are to be found in
areas of the budget where there is a much stronger lobby than litter prevention. To even
be discussing that we need government to educate the public on “ how to prevent
littering “ speaks volumes on just how ridiculous government spending has become.

Public relations aside the schools budgets, Parks n Rec, Volunteer Fire/Rescue, even the
County Animal hospital are where the large dollars go so it is incumbent that if any
measurable savings are to be realized it will be among these budgets the scalpel must fall.

I noted in my cursory review of the County Animal Hospital a $10,000 advertising budget ? Is
there in these economic times really a benefit to advertising something that a phone call to
any local Vet’s office can’t be learned ? One example of the proverbial low
hanging fruit.

I would have others to offer, but I only just received the budget summary, 63 days after
requesting copies of the budget requests that were due in the County Administrators office back
on January 5th.

An interest in delaying the public reviewing these documents ? Maybe, maybe not ?

Bob Shannon
Central Garage


Dear Editor,

It seems there is an adult in the room in King William County - Third District Supervisor Stephen K.
Greenwood who has proposed a 5% spending cut across the Board at all levels.

He deserves a Great Big "Thank You" for having the good economic sense to see - just like your budget
at your home - it is time to cut the fat and forget the games.

I wish to suggest that Supervisor Greenwood start an employee suggestion program. The proposed
suggestions will go to the employee supervisors, elected school board members (if appropriate) and
the board of supervisors. If the suggestion is implemented the person making the suggestion should
get 10% of the saving as a reward for having the courage to do the right thing.

If you agree - get in touch with your supervisor.

Paul Jamerson
King William, VA


Dear Editor,


In the last TR edition Sup..Travis Moskalski urged cooperation during the budget process
citing it being a “stressful time for all involved”. Perhaps one just might
consider if this is a sign that the decisions have already been made ?

He alluded to the residents who came out in large numbers in regard to the rumors that
Parks n Rec’s budget would be cut or the dept. eliminated. Mr. Moskalski was in the
room last March 28th when Sup. Tom Redd lamented how much Park’s n’ Rec’s
budget had grown in the last few years. I was there, so was Mr. Moskalski . It was
noted by Mr. Redd specifically that he “remembered not that long ago when their budget
was less than the increase they sought last year” I took notes. Maybe $5 subsidized
movies for seniors isn’t quite the high priority it should be. If so much demand
exists for these programs one may reason that they would naturally then be self supporting ?
Math & economic basics don’t change just because someone wishes they would.

Economic consultants ? KW County has been spending $30,000.00 or more a year for this expense
and now we see the County has hired a Community Development Director. Is this to replace
the Economic consultant ? The newspaper article didn’t address that. What evidence do we
have to justify the expenditure to begin with. That question was asked last year and the
answer was that delicate negotiations were ongoing and because of that discretion was necessary.
Where is the evidence justifying this annual costs.? Someone please cite the new business the
Economic Consultant has directly been responsible for bringing to the County that wouldn’t
have come of their own accord. Collectively the County has spent hundreds of thousands over
the time period of paying this Consultant. What do we specifically have to show for it ?

The BOS for years now has budgeted $5,000 a year or more for Art’s Alive. Last month
I saw the advertisement by Art’s Alive announcing the 2 $1,000.00 scholarships they would
be awarding this year. How nice. Taxpayers have monies forcibly taken by coercion only to have
elected officials gift it to pet causes. I suggested to Mr. Moskalski we eliminate the middle
man and just have the B.O.S give qualifying students 5 $1,000.00 scholarships.

Anyone believing the Schools have been decimated by cuts need to look at the actual numbers
and include all funding sources, federal—state—and local. Also account for the reserve
funds spent to offset any reductions. Read the Friedman Foundations Report “ The Surge in
Public Schools Staffing” a comprehensive study covering the period from 1992—2009. I
provided a copy to Steve Tupponce, and this week hard copies are being distributed to Dr. Jones,
all School Principals and the remaining members of KW School Board, as well as each member of
the B.O.S. Additional funding for the schools ? Read the report , then decide. We have
listened for years about how savings could be found by some level of consolidation in 2 school
systems that serve less than 3,000 students. Talk, talk and more talk. Meanwhile taxpayers get
sheared like sheep.

“ Trimming the fat” and “cuts into the vital organs” language that may
describe more accurately what has happened in the private sector, certainly not the public sector.

In case Mr. Moskalski doesn’t keep up, average household incomes declined over $4,000 annually
the last 5 years, 23 million unemployed or underemployed. Food and Fuel , ( essential items in
every KW citizens household ) off the charts.

If the schools need more money find it in making some choice cuts, I could find them and so
could Mr. Moskalski. I might remind the supervisors the pledge they took when they were campaigning
for our votes in 2011 to look at every single budget item asking the single simple question,
“is this a legitimate government function to begin with” They may have conveniently forgot,
I’m here to remind them.

Bob Shannon
Central Garage


Dear Editor,


The front page TR article Feb 13 quoted Deb Stickley ( citing County administration sources)
that the schools funding increase would only add about $5 a month to a $200,000 home.
How nice it is of those to just assume homeowners will sit still yet again for some
further gouging. Already calculating the needed increase on homeowners as if no other alternative
even exists. Not surprising since this is the way the game has been played for so many years.

Ms.. Stickley or the unnamed administration official who was kind enough to let me know
what to pony up----I’ve got some news for you folks. Pound sand.

Was in your careful deliberations any consideration even given to cutting the budget elsewhere
to come up with the money, or looking elsewhere for the needed revenue , or is sticking it
to homeowners just a reflective reaction honed with practice ?

A noteworthy prominent businessman noted just last night the County is extracting some $4,000,000.00
annually from homeowners as it is, with inflated assessments that don’t reflect the actual
drop in local real estate sales prices cited Thursday evening by Twin Rivers John Turnage at
the KWTP meeting. And we should pay more ??

Are the public schools still teaching in History the lessons of Boston and 1773 ?

Bob Shannon
Central Garage


Dear Editor,


In response to the editorial “Realities” I would like to disagree with a couple of statements
made by Ms. Sharon Moskalski the emotional and uniformed writer. First, the 2nd Amendment does not
mention zombies or hunting. I would recommend she first read the U.S. Constitution, next, the Bill of Rights
to the Constitution, then the “Federalist Papers” to gain a little understanding as to why each
article is included and finally something about the history of the U.S and how we got started. Unless she
is willing to give up her 1st Amendment rights, she has to acknowledge and accept the 2nd. Without the 2nd,
what power do you possess to safeguard yourself and family against the tyranny of government? If you say it
can’t happen here, ask those Japanese Americans who were interned in prison camps during WWII how
that worked out for them.

Don’t let facts get in the way of your emotional argument against AR style rifles, but the shooter
at Virginia Tech only had/used pistols and murdered more than the sick individual at Sandy Hook. According to
FBI statics, 252 people were killed last year with rifles, 424 with shotguns. 1,836 with knives or cutting
instruments, 623 with hammers or blunt objects, 815 people with personal weapons defined as hands, feet and
fists and 122 by strangulation. By comparison, 32,885 people died in auto accidents, 10,839 from drunk driving.
Less than .05% of all gun crime is committed with a rifle. There are millions of AR owners who don’t
commit a crime everyday but you want to regulate the people who don’t commit crime. Are you going to
argue for outlawing vehicles?

I’m sorry for the loss of any child but are you ready to give up your automobile/truck? There are more
than double the deaths caused by vehicles than firearms of any type – yet you or someone you know is
driving a deadly weapon on the road every day – maybe you can stop that madness before it’s too

Very respectfully,
Robert McIntire
Aylett, VA


To the Editor of A Local Paper (Not Published):

To the Editor,


In the 20th Century 100 million have died from gun violence, not perpetrated by some deranged or
mentally ill person, but at the hands of their own government.

While some take comfort in wrapping themselves in politically correct fashion, those aware of
history see things with clarity. Had those unfortunate souls had the ability to defend themselves
perhaps that staggering number wouldn’t be what it is. Let’s dismiss with the false
narratives used in how the debate is framed.

The historical precedence of a powerful oppressive government with unmatched firepower determined
to force an un-compliant citizenry to it’s will, killing them if necessary didn’t come
from Zombieland or Walking Dead. One might tune into the History channel to form a more enlightened
political point of view. History is “real” , so is the reasoning for why we own these

Who wants any weapon in the hands of a person who is violent or mentally ill ? Alleging or
assigning motives to those of us who simply are distrustful of an ever growing and increasingly
tyrannical government may help someone vent but does little to change the facts as they exist.

The last ban on so called assault weapons did what exactly ? Nothing if you look at the results.
Would it not be more pragmatic to look at the real issues, such as the notion that took root back
in the 60’s that you could mainstream people with mental health issues, or privacy rights
supercede societies safety ?

The gunman who caused the carnage in Aurora ,Co had been banned from the college campus because
he was labeled as a physical threat, but could not be forced into an evaluation of his mental state,
which may have determined him to be a threat to the safety of others and hence an investigation
heading off what occurred.

To suggest anyone wants “marauding factions “ roaming the streets with these weapons
ignores the fact that any carnage associated with these weapons has been almost unanimously
committed by someone mentally ill. Let’s start there, absent the hysterics.

Bob Shannon
Central Garage


To the Editor of TIDEWATER REVIEW (published in the Feb 13, 2013 issue):

To the Editor,

Thank you for publishing two letters in last week's issue that clearly demonstrate the validity
of every point Mr. Paul Jamerson made in his observations on contemptible tactics often employed
by self-righteous gun-banners.

Once again we see astonishing absurdities, ugly name-calling, unrealistic expectations, and denial
of the Founders' intent in crafting the Second Amendment; all being used to deflect the real causes
of senseless violence from criminals and crazies onto the inanimate objects known as guns.

While I don't doubt that the fevered imaginings of these two ladies and others like them are
heartfelt, I choose to trust the tangible properties of modern self-defense firearms of my free
choice that are proven capable of immediately deterring or decisively dealing with real "miscreants"
who are hell bent on harming me, my loved ones and my neighbors.

And, in a world of wolves, watchdogs and sheep, I fervently hope that no harm comes to these
gunphobes at any time in the uncertain future.

But I gently suggest that holding up copies of letters in TR will be found inadequate when
wolves are at the door.

Finally, as a combat veteran of the Vietnam War who went on to a long career in law enforcement,
this old watchdog is probably not alone in choosing to proudly embrace the apparently
intended smear of "has-been."

David Hansen
King William


To the Editor of TIDEWATER REVIEW (published in the Jan 23, 2013 issue):

A response to Mr. Don Wagner.

Dear Editor,

I thank Mr. Don Wagner for talking the time to answer my recent letter criticizing the
cynical campaign of misinformation from prominent anti-gunners. And I appreciate his
compliment that I am "a clever writer."

May I return the compliment by noting that he skillfully turned the discussion away from
what caused the murders and directed it at the tool used to create tragedy? His use of
guilt to silence the opposing view and their solutions leaving only his solutions on
the table is textbook.

I was disappointed he chose not to discuss my central question: "What role did the
permissive society that wants to 'Forgive All' play in the murderer's actions?"

While claiming that he wants a serious discussion, he omits mention of why such harm
occurs and he fails to acknowledge any of the numerous examples of anti-gun hysteria
in action.

Two come immediately to mind that call into question the sincerity of anti-gunners:

A New York newspaper has published names and addresses of gun permit holders, putting
law-abiding citizens at risk from burglars and even assisting convicted criminals in
finding the very law enforcement personnel who had caught them.

The gun grab in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina where registered guns were
illegally seized from law abiding citizens.

The complete lack of any invasion of privacy or civil rights violation charges against
the paper or the government officials who sanctioned the gun grab should say all that
is needed.

But most disappointing -- and perhaps revealing -- is Mr Wagner's abrupt dismissal of my
proposed GUN FREE HOME sign test, based on the GUN FREE SCHOOL ZONE model.

While asserting that reasonable and thoughtful folks like him only want a
"serious adult discussion," he is apparently unwilling to acknowledge that leaders in
the anti-gun movement like Pres. Obama, VP Biden, Sen. Schumer, and Rep. Pelosi cynically
and consistently use what honest observers see as "misinformation, fake anger and half-truths"
in a relentless campaign to disarm the lawful citizens in violation of the 2nd Amendment.

Guns are fine to protect them and their precious children. But not to protect ours.

Meanwhile, isn't it a bit arrogant to assert that regular folks don't "need" semiautomatic
(slower firing) versions of the true military assault rifles that local, state and federal law
enforcement personnel apparently need for protection from criminals and crazies?

Many of those on my side of the 2nd Amendment would say that such a suggestion is
"simply too outrageous to justify further acknowledgement."

Paul Jamerson
King William, VA


K.W. Tea Party Sign To the Editor of TIDEWATER REVIEW (published in the Jan 23, 2013 issue):

Please allow this response to Mr. Don Wagner and others who question the
"need to own assault style weapons and clips that allow multiple rounds
to be fired."

While there are multiple justifications, I'll cite just one.

Under Virginia law almost all citizens between the ages of 16 and 55 are
at this very moment members of the Commonwealth's Militia, and are

obligated to report for duty at the call of the Governor:

44-1. Composition of militia.

The militia of the Commonwealth of Virginia shall consist of all able-bodied residents
of the Commonwealth who are citizens of the United States ...who are at least 16 years
of age and, except as hereinafter provided, not more than 55 years of age. The militia
shall be divided into four classes: the National Guard, which includes the Army National
Guard and the Air National Guard; the Virginia Defense Force; the naval militia; and
the unorganized militia.

While our own National Guard is very well armed, it is both logistically and economically
prohibitive for the Commonwealth to buy and keep on hand tens of thousands more military
full auto M16 rifles, 30 round magazines and stocks of ammunition, regularly maintained
and securely stored all around Virginia for issue should dire circumstances require a call
up of civilians comprising the other three classes including the "unorganized militia"

So, like the citizen-soldier patriots of the past, we regular folks ought to be ready in
a declared emergency to report for duty with our own arms and ammo.

Preferably with rifles closely comparable to the Virginia National Guard's M16s.

As such, many of us who understand the words, the meaning and the necessity of the 2nd Amendment
strongly believe that all good, responsible and patriotic citizens should have at least one
AR15 type rifle (semiautomatic version of the M16) plus several 30 round mags and a minimum
of 500 rounds of 5.56mm cartridges, all ready to go.

With, of course, regular live fire practice so as to be safe and proficient in their handling
and tactically effective in their employment.

And if you're over 55 you should have two such rifles; one for home defense and another for
loan to a less prepared (or inexplicably anti-gun) citizen when he or she is ordered to militia
duty as required by Virginia law.

Robert "Sarge" Bruce
Retired Sergeant First Class, US Army/Army National Guard



Newtown, Connecticut Murders

Dear editor

The Newtown, Connecticut murders are a tragedy. The bigger tragedy is the "Do Not Waste a Good Crisis"
political Actions of the Anti-Gunners. Their tools are miss information, fake anger and half truths. The
passion and heartbreak of the families I can understand and they have my sympathy. What roll did the
permissive society that wants to “Forgive All” play in the murderer's actions?
(This is Not Discussed) Instead of addressing the cause - They blame the tool.

Here are two different tools of death that have been used in tragedy - Box Cutters
(Think 911 and the Twin Towers and a homemade fertilizer bomb that destroyed the Alfred P. Murrah
Federal building in Oklahoma. (remember signing for your garden fertilizer) The moral is
"It is not the tool - It is the intent of the person using the tool".

I have this simple test to prove my point. If you believe one word of the anti-gun propaganda and its
illusion of safety - All Anti-Gunners go home and make signs for the front yard, front door and windows.

The sign says:

"Guns Kill People - People Do Not Kill People - This is A Gun Free Home".

Leave the signs up for two years and if no harm is done - I'll reconsider my position. Refuse and you owe all
gun owing citizens a "Thank You" for helping to provide you with a safer home. (Based on President Obama’s
Win in VA getting approximately 1 in 4 eligible voters and his "We must do something about guns message" - I
expect to see the signs in at least one of every four homes.)

Think I am wrong. Just look at cars. They are registered, insured and you have to have a driver's license
to legally drive. They are used in crimes, stolen and involved in accidents. Did any government (illusion of
Safety) procedure make you any safer from the non-law abiding citizen? No.

In case you do not get it - If your Political Actions and wants become the law of the land - Then all law
abiding citizens pay the price for your Political Goals. Now go home, make your signs and let your neighbors
know how you really feel.

Paul Jamerson
King William, VA



Benghazi and the State Depts. Odd Priorities ?

While it may be humorous to hear the joke circulating regarding Secretary of State
Hillary Clinton’s “ Immaculate Concussion “ the dreadful fact is 4
Americans lost their lives, and it was perhaps preventable.

Recent hearings have produced a rehashing of information we have known for months now.
What struck me however as terribly misleading and intended to shift responsibility was
the comments on how the Republican controlled House had cut funding of the State
Department Foreign Security. Admissions soon followed that the Secretary has the authority
to shift funds where needed.

In a report from the Heritage Foundation given at one of the KWTP meetings just last
month citing unnecessary government spending was this following jewel.

In 2012 the State Dept. began a Diplomatic Culinary Partnership program. Over 80 American
chefs have been inducted into the American Chefs Corp and will support the State Dept.
by preparing food for visiting officials and travelling around the world to engage in
“ culinary diplomacy”-------------directly quoted from the Heritage Foundation’s

16 trillion in debt, foreign diplomats without adequate security provisions, and we are
starting a Diplomatic Culinary Partnership program in 2012.

Folks, the inmates are running the asylum.

Bob Shannon
Central Garage.